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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV show is to boost the efficiency of your business and lifestyle with tips and tricks from leading experts and today I have with me Chaibia Sarhrou, she is an Internet marketing strategist and expert in social media, lead generations and selling, follow-up and tracking systems for leads and customers. Welcome to the show Chaibia.

Chaibia Sarhrou: Thank you for having me.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: It's my pleasure to have you. How did you start in the Internet marketing world?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I did not expect to do that like when I went to school it was a completely different industry, I went for actor, after university I went to the school for tourism and hospitality so this is a completely different industry for me but I actually came to the United States in 2008 and was working for Disney World, the Epcot Center in Orlando and after my contract ended I was doing nothing just sitting at home and I was using social media a lot because that was the only way I could cheaply and freely communicate with my family so I was on Facebook all day long and then I started, I believe it was in 2010 I started seeing those ads on Facebook talking about how you can make money being a social media manager so here I am on Facebook doing what I'm doing but making money I thought that was very intriguing to me and I looked at it and I got to my first product on social media management in 2010 and then by the end of the year I got myself a couple products and Internet marketing I was intrigued by the industry and how you can do it from the comforts of your home, helping small businesses that normally don't have experts to work with them and make money that way so that is how I started.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And then you made like a web development company in social media?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Yeah well I saw the need for web design because I was talking to local businesses, I'm from Las Vegas so local businesses, there is a problem in the area for design because you can hire a web designer that will design a website but it doesn't have a way to capture leads for example so it's not like, you hire a web designer that doesn't have the Internet and marketing expertise or an eye for Internet marketing so you just give them a beautifully looking website that isn't ready to capture leads or convert them, so I saw the need for that and I was like okay why don't I bring somebody in that could do that for my clients and I started outsourcing that to one of my web designers and added that as one of the services that I offer and of course I started learning that, of course I like to learn everything in my industry so I can design websites as well but…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You didn't face challenges that you are just like moving to the US in a totally new environment, did you have a mentor who like to argue how to, about Internet marketing or did you buy courses, what did you do?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I bought a lot of courses in 2011, and that my mentor who is mentoring me right now and I thank them for that, his name is Rex Whiteheart, he is not known for a consultant or coach, he has been doing business for more than 40 years and he has different businesses, a lot of expertise starting and growing businesses, I met him at an Internet marketing seminar and we just clicked, I loved him and his wife so they are like family to me right now. They learned that I was by myself in the United States and asking me the same questions, how are you doing? Do you have a mentor? And I said I just read a lot and do online courses and for me, the people that I read their books and watch their videos, they are mentoring me even though it is not one-on-one but I still learn a lot from them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: For the audience, how can you describe the difference between learning from books and learning from a mentor from your standpoint?

Chaibia Sarhrou: For me if I have a one-on-one coaching course for example with Rex, we don't call it that I just text him if I have a question or call him or his wife she is an amazing, she teaches me a lot about sales because she is great at it so if I have a question I will call them, it's more personable because I can speak directly to them and it's better than just reading from books but if you don't have any other choice or option for you cannot afford a mentor or don't have anyone that is a good point to start reading books.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How many employees do you have now or do you just outsource?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I have zero employees, I outsource everything with contractors and I have contractors with that I've been working with since 2010 when I just started and we have a good relationship and they are loyal to me, just like a family working in a business but no employees.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which platform do you use like elance, oDesk, which platform do you use to higher outsource?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I found my outsource people on oDesk but now I don't use it anymore, I just use PayPal to pay.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right, you do lots of things in terms of follow-up and selling systems for leads and then converting them into customers, how do you do that?

Chaibia Sarhrou: For my business or for my clients?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: For both.

Chaibia Sarhrou: It depends, for me I capture leads online and off-line, for example I have… I also drive traffic from off-line to online so if I'm writing an article for a magazine for example I always, each article I have something at the end of it where okay if you want to learn more here is a checklist or something that elaborates what I've already talked about in that article and I have a landing page designed specifically for that article to capture those readers so that would capture the lead and I use AWebber as an auto responding system so it will capture the lead, I put in a list and then they automatically get my auto responding sequence and then after that they get involved in my newsletter. And then in my newsletter I am sending articles and that's the way I do it…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So let's start from the beginning like you write for magazines, they pay you for that or do you just volunteered to have publicity in those magazines and they invite you because you are an expert in Internet marketing to write in these magazines?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I've never gotten paid for any article that I wrote, I write it for free but for me it's not free for me it's gaining exposure.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much traffic are you getting from each one likely to?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I haven't…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: When you write an article for a magazine like how much…

Chaibia Sarhrou: When I write an article the thing is, the magazines or physical magazines so when you write the article you don't know like a few months later yeah someone opted in them the next day someone else did but it depends when people read the magazine.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And the opt in is usually like a window on the sidebar of your website or do you specifically for each article…

Chaibia Sarhrou: For each article I have a landing page.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right by itself?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Yes, on itself, and for that article for example I wrote about LinkedIn, how to use LinkedIn and I use LinkedIn myself to network and get business and it's a great tool to get leads from and I explained about that and then I have a checklist so if you want to learn more about that you go to my social media and then back to the landing page and then you put in your information and get the cheat sheet and the checklist and then you are enrolled in my newsletter.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But you use a landing page for each article because it works more to motivate the people to subscribe, why don't you just send them to your website and you already have an opt in there?

Chaibia Sarhrou: It's because like what intrigued them to go to my landing page to opt in was that article, that specific subject about LinkedIn so it's a way to convert or get more people to opt in, better conversion than just sending them to my website where I have a different gift that doesn't speak specifically to what they have in that single moment when they are reading that article.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You didn't try like on your website to use an opt in which is forcing them to often without like allowing them to close it or it do you think that will not work it is better to use a landing page? And when you use a landing page which system do you use?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I just design them because my website is on HTML so I just design each landing page myself and that way I know exactly what I wanted to be.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What worked the most for you in terms of Internet marketing to get leads and what didn't work for you?

Chaibia Sarhrou: As far as marketing, I love networking myself and people that work with me on LinkedIn, I'm always active, every time someone sends the invitation I will reply back with a message that starts the conversation about how we can help each other, I also have a couple groups on Facebook, I have a couple groups, I have one group of local professionals on LinkedIn and other groups about local professionals as well on Facebook and those groups allow me to network and generate some leads that way, what did not work for me, I'm talking back about what works, articles I think are a great way to position yourself as an expert and generate leads that way as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Where do you post these articles?

Chaibia Sarhrou: The ones that I post for the magazines and the ones that I post on my own on my own blog and I also post on LinkedIn, publish there. He gets a lot of exposure that way. What did not work for me was one thing that I'm not going to be doing again was are you familiar with Groupon?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Yes.

Chaibia Sarhrou: They did something similar but it's B2B.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay.

Chaibia Sarhrou: I'm not going to say the name of the company but 2 companies that I tried, they give kind of coupons to other businesses to entice them to buy the services, that did not work for me, I got some customers but it did not convert, it did not transition into a long-term client which I was hoping for and it was just…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is it maybe because it sends to a web development and Internet marketing and it's not a restaurant or something that's what didn't work?

Chaibia Sarhrou: No, it's B2B, it's not business to consumer so the audience in that platform are companies so they need my services and I did get finds that way our customers that way but it did not stay because what entice them to buy my service was the price and back then I didn't think of that so I got them because I gave them a cheap price but…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What else didn't work, only that?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I believe only that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right.

Chaibia Sarhrou: I'm sure there are other things that did not work but that's the only one I can think of.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And now your main strategy is just to write an article and it's something about Internet marketing and then you lead them into a leading page and you take the emails and you have different mailing lists or you email on the autoresponder based on that is a different emails?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Exactly and because also there is different audiences like people who read my magazine...

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How often do you send email marketing campaigns because like usually the email marketers have ruined the reputation of email marketing and people like just opt out from the emails, how often do you send that and like let's say on the autoresponder of that mailing list you send let's say 4 emails, then you are selling a product or you are just directing them to a general web development service that you provide?

Chaibia Sarhrou: So when they just opt in, they get whatever they opted in for and then a couple of days later they receive another autoresponder and another email and then after that then they would just receive periodic broadcasts or emails from me about new articles or something, I don't send them every single day.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So like on a weekly basis you send?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Weekly and sometimes if there is something going on and then I will send them more often.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you manage email marketing campaigns for other companies?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Yes.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right, how much does it cost like on average if you must like a rough estimation? Email per month or how do you structure it?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I don't offer that as a standalone service so it is part of other services that I offer.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like what?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Like social media management and marketing for example. Local directories, set up and management.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Just explained to the audience what is local directories?

Chaibia Sarhrou: For local businesses, businesses with a local location, we put them on different directories like Google my business right now is a new one, then there is another local directory like yelp, etc. There are a lot of local directories that local businesses need to have citations in in order to have their business cited so that people can find them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But like if somebody wants only email marketing which is not related maybe to social media you don't do that and how much does all this package cost that you do?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I just haven't found someone who came to me just wanting email marketing it's mostly local businesses who need to do it, most local businesses don't see the importance of it for some reason, most of them that I have experience talking to don't see the importance of having a social media marketing campaign or having local directories or SEO, stuff like that but then I introduced the importance of having an email list and following up with them, that's how it's been for me so it's always added something that we wanted.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you provide email marketing, social media marketing and local directories listing, what else? And for how much?

Chaibia Sarhrou: It depends again on what's, I don't have a set price like if you go to my website you don't see packages because every business is different, for example I'm doing social media marketing on a monthly basis for this company but they are going to give me the content and I'm not going to have to create it myself so that's going to make the price differently than someone that I have to do research and create content and do the blogs and based on that… Some companies just want me to do the strategy planning with them and others want to do it themselves, it's different because anywhere from $600-$2500 if you want to price range.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You are an Internet like you are a social media expert, social media marketing expert, for the small businesses from where should they start in terms of social media?

Chaibia Sarhrou: First of all knowing who they are going to be talking to, who is their audience, most small businesses don't know that, if I want to be on social media, who are you going to talk to so we need to talk about that first, we have our consultant section to where we find the target audience and then from there we know who we are talking to right now, now let's see where we can find them, are they hanging on Facebook or Pinterest or twitter and then based on that we come up with okay so now we know who we are talking to, we know where they are so what is the plan, do we want them to buy the product or opt in, so based on that goal we create a strategic strategy and create a plan and go from there.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are your top three social media management tools?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I love Root Suites and that's the only one that I use.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What's the name of it?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Root Suites. I tried a lot of them but the one that I've been using for a long time and I love it and I recommend it to all of my clients who are going to do the management themselves is Root Suites.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Did you try…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And they have a free I'm sorry they have a free version if you have five or less social media platforms to manage and if you have more for a company like mine they have a paid version.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much does it cost?

Chaibia Sarhrou: 5 dollars, six dollars per month.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Did you try buffer before or not?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I haven't.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right so we cannot ask you about the differences between that, tell us more about the local directories that you start listing, it works only for the existing off-line businesses or we can use it for an online business if I have a client which is an online business also does it work to list in some local directories or is it only for off-line businesses?

Chaibia Sarhrou: You do have the option if you don't have the location, you have the option to show your location to consumers but for me I think it's more important to look online to a hair salon… Because they are called local directories.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the difference between shopping cart and payment gateway?

Chaibia Sarhrou: The shopping cart is a piece of software that you place on your website and what it does is it allows the consumer to update or add products to their cart and also keeps up with inventory, the payment gateway is kind of, it acts as the medium between the shopping cart and the merchant account, it shows the credit card information and transfers it to the merchant account. So a lot of people have a misunderstanding, what is the difference between this and that and why do I need both?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You recommend joint ventures for online marketers, can you share with us some thoughts about this subject?

Chaibia Sarhrou: If you want to jump start your business instead of going to look for one customer, one by one, find in that same amount of time try to find a joint venture partner who is going to give you exposure to a lot more customers it just multiplies your time and efforts. I use them a lot and I'm always looking for JV partners, I'll give you an example one of my JV partners is a magazine here, a local magazine and what you do is they have my perfect kind they have local businesses, they had restaurants, not the kind I want to talk to… So I reach out to the owner and offered to manage their social media or their magazine because I saw that they need that and he said shirt so we started working together, I'm managing his social media account and he is very happy with my work so one day I got, it's very important before you ask someone to give you access make sure that they are sure of the quality of your service or product because nobody wants to jeopardize a relationship if they are not 100% sure you are going to be delivering a good service so after he sampled my work I told him that I saw a lot of his customers did not have an active social media presence and he was like yeah that's true so I was like well how about together since I offer these services, together we find some package where we can deliver to your existing, your existing clients without you having to do work and bring in new clients that I have to go and pay otherwise to acquire them. So we were working on that right now and I've done this before as well so it was a great way to get new clients.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you do webinars and you sell a product at the end, how do you use the joint ventures?

Chaibia Sarhrou: No, I've done webinars before but this is not involving webinars this is a local magazine, this example is a local magazine with a list of clients and we have their email list and we go to their local networking events where these 2 business owners go and connect and meet each other… And we have an email list so what we do is locally right now we have media kits and we create… One of those pages will be a cobranded page between my business and theirs.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the other services that you provide in your company?

Chaibia Sarhrou: We do web design, you we do social media marketing, management, reputation management, it's very important to local businesses. We do local directories as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: No ad development?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I don't do that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much do you charge for one-on-one coaching or training, consulting?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I don't charge per hour or a charge per project so it depends what the project is about, for example I'm starting on a social media marketing campaign… So it's different because we are now just spending one hour, I'll give you another example… Company that has never been on social media. It was about like let's say four hours.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Consultation.

Chaibia Sarhrou: Consultation between everything because we have to develop everything together, we have to find the customer avatar, what are their goals to get out of that social media campaign. We had to figure out all of this with their help, do you want me to tell you how much?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: As you like.

Chaibia Sarhrou: It was about $2000. And that was about four hours of work so it's like $500 an hour.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: When you start like social media campaigns for new companies you start with PPC to attract some likes or fans and then you start making the content that you post?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Yes, I start with the Facebook ads to get them some likes because I definitely want those likes to be highly targeted, then a lot of businesses that go and buy likes and fans…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: From Fiver or some site?

Chaibia Sarhrou: The worst thing you can do to your business is attract fake fans because they are going to hurt you more than they're going to help you so the best way to do it is to start a Facebook campaign, ad campaign to attract likes for example if you are local in Las Vegas you want local business unless you are someone who attracts tourists, that's different but if you are a salon you want Las Vegas ladies, so basically really hardly target the people you want.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How did you get access to the magazines like you call them you tell them that you want to read an article for them how do you do it?

Chaibia Sarhrou: That's the beauty of social media, I never ever have done any cold calling in my life. First of all I don't know how to do it, I'm not a good salesperson, that's something when I just started…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You are a good salesperson on social media.

Chaibia Sarhrou: That's because it's so natural, but I'm not a season salesperson. I've never done any cold calling, I reach out to people on LinkedIn a lot so that's why I love LinkedIn.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do you do that? Like you send them a message or how do you do it?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I do have a LinkedIn group so that's going all the time, in my group I can message anyone or I can add them as a connection, I don't need their email, that's the great thing about starting a group or joining a group. So my book is targeted to local professionals, entrepreneurs. So when someone tries to join the group I make sure they are local professionals and then I update them automatically and they will receive an email from me as a group owner and I welcome them to the group and give them a link to my website, that's a small way to give them some traffic to your website and then if they are someone that would want to work with eventually then I send a different message to that person.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Share with us some of the software that you use to make you more efficient?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I use my iPad or paper, even though I work in technology, I do social media so people think I have all kinds of gadgets and stuff but I tried to be more efficient by the old way of having a paper and pen I write down exactly what I want to do, what I'm going to do first and I put the timeline that I want that to be done by and I think that works for me better because I tried different software, I try software that shows you how long you been on Facebook, how long you've been on each website and I found that it did not help me as much, it showed me where I was but it wasn't making that big of a difference and I find myself always going to my pen and paper.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How is your daily life and work routine look like? Take us from like when you wake up in the morning until you sleep what do you do?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I wake up the first thing I do is I drink a lot of water and eat, I take care of myself first when I wake up I believe that we can't have a successful business if we are not taking care of ourselves, if you are not healthy, if you're not physically and mentally ready. So I drink a lot of water, hydrate myself and eat breakfast and then I have a puppy seven months old, but even before I had him I would go for either a walk or run or I meditate and then I start my work, my business, I work from home I have a home office so I have to be very disciplined with what I do so the night before and make sure that I have a list of what I'm going to do. And I used to have this huge list but now I have only three main things that I'm doing and that's if I did nothing I will finish those three things, before I used to fill out my to do list with a lot of things that are easy or comfortable to do and I found myself doing is naturally anyways so I don't need to put them down on the to do list, so I finished those three things first thing in the morning and then they start going to manage my social media for my clients and do most of that myself and then I talked to my outsourced people and see where the projects are and talk to clients and then take phone calls or call back… And after everything that's very important to be done.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You manage the campaigns in 2 languages, English and Arabic?

