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Be Efficient Tv offers tips and tricks from leading experts to help you make your life and business more efficient through an in depth interviews with different thoughtful leaders, business experts, authors, founders and millionaires. You will discover strategies that you can implement easily into your everyday life to help you save time and make the most of the time that you have. Experts from a variety of backgrounds and industries are interviewed regularly to reveal their personal secrets for being more productive.
Whether you are interested in learning more about what it takes to start your own business or you simply want to be more productive in your daily affairs, the experts interviewed on Be Efficient Tv can help you to be more effective, well-organized, and efficient to boost your daily life and business experience and achieve bigger outcome and results with less time, effort, and cost.

Be Efficient Tv is a perfect fit for Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

Be Efficient Tv is hosted by Ahmed Al Kiremli a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, Learning Junky and Efficiency Expert. He has founded many different Offline & Online Businesses, such as (IRAQI TOUCH) the first Iraqi food franchise in the world, (GAMES CORNER) an inventive gaming brand leveraging “dead space” within malls and subsequently franchised the concept, (CLIMB AND SLIDE) a kids playground franchise concept, (BEST MOVIE RATINGS) the world’s best movie ratings app, ( a consultancy business & blog, and (BeEfficient.Tv)

What Are the Types and Level of Experts on Be Efficient Tv?

• The world’s top visionaries, thoughtful leaders, mentors, thinkers, business experts, advisors, and consultants.
• Billionaires and millionaires.
• Founders and CEOs for different companies and startups.
• Authors/book editors/agents / publishers.
• Investors, angel investors, VCs, and private equity experts.
• Marketing strategists, technology evangelists, bloggers, developers, and Internet marketing experts.
• Efficiency and productivity experts.
• Successful entrepreneurs, so we can learn from their success stories and failures.
• High-level executives in big companies, so we can learn from their career paths and experiences in their sectors or departments.
• Top athletes, Olympians, and Paralympians.
• Health and fitness experts.
• Mindset and wellbeing experts.

For Whom Is Be Efficient Tv?

Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

• People who want to improve their life and business and make them more efficient through learning.
• Entrepreneurs who want to be more efficient and excel in their journey.
• People who want to be happy and fulfilled by finding their real purpose and acting on it to achieve their vision and add value to the world.
• Entrepreneurs who want to automate their business.
• People who want to use innovative hacks to automate their life and business and make them more efficient.
• Different types of businesses and startups.
• Employees who want to transition from the employment life to the entrepreneurial life.
• Employees who want to be entrepreneurs without creating a job with a larger time commitment.
• Employees who want to have a more efficient career path.
• People who want to add value to the world and leave this world with a great legacy.


John Kremer is a Book marketing expert, the owner of Open Horizons Publishing and the author of1001 Ways to Market Your Books


Book marketing expert John Kremer is the owner of Open Horizons Publishing. He is the author of1001 Ways to Market Your Books; Book Marketing Magic: How to Sell Your Novel, Children’s Book, Memoir, or Nonfiction Book Like a Pro; The Complete Direct Marketing Sourcebook; Do-It-Yourself Book Publicity Kit; and Celebrate Today.

He is also the developer of the Ten Million Eyeballs Internet marketing self-study course and theBlog Tour Palooza program.

As a book marketing consultant, his clients include a self-published author who has sold over two million books, a new age publisher with 60 titles, and a $100 million publisher with a rapidly growing list of 1,000 titles.

John is the founder of the Institute on Book Publishing Innovations as well as The Book Marketing Network social network for book authors and publishers (

John Kremer is 63 years old. His wife Gail, a storyteller, is author of Little Fox and the Golden Hawk. They live in Taos, New Mexico, where they take care of two dogs named Becky and Elsie.

For more about John Kremer’s book marketing consulting services, click here.

For more about John Kremer’s speaking events and book promotion seminars, click here.

“John Kremer deserves the thanks of so many of us. John has set a standard and example, showing us how to keep focused while looking ahead, be creative while playing by the rules, how to achieve the impossible while approaching our tasks one item at a time, and how to maintain our integrity while never, ever giving up.” — Mary Westheimer

John Kremer is an acknowledged publishing expert who can answer all your questions on book publishing and marketing. Besides being the owner of his own publishing company (Open Horizons in Taos, New Mexico), he was the editor of the Book Marketing Update newsletter for more than twenty years.