Chaibia Sarhrou: No. Only English. I worked with a couple Arabic people from Dubai and from Saudi Arabia but they did their campaigns in English, their social media in English so I didn't have to do it in Arabic.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the most challenges that you face when you opened your web development company?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Lack of knowledge is my first business so I didn't know, I thought it was a cool thing to do but I didn't know that there was a lot more to that than just knowing social media, it doesn't matter if you're an expert in something if you don't know, of course it's very important but if you don't know the ins and outs of business, you don't know about creating a business then you end up having a stressful job. So learning the business was the most challenging and of course I made a lot of mistakes that I wouldn't make now and it is an ongoing thing I'm not saying I want it all.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Back to social media, how many posts do you recommend on say twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn, Google plus per day?

Chaibia Sarhrou: It depends on the audience, that's what I recommend my clients to do, do one a day, that's the bare minimum for me and then if you have more interaction then at the top you start doing 2 of them because you don't want to bore people, some people just post all day long every hour they have a new post but nobody's interacting with that post so that means that people don't want to hear from you but if they are interacting more than means they want to hear more so test your audience, test your market.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are your other hobbies?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Cooking, I love to cook and bake, I went to school, I'm a trained chef so, I never worked as a chef but I do love to cook and bake at my home for my friends, I love to hike and do exciting things like jumping out of the stratosphere or jumping out of a plane or something exciting, just going to a roller coaster and finding the most difficult roller coasters.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Have you worked with some clients based on commission per lead or per customer?

Chaibia Sarhrou: No, I haven't.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who are your top three mentors?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Dan Kennedy, I love him have you heard of him? He's a marketer, he's a genius marketer, his name is Dan Kennedy, look them up, he has a lot of books. No BS books.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Yes I've heard of him.

Chaibia Sarhrou: I have most of his books and a lot of his products, I've never met him in person but I was told to buy his bestseller… Coaching group and another person, he became a client of mine and we have a good relationship right now on Facebook… I of course, Rex Whiteheart is my friend and mentor and the first person I met in the United States.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: If you're just starting today, starting over again what would you change?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Big mistake I made was that I did not mind just started I did not focus on taking clients that would pay on a monthly basis, it was always on projects to clients. I created a website and that's it, with my proposal for the website, I did not think, now I look back and I'm like how did you not think about it? I guess that's how we learn though. Monthly management updates to the websites, I charge 250 a month for that, for each client for the basic package, I was losing all this money, I have done tons of websites but I never charge for those monthly posting things so that was a big mistake, another one is I worked with a niche just because it was my first client in that niche, okay I love this client so I probably should just go in this niche, that was a decision that was not really, I did not study my decision before I made it. However I did not think that there is no more growth with that niche, all they need are these couple of products or services and that's it so then I get stuck and did not have a monthly income from these clients.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three apps that use the new smartphone?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I love Root Suite, I have pages, Internet pages because I use that to manage, one thing I don't do in Root Suite is I don't schedule the messages that go to Facebook, I schedule everything except for Facebook because they have their own scheduling tool and they don't favor the content from the third-party programs.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So what does that mean when they don't favor?

Chaibia Sarhrou: As far as the reach, when you post something on Facebook page it is like what you call the edge rank and it is their way of calculating how many people, how much exposure so I really don't like that so to just make sure that I'm in a safe place I go and I use Facebook, everything for Facebook I schedule and Facebook. The other tool I have is podcasts I love to listen to podcasts on him driving or something.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the habits you're trying to develop to stay efficient?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Something that most entrepreneurs, some people won't think it has to do with efficiency but it does, big-time and that's meditation. I'm very new to meditation in general so I'm on and off, I'm not doing it every single day but I'm trying to make that a daily habit just like exercising. So that's taking care of myself, the meditation I would like that to be habit for me once a day. What else?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You do it in the morning or in the evening when you meditate?

Chaibia Sarhrou: In the morning.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay.

Chaibia Sarhrou: Top three books, favorite books?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Think and grow Rich, working on myself first, I love Dan Kennedy's books, I have most of them I reread them again because every time I do I learn something else, there is another book called the 10 time rule, that's a very very good book recommended by Rex my mentor. I thank them for giving that to me, I love reading so there are a lot of other books that I read again, there's another book for personal development and that's called the Master Key system.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Master Key system.

Chaibia Sarhrou: Yes that's an amazing book if you want to read and develop yourself.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three people that you're inspired by?

Chaibia Sarhrou: There are a lot of them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: 3.

Chaibia Sarhrou: Muriel Tier, I told you about her she was a coach of mine and she is a beautiful woman inside and out, she has a very successful business and I love the fact that she achieve that much success by helping others, she loves to see her products and services make a difference in people's lives and that's something that I really love about her. There is this young girl her name is [inaudible]. I wish her a lot of success and I love her videos, I watch her YouTube channel all the time and again she is all about helping women change their lives and fulfill their purpose in life, I really like her stuff. The third person, I love Dan Kennedy a lot so I guess he would be another person I would love to be like one day with all of his influence and knowledge and success.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you follow any routine to sleep?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I read.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: For how long like usually 15 minutes or 20 minutes and then you fall asleep?

Chaibia Sarhrou: More than that I refer like an hour at least.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So mainly you read before you sleep. Okay.

Chaibia Sarhrou: But I don't need reading to sleep, I sleep a lot and I love to sleep, like one thing about me is I believe I have to rest a lot, at least eight hours of sleep and I have no problem falling asleep, especially if I'm writing something the next day then I would read about that subject that night and then the next day I would get up and start writing about it but I think it's a very good habit but I don't need it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do you write constantly? It's difficult and do you write in the morning mainly, how can you keep up always with new fresh content, do you keep motivating yourself to write?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Deadlines.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay and how that motivating yourself as like you work from home and you don't have a boss, you don't struggle with that, what is the system that sometimes you do shift or like you watch that same movie in the middle of the work to change your mindset and then come back to work or take a shower or what do you do?

Chaibia Sarhrou: First of all I start with working out and eating and drinking tons of water that gives me energy in the morning so I have my burst of energy in the morning, I meditate in the morning and that you frequently, I always snack like a couple hours later I'm going to go and have another snack and that will be like 10 minutes of me away from my computer snacking and then coming back, after I have lunch I don't do it every single day but sometimes I need to do it, I take a nap. For 30 minutes or so. Then after I wake up I start working again and then I tried to make sure that the most difficult tasks that I have to do that drain my energy and brain, I do them in the morning so by the end of the day I have easier tasks to do so it doesn't require a lot of energy, a lot of thinking so even if I'm tired a little bit I can still do them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is SEO working for your site or do you not post very frequently and focus on social media to get clients?

Chaibia Sarhrou: I do focus on social media to get clients, I am however [inaudible] on my city and I do get sometimes that way as well so it's not, I'm not going to say it's not working but I focus more on getting relationships building my own relationships with my clients I have a big network on Facebook and LinkedIn and I believe those are my main sources.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you set like daily targets for how many words you want to write or do you just set deadlines?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Adjusted lines. Because I am more motivated by deadlines if I say I'm going to have the article done by this time then I'm going to have it done by this time, deadlines motivate me when it comes to that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the things that make you really happy?

Chaibia Sarhrou: Making someone else happy and making a difference in someone else's life, and my business I love when I hear good feedback from my clients, that makes my day all the time so I strive for that they give me more energy to keep going and another thing, I feel like I'm doing something good and is just a good motivation for me in personal life I always like to make other people happy.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How can people contact you?

Chaibia Sarhrou: My website, and if you googled my first and last name, I don't know if you have my first name or last name… But if you google my first and last name I'm probably the only one with that name so you can find me with Google, you'll find my LinkedIn and Facebook and twitter and all my accounts and you can message me that way and I love connecting with people online.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much Chaibia for this interview I really appreciate it.

Chaibia Sarhrou: Thank you, I really appreciate you having me here think you so much.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: It's a pleasure, thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.

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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone, this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV show is to boost the efficiency of your business and life through tips and tricks from leading experts and today I have with me Miguel Hernandez, he is an expert in making awesome demo videos, he is also the founder of Grumo Media. Welcome to the show Miguel.
Miguel Hernandez: Thanks, it’s a pleasure to be interviewed by you.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: It’s my pleasure. So how did you start in the space and when did you start like going
online and making videos, can you tell us about that and your background as well?
Miguel Hernandez: Okay so I started Grumo Media in 2010 but before that I already had a bit of experience shooting music videos and I was a freelance camera guy for like fashion shows and corporate videos but it was not my full-time job, I also combine that with some web development and animation on the side and also I worked for a TV studio but back way in the day just before 2000 I graduated from a local school and mechanical design so I’ve been doing a lot of different things in the last 15 years but eventually in 2010 is when I started this company specifically doing product demo videos or explainer videos for companies all around the world.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how did you discover this talent and realize that you could create awesome demo videos?
Miguel Hernandez: I originally didn’t know my biggest work was going to be any good so before I actually started this company I decided to do one video for a local startup because they were just, they had just pivoted to launch a new product and they knew I have the ability to animate and they told me Miguel, could you do these little videos that you see webpages and I said I don’t know if I can do something like that let me research it so that’s what I did, I did a little bit of research and then I sat down and I did this video for them and they were very happy and that I thought well maybe if these guys are happy I can make other people happy so that’s when I started to do more and more videos.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So by now most of the video makers online especially focused on the cartoon videos not the real promotional ones or like the demo ones? Even yours, most of your videos are like cartoon demonstrations.
Miguel Hernandez: All of my videos on Grumo Media are full animation, right, people use both live-action you see a lot of companies doing live-action videos and some other animation, there are certain advantages for each but the beauty of animation is that it’s great for concepts, you can explain anything, you can travel to the moon and back, because you can animate whatever you want, with live-action you actually have to get real actors and locations and lighting equipment and camera equipment, it gets a little bit more complex and a little bit more expensive, so animation is a great alternative to explain things probably at a more affordable level but it’s still very effective.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: But you are focused on that, if somebody asks you for a real shooting with actors were certain slides you will do it or are you just focused on this you brand yourself this way?
Miguel Hernandez: Yes we are just focus and animation, we been asked to do live-action videos before and we just referred them to other studios locally, the other thing is you also have to be there at the location so that really cuts the amount of clients you can have as you travel to the location so right now Grumo Media has clients from all around the world and if you just concentrate on live-action video it’s harder, you have to be there and travel and hire local actors and stuff like that.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Question on a personal level, how many people told you that you look like Robert Downey Junior? Or like Javier Bardem or Jeffrey Dean Morgan? All these three actors look kind of alike and
you look like them.
Miguel Hernandez: Well I never got Javier Bardem, he has like a big head he looks like a boxer type but he does have the round big eyes too, but I do get for sure Robert Downey Junior, I would say since I turned 25 years old I get it almost every other day, it’s crazy. Because he’s maybe more famous but the other two also look like you.
Miguel Hernandez: It’s funny because Robert Downey Junior had this huge come back after all his drug problems and stuff like that and then he’s in all these big movies and the more famous he becomes the more people mention that for sure.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So what are the tools that you use to create those also videos, what are the major tools?
Miguel Hernandez: Well we use the most standard animation software that you can find in the industry at a professional level which is either Adobe aftereffects or flash, Adobe flash. And also illustrator to create the drawings which then we import into either of those two pieces of software and that’s very standard and animation.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So let’s start from the beginning and the process of making a video, let’s start with a storyboard, how do you make that?
Miguel Hernandez: All right so actually the very first step is to understand what you’re trying to animate so we have a conversation with the client, once we understand that we write a script which lasts anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds typically and that’s anywhere from 160 to 250 words of actual written narration and then we start coming up with ideas for the visuals. Once we have those ideas for the visuals we put them on a piece of paper in the form of storyboard and then you try to be creative for every single sentence you have to figure out what would be the most efficient and fun and engaging way of visualizing that piece of the script, once we have that, the plaintiff proves it and then we go into actual animation, we bring all those ideas to life and then at the end we add sound design and we put some sound effects and all of that, it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks on the average.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you put the storyboard on paper or on keynotes or PowerPoint?
Miguel Hernandez: It really depends on the animator I used to do them on paper and then I scanned them and then I put them onto a PDF file that I would send to the animator, some animators prefer to do it all from a tablet using illustrator so it really depends, on the animator.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And how many animators or staff are you working with, are they off-line or online do you outsource them?
Miguel Hernandez: Grumo Media Is 100% remote working place so everybody works from home or wherever they want and everyone is a contractor so we worked with close to almost 40 different animators over the last two years and any time we get really busy we just try to find the right animator for the style that the client is looking for because we always ask the client what kind of video would you like, something simple, something complex, something 3-D? And then we try to match that style with the right animator.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And what is the next up, before that I want to ask you how many of those 40 are fixed like all the time you are working with because I have lots of people that I outsource to and the most difficult part is to find the right people and put them on your team to work consistently long-term and reaching that point is the most difficult thing so do you have a fixed at say five or 10 people from those 40 you are working with all the time or based on the client do you have to go look all the time and this is very time-consuming.
Miguel Hernandez: At the beginning it was hard because I didn’t know anybody, creating that court people of people that you trust that they are going to deliver on time in a really good at what they do and have the right attitude, that always takes a long time, hiring the right people is always a very tedious and time- consuming process but it’s something that you have to invest on in order to create a team that you can rely on that is going to create awesome demo videos and also worked at the end. We had lots of hit and miss where you hire somebody that has a really good reel but they don’t put a lot of effort on the video or you have to give them a lot of feedback or they have the wrong attitude or they are asking for money from day one, so it can be very frustrating but after sometime hiring people you start developing a good eye and sense of who is going to work or not and now that we have this big pool of people that we hired we have I say a quarter of 10 to 15 guys that we know are reliable and really good.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Where are the illustrators, do you get them from elance or oh desk, or is there a special place online for them and how do you communicate with them like do you use Asana or emails, what is the best tool to use to communicate with them?
Miguel Hernandez: Originally I found most of them through craigslist and websites that were specifically targeted to motion designers or animators so I went through those websites and posted on them, if they had a job board I post on their and then immediately started getting resumes and reels from all around the world so the problem was what do I do with all of these applications so one thing I can share with the audience is, everybody is different but what I did is every time I got an application I opened an Excel sheet and I put them there, their name their contact a link to their reel, anything that drew my attention I would write maybe a little description for that and then I rate them from 1 to 5 for every single skill that I thought was important to me so like in their animation did they show that they care about it like transitions, where they get it to do your 3-D, everything that matters for an animator I rate them and then the ones that have the highest score those are the ones that I contact and eventually out of those I know I’m going to get, however I get is going to be at least really good skill wise and then obviously you have to talk to them and figure out if they have the right personality.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right so first you prepare the scripts and then you draw the storyboard and then you give it to the illustrator, then how does the animation get done? The next up is the animation or the voiceover? Animation right?
Miguel Hernandez: The voiceover and the storyboard can happen simultaneously so we have the scripts and now we send that to a voiceover artist and while we are selecting the voiceover artist the animator can start working on the storyboard then once we have that storyboard we send it for approval, and every single stage by the way we consult with the client to make sure that they are happy and once they are happy and we are happy then we moved to the next age, so after a storyboard and after we have the animation finished that’s when we moved to animation.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you do the voiceover before the animation?
Miguel Hernandez: Yes we always do the voiceover before animation and then the animator times the animation to the voiceover, sometimes we have to display changes not to the actual voiceover but to the gaps between sentences because maybe there is not enough time between two sentences to create a smooth transition so then we create a bigger gap or a shorter gap between those words or sentences to make sure that the animation flows nicely.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So like in terms of process, it’s may be easier if like some people try to hack the process by creating presentations, they talk the presentation and then the designers do the presentation based on their talk, it’s faster right? Then just doing the shots and then putting the voiceover on it. Then what’s the next up?
Miguel Hernandez: After the animation is completed we send that to a sound designer and then they add
music and sound effects so the music can be either custom produced by them or they basically go to a stock music website and then they preselect a bunch of songs, we send the sense of the client and then the ones they are happy with, the music or whatever then they put everything together the voiceover the music and the sound effects and then they render that into a file and then you have a video completed.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And do you use Nvo for that, to buy the music?
Miguel Hernandez: We use pond5, which one is the other one? Envato, one of their websites.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right and then how long does the delivery take and if there is a next up be for the delivery what is it?
Miguel Hernandez: So the whole process is anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks so once everything is animated delivery is very easy we just send them a file, before we send the actual file we upload it to our video hosting server and we let them see it and make sure they are happy with it and once they are happy with it we do a final high-definition render and then send them the actual file.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which formats are the best when you deliver the video to the customers, which resolution, format, size do you recommend?
Miguel Hernandez: We use pretty standard settings like pretty much the standard settings that YouTube or Vimeo would recommend in order to get the best quality but not a super large file so obviously our videos are compressed but they are all still high-definition, they are either 720 P or 1080 P and they are encoded using H264 at 5000 or 6000 kb per second, they are not really big files, the typical video is anywhere from 40 to 60 MB in size when we send them.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which one of these steps is the most important and the one that you are getting involved the most in like for example the scripts because the beginning, which one do you think is the most?
Miguel Hernandez: Definitely the scripts, that is the soul of the whole video, it’s like the foundation of a building, if it’s wrong than the building is going to collapse so I found that early on that it was not so much about the detail of the animation or how complex the backgrounds and characters were it’s more about the story so you can have a very very simple video like some of the ones I did when I started the company and I actually animated them myself but then because I was just starting out and my animation skills were very basic but the videos were still very popular because it was all about the scripts so then that is the most important part for sure and it takes a while to develop that skill, to grab any concept and make something that people are going to watch from the beginning to the end so definitely the script is the most important.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about the tutorials like you create tutorials and courses and it’s not like illustration and animation you have to be there and I saw some of your videos very professional and very nicely done so do you do that like if somebody comes to you and says I want you to help me with my tutorials or do you just focus on the demo videos?
Miguel Hernandez: While my business has two sides, one is the service-based side where we produce custom demo videos for people around the world and the other one is where I sell courses teaching people how to create these videos because early on I found that a lot of people who come just started a company and they are running a startup and they’re really short on cash, most people who just started a business are looking for money to be able to pay for everything so I thought what if I made a tutorial to teach people how to create their own videos because that is more affordable than to hire studio so that’s what I did, I created my first course, a course called how to create awesome demo videos and I did very well, I sold it through my website and through Udemy and now more than 5000 people have taken it from all around the world so that was really good.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And is Udemy the best place to sell the courses or something else you recommend?
Miguel Hernandez: Udemy was kind of like one of the first companies doing this, now there is a clone of Udemy every day so there are many many different options, to me to this day, because I was one of the first instructors it’s still the best platform, they have grown a lot and race a lot of money and I actually went to their headquarters in San Francisco a couple months ago, I met them, they are an amazing team that works really hard to promote your courses so to me to this day for English-speaking courses Udemy is the best place to publish your courses unless you really have a huge following where you don’t need any help marketing, then you can sell it through your website or just twitter your followers and say hey I’m selling this course but the reality is that most people don’t have that so you don’t have those followers are that marketing savvy then I think you need to use a platform and Udemy is definitely one of the best.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is it like all videos, the courses or is there a video and a script with it?
Miguel Hernandez: Most of the courses as far as I know, they are 100% video-based so you pay for the
course, you have lifetime access to it and then you get to see a bunch of video lectures on all kinds of topics. Ahmed Al Kiremli: And it’s hosted on their platform?
Miguel Hernandez: It’s hosted on their platform and your flow the lectures there and they have a really nice interface for you to arrange the lectures to a descriptions, you can also add quizzes, at the end they get a completion certificate, it’s really well done.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you advise people who want to do courses there is to go first discover how it works on Udemy and then create a course based on that and is it like you just write the title and then you put the video, you don’t need a transcript for it?
Miguel Hernandez: No they depend on the course they do the transcript themselves, they have all kinds of tools I mean I did a course where I taught people how to create courses and that is also been a very successful course, you dummy actually lose that course to promote how to create courses within the platform for a long time.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much percentage of they take from each sale?
Miguel Hernandez: Originally it was they took 30% but in November of last year they changed their revenue model and now it depends on where the student came from so let’s say the student came through your website or through your social media efforts then you keep I think it’s almost 100%, I think 97% so they keep 3% commission in that case but if the student came through their efforts then it’s 50-50 split, most students come through their efforts and this is another thing interesting to know, if they come through you but they were already part of the platform they still keep 50% because they figured out they did the original marketing effort to bring them to the platform.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who else other than Udemy do you recommend or do you only recommend people stick with them?
Miguel Hernandez: Well I have a huge list of platforms, I published in a couple of platforms in Spain, but I mean you could also try, there are so many it’s insane.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Send it later to us and we will put it under the interview. Miguel Hernandez: Okay, but there are a lot.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about video hosting, which platform do you like the most and why?
Miguel Hernandez: Besides YouTube obviously which is free and amazing, if you want more control of your videos on who can see your videos and stuff like that there are two main options out there that I’ve been using for years now, one is Vimeo definitely if you go for the paid subscription and on the other one is called Wistia which allows you a lot of control on how you display your videos and analytics second by second, it’s really amazing.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which would you like the most?
Miguel Hernandez: Personally I like Wistia the most.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about the cost?
Miguel Hernandez: It’s like a startup and I got to meet the founder when they were starting out so... Ahmed Al Kiremli: I interviewed him on the show, Chris, great guy.
Miguel Hernandez: Actually yes, Chris Savage he is an awesome guy. I really liked him and that’s when I recommend it and the truth is they have created an amazing video hosting platform.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Any other tips and tricks that you can recommend for shooting and effects for videos creating process?
Miguel Hernandez: Well there is, the most important thing you can do is start doing them if you want to or watching lots of them that you like, when I started this company what I did, I looked at what are the best videos out there that I think there like the role models of demo videos and I watched them and study them second by second, I tried to figure out why is this video so fun are so cool to watch and I tried to distill that, and I said are there some of these things I could grab and put my own videos so do your research and then really learn how to write a script and condensed that information into 90 seconds and then just go from there.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about the lighting, lighting is not an issue with illustrations but mainly with tutorials maybe?
Miguel Hernandez: Lighting and animation you can do whatever you want because it’s all computer-based, when you are doing your courses definitely it’s nice to be let properly and make sure they see your face like right now I have a couple of lights here and the background light, just make sure that your face can be seen.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Why do you think your videos are very different from others and beauty? What is the thing that gives you this edge?
Miguel Hernandez: I think it’s probably the effort that we put in them right, my company hasn’t really grown that big, it’s still me and a bunch of really talented animators that I hired a couple of writers, project managers but I think the core of Grumo Media really relies on putting a lot of effort and love and attention to what the client wants so there’s many studios they do this today but not all of them, they just try to publish them and get them as fast as they can through the process so what happens is that you have like not such a good product at the end because you didn’t pay all the attention that a video like this requires so I think the main difference in our videos is that we really listen to the client and we try to understand what their pay point is and what their target audience does and then we have animators that can bring that to life so I would say it’s the customer service that we care really, otherwise if I wanted I could’ve hired like sales guys and just got like tons of leads and lots of videos but I would think that the quality of the videos would decrease
because we are paying more attention to how many clients we can get as opposed to how happy can we make these clients?
Miguel Hernandez: What platform brought you the most customers other than referrals?
Miguel Hernandez: The number one way I would say is word-of-mouth because now we have very big portfolios with some big companies so I would say that three out of four leads that come in are from word- of-mouth and then the rest are just organic searches on Google so they type product demo video and then they see an article or an interview like this and they’re like oh yeah these guys do videos and they then check us out on Google media and eventually they hire us.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Based on the feedback of your clients how much do you think your demo videos have increased the conversion rate?
Miguel Hernandez: It really depends, that’s a big question for all clients because it’s a big investment and they want to make sure it’s going to convert, do something for them right so it depends on a set of variables, first the type of products and the quality of the videos and what they do with that video so there’s a lot of variables but let’s just say you have a consumer product that is easy to understand and easy to animate and you can do a really awesome demo video for it and you put it on your homepage and all you are trying to do is get people to click your subscribe button, the difference between having the video and not having the video is huge it could be up to like a 40% increase on conversions within a couple of days with a company called Indenero, I think they got like a 30% increase, dropbox originally all they had was a humongous video and then the subscribe button because it was converting really well for them for people at the beginning they didn’t get the concept of storing files on the cloud and now everybody knows what dropbox is but if you remember back in the day there was just a video and the subscribe button, why? Because that was what converted the best and since then many many companies have realized that if they want to increase conversions especially in a day and age where people don’t have a lot of patience to read stuff then video is still one of the most effective ways of doing so.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You said you spend one to two weeks for a 1 to 2 minute video? Miguel Hernandez: 4 to 6 weeks.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: If you divide let’s say the research, in terms of percentage like how much from these 4 to 6 weeks, and the other details, the script and the sound can you divide it for us?
Miguel Hernandez: There is a huge factor on the amount of time it takes to produce the videos that is not dependent on us, it’s on the client approving so if everything got approved immediately you could do a video almost in just two weeks or even less, which we have done, actually we did a video for Udemy back in the day in 11 days, that was kind of like a record because they needed a video right away for a press release and they contacted me, that means we had to get the script approved right away, I wrote the scripts within 20 minutes and got approval within the hour, that’s unheard of, so obviously in that space you can move fast but when you move really fast you may compromise quality because you didn’t have enough time to pay attention to detail so that’s one thing, we discovered in order to have a really good video the minimum we have to spend this four weeks because there are many stages and also at every single stage we are waiting for the approval feedback of the client, so let’s say I send the script today but it takes a week to hear back from the client which happens very often especially in big companies where there’s many layers of management and I’ll have to approve it and you’re just waiting and waiting and you cannot move forward so it’s a week where you’re just waiting, so it really depends, everything could be very smooth but maybe they get hung up at the storyboard stage and now you’re waiting two weeks for the storyboard to get approved but to give you an idea, if everything goes smooth you can get the script approved within four days, it will take about two days, the storyboard anywhere from 2 to 4 days and then the animation is the longest one that’s anywhere from
one week to two weeks and then finally the finished product can be approved within four days as well. So when you add all that up it’s about a month to a month and a half.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about your cost structure, the figures, share with us some figures, how much do you charge for a one minute video?
Miguel Hernandez: We have great animation rates, we call one the startup rate and the other one is the enterprise rate so the startup rate is $7000 per minute and the enterprise rate is $10,000 per minute, the main difference that you get is it’s a little bit of more detail and more complexity of the enterprise one because companies with very strong corporate identities really care about how things look, sometimes they want more detail and want to make sure the colors are perfect and want smoother animation, they also need more attention from our end because we have to sometimes wait for their feedback and meet with them many times on Skype so when we had meetings with like six people and it takes a lot more of our resources.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And they have more money.
Miguel Hernandez: And that’s true they have more money.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: But don’t you think that’s too expensive especially for startups?
Miguel Hernandez: For startups it really depends, if it’s a startup it’s not funded yet they have an reasoning capital, they are just putting their own money, the family money and friends money or their savings or they are very early stage then it’s a lot of money but also sometimes I tell them maybe it’s too early to get a demo video and the reason why, when you’re at a very early stage your core idea usually changes a lot within the first few months so if you get a video and you spend a lot of money on a video.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And then you change your concepts.
Miguel Hernandez: Then you have to redo the video, so many times we turn down startups even if they have the money, we say you know what maybe you should wait a little bit, spend that money instead of in marketing or a video, spend it on developing further and improving your concept and once you are sure this is what you want to do and you want to do a big marketing campaign that’s a great time to get your video done.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: I noticed that you use your voice over some of the videos, do you think this is an advantage or disadvantage or like especially the client chose that to make it sweet or different or some of them they want different voices?
Miguel Hernandez: Originally I use my voice when I started the company because it was the most cost- effective way to do it and then it turned out people liked it, that was a big surprise to me, I remember when I did the first video with my voice which was Hipmunk, I send this to them and they are like by the way you have a weird accent, we can change it no problem don’t worry and then the marketing manager at that time was Alexi Sovanian, he said no I wouldn’t change that 1 million years. Are you sure? Yeah we love it and I’m like okay well great. And since then many people actually have watched some of the original videos and they specifically request that I do the voice but then we get other people that say no we don’t want an accent or we want an Australian accent or of course we want a female then I cannot do a female voice obviously so then we go and we try to hire the perfect voiceover for them.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Tell us the story of Ashton Kutcher, did he find you or did you find him, you’ve done videos for his companies. Tells more about that.
Miguel Hernandez: That was also very, I had a lot of luck when I started Grumo Media to be honest,
because I did a video for a company called Padmapper, it still around it’s really useful if you are looking for apartments to rent and this guys like okay I need this video and then two days after I published this video this client tells me by the way Ashton Kutcher has tweeted this video and he says this is one of the best instructional videos he has ever seen and he had 6 million followers so I was like.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So he sought somewhere he didn’t like do it for them?
Miguel Hernandez: No I didn’t do for him, it took me years to find this out but he, if people who know Ashton Kutcher, they know him because he is an actor but in the startup community is also a guy that invests in startups a lot so he was associated with Padmapper or at least he was friends with the founder, because he told me that he sent after the video to see what he thought and that’s why he tweeted it so later on, obviously I got a lot more attention than clients from that but eventually about six months later I ended up doing a video for him personally because I met him at SXSW in Austin Texas and he had a nonprofit foundation together with his ex-wife Demi Moore called the Demi and Ashton foundation and they wanted a video, they were already doing a campaign called real men don’t buy girls to stop child slavery and then they are like maybe if you could do something with animation for this and I said sure of course. So that’s what I did, I did a video for them too.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Best techniques that you can advise the video makers out there to market for their skills or to market for the companies?
Miguel Hernandez: To market their techniques to market their companies?
Ahmed Al Kiremli: To market their companies if they are doing what you are doing.
Miguel Hernandez: Okay you do exactly what I’ve done I don’t mind if you copy it because I have copied other people and you can apply this to techniques to almost any kind of online business, and then there is a third one that I have and use that much because I didn’t need to or want to but the first one you can do is what I did, I started this company by choosing somebody on the industry, on my target industry that I thought had a lot of influence, a lot of power you could say on the industry but didn’t have a video so I did a video for free without telling them and hoping that if they really liked it they would use their leverage on their network to promote that video and at the same time promote my company so that’s exactly what happened I sent this video to Hipmunk, and then they publish it on their blog which had a lot of traffic and Twitter and Facebook and boom. Suddenly I got all of these people asking for videos, that is very risky per se, I was thinking would take me at least 10 attempts before I could actually have any kind of traction.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much was each video costing you or were you just doing it yourself?
Miguel Hernandez: That when I did all by myself, actually I was on holiday in Hawaii, my first time in Hawaii and I took my laptop and I worked there for two weeks just doing everything myself, so the cost was zero, just my time and then I sent this to them and I was very lucky that they liked it. So that’s one strategy but again there’s a lot of luck factor there. The other one is inbound marketing or content marketing which is you start a blog and do your research and create really good content that gets both indexed by search engines like Google or Bing so you appear in results when people are looking for whatever it is you’re selling and also that will help you to create some credibility so if you’re really good at writing and put a lot of effort and create really interesting and valuable articles and then you do everything to promote through your social media eventually people are going to find out and they’re going to be like well this guy knows what he is talking about so that gives you some credibility, it increases your position in search engines and then obviously what you are trying to get is traffic to your website and the more traffic you get the more people you can convert into actual pain clients so that’s the second strategy and the third one obviously is you can pay for traffic, Facebook ads, Google ads, twitter ads whatever and that is tricky you have to do your research, you can hire a company to do that for you but that means you have to spend money, the first two are free, if you do them
yourself, the third one could be extremely effective and very scalable if you know what you’re doing right, I haven’t done paid advertising yet.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Best programs to use to create tutorials or record them online, tutorials of course is...
Miguel Hernandez: My courses I use, I’m always using Macintosh so I use to program specifically one to record my screen and WebCam which is called screen flow and then another one is keynote which is like PowerPoint for Mac which is where basically I create the slides which later on I record and then I put that together into video and that’s how I create the lecture. It’s very straightforward.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: If you are having an interview online with somebody you can use screen flow to record the presentation which is on your computer or his computer plus both of the cams?
Miguel Hernandez: I don’t think what we’re doing right now you need a different kind of software like I have a recorder that allows you to record both screens on Skype and then you can bring that into an editing video editing software like premier or iMovie or screen flow or camtasia and then do whatever you want with it so if you are interviewing you probably need a different type of software.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Now we are using like eCam, but still like if I want to view a presentation on your computer you have to share your screen with me but still I will lose your picture, our video so do you know any software that records both videos plus the presentation or just like go to webinars maybe it works with it?
Miguel Hernandez: Well it depends if you are doing it live then you could use Google hangouts because Google hangouts allows you to switch from one to the other, I don’t know if it still keeps the video stream of your WebCam so that’s one of the easy free solutions and then if you want to get more professional obviously you can pay for some webinar software, if you are not doing it live in the solution that I use for all my courses, use screen flow or camtasia to record both your WebCam and your screen and then you have them in two different layers so you can turn the WebCam on, you can move it you can do anything with that and then you can bring the screen to the forefront whenever you want to focus on that.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Best tools or plug-ins for blocking or controlling the videos on your site, which would you like the most in terms of plug-ins or softwares?
Miguel Hernandez: To control the videos like on WordPress, I don’t use any plug-ins except the Wistia plug-in, most of the videos I post on my website or unlike YouTube but I have a couple for example, the first video on my home page where introduce the company and what we do, that is hosted on Wistia and they have a plug-in for WordPress that allows you to embed Wistia videos with just a line of code so that is the only one I use for video.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Can you share with us some tips about video SEO?
Miguel Hernandez: So I’m not an expert on video Seo but what I’ve read is that it’s very important, search engines find things depending on what you write in the text so it’s really about the keywords that you put on your title and description that really matter in order to be found and obviously the video has to be great some people share it so in terms of SEO, if you are using you to make sure that the title of the description contains at least one or two of them keywords that you are targeting and the same for the description and tags so I always make sure that the titles are complete and make sense and there’s a description an important and you to is to have a link to whatever you want to go because the beautiful thing about YouTube descriptions is that the arrows become links that you can click which is great to drive traffic from YouTube to your website and then also post the videos on your website as well and then you can use tools on Google that allow you to create like video site maps and stuff like that which make it easier for Google to find video content within your website, there’s a lot of stuff you can do but so far it’s been really easy for me.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Can you share with us some of the future projects you are working on or are you just focused on this company?
Miguel Hernandez: Well I’m working on more courses, one of the courses that I am working on is how to run an online business like the one I’m doing because a lot of people ask me, Miguel this is great your home and you can travel and do whatever and you are still running a profitable business, how do you do that? There are a lot of moving parts and people ask me, that would probably be one of my next courses, the other thing that we worked on is an iPhone app called Books, films, and Bands, and it allows you to save lists of those three things and we are continually improving that. Anytime somebody mentions, but in our experience there’s nothing scientific but if you go with your friends and your family and you are having a casual conversation we noticed that almost every other conversation somebody mentions one of those three things, heavy seen this movie or read this book, be check out this band and people usually use their notes or they read it on paper, they just forget so we create this app that is specifically for those three items and the user experience is fantastic because it connects directly to IMDb and iTunes and you can download the information written to the list and then you can actually buy the song or the book right from the app so it makes it very easy.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: From where are you pulling the APIs, from IMDb or from where?
Miguel Hernandez: The movies come directly from IMDb, it’s a different API, I could send to you by email, I don’t remember the name but there are several movie APIs, I think we are using a combination of two because one only had movies and one only had TV shows so recently we just an update where you can actually find TV shows and movies together.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Can you take us through your daily life and work routine?
Miguel Hernandez: Well it’s very, I found a routine that works for me, I don’t wake up early because I don’t like to wake up early but I go to sleep very late, today I went to sleep at five in the morning because I was researching and coming up with ideas but basically I wake up anywhere from 9 to 10 and then I eat a cliff bar, you see this? A box of cliff bars, they are really nice like organic power bars and then I check my email and try to figure out everything for the day and then the next thing I usually play four times a week soccer at lunchtime so I go and I drive to North Vancouver and I play for an hour and a half soccer just to stay in shape because I spent many hours in front of the computer and then I read a lot also, right behind me actually that’s not a wall that is actually a bad, a two level bed a bunk bed and inside there I have my iPad and I read lots of books and I try to come up with ideas all the time and stuff like that and I always do stuff with my wife she likes to go for walks or runs and stuff like that, it’s a very laid-back life and then we travel a lot, we have been to many countries like South America and Spain and Europe, many times and also China we’ve been there a couple of years ago so that’s pretty much it.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you work from the afternoon until the evening or after soccer you start working?
Miguel Hernandez: So when I wake up most of the work really happens before I go play soccer because after I play soccer I have lunch and then I take a siesta where I sleep for anywhere from half an hour to one hour and after that is when I either read or I keep working, really my work is split into two parts, most of the important stuff is in the morning and then stuff that is not as important as in the afternoon, mostly in the afternoon is when I take a lot of sales calls and also when I have meetings with my animators or my project manager, that is when I have a lot of that meeting type of thing as opposed to working type of thing.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who is your number one mentor?
Miguel Hernandez: I read a book, I was going to say my main mentor is actually books because I read a lot
of books on entrepreneurship and subscribe to a lot of feeds the talk about technology companies and entrepreneurship but in terms of a mentor, they have changed over time right now I don’t have a specific one mentor, if I have a specific question about business or whatever, then what I do is I go to clarity.FM I don’t know if you’ve heard that, the company started here by a Canadian entrepreneur and I just look for whoever, there’s going to be an expert for whatever question I have and you pay by the minute anywhere from $.50 to five dollars a minute and whatever question you have somebody is going to have a really good insight for you so I wouldn’t say it’s just one person, I would say it’s a combination of books and then very specific successful people on the topics that I would be interested in.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: If you are starting your company now what would you change?
Miguel Hernandez: What would I change? I don’t think I would change anything, I’ve asked myself that question a few times and I was thinking should I make this into a huge creative studio where you have like 50 employees and a humongous client list the bring in billions of dollars and I’ve had experience working for big companies and I don’t think I would be happier with that, I think I would have more headaches, I like things easy and my life so I think what I’ve done so far is exactly, it’s ideal, it’s never become too complex it’s profitable and fun and gives me a lot of freedom, if you’re going to do a checklist of the ideal type of job or situation, this really hits all of those things so in hindsight at this moment I don’t have any regrets, maybe when I learn more stuff will be like manner should of done something else but at this moment I think I’m pretty lucky at what I’m doing right now.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Most important factors for success in three words?
Miguel Hernandez: I would say focus is one of them, because if you don’t know where you’re heading are what you want then forget it, you’re not going to get anywhere with that doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy whether you know it or not, so focus, sit down and figure out what you want to do with your life first and then work hard, number two, is not going to happen if you don’t do anything and third, network, everything that you do in your life all the opportunities that you have the people that you hire is people and the greatest opportunities are going to come through your network so learn how to connect with the people that matter to you, if you are going to events then go find out the events, I don’t like to events a lot but do your research, the beautiful thing about the Internet is that if you are not shy you can almost connect with anybody through twitter you can just follow somebody on Twitter and so you know what I really like your work, is there a chance we could meet for lunch or give me 10 minutes of your time or whatever and also tried to provide value in every interaction it’s not just about taking it’s about is there something I can do for you and the more you give the more you get back, the equation is very simple and life so those three things, focus, network and hard work.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the things you are trying to develop to stay efficient?
Miguel Hernandez: To stay efficient, I would say develop, I’m not doing personally any of this, any change to become more efficient I think I am pretty efficient but one of the things I do to not forget things is I use reminders a lot, I use Google calendar and Google calendar is connected both to my iPhone and to my email so I get a reminder all the time, 50 minutes before whatever is going to happen on those two platforms which is great because throughout the week what I try to do this plan in advance all the meetings and everything like that and I unloaded all information, I know I don’t have to keep it in my memory, I’m going to be reminded by it which is really good for efficiency because it frees your mind to concentrate on other things instead of trying to remember things so I would say that’s one of the things I use a lot continuously every day, like this interview as well, I had it on the calendar and I got reminded but I was thinking about something else and then I didn’t forget.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three apps that use on your smart phone?
Miguel Hernandez: The number one app I use in my iPhone let me just look at it right now really quickly, I would say it’s weather to check out the weather, did you mean productivity apps?
Ahmed Al Kiremli: No, just any apps.
Miguel Hernandez: Sorry sorry the most used app for sure is WhatsApp and the reason why is because I keep in contact with my friends in Spain through WhatsApp, it’s a much more popular in Europe than it is in North America so definitely WhatsApp all the time and then I would say Google maps and weather in that order.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right, top three books?
Miguel Hernandez: Of course, books films and bands. Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about your favorite three books?
Miguel Hernandez: They are right here, look, I think my favorite book so far that I read recently is called social intelligence, it’s the sequel to emotional intelligence which is an amazing book and social intelligence is like a continuation of how to deal and how to understand other people not just yourself, I think the biggest take away from there is that the people that surround us affect us at a physical level not just an intellectual level they have actually been able to measure that negative people around you will actually release that hormones or whatever you want to call it and actually affect you at a physical level which is pretty interesting so they actually call that toxic people because they really affect you, so that’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people that are positive, so that’s the latest book I’ve read but I also was reading another book, I read one by Daniel Goldman called focus, that was a really good one and.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You prefer to read on iPad or you buy actual books or do you use audiobooks?
Miguel Hernandez: I read on the iPad and I buy them from Amazon Kindle.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right it’s not hurting your eyes?
Miguel Hernandez: No because I use, I don’t know how most people read but I use, I change the colors of the background is black and the letters are white so I don’t get a lot of light.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you think the black background is better for reading because most of the sites online use white backgrounds with black letters or words however all my websites are black and I always like ask myself 99% of the people use white and black text.
Miguel Hernandez: It depends obviously if you are trying to sell something or promote something white is a cleaner thing, cleaner color like a more positive color when you see white, black is like a more serious and it’s elegant but it has different connotations right, for reading a black background is to me soothing, it’s not too bright in my eyes and it’s very easy to read the letters they just pop up because they are white, I turned the brightness also pretty low so I just can see the letters without... I find I can read for hours that way.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about the top three people you are inspired by?
Miguel Hernandez: I would say Elon musk, it is just mind blowing, I followed him a lot, pretty amazing he has created a three billion-dollar company so for any entrepreneur he is just an amazing role model and he is still alive and doing amazing things very young, it’s very exciting what he’s going to do in the next 10 or 20 years. Other role models, actually here, I have a list of them but I would say Richard Branson I read his book is pretty amazing, those two guys definitely stand out and then a lot of people in the startup community, there
is this guy called Ryan Allis who just started a company called which is pretty amazing he is only 29 years old and he’s done so much in not just terms of successful entrepreneur but he is also done a lot of philanthropy efforts and stuff like that there are a lot of people that are really inspiring out there and also every other person that talks on Ted, but Ted talks are like wow, pretty impressive.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: I have a Ted talk. Do you listen to any music when you work?
Miguel Hernandez: Usually no I don’t listen to music, it depends what I’m doing but sometimes I put music, the problem is it’s hard for me to find a stream of like one or two hours of continuous music where all the songs I like and are not distracting so sometimes there is this website called hypemachine, and they aggregate music from all the blogs around the world and what I do is I follow my brother-in-law, he has really good taste in music so I just click on his profile and then he has probably like two hours of straight songs, he has a taste that I agree with so he is basically acting as my curator for music but maybe once a week I put music while I’m on the computer.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the things that make you really happy?
Miguel Hernandez: There is a bunch of things, besides the obvious ones I think the things that make me happy is when I feel that I’ve done has had a positive impact on somebody so usually my normal work happens either by creating a video where I see the client is extremely happy or is getting a great reception, people are commenting are saying this is an amazing video that is very rewarding and makes me really happy, it’s like all this effort is paying off, and also my courses when I get student saying Miguel this course has change my life for now I start to do my own courses thanks to you or whatever that is really rewarding so I think seeing that the effort I put there is actually helping other people, that is something that makes me very happy. I think happiness is a very tricky thing though it is a balance, it’s not just about one thing, you have to be nourished and properly exercise, socialize, create, once you find a good balance we do all of those things I think you can find happiness but it is not just you cannot just concentrate on one thing.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Last question how can people contact you?
Miguel Hernandez: They can go to Grumo Media .com and just contact me through there or they can write
directly to me at Miguel@Grumo
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much for this interview Miguel, I really appreciate it.
Miguel Hernandez: Thank you.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: My pleasure, thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.
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أحمد القرملي: أهلا جميعا، معكم أحمد القرملي وأهلا بكم في برنامج كن كفوءا، مهمة هذا البرنامج هو تحسين أعمالكم وحياتكم من خلال نصائح من خبراء، واليوم أستضيف ميغيل هيرنانديز وهو خبير في صنع فيديوهات تقديمية رائعة، وهو أيضا مؤسس Grumo Media أهلا بك في البرنامج ميغيل.