John is the founder of the Institute on Book Publishing Innovations as well as The Book Marketing Network social network for book authors and publishers (

As a book promotion expert, John is also the author of a number of books on publishing and marketing, including 1001 Ways to Market Your Books: For Authors and Publishers (6th Edition),Book Marketing Magic, Real Fast Book Marketing, 15,000 Eyeballs Internet Marketing Program, The Complete Direct Marketing Sourcebook, High Impact Marketing on a Low Impact Budget, andCelebrate Today.

He has also designed the Do-It-Yourself Book Publicity Kit and databases of the Top 700 Booksellers and Public Libraries.

John Kremer has spoken at book publishing, marketing, and publicity seminars in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Boulder, Tucson, Portland, Seattle, Bellevue, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Toronto, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Phoenix, Saint Louis, Kennebunkport, Atlanta, Fresno, Indianapolis, Nashville, West Palm Beach, Saint Petersburg, Melbourne, Alexandria, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Sacramento, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Des Moines, Cleveland, Omaha, Calgary, London, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and many other cities.

His speeches have ranged from half-hour talks on book marketing to two-hour sessions on getting national publicity to three-day seminars on how to open new markets for your books.

Here are just a few of the hot topics John can talk on . . .

The A to Z Guide to Building Brands and Selling Rights
Creating a Brand: The 10 Principles of Success
Book Promotion 101: The secrets to book marketing success
Selling Rights: The Basis of a Successful Publishing Company
Seven Secrets of Success in Marketing
How to Open New Markets
12 Alternatives to a Press Release — That Get Results
25 Ways to Make the National News
How to Create a National Bestseller — Without Breaking the Bank
How to Build Your Customer List for Little or No Money
How to Sell to Special Markets: Catalogs, Premium Sales, Etc.
50 Creative Book Marketing Ideas
What I Have Learned in 20 Years of Book Marketing
How to Create an Bestseller and 20 Other Ways to Sell More Books on Amazon

Website & Social media links

Interview Questions


Why and how you decided to become an author and book marketing consultant?
What’s your background?
How did you start in the internet marketing would?
How to prepare the right book launch and marketing plan, what to do step by step?
How to plan a giveaway campaign on amazon efficiently?
How authors can be featured in the media efficiently?
What’s The book marketing network?
What’s the blog tour palooza? Why you created different blogs for your services and didn’t focus on putting all these content on only one blog?
How to create a supper start blog tour for authors?
How authors can create a loyal tribe efficiently?
Which book designing service do you recommend?
Where to find the best book editors and agent?
Top 2 editors that you recommend?
Do you recommend authors to use different editor for each one of their books and why?
Top 2 agents that you recommend for non-fiction and fiction?
How to pitch publishers efficiently?
How the open book horizons publishing works in terms of deals with authors?
Is it possible to agree with traditional publishers without giving their online selling rights?
Publishing Vs. Self – Publishing, if the author has both options to choose from, which one to choose?
Best e-books and audio books distributors that you can recommend?
How Self Published authors should create their book codes and ISBN correctly?
How self published authors can pitch book stores efficiently?
How to hit the amazon best selling list? How many books are required to be sold and within how long?
How to hit the wall street journal list?
How to hit the new york times best selling list? How many books are required to be soled?
Is it possible for self published authors to hit eh NY Times list?
What are the types of coaching packages that you have and how much do you charge for 1 on 1 coaching sessions?
Do you handle the entire marketing campaign for launching and marketing a certain book, if you do, how much it costs?
Best blogs for book marketing that you recommend?
How many online and offline team members are working with you?
Best service that you recommend for book trailers?
Tell us more about your other projects that you are currently working on or planning for the future?
Share with us some of the tools or software that make you more efficient?
What’s your daily life and work routine looks like?
What are your other hobbies?
Who are your top 3 mentors?
If you have the chance, what would you say to advice your younger self?
What are your top 3 favorite books?
What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by?
What makes you really happy?
How people can contact you?

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