ميغيل هيرنانديز: شكرا، من الممتع أن تقوم باجراء مقابلة معي.

أحمد القرملي: الشرف لي، اذا كيف بدأت في هذا المجال، ومتى بدأت في التوجه الى العمل عبر الانترنت وعمل الفيديوهات، هلا أخبرتنا عم ذلك وعن خلفيتك أيضا؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: حسنا لقد بدأت Grumo Media سنة 2010 لكن قبل ذلك كان لدي بعض الخبرة في تصوير الفيدوهات الغنائية وكنت عامل كاميرا حراً لعروض الموضة والفيديوهات، لكن ذلك لم يكن عملا بدوام كامل. وأضفت لذلك مع مهارات تطوير النت والانيمايشن وعملت أيضا لأستديو تلفزيوني ولكن قبل ذلك قبل 2000 كنت تخرجت من مدرسة محلية تخصص تصميم ميكانيكي، لذلك لقد كنت أقوم بالعديد من الأشياء المختلفة في السنوات الـ15 الأخيرة، ولكن في الأخير في 2010 عندما بدأت هذه الشركة، كنت أقوم حصريا بالفيديوهات التقديمية والشروحات لشركات من مختلف بقاع العالم.

أحمد القرملي: اذا كيف اكتشفت هذه الموهبة، حيث تقوم بفيديوهات تقديمية مذهلة؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: في البداية لم أعلم أن عملي الأكبر سيكون جيدا، لذلك قبل أن أبدأ هذه الشركة قررت أن أقوم بعمل فيديو لشركة محلية في بدايتها، حيث قامو بانشاء هذا المنتج وعلموا أن لدي القدرة على صنع فيديو متحرك، حيث قالوا لي هل يمكنك أن تقوم بصنع فيديو مثل التي نراها على صفحات النت لم أكن متأكدا من قدرتي على القيام بشيء مثل ذلك، لذلك قمت ببعض البحث وجلست وقمت بصنع فيديو لهم، وقد أسعدهم ذلك، فكرت في نفسي ان استطعت أن أجعل هؤلاء الناس سعداء ربما أستطيع جعل أناس آخرين سعداء، وهكذا بدأت في صنع المزيد من الفيديوهات.

أحمد القرملي: لماذا صانعي الفيديوهات في الانترنت يركزون على الفيديوهات الكرتونية وليس الحقيقية التسويقية، مثل فديوهاتك معضمها كرتونية

ميغيل هيرنانديز: كل فيديوهاتي كرتونية بالكامل الناس يستعملونهما كليهما، ترى العديد من الشركات تقوم بالعروض الحية والأخرى تقوم بالكرتونية، هناك ايجابيات لكل نوع، الفديو الكرتوني جيد للأفكار، تستطيع شرح أي شيء كأن تسافر للقمر وتعود لأنك تستطيع رسم ما تشاء، أما العروض الحية فعليك أن توفر الممثلين والأماكن ,أدوات الاضاءة والكاميرا الأمر أكثر تعقيدًا ومكلف أكثر، لذلك الكرتون هو بديل جيد لشرح الأشياء بتكلفة أقل، ولا تفقد التأثير.

أحمد القرملي: وهل تركز على ذلك، أعني لو طلب منك شخص تصوير عرض حي مع الممثلين وكل شيء، هل تقوم بذلك أو أنت مركز فقط مع...

ميغيل هيرنانديز: نحن نركز فقط على الكرتون، لقد تم سؤالنا للقيام بعروض حية من قبل، لكننا حولناها الى استديوهات محلية أخرى، الشيء الآخر هو وجوب تواجدك في الموقع وهذا سيقوم بتخفيض عدد الزبائن الذي يمكن أن نتحصل عليه، لذلك الآن لدينا زبائن من كل أنحاء العالم، واذا قمنا بالعروض الحية سيكون ذلك صعبا، عليك أن تكون هناك وتسافر وتوضف ممثلين محليين وما شابه.

أحمد القرملي: سؤال مضحك، كم من الناس أخبرك بأتك تشبه روبرت داوني، أو خافيير بيردم أو جيفري دين مورغن، كل هؤلاء الممثلين متشابهين، وأنت تبدو مثلهم

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لم يشبهوني بخافيير من قبل، لديه رأس كبير يبدو كملاكم وبعينين مستديرتين، وما أشبه به دائما هو روبرت داوني جونيور، منذ بلغت ال25 سنة أصبحت أسمع ذلك يوميا تقريبا، هذا جنون

ميغيل هيرنانديز: ربما لأنه مشهور أكثر، لكن الآخرين الآخرين أيضا يشبهونك

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل أجل، هذا مضحك لأن روبرت داوني جونيور عاد بقوة بعد مشاكله مع المخدرات ومثل هذه الأفلام الكبيرة وكلما اشتهر كلما ذكره الناس بالتأكيد

أحمد القرملي: اذا ماهي الأدوات التي تستعملها في انشاء الفيديوهات الرائعة، الأدوات الرئيسية.

ميغيل هيرنانديز: نستعمل أكثر البرامج المعروفة والتي قد تجدها في هذا المجال على المستوى الاحترافي، وهي اما Adobe aftereffects أو Adobe flash أيضا illustrator لعمل الرسومات ثم نستوردها الى أحد البرنامجين السابق ذكرهما، وهذا أمر معروف.

أحمد القرملي: لنبدأ بالأساسيات لعمل فيديو كرتوني، ولنبدأ بسير القصة، كيف تصنع ذلك

ميغيل هيرنانديز: حسنا في الحقيقة الخطوة الأولى هي الخوض في محادثة مع الزبون، وما ان نفهم ما يريد نقوم بكتابه حوار، والذي يستغرق من 60 الى 90 ثانية، وحوالي 160 أو250 كلمة، أي حوار مكتوب، ثم نفكر في المرئيات وبمجرد الحصول عليها نضعهم على ورقة على شكل قصة، وتحاول أن تبدع بحيث كل جملة تحاول أن ترسم التعبير الأفضل والأكثر فعالية لتمثيل ذلك الجزء من النص وما ان نقوم بذلك ويوافق عليها العميل، نقوم بالعمل على الكرتون ونجلب كل تلك الأفكار للحياة، ونضيف التأثيرات الصوتية، ويستغرق في مجله من 4 الى 6 أسابيع

أحمد القرملي: اذا تضع الأفكار على الورق، أو مذكرات أو باو بوينت؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: الأمر يعتمد على الشخص، اعتدت أن أرسمهم على الورق ثم القيام بمسحهم وتحويلهم لملف بي دي اف ثم أرسلهم للمحرك، البعض الآخر يفضل القيام بالأمر على التابلت باستعمال Ulustrator الأمر يتعلق بالشخص

ميغيل هيرنانديز: وكم عدد الأشخاص العاملين معك، هل هم عبر الانترنت أو خارج الانترنت أو هل تطلب خدماتهم...

ميغيل هيرنانديز: العمل هو 100% متحرك، الجميع يعمل من منزله أو من أي مكان يريده، والجميع لهم عقد جانبي، لذلك لقد عملنا مع 40-50 رساما خلال السنوات الأربعة الماضية، فعندما نصبح مشغولين حقا نحاول الحصول على الرسام المناسب الذي يبحث عنه الزيون، لأننا دائما ما نسأل الزبون ما النوع الذي تريده، شيء بسيط، شيء معقد، شيء ثلاثي الأبعاد، ثنائي الأبعاد ونحاول أن نوفر لذلك الطلب الرجل المناسب

أحمد القرملي: ماهي الخطوة التالية... دعني أسألك، كم من أولئك الـ40 ثابتون في العمل معكم، لأن لدي العديد من الأشخاص الذين يعملون لدي، وأصعب ما في الأمر هو ايجاد الشخص المناسب لتضيفه لفريقك ليعمل معك باستمرار، الوصول لتلك النقطة هو أصعب شيء، لنقل مثلا أن لديك 4 أو 5 مثبتون أو أنك تبحث عن أشخاص جدد كل مرة لكل زبون لأن ذلك يأخذ وقتا كبيرا

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل، في البداية كان الأمر صعبا لأنني لم أعرف العديد من الأشخاص، لذلك الوصول الى النقطة التي تجد فيها أناس تثق بهم، والذين يسلمون العمل مع الوقت، ولديهم التصرف المناسب ذلك يأخذ دائما وقتا طويلا، توظيف الشخص المناسب عملية متعبة وتستغرق وقتا، ولكنه شيء عليك أن تستثمر به لكي تنشأ فريقا تستطيع الاعتماد عليه، ويوفر عملا مذهلا في الأخير، لقد واجهنا أخطاءا كأن توظف شخصا ليس جيدا حقا، أو لا يضع جهدا في العمل، أو عليك أن تشرح لهم باستمرار أو ليس لديه التصرف الملائم أو يستمر بطلب المال من اليوم الأول، هذا قد يكون محبطا، لكن بعد مرور بعض الوقت تتمتع بمعرفة أكبر في التعرف على الناس ومن سيعمل أو لا، والآن من مجموع الأشخاص الذين نعمل معهم أستطيع القول حوالي 10 أو 15 شخص نعلم أنه يعتمد عليهم وأنهم جيدون.

أحمد القرملي: من أين تأتي بالفنانين، هل من Elance مثلا أو Odesk أو أن هناك موقع خاص بهم وتتواصل معهم كأن تستعمل أسانا، الايميل ماهي أفضل أداة للتواصل معهم؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: وجدت معظمهم عبر موقع Craigslist و مواقع موجهة خصيصا لمصممي الحركيات، فأذهب لتك المواقع وأضع العمل المطلوب وفورا تبدأ بتلقي العروض من مختلف أنحاء العالم والمشكلة كانت ما الذي سأفعله بكل هاته الطلبات، دعني أشارك متابعيك في هذا ما أفعله هو أنني أفتح صفحة اكسل وأضع أسمائهم وطرق التواصل معهم والرابط، أي شيء يجلب نظري، ,اكتب وصفا ثم أقوم بتقييمهم من 5 لكل مهارة أرى أنها مهمة لي مثلا هل يهتمون بالعمل هل هم جيدون في الثنائي الأبعاد أو الثلاثي الأبعاد، كل ما يهم لمصصم الحركة، أقوم بتقييمهم وما ان أحصل على النقاط العالية أولئك هم من أتصل بهم، وأيا كان من أختاره منهم فلابد أن يكون جيدا كفاية من ناحية المهارات لكن عليك أن تتكلم معهم وتتيقن أن لديهم الشخصية المناسبة

أحمد القرملي: اذا أولا تقوم بتحضير النص ثم سير الأحداث ثم الفنان، كيف يتم التحريك؟ الخطوة التالية هي التحريك أو اضافة الأصوات، التحريك أليس كذلك؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل سير الأحداث وتسجيل الصوت يمكن أن يتم بالتوازي، أذا لدينا النص فنرسله الى فنان الصوت، وبينما نحن بصدد اختيار فنان الصوتيات يبدأ المحرك بالعمل، وبعد اتمام ذلك نرسله للموافقة، في كل مرحلة من العملية نستشير العميل لنحرص على سعادتهم بالعمل، وعندما نكون راضين جميعنا بالعمل، نتوجه للمراحل التالية، اذا بعد سير القصة والرسم، عندها نتوجه للتحريك

أحمد القرملي: اذا تقومون بتسجيل الصوت قبل التحريك؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل دائما ما نقوم بذلك، وما يحدث هو أن على المحرك أن يطابق العمل على الصوت وأحيانا نقوم بتعديلات بسيطة، ليس على التسجيل الصوتي ولكن على الفراغات التي تتواجد بين الجمل، كأن لا يتواجد وقت مناسب بين الجمل ليسمح بانتقال ناعم لذلك نضيف فجوات كبر أو أقل لنحرص على السير الحسن للعمل،

أحمد القرملي: بخصوص سير العملية أفكر أنه من الأسهل كأن يحاول بعض الناس اختصار العملية بانشاء عروض تقديمية ثم قرائتها بأصواتهم ثم يقوم المصممين ببناء عروضهم بناءًا على ما قالوه هذا أسرع أليس كذلك، أسهل من العمل على العرض ثم ارساله لاضافة الصوت، ماهي المرحلة التالية

ميغيل هيرنانديز: بعد الانتهاء من التحريك نرسل ذلك لمصمم الصوتيات ويضيفون الموسيقى والتأثيرات الصوتية. قد تكون الموسيقى منتجه من طرفهم، أو يختاروها من مواقع الانترنت ويختاروا مجموعة أغاني ونرسلهم للعميل وما ان يوافقوا على الموسيقى وما شابه، نضع كل شيء معا، التسجيل الصوتي والموسيقى والمؤثرات ثم نقوم بالانتاج ونحصل على فيديو مكتمل.

أحمد القرملي: هل تستعمل Nvo لشراء الموسيقى؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: نستعمل pond5 وماذا أيضا؟ وأيضا Envato

أحمد القرملي: كم تأخذ مدة التسليم وماهي الخطوة التالية بعد التسليم؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: العملية كلها تستغرق من 4-6 أسابيع بمجرد أن ننتهي من التحريك، هذا الجزء السهل نقوم بارسال الملف، قبل أن نرسل الملف نقوم بعرضه عليهم على استضافتنا، وبمجرد أن يعجبهم نقوم بالانتاج ذو الجودة العالية ونرسل لهم الملف الفعلي.

أحمد القرملي: ماهي الصيغة الأفضل عند التسليم أقصد الأبعاد والصيغة والأحجام التي تنصح بها؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: نستخدم الأبعاد القياسية، معظم الاعدادات التي استعملناها هي الخاصة بيوتيوب وفيميو من أجل الحصول على أفضل جودة وبحجم ليس كبيرا جدا، فعلى الرغم من أنه يتم ضغطها الا أنها تبقى ذات جودة عالية، 720p أو 1080p وترميزه X264 بحوالي 5000 او 6000 كيلو بت في الثانية أو ما شابه، لذا هي ليست ملفات كبيرة حقا، تتراوح ما بين 40 الى 60 ميجابايت في الحجم عند الارسال.

أحمد القرملي: ما هي المرحلة الأكثر أهمية والتي تعطيها اهتماما أكبر، هل هو النص لأنه يعتبر حجر الأساس أيها تعتقد أنها الأكثر أهمية؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: من المؤكد أنه النص، فهو روح الفديو وأساسه، اذا كان هناك عيب فيه كل شيء سينهار، لقد وجدت في السابق أن تفاصيل الرسم أو تعقيد الخلفيات والشخصيات الأمر يدور حول القصة، تستطيع الحصول على فديو بسيط للغاية والتي بدأت معها كانت ناجحة للغاية وقد قمت بالعمل لوحدي في ذلك الوقت، لأني كنت قد بدأت للتو وقد كانت مهاراتي في التحريك بسيطة، لكنها كانت معروفة لأن المهم هو النص، وهذا هو أهم جزء بالتأكيد، ويحتاج المرء لوقت من أجل تطوير تلك المهارات وامتلاك حس لانتاج شيء يشاهده الناس من البداية للنهاية، اذا هو النص بالتأكيد.

أحمد القرملي: ماذا عن الدروس والدورات، أنت تقدم دروسا ودورات وليس مثل الرسم والتحريك حيث عليك أن تكون حاضرا، لقد رأيت بعضا من فيديوهاتك وقد كانت احترافية ومصنوعة بعناية، اذا هل تقوم بذلك اذا أتى اليك شخص وقال أريد منك أن تساعدني في اعداد دروس أو تركز فقد على الفيدهات التقديمية

ميغيل هيرنانديز: عملي لديه وجهان، الوجه الأول الخدماتي الخاص بالموقع حيث نقدم فيه الفديوهات التقديمية للناس من كل أنحاء العالم، والوجه الثاني هو القيام بدورات أعلم فيها الناس كيف يقومون بعمل مثل هذه الفيديوهات، لأنني وجدت أن العديد من الناس الذين يأتون لبدأ شركة لديهم ضيق في الميزانية، معظم الناس في بدايات شركاتهم لا يستطيعون الدفع مقابل كل شيء، لذلك فكرت لما لا أقوم بدروس أعلم فيها الناس كيف يقومون فيها بالفيديوهات الخاصة بهم، لأن ذلك أقل تكلفة من توظيف استديو، وهذا ما فعلته أنشأت دورة تدريبية باسم كيف تصنع فيدوهات تقديمية رائعة، وقد أبليت جيدا فقد بعتها للموقع ول Udemy حوالي 5000 شخص اطلعوا عليها من مختلف أنحاء العالم، كان هذا شيئ جيد

أحمد القرملي: هل أفضل مكان لبيع الدروس هو Udemy أو هل تنصح بشيء آخر؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: Udemy كانت أولى الشركات التي بدأت هذه الفكرة لكن الآن يوجد أعتقد نسخة من الموقع كل يوم لذلك يوجد العديد من الخيارات، لكن بالنسبة لي ولأني بدأت معهم ما زالت تعتبر أفضل منصة، لقد نمو وجمعوا الكثير من المال، ذهبت الى اجتماعهم في سان فرانسيسكو، قبل حوالي الشهر والتقيت بفريقهم الرائع وهم يعملون بجد لنشر دوراتك، لذلك بالنسبة لي ولهذا اليوم بالنسبة للدورات باللغة الانجليزية Udemy هي أفضل منصة، لنشر دوراتك، الا اذا كانت لديك متتبعون كثيرون بحيث لا تحتاج الى تسويق، فتنشر أنك تبيع الدورة عبر الموقع أو التويتر لكن في الحقيقة معظم الناس لا يملكون هذا، فتفتقر الى المتابعين والتسويق عندها عليك أن تستخدم منصة وأرشح Udemy

أحمد القرملي: هل يجب توفر الفديو في كل الدورات أو يمكن اضافة النصوص

ميغيل هيرنانديز: معظم الدورات، حسب علمي مبنية على الفديو كليا، اذ تدفع مقابل الدورة وتحصل على وصول مدى الحياة، وتتمكن من الحصول أيضا على محاضرات بالفديو لمختلف المواضيع

أحمد القرملي: يستضيفونها على منصتهم

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل يستضيفونها على منصتهم، ترفع المحاضرات هناك ولديهم واجهة جميلة للغاية لترتيب المحاضرات واضافة النصوص، تستطيع أيضا أن تضيف أسئلة وفي النهاية يحصلون على شهادة انهاء، لقد قاموا بها بشكل جيد

أحمد القرملي: اذا أنت تنصح الناس الذين يريدون القيام بدورات هناك، بالبحث أولا عن كيفية عمل المنصة ثم بعد ذلك انشاء الدورات، ثم هل تقوم فقط بكتابة العنوان ورفع الفديو أم تحتاج الى كتابة الحوار.

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لا، فحسب الدورة قد يقومون بكتابة الحوار بأنفسهم، لديهم مختلف الأدوات في الحقيقة لقد قاموا بدورة ليعلموا الناس كيف يقوموا بالدورات وقد كانت دورة ناجحة، لقد قاموا بالدورة لاشهار كيفية القيام بالدورات على منصتهم

أحمد القرملي: ماهي النسبة التي يأخذونها من كل بيع؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: في البداية كانوا يأخذون 30% لكن في نوفمبر من العام الماضي غيروا نسبة أرباحهم ,اصبحت تعتمد على مكان الطلبة، فالنقل مثلا أن الطالب أتى عبر موقعك أو شبكتك الاجتماعية، عندها تأخذ أظن حوالي 100% أعتقد 97% ويأخذون عمالة 3% الباقية، لكن اذا أتى الطالب عبر مجهوداتهم، فعندها تتقاسمون الأرباح بالنصف، لكن معظم الطلبة يأتون عبر مجهوداتهم، ثمة شيء آخر من المثير معرفته، إذا أتوا عبرك لكن سبق ولديهم حساب على المنصة فسيأخذون النصف لأنهم سبق وقاموا بجلب الطالب للمنصة.

أحمد القرملي: هل من مواقع أخرى تنصح بها أو تنصح البقاء مع Udemy ؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لدي قائمة كبيرة من المنصات، لقد قمت بالنشر في بعضها في اسبانيا لكن حاول أيضا... هناك الكثير منها هذا جنوني.

أحمد القرملي: أبقي الأمر لوقت لاحقا وسننشرهم مع المقابلة

ميغيل هيرنانديز: حسنا، هناك الكثير، الكثير

أحمد القرملي: ماذا عن استضافة الفديو أي منصة تفضلها أكثر ولماذا؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: على غرار يوتيوب طبعا الذي هو مجاني، اذا كان لديك سيطرة أكثر على من يرى فيديوهاتك ثمة خيارين أستخدمهما منذ سنوات أحدها هو فيميو وعليك أن تدفع و تشترك والآخر هو ويستيا، والذي يمنحك قدرة أكبر على التحكم في عرض فيديوهاتك والتحليلات انه مذهل حقا.

أحمد القرملي: أيهما تفضل؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أنا أستعمل ويستيا أكثر لأنه كان في بدايته وقد التقيت بالمؤسس

أحمد القرملي: لقد استضفته في البرنامج، رجل رائع

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل كريس سافاج، انه رائع أنا حقا معجب به لهذا أنصح به، وقد قام ببناء منصة استضافة فيدوهات رائعة

أحمد القرملي: هل من نصائح أخرى تنصح بها للتصوير والتأثيرات في انشاء الفيدوهات.

ميغيل هيرنانديز: في الحقيقة.... أهم شيء لفعله هو البدأ بالقيام بها ان كنت تحب ذلك، أو مشاهدة العديد منها، عندما بدأت هذه الشركة قلت في نفسي ما هي أفضل الفيديوهات الموجودة، لقد شاهدتهم وقمت بتحليلهم ثانية بثانية، وأتسائل لما هذا الفيدو رائع ومن الممتع مشاهدته، وكنت أبحث عن أشياء لأستعملها في الفيديو الخاص بي، قم بالبحث وتعلم كيف تكتب نصا وأضغط تلك المعلومات في مدة 90 ثانية، وابدأ من هناك

أحمد القرملي: ماذا عن الاضاءة، قد لا تكون مشكلة مع الرسومات لكنها مشكلة مع الدروس

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل، الاضاءة في الكرتون تستطيع القيام بما تريد، لأنها مبنية على الحاسوب، ما أنصحك القيام به هو توفير اضاءة لازمة لكي يستطيع مشاهدوك رؤية وجهك مثل ما أقوم به الآن، لدي بعض الأضواء هنا وضوء في الخلفية، فقط احرص على أن يتم رؤية وجهك

أحمد القرملي: ماهو الشيء الذي ... مالذي يجعل الفيديوهات الخاصة بك مميزة، ما هو الشيء الذي يعطيك هذا التميز؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أعتقد أنها المعلومات التي نضعها فيها، شركتي ليست كبيرة تتكون مني أنا وبعض الفنانين الذين قمت بتوضيفهم، بعض الكتاب ومديري الأعمال، لكن أعتقد أن ما يميزنا هو كوننا نضع الكثير من الجهد، الحب والانتباه في ما يريده الزبون هناك العديد من الاستديوهات في هذه الأيام يحاولون الانتهاء من العمل في أقرب وقت وما ييحصل هو أنك لا تحصل على منتوج جيد في النهاية، لأنك لم تمنحه الاهتمام الذي يحتاجه مثل هذا العمل لذلك أعتقد أن العامل المغاير في عملنا هو أننا دائما ما نستمع للزبون ونحاول أن نفهم ما يحاولون ايصاله ومن يكون جمهورهم المستهدف، ثم لدينا الفنانين الذين يستطيعون جلب ذلك للحياة ، لذلك سأقول خدمة الزبون، نحن نهتم حقا، غير ذلك كنت لأقوم بتوظيف رجل ليضيف العديد من التأثيرات ولكن حينها ستقل جودة الفديو، فبدل أن نركز على عدد الزبائن لدينا نركز على سعادتهم

أحمد القرملي: ماهي المنصة التي جلبت لك أكبر عدد من الزبائن خلافا للتحويلات ؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: رقم واحد أقول التوصيات لأنه الآن لدينا عينات كثيرة لشركات متعددة حوالي 3 من كل 4 زبائن يأتون عن طريق التوصيات ثم يأتي محرك بحث جوجل يبحث الناس عن انشاء فيديوهات تقديمية فيجدون مقالة أو مقابلة مثل هذه، فيقولون: آه جيد يبدو أن هذا الشخص يقوم بصنع الفيديو فلنتفقده وفي الأخير يقومون بتوظيفنا

أحمد القرملي: بناءًا على آراء زبائنك ماهي النسبة التي تعطيها لتأثير فيديوهاتك في تحسين نسبة الربح؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: الأمر يعتمد، هذا سؤال مهم لكل الزبائن فمقابل هذا الاستثمار عليهم أن يتأكدوا من أن يعود عليهم بفائدة فالأمر يتعلق بعدة متغيرات، نوع المنتج، جودة الفديو، ومالذي تفعله بذلك الفديو هناك العديد من المتغيرات، لنقل مثلا أنك وجدت منتوجا استهلاكيا من السهل فهمه، ومن السهل تحويله لكرتون وتصنعه، تضع رابط صفحتك وزر اشتراك ليضغط عليه الناس والفرق بين وجود فيديو وعدمه كبير قد يصل الفرق الى 40% من الدخل في التحويلات، في احدى تجاربنا مع شركة تدعى اندينيرو لاحظنا أن النسبة وصلت ل 30 – 40 % مثلا دروب بوكس كانت واجهته فيديو وزر اشتراك، وقد نجح الأمر بشكل جيد معهم، فالناس في البداية لم يستوعبوا فكرة تخزين بياناتهم في السحابة لكن الآن الجميع يعرف ماهو دروب بوكس فكما أتذكر كان مجرد فيديو وزر اشتراك، ولهذا نجح معهم الأمر للأفضل، ومنذ ذلك الوقت العديد من الشركات أدركت أنها اذا كانت تريد زيادة التحويلات خاصة في الأماكن التي يملك الناس فيها وقتا لمشاهدة الأشياء فالفديو طريقة رائعة لعمل ذلك.

أحمد القرملي: قلت أنك تستغرق من أسبوع الى اثنين لفديو مدته 1 الى 2 دقيقة

ميغيل هيرنانديز: بل من 4 الى 6 أسابيع

أحمد القرملي: من 4 الى 6 أسابيع، اذا قسمت النسب على الوقت الذي تستغرقه في كل مرة كم تقدر نسبة عمل النص والصوت هل يمكنك تقسيمة لنا؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: هناك عامل مهم في عمل الفيديو، والذي لا يرجع لنا بل على موافقة الزبون فمثلا اذا كانت الموافقة فورية يمكننا حينها القيام لفديو في مدة أسبوعين، أو حتى أقل في الحقيقة لقد قمنا بعمل فيديو لـ Udemy في مدة 11 يوم، كان هذا رقما قياسيا، حيث كان لديهم فيديو لندوة صحفية واتصلوا بي وطلبو مني أن أقوم بفيديو، كتبت النص في حوالي 20 دقيقة، وتمت الموافقة عليه في ساعة واحدة، هذا ما سمعت به من المعروف أنك بتلك الطريقة تستطيع التحرك بسرعة، المشكلة أنك عندما تتحرك بسرعة تقوم بالتغاضي عن الجودة لأنك لا تنتبه لكل التفاصيل، هذا من ناحية، اكتشفنا أنه للقيام بفديو الوقت المتوسط هو 4 أسابيع، لأنه يوجد العديد من المراحل وأيضا، وخلال كل مرحلة ننتظر الموافقة من الزبون لنقل مثلا أنني أرسلت النص اليوم لكن يستغرق أسبوعا للموافقة، وهذا يحدث غالبا في الشركات الكبيرة التي لديها طبقات ادارية وعليهم أن يوافقوا جميعا، وعليك الانتظار والانتظار فلا تستطيع التقدم للأمام وتنتهي بالانتظار لأسبوع الأمر يعتمد حقا، قد يمر الأمر بسلاسة ويمكن أن يعلقوا مرحلة سير القصة، وتنتظر لأسبوعين لقبول سير القصة، لأعطيك فكرة اذا سار كل شي بسلاسة يتم الموافقة على سير القصة خلال أربعة أيام، تسجيل الصوت في يومين، وعمل القصة من 3-4 أيام، التحريك هو الذي يستغرق أطول وقت حوالي الأسبوع أو اثنين ولو أضفنا المؤثرات الصوتية تستغرق 4 أيام أيضا، اذا جمعنا كل ذلك نجدها ما بين الشهر والشهر ونصف.

أحمد القرملي: ماذا عن التكاليف شارك معنا كيفية حساب التكاليف لفديو مدته دقيقة أو اثنين

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لدينا تسعيرتين لصناعة الكرتون، الأولى تسمى تسعيرة الشركات الناشئة والأخرى تسعيرة الشركات الكبيرة، تسعيرة الناشئة هي 7000 دولار للدقيقة أما الشركات الكبيرة فـ 10000 دولار للدقيقة، الفرق الذي تحصل عليه هو تفاصيل أكثر وتعقيد أكثر لأن الشركات التي لديها هوية قوية تهتم حقا بكيف تبدو الأشياء، لذلك يطلبون التفاصيل والجمال في دوراتهم والسلاسة، وأيضا يحتاجون لاهتمام أكبر من جهتنا لأنه علينا انتظار آرائهم والالتقاء معهم عبر السكايب أحيانا تلتقي بستة أشخاص وكل منهم يقدم قرارا، لذلك نحتاج الى مصادر أكثر من جهتنا

أحمد القرملي: لديهم مال أكثر...

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل صحيح

أحمد القرملي: لكن ألا تعتقد أن التكاليف عالية خاصة بالنسبة للشركات الناشئة؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: للناشئين، في الحقيقة الأمر يعتمد اذا كانت شركة ناشئة لم تمول بعد ولم تجمع أي رأس مال، أي أنهم يستعملون أموال المؤسسين، أموال الأصدقاء والعائلة كما يقولون، مدخراتهم، في مرحلة متقدمة هنا يعتبر المبلغ كبيرا، لذلك أنصحهم أنه من المبكر القيام بفديو تقديمي، والسبب هو أنك عندما تكون في مرحلة مبكرة الفكرة الأساسية تتغير كثيرا في الأشهر الأولى لذلك اذا قمت بعمل فديو وأنفقت الكثير من المال عليه،

أحمد القرملي: ستغير مفاهيمك مع الوقت

ميغيل هيرنانديز: ستغير المفاهيم نعم، وعندها يجب أن تقوم بالفديو مجددا، العديد من المرات نرفض خدمة الناشئين لأنهم حتى وان امتلكوا المال في البداية ننصحهم بتأجيل الأمر لبعض الوقت، أنفقوا ذلك المال بدل استثماره في فديو تسويقي، في التطور للأمام، لاثبات مفاهيمكم، وما ان تكون متأكدا من أن هذا هو ما يجب القيام به، وتريد أن تقوم بحملة تسويقية كبيرة، ذلك هو الوقت المناسب لعمل الفيديو

أحمد القرملي: لقد لاحظت أنك تقوم بتقديم بعض الفيدوهات بصوتك، هل تظن أن هذا شيئ ايجابي، ام سلبي خاصة اذا اختار ذلك الزبون لجعل الأمر مسلي أو مختلفـ بعضهم يريد أصوات مختلفة

ميغيل هيرنانديز: في البداية استخدمت صوتي بسبب كانت الطريقة الأكثر تأثيرا لذلك واتضح أن الناس أعجبوا به وكانت تلك مفاجئة بالنسبة لي أتذكر عندما قمت بأول فديو بصوتي والذي كان Hipmunk وقد أرسلته لهم وقلت لهم لدي لكنة غريبة ولا تقلقوا بشأنها سنقوم بتغييرها، ومدير التسويق في ذلك الوقت كان ألكسيس زوهانين قال لي: لا لن تغير ذلك ولو بعد مليون سنة، قلت له: هل أنت متأكد؟ قال نعم. ومنذ ذلك الوقت بعض الناس شاهدوا الفديو الاصلي الخاص بهم وطلبوا مني خصيصا أقوم بتسجيله بصوتي، ومن جانب آخر هناك الناس الذين يقولون لا نريد لكنة أو نريد لكنة أسترالية أو يريدون أنثى لذلك علينا القيام بذلك أيضا عندها نبحث ونقوم بتوظيف صاحب الصوت المناسب لهم

أحمد القرملي: أخبرني عن آشتون كوتشر هل وجدتموه أم وجدكم، هل قمتم بفديوهات له أو لشركاته؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لقد حالفني الحظ عندما بدأت لأكون صريحا معك، لقد قمت بفديو لشركة تدعى Padmapper وهي مفيدة عندما تبحث عن شقة وعن تأجير، وطلبوا مني القيام بالفديو وبعد يومين من القيام بنشر هذا الفديو قام آشتن كوتشر بنشر تغريدة على تويتر يقول أن هذا أفضل فديو توضيحي قد رآه، في ذلك الوقت كان لدينا 6 مليون متتبع

أحمد القرملي: اذا لقد رآه في مكان ما، وأنت لم تقم به له

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لا لم أقم به له، لقد استغرقني الأمر سنوات لأدرك .... الناس الذين يعرفون آشتن كوتشر يعرفونه كممثل، لكن في مجال الاستثمار هو شخص يقوم بالانخراط في المشاريع الناشئة بقوة، لذلك هو كا على علاقة بـالشركة أو على الأقل صديق للمؤسس، لأنه أخبرني بأنه أرسل له الفيديو ليرى ماذا يظن؟، لهذا السبب قام بنشره، لاحقا حصلت على متتبعين أكثر وزبائن أكثر، وبعد 6 أشهر من ذلك قمت بفديو له شخصيا، لأني التقيت به في تكساس، حيث كان لديه مؤسسة لا ربحية مع زوجته السابقة دومي مور تسمى مؤسسة دومي و آشتون، وأرادوا القيام بفديو، لحملة يقومون بها تسمى "الرجال الحقيقيون لا يشترون النساء" لوقف رق الأطفال، وفكروا في القيام بشيء كرتوني، وقلت لهم بالطبع، وهذا ما قمت به.

أحمد القرملي: أفضل التقنيات التي تنصح بها صانعي الفيديوهات لتسويق مهاراتهم وشركاتهم

ميغيل هيرنانديز: تقنيات لتسويق شركاتهم

أحمد القرملي: لتسويق شركاتهم والقيام بما تقوم به

ميغيل هيرنانديز: يمكنك أن تقوم بما قمت به تماما، ولا أمانع أن تقلدني لأنني قلدت أشخاصا آخرين، يمكنك تطبيق هاتين التقنيتين على أي عمل على الانترنت، وهناك ثالثة لكني لم أحتجها للآن. الأولى هي القيام بما قمت به، وهي اخيار شخص في الصناعة التي أستهدفها والذي اعتقدت أن لديه تأثير كبير، وقوة كبيرة في الصناعة وقم بفديو لهم، لقد قمت بفديو مجاني لهم دون محاسبتهم، على أمل أن يعجبهم ويقوموا باستخدام نفوذهم لتسويق الفيديو لي وبذلك أختصر وقتا على شركتي، وهذا ما فعلته لقد أرسلت الفيديو لـ Hipmunk وقاموا بنشر تدوينة والتي كان لديها عدد كبير من الزوار، وعبر التويتر والفيسبوك، وفجأة صار لدي عدد كبير من الناس يريدون مني القيام بفديوهات لهم، وهذا أمر خطر في الحقيقة ظننت أنهم سيجعلووني أحاول عشرة مرات على الأقل قبل أن...

أحمد القرملي: كم كان يكلفك الفديو الواحد في ذلك الوقت، أو هل كنت تقوم به بمفردك؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: ذلك الوقت لقد قمت بالعمل كاملا، كنت في اجازة في هاواي أول مرة أذهب الى هناك، ,اخذت حاسوبي المحمول وقمت بالعمل هناك مدة أسبوعين أقوم بكل شيء بمفردي، لذلك التكلفة كانت صفرا، فقط وقتي الخاص، وبعدها أرسلت الفيديو لهم وكنت محظوظا للغاية كونه أعجبهم، وهذه أحد الاستراتيجيات ولكن هناك عامل الحظ هنا، الأخرى هي التسويق المتضمن أو تسويق المحتوى، وهي أن تقوم بانشاء مدونة وتقوم بأبحاثك وتنشر محتوى جيد والذي يتم فهرسته من طرف جوجل وبينج، لذلك تضهر في النتائج كلما كان الناس يبحثون عن الشيء الذي تبيعه، وسيساعدك أيضا على بناء مصداقية، اذا كنت تكتب بشكل جيد وتضع الكثير من الجهد في ذلك، وتكتب مقالات مثيرة وتقوم بكل شيء لنشرها على المواقع الاجتماعية، في النهاية سيجدك الناس وسيقولون: هذا الشخص يعلم عن ماذا يتحدث، هذا سيزيد من مصداقيتك ويمنحك ترتيبا أفضل على محركات البحث، وطبعا ما تحاول الحصول عليه هو الزيارات لموقعك، وكلما زادت الزيارات كلما زاد الزبائن المحتملين، وهذه هي الاستراتيجية الثانية، ثالثا بالطبع ما عليك هو الدفع مقابل الزيارات، اعلانات فيسبوك وجوجل، وتويتر، وهذا صعب قليلا لأن عليك القيام ببعض البحث ويمكنك توضيف شركة لتقوم بهذا الأمر لك، ولكن هذا يعني أن عليك أن تدفع المال مقابل ذلك، الطريقتين الأولتين مجانيتان اذا قمت بهما بنفسك، الثالثة يمكن أن تكون مؤثرة حقا على سلم معين، اذا كنت تعرف ما تقوم به، أنا لم بالاعلانات بعد

أحمد القرملي: ما هي البرامج التي تستعملها لتسجيل ونشر الدروس على الانترنت، الدروس أو الدورات؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: حسنا، بالنسبة للدورات أنا دائما ما أستخدم الماكنتوش الخاص بي، وأستعمل برنامجين حصريا، أحدهما لتسجيل الشاشة والكاميرا، والذي يسمى ScreenFlow والآخر يسمى Keynote والذي يقابل الباوربوينت للماك، والذي يستعمل لصنع الشرائح والتي أسجلها لاحقا ,ادمجهما في فيديو واحد وهكذا أصور المحاضرة، طريقة مباشرة.

أحمد القرملي: لكن ان كنت تقوم بمقابلة مع أحد عبر الانترنت تستخدم ScreenFlow لتسجيل المحادثة والذي يكون على حاسوبك أو حاسوبه بالاضافة للكاميرتين؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لا أظن أنك تستطيع... لما نقوم به الآن أنت تحتاج الى نوع آخر من البرامج، أنا أستعمل Callrecorder والذي يسمح لك بتسجيل كلا الشاشتين عبر سكايب، ومن ثمة تستورد ذلك لبرنامج تعديل على الفديو مثل Camtasia, Imovie, screenflow, Premiere ثم تقوم بما تشاء به، عندما تقوم بمقابلة تستخدم نوع آخر من البرامج

أحمد القرملي: الآن لا يوجد برنامج حيث نستطيع تصويرهما كليهما، لكن اذا أردت أن أرى عرضا على حاسوبك، عليك أن تشارك شاشتك معي لكن لن أستطيع تسجيل صورتك أقصد الفيديو، هل تعرف أي برنامج يصور كلا الشاشتين بالاضافة الى العرض، أو ربما يعمل مع Gotowebinar فقط

ميغيل هيرنانديز: الأمر يعتمد، اذا كنت تقوم بعرض مباشر، تستطيع استعمال جوجل هانجاوت، انه يسمح لك بالتحويل من شخص لآخر، لا أعلم ان كان يبقي البث من الكاميرا الخاصة بك، وهذا حل سهل ومجاني، واذا أردت حلولا أكثر احترافية تستطيع الدفع لـ Gotomeeting أو برنامج خاص بالويبينار، أما اذا كنت لا تقوم ببث مباشر فأنا أستعمل Screenflow مع camtasia لتسجيل كاميرتك وشاشتك معا، وعندها احصل على طبقتين لتستطيع اغلاق الكاميرا عندما تريد أو تحريكها او تفعل ما تريد بذلك، وتجلب الشاشة للمقدمة، عندما تريد التركيز على ذلك

أحمد القرملي: أفضل البرامج والأدوات للتحكم وقفل الفيديو على موقعك؟ أيها تفضل من ناحية الاضافات أو البرامج

ميغيل هيرنانديز: للتحكم في الفيديو... حسنا مثل الووردبريس، في الحقيقة أنا لا أستعمل أي اضافة على غرار الخاصة بويستيا، لكن معظم الفيديوهات التي اظمنها على موقعي هي من يوتيوب، في الفيديو الأول في موقعي الذي أقوم فيه بتعريف شركتنا وما نقوم به ذلك أستظيفه على ويستيا، ولديهم اضافة خاصة للووردبريس تسمح لك بتظميين الفيديوهات التي تستظيفها بمجرد نسخ سطر أوامر، وهذا ما أستعمله للفيدوهات

أحمد القرملي: هل يمكنك أن تشاركنا خدع كيفية تحسين الموقع لمحركات البحث الخاصة بالفديو

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أنا لست خبيرا في هذا الأمر لكن مما قرأته، بخصوص جوجل هو أن محركات البحث تعتمد في بحثها على ما تضعه في النص، لذلك الأمر يتعلق بالكلمات المفتاحية التي تضعها على العنوان، والوصف وهذا مهم جدا من أجل أن يتم ايجادك، ومن المنطقي أن تكون جيدا لكي يقوم الناس بمشاركة ذلك، للقيام بالسيو احرص على أن تقوم بارفاق العنوان بكلمة مفتاحية أو اثنتين من الموضوع المستهدف، ونفس الأمر بخصوص الوصف والاشارات، لذلك احرص على ان تكون العناوين كاملة ولها معنى وارفق وصفا، والمهم بشأن يوتيوب هو أن تحصل على رابط للمكان الذي تريدهم أن يتوجهوا اليه، الأمر الجميل بخصوص وصف يوتيوب هو أنك تستطيع ارفاق روابط لموقعك وهذا جيد لجلب الزيارات، وأيضا أنشر تلك الفديوهات على موقعك أيضا. يمكنك استعمال أدوات مثل خريطة جوجل للمواقع والتي تجعل الأمر أسهل على جوجل ليجد الفديوهات على موقعك هناك العديد من الأشياء التي تستطيع القيام بها، للآن أنا أحاول استعمال الأمور الأسهل .

أحمد القرملي: هل يمكنك أن تشاركنا بعض المشاريع المستقبلية التي تعمل عليها، أو هل أنت مركز على هذه الشركة فقط؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أنا أقوم بالدورات، وأحد الدورات التي أقوم بها تتحدث عن كيفية ادارة عمل عبر الانترنت مثل الذي أقوم به الآن، لأن العديد من الناس يسألونني هذا يبدو رائعا حيث تستطيع السفر أو أي شيء آخر وما زلت تدير عملا يدر عليك الأرباح، كيف تقوم بهذا؟ وفي الحقيقة هناك العديد من الأجزاء المتحركة وهذا ما يسألني اياه الناس وهذا على الأغلب سيكون في أحد الدورات التي أقدمها، الأمر الآخر الذي نعمل عليه هو تطبيق للآيفون، يسمى Books, films, and Bands حيث يسمح لك بحفظ قوائم بتلك الأشياء الثلاثة، ونعمل على تحسينها مع الوقت...

أحمد القرملي: ما اسمه مجددا...

ميغيل هيرنانديز: Books, films, and Bands ، انه سهل للغاية Books, films, Bands في كل مرة يذكر أحد... أنا لست خبيرا وهذا ليس شيئا علميا ولكن كلما ذهبت مع عائلتك أو أصدقائك وتحظى بمحادثة عادية، عموما في كل محادثة يذكر شخص ما احد تلك الأشياء، هل رأيت هذا الفلم، هل قرأت هذا الكتاب، هل استمعت لهذه الفرقة؟ الناس عادة يستخدمون مذكراتهم أو يكتبونها على الأوراق، وينسون لذلك أنشأنا هذا التطبيق حصريا لتك الأشياء الثلاثة، وشاشة البحث رائعة فهي مرتبطة بـ IMDB أو آيتونز، يمكنك تحميل المعلومات مباشرة للقائمة يمكنك حتى أن تشتري الكتاب أو الأغنية مباشرة من التطبيق، اذا هو يجعل الأمر بسيط للغاية

أحمد القرملي: من أين تحصل على ال API؟ IMDB ؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: الأفلام تأتي مباشرة منه، انه API مختلف أستطيع أن أرسله لك لكني لا أذكر الاسم، هناك العديد من مواقع الأفلام، في الحقيقة نستخدم تجميعة لاثنين من الـ API لأن أحدهما يحتوي على الأفلام اوالمسلسلات لذلك قمنا بتحديث لتستطيع ايجاد الأفلام والمسلسلات معا

أحمد القرملي: هل يمكنك أن تأخذنا خلال يوم عملك

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لقد وجدت الروتين الذي يعمل معي، أنا لا أستيقض باكرا لأني لا أحب أن أستيقض باكرا، لكني أنام في وقت متأخر جدا، في الحقيقة اليوم ذهبت للنوم حوالي الساعة الخامسة صباحا لأني كنت أقوم بالأبحاث وآتي بالأفكار لكني عموما أستيقض ما بين 9 – 10 وأتناول Clifbar أترى هذا؟ علبة كليف بار، انها أعمدة عضوية للطاقة ، ثم أتفقد الايميل الخاص بي، وأحاول أن اخطط لما اقوم به، عادة ما العب 4 مرات في الاسبوع كرة القدم، فترة الغداء أسافر الى شمال فانكوفر والعب مدة ساعة ونصف، وهذا للحفاظ على اللياقة لأني أمضي وقتا طويلا أمام الحاسوب وأقرأ كثيرا أيضا، الموجود خلفي هو سرير في الحقيقة بطبقتين، في داخله يوجد الايباد الخاص بي وأقرا بواسطته العديد من الكتب، ,احاول أن آتي بأفكار جديدة طول الوقت وما شابه، وأقوم بالعديد من الأشياء مع زوجتي فهي تحب الذهاب للتمشية وماشابه، انها حياة بسيطة ونسافر كثيرا لقد ذهبنا للعديد من البلدان، أمريكا الجنوبية، اسبانيا، أوروبا، عدة مرات، والصين أيضا منذ حوالي العامين، هذا كل مافي الأمر

أحمد القرملي: اذا أنت تعمل من المساء الى الليل أو بعد أن تلعب كرة القدم

ميغيل هيرنانديز: معظم العمل أقوم به قبل أن أذهب للعب، لأني بعد أن أنتهي من اللعب يكون وقت الغداء، حيث آخذ قيلولة ما بين نصف ساعة الى ساعة، وبعدها اما أن أقرا أو أقوم بالعمل، لذلك أقسم عملي لجزئين أكثر الاشياء أهمية في الصباح والتي تقل عنها أهمية في المساء، وفي المساء أيضا هو الوقت الذي أقوم به بدورات المبيعات وأيضا حيث أقوم بالاجتماعات مع الفنانين الخاصين بي أو مديري المشاريع ذلك الوقت هو حيث أقوم بمثل تلك الأمور وأعمل عليها

أحمد القرملي: من هو مرشدك رقم واحد؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لقد قرأت كتابا... أولا أريد أن أقوم مرشدي الرئيسي هو في الحقيقة الكتب، لأني أقرا الكثير من كتب ريادة الأعمال، أنا أيضا مشارك في العديد من التغذيات التي تتحدث عن الشركات التكنلوجيا وريادة الأعمال، أما من ناحية المرشدين فقد تغير الأمر مع الوقت لذلك ليس لدي مرشد واحد معين، اذا كان لدي سؤال محدد حول الأعمال...

أحمد القرملي: مجال معين

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أجل عندها ما أقوم به، هو التوجه الى clarity.FM لا أعلم ان كنت قد سمعت بها، شركة بدأت هنا من قبل رجل أعمال كندي، وهو يبحث عن جميع الانواع من الأشخاص، ولكل سؤال ستجد خبيرا هناك، وتدفع مقابل الدقيقة من 50 سنت الى 5 دولار للدقيقة، ومهما كان السؤال الذي لديك سيعطونك العديد من النصائح الجيدة لن أقول مجرد شخص واحد، بل مجموعة كتب وأشخاص متخصصين ناجحين، في مواضيع مختلفة

أحمد القرملي: اذا كنت تبدأ شركتك الآن ما الذي ستغيره؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: ما الذي سأغيره، في الحقيقة لا أظن أنني سأغير أي شيء، والسبب هو أنني سألت نفسي هذا السؤال عدة مرات، لثد كنت أفكر في أنه هل يجب علي أن أجعل هذا استديو كبير حيث لدي 50 موظفا، والعديد من الزبائن الذين يملكون ملايين الدولارات، وقد كانت لدي خبرة في العمل مع شركات كبيرة، ولا أظن أنني سأكون أسعد بتلك الطريقة، سيكون لدي صداع أكثر، أحب أن تكون الأشياء سهلة في حياتي، لذلك أعتقد أن ما قمت به للآن هو الأمثل، لم يصبح الأمر معقدا، ما زلت أحقق الأرباح ومازال ممتعا ويوجد الكثير من الحرية، حقا اذا كنت تقوم بمقارنة الأعمال أو الحالات الأمثل فسيحقق كل تلك الأشياء لذلك لم أصل للنقطة التي أندم فيها على شيء، ربما عندما أتعلم أشياء أخرى أفكر أنه كان علي القيام لشيء آخر، لكن الآن أظنن أنني محظوظ للغاية حيثما أنا

أحمد القرملي: أكثر عوامل النجاح في ثلاث كلمات

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أريد أن أقول أن التركيز هو أحدها، لأنك ان لم تكن تعلم الى أين أنت متوجه أو ما تريده فعندها انسى الأمر لأنك لن تصل لأي مكان، لكن هذا لا يعني أنك لن تكون سعيدا عندما لا تعرف الى أين أنت متوجه، لذلك اجلس وقرر ما ستفعله بحياتك وثم اعمل بجد ثانيا فلا شيء سيحدث ان لم تفعل شيئا، ثم الشبكة كل ما تفعله في حياتك وكل الأشياء التي تقوم بها والناس الذين توظفهم يبقون أناسا وأعظم الفرص ستأتيك عبر شبكة معارفك لذلك اعرف كيف تتواصل مع الناس المهمين لك، اذهب الى الاحداث، أنا لا أذهب اليها كثيرا لكن قم بالبحث لخاص بك، الأمر الجيد بخصوص الانترنت هو انك اذا لم تكن خجولا، يمكنك تقريبا التواصل مع أي شخص عبر تويتر، يمكنك تتبع شخص ما وتقول له أنا معجب حقا بعملك هل يمكنك لقائي على الغداء أو تعطيني عشرة دقائق من وقتك، وحاول وضع قيمة لكل تفاعل الأمر ليس فقط أخذ، بل عطاء أيضا وكلما أعطيت أكثر كلما عادت الفائدة اليك، هذه معادلة حياة بسيطة، تلك هي التركيز والشبكة والعمل الجاد

أحمد القرملي: ما هي الأشياء التي تسعى لتطويرها لتبقى كفوءا

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لأبقى كفوءا، أقول أن تطور... في الحقيقة أنا لا أغير أي شيء لأصبح أكثر كفاءة لأني أعتقد أني كفوء كما أنا، لكن من الاشياء التي أقوم بها لكي لا انسى هي أنني أستعمل التذكيرات كثيرا، أستعمل يوميات جوجل وهو مرتبط بالايفون الخاص بي والايميل الخاص بي، لذلك أحصل على تنبيه مسبق ب 50 دقيقة لكل ما سيحدث، في كلا المنصتين، لأني خلال الأسبوع ما أحاول القيام به هو ألاعداد المسبق لكل الأحداث والاجتماعات وبما أنني أعددتها كلها ليس علي أن أبقيها في ذاكرتي وسيتم تذكيري بها، وهذا امر جيد للكفاءة لأنك ستستعمل عقلك للتركيز على أشياء أخرى بدل محاولة التذكر كل مرة، لذلك هي أحد الأشياء التي أستخدمها بكثرة باستمرار، هذه المقابلة أيضا وضعتها على جوجل وحصلت على تذكير وعندها كنت أفكر في شيء آخر، وهكذا لم أنسى

أحمد القرملي: أكثر 3 تطبيقات تستخدمها على هاتفك

ميغيل هيرنانديز: التطبيق الأكثر استعمالا على هاتفي هو دعني أتفقده بسرعة، سأقول تطبيق الأحوال الجوية، لتفقد الجو لا أدري ان كنت تقصد تطبيقات الانتاج

أحمد القرملي: التطبيقات الأكثر استعمالا

ميغيل هيرنانديز: آسف آسف، التطبيق الأكثر استعمالا هو الواتساب، والسبب هو لأني أبقى على تواصل مع أصدقائي وهو مشهور في أوروبا أكثر مما هو مشهور في أمريكا الشمالية، لذلك بالتأكيد الواتساب، ثم يأتي جوجل للخرائط،و الجو بهذا الترتيب وطبعا books, films and bands

أحمد القرملي: ماذا عن كتبك الثلاثة المفضلة

ميغيل هيرنانديز: انها لدي هنا أنظر، أعتقد أن كتابي المفضل الذي قرأته مؤخرا يسمى Social intelligence وهو تتمة لكتاب Emotionnelle intelligence والذي هو كتاب مذهل، وهو يعتبر تتمة له لكيفية فهم الناس الآخرين وليس نفسك فقط ... اعتقد أن أفضل ما تأخذه من ذلك هو أن الناس الذين يحيطون بنا يؤثرون علينا عبر المستوى الجسدي وليس الحسي فقط والقدرة على قياس الناس السلبيين حولك سيحرر الهرمونات السيئة أو مهما أردت تسميتها، والذي يؤثر على الجانب الجسدي، والذي يعتبر أمرا مثيرا يسمونها الناس المسمومون لأنهم يستطيعون التأثير عليك، ولهذا من المهم أن تحيط نفسك بالناس الذين يؤثرون ايجابا، وهذا آخر كتاب قرأته، كنت أيضا أقرأ كتابا آخر دعني أرى ما أسمه، كتاب Daniel Goldman يسمى focus ذلك كان جيدا

أحمد القرملي: هل تفضل القراءة على ايباد أو تشتري الكتب أم تستعمل الكتب الصوتية؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أقرأهم على الايباد وأشتريهم من أمازون كيندل

أحمد القرملي: حسنا ألا يؤذي هذا عينيك؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: لا لأني أستعمل... لا أدري كيف يقرأ معظم الناس لكني أغير الخلفية للون الأسود والكتابة بيضاء فلا أتعرض للكثير من الضوء

أحمد القرملي: هل تظن أن الخلفيات السوداء أفضل للقراءة، لأن معظم المواقع على الانترنت تستخدم خلفيات بيضاء، وكتابة سوداء، لكن جميع مواقعي لها خلفية سوداء ودائما ما اسأل نفسي بما أن 99% من الناس تستخدم الخلفية البيضاء

ميغيل هيرنانديز: أعتقد أنك عندما تكون تبيع شيئا ما او تعرض شيئا ما فالأبيض أنقى وهو يبدو لونا ايجابيا، الأسود يبدو لونا جادا لكن لديهما تفسيران مختلفان، الخلفية السوداء بالنسبة لي لا تعطي الكثير من الضوء لعيني، ومن الأسهل قراءة الحروف فيه تظهر، أخفض الضوء فأستطيع أن أرى الحروف بدون أن تكون الاضاءة كبيرة، استطيع القراءة لساعات بذلك الشكل

أحمد القرملي: من هم أكثر ثلاث أشخاص يلهمونك؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: سأقول Elon Muskانه شخص يفاجئني، فأتابعه بشدة، وهو شخص مذهل وقد قام ببناء شركة تقدر ب3 مليارات دولار لذلك هو قدوة لكل رجل أعمال وهو مازال حيا ويقوم بأشياء مدهشة، ومازال يافعا، انه ما سيقوم به خلال ال 10 – 20 سنة القادمة أمر مشوق، قدوات أخرى، هناك أيضا لدي قائمة بأسمائهم لكن سأقول ريتشارد برانسونـ لقد قرأت كتابه وهو مذهل، ذينك الشخصين يتربعان على رأس القائمة للأشخاص في الشركات الناشئة، هناك أيضا شخص يدعى ريان أليس والذي بدأ شركة للتو تسمى والذي هو أمر مذهل لأنه بعمر 29 فقط وقد قام بالعديد من الاشياء ليس فقط من ناحية النجاح كرجل أعمال، لكن من ناحية المجهودات الملحوظة، هناك العديد من الأشخاص المؤثرين وأيضا كل شخص يتحدث على TED talks فهو مذهل

أحمد القرملي: هل تستمع لأي موسيقى عندما تعمل؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: عادة لا أستمع الى الموسيقى أثناء عملي، الأمر يتعلق بما أقوم به، الأمر صعب أن أجد نمطا يستمر لساعتين من الموسيقى المستمرة حيث أجد الموسيقى التي أحبها ولا تقوم بالتشويش علي في نفس الوقت، ثمة موقع يسمى hypemachine ويقومون يتجميع الموسيقى من المدونات من كل أنحاء العالم وما أفعله هو أني أتابع شقيقي في القانون حيث لديه ذوق رائع في الموسيقى لذلك أضغط على البروفابل الخاص به ومن المرجح أنه قد أعد قائمة تفوق الساعتين من الموسيقى المستمرة، لديه ذوق مشابه لي لذلك انه بمثابة مصدري للموسيقى لكن ربما مرة في الأسبوع أستمع للموسيقى من خلال الحاسوب.

أحمد القرملي: ما هي الاشياء التي تجعلك سعيدا؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: ثمة العديد من الأشياء، غير الواضح منها أظن أن الأشياء التي تجعلني سعيدا هي عندما أحس أن ما قمت به كان له تأثير جيد على شخص ما لذلك عملي العادي يحدث عادة بصنع فيديو وأرى عميلي سعيدا به أو يحصل على رد فعل جميل منه، كأن يعلق الناس ويقولون أن هذا الفيديو رائع هذا مغني جدا ويجعلني سعيدا حقا، الأمر يعني أن كل المجهود قد أدى نتيجة، وأيضا في دوراتي حيث يقول أحد الطلاب ميغيل هذه الدورة غيرت حياتي أستطيع الآن أن أقوم بدورات بنفسي وما شابه وهذا مغني حقا، لذلك رؤية أن ما أقوم به لديه تأثير على الناس الآخرين هذا شيء يجعلني سعيدا للغاية، أظن أن السعادة هنا شيء دقيق لكن متوازن، انها لا تتعلق بشيء واحد عليك أن تكون مهيئا بشكل جيد، اجتماعي، وبناء وعندما تجد التوازن في فعل كل ذلك عندها أعتقد أنك ستجد السعادة ولكن لا تستطيع أن لا تركز تركز على شيء واحد فقط

أحمد القرملي: آخر سؤال، كيف يستطيع الناس التواصل معك؟

ميغيل هيرنانديز: يستطيعون التوجه الى ويتصلوا بي من هناك أو مراسلتي مباشرة عبر

أحمد القرملي: شكرا لك على هذه المقابلة ميغيل، أقدر لك هذا

ميغيل هيرنانديز: شكرا لك

أحمد القرملي: الشرف لي، شكرا جميعا، كونوا كفوئين وأبقوا كذلك وأراكم مع خبير آخر.

6535 كلمة.

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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone, this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV show is to boost the efficiency of your business and lifestyle with tips and tricks from leading experts and today I have with me TJ Walker, he is an expert in communication, presentations, public speaking and media. Welcome to the show TJ. How are you doing today?

TJ Walker: Great, good to be with you.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: It’s my pleasure, so how did you start in the public speaking and media area?

TJ Walker: I was bribed. When I was 12 years old I was about to graduate from elementary school and my teacher was in charge of the elementary school graduation, she had to find a student to give the welcoming speech the parents teachers and students and she came up to me one day and said TJ I have a deal for you, right now I’m going to give you a C, a very average grade in handwriting. I will give you in A, the top grade in handwriting if you just give a welcoming speech on graduation day. And I was a very shy quiet kid, never said much of anything but I thought while it would be nice to have an A, all right, so I did it, it wasn’t a great speech but I learned at an early age if you are just willing to stand up and speak, people will give you things. After that I got involved in student government so I had to give speeches for the student council elections, things like that, developed an interest in politics and from there worked in politics and as a talk radio host, TV host and as a trainer. I started my first training 30 years ago in college.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you worked with any media channels or just started right away in media, did you study like media, use that philosophy right?

TJ Walker: I was a philosophy major in college but I did work in media as a student and wrote columns for the student newspaper, did commentaries for the student radio station and TV station so I always had an interest in really all media not just writing, not just TV but really the interplay of all media.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you started coaching people how to like act in front of the camera, you worked with a big like high-level people, can you mentioned for us some of the most famous people that you worked with?

TJ Walker: Most of my clients prefer confidentiality but I have worked with presidents of countries, Prime Minister’s, Nobel Peace Prize winners, members of Parliament, Miss universes, you name it, at some point I’ve worked in a tremendous number of countries on six continents all over the world, people at every skill level when it comes to speaking and speaking to the media, I can tell you nobody is a natural at this, it’s all learned behavior, there’s no such thing as a natural born speaker or a natural born communicator, it is a skill that people can learn.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How did you get into the Guinness book world records?

TJ Walker: A number of years ago I wrote a book called the secret to foolproof presentations and I wanted to figure out how can I promote the book to make it sell a lot and get the word out and sort of demonstrate what I do and practice what I preach so I thought why not come up with a gimmick essentially where I am trying to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for some record that deals with speaking. And also combines my interest, my professional interest in media so I put the two together and said why not try to be on more talk shows in a 24-hour period than anyone else in the history of the world and we did that, I was on 112 talk shows in 24 hours, they were talk radio show so it could be done by phone plus the whole thing was simultaneously cast on a Fox Internet TV station as well so it was a show within a show, it was a lot of talking and a lot of fun. And it helped build my brand and the book went on to be a number one USA Today, Wall Street journal and BusinessWeek bestseller.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Can you define vindication for us?

TJ Walker: Communication is when you have an idea in your head, spoken communication, it comes out of your mouth, someone in the audience, one person or thousand people can hear you, understand you and remember the idea so that they can take some action. That’s how I define communication, that’s why 99% of most business speeches where someone sort of stands up at a PowerPoint, bullet point bullet point blah blah blah, that’s not communication. Because it even if people understand it it’s instantly forgotten, if people forget it how can they act on it? It’s a complete utter waste of time so when I’m working with clients and I work with a lot of people in the Middle East, I work with top attorneys in Dubai, oil and gas executives throughout the Middle East, the goal I have for them is really the same goal I have with people all over the world, that is how do you take the ideas that are most important to you and make them more memorable because everybody makes the same mistake, every executive, every politician I work with, they get greedy, they try to throughout way too many ideas in a speech or a media interview and it doesn’t work. So I always start off with let’s narrow your messages down to five, the reason I picked five is I asked audiences all over the world to tell me who the best acre was that they’ve heard in the last year, the last five years and how many messages they remember, sometimes it’s nothing, sometimes it’s one or two were occasionally three, every six months I’ll have someone in an audience tell me they remember five ideas from the best speaker they’ve ever seen. I’ve never had anyone tell me they remember more than five ideas so that’s why as a starting point with all of my clients, doesn’t matter if they are in the oil and gas industry or financial services or they are running for local office, I tell them let’s focus on just five ideas and let’s spend the rest of my time, I don’t care if we have to hours, let’s spend the rest of our time illustrating those ideas, giving examples and giving case studies and ideally stories. A story involving a conversation you had with a real person about a real problem, how it was resolved. That’s the number one way to get people to actually remember your ideas.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who is your top three favorite communicators or speakers of all time?

TJ Walker: I would say in the English-speaking world today Bill Clinton, Tony Blair as far as people who are alive that I do get to see on TV on the Internet, occasionally in person, those 2 stand out to me as really good speakers but someone who cares about speaking, there are so many genres it’s like asking a wine expert what is your favorite wine they would say well if you are talking about the board does it is this, if it’s champagne it’s this, they have so many different subcategories, if you asked me who is the best talk radio host I might give you a completely different answer, if you want to talk about just politicians of the 20th century I might say Winston Churchill, so it really depends on the genre. Here’s the thing that I think people get hung up on: they think that speaking is something you’re born with and oh my gosh nobody can ever be John F. Kennedy or Winston Churchill, they don’t realize that both of those speakers were very good when they started. John F. Kennedy the former US president was considered a horrible public speaker even as a member of Congress, even as president people who stood behind him will tell you they can see his hands shaking, his knees shaking, Barack Obama is considered by most to be a good speaker but it was only a couple of years before his breakout speech at the Democratic convention in 2004 when he was considered sort of a boring hack like droning legal professor who wasn’t interesting at all. When he was in the state legislature. So these are learned skills and that’s what I’m about, that’s why people hire me for workshops, seminars, keynote speeches and now online training is how to teach them how to be interesting, compelling speakers because I do believe if you’ve ever had one interesting conversation in your entire life you already have all the skills you need to be a great public speaker.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So from where to start and how to start planning and structuring your life, presentation?

TJ Walker: Simple get a blank piece of paper or get your iPhone or notes, brainstorm on every idea you could possibly want to communicate to that audience, and an idea is not a paragraph it’s something with one verb, one object, one subject, one sentence. Brainstorm on all of those ideas, you may have 50 or 100, then put them on priority, anything that isn’t in the top five there in the trashcan. Now you have everything you need for your structure of your speech. Most people don’t do that, most people think of the speech as let me gather more data and they go around and get all the bullet points and PowerPoint slides from Smithers or Mohammed from last month and put that into the speech because more is more, more is not more in a presentation. It’s typically a prescription for failure. So how much text should we have in each slide?

TJ Walker: 0.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: 0. So you just use pictures in your slides usually when you have a presentation?

TJ Walker: Here’s the thing I love PowerPoint is it all the time, I test audiences all over the world and I can tell you it is a complete utter waste of time to put text up on a slide while you are speaking. I realize that sounds crazy to some people or they think I’m someone who is anti-PowerPoint, I’m not anti-PowerPoint, I’m in favor of affected PowerPoint. When I test audiences all over the world and ask them what slides do they remember they only remember pictures and images, media graph, if it’s simple and focuses on one variable or one relationship, people do not remember text because text those are just letters and obstructions, they don’t put pictures in the brain, the mind is very much visual in nature, our minds are more image processor wars than word processors and if you doubt me, think of this if you go to some communications conference or any kind of business conference and, in Dubai or anyplace else, Abu Dhabi and you meet someone and you exchange business cards and now a month goes by and you bump into that person the airport do you remember the full spelling of their name on a business card or do you remember their face?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how about like some speakers…

TJ Walker: Let me finish the point…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Of course the face of course the face.

TJ Walker: The face, not the text because your brain is an image processor not a word processor. Now most people in businesses do use PowerPoint with words so you are not going to get fired for using text, but I simply do not have any evidence that it’s helping you, but if everyone else does it you are not going to get fired for it but the reason to come to me is, I try to help people make stand out as superior speakers, better than average, as great, not to be like everyone else. If you want to be like everyone else and stand there like a zombie and read bullet points, it’s not about 10 bullet points is better than 20 or three words per bullet point is better than six, complete waste of time. Frankly. Here’s what I do recommend: if you want to give people a lot of text, do it. But email it to them in advance, give it as a handout afterwards, in fact as a bonus to your viewers, anyone who sends me an email request I’m going to give them an entire copy of the book we just talked about my secret to foolproof presentations, all they have to do is email me, But I’m not going to sit here and in fact I actually have one right here, I’m not going to sit here during our interview and read page after page well as you can see here… That would be an awful interview. That’s what I recommend is you actually have 2 power points one that you email people in advance and handout lots and lots of text, lots of bullet points, columns and charts but another PowerPoint that follows the specific rules and going to outline for you. Picture an image, something visual that has no text on a slide, one idea per slide, one image per slide. That is the most effective way to use PowerPoint. Now if you think that’s crazy, fine, I want you to be skeptical of what I say, I want you to doubt me but I also want you to doubt the we’ve done in your whole life because most of us if we are giving a so-called serious important presentation, PowerPoint presentation what we do? We gather lots and lots of data we arrange and bullet points, we kind of scary up to the lectern, we put it down, we sort of have read bullet points, I would submit to you that you do not have a single shred of evidence that that is an effective way to communicate.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: I agree with you. It’s all about the audience, you are talking from an audience standpoint…

TJ Walker: And here’s a way to test, here’s a way to test. It’s fine to say that doesn’t work but what does work? Here’s the test if you have to give a PowerPoint presentation to 30 colleagues or 30 new business executive prospects on Thursday, find three colleagues from down the hall on Tuesday, give them your PowerPoint presentation. When you are done, ask them every slide they remember. If they can’t remember your slide you now have empirical evidence it didn’t work. I want you to take that slide

Ahmed Al Kiremli: up and throw it in the trashcan. It’s not about my opinion, not about aesthetics, the whole purpose of the slide is to get your audience to understand and remember the message. If they are not remembering your slide it didn’t work.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about the busy speakers who have let’s say a speech, a new speech every two or three weeks and they don’t really memorize it 100% so they put some bullet points just remember the ideas to start?

TJ Walker: Well I’m not a fan of memorizing, I’ve never memorize anything I have a horrible memory, I do not ever recommend that anyone memorize a speech. I’m also a huge huge fan of notes. I love notes, in fact I never give a speech without notes but the notes are just for you, why would you want to project that to the whole audience? That’s crazy, imagine going to your favorite Tom Cruise movie, mission impossible which was shot in Dubai and all the sudden every 2 seconds you see the camera pulled back and you see the director shouting action and you see the craft services person, that would really destroy the mood of the movie wouldn’t it? It’s showing all the mechanics of it, if you want to have notes that’s fine, I have a very sophisticated high-tech solution for speakers so that they always know what to say, they never have to remember anything and they don’t have to project their notes on the screen. It’s very expensive and I’m sure all of your viewers are very affluent and they can afford it, here is my high tech solution for speakers, it’s called a piece of paper. Anytime I speak I put all of my notes so that it fits on a half sheet of paper and make it a large font on a single sheet of paper because it’s large font, I don’t have to stop and call attention to the fact that I’m reading it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how about a live speech when you are doing it live, it’s not nice to have a paper.

TJ Walker: If I am giving an hour speech this is what I have. An hour speech, you should be able to fit it on a single sheet of paper with large font. If you can’t fit it on a single sheet of paper the problem is not your notes, the problem is you are greedy and you are trying to communicate way too many data points, way too many messages and you are not going to be successful. Here’s the other trick with notes, because I have it on a single sheet of paper I don’t have to turn pages. It just sits right on a table next to a glass of water so I can every so often while speaking put the glass down and glance at my notes and no one has any idea. Here’s another trick, very advanced and yet costs virtually nothing, anyone can do it. If I’m speaking in a larger room and there is a stage or room to move around, I’ll have three or four copies of my notes and all have been placed around different parts, maybe even the back of the room that way I can be walking around and not stand right next to the lectern or what people call a podium, I can be moving around the whole time and when people see a speaker moving, it sends a message that this person is supremely confident, authoritative, really knowledgeable and the speakers just talking to us, that’s what audiences want. They can’t stand people who get behind a lectern blah blah blah, even if they are not reading the whole time it seems like a reading experience. So that’s something I teach my clients to do, how to use notes in a way where nobody has any idea you are using notes, I always use notes, I reveal at the end of some of my speeches what I was doing and people’s jaws go drop, they always say we had no idea you are using notes.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

TJ Walker: Well if you fear public speaking is probably with good reason, chances are you are awful and you’re going to bore people to death, I don’t mean to be mean but think of all the business conferences you’ve been to, speaker after speaker, they are boring. What do we do, especially if we are not on the front row? We check our email, because the speaker was awful so if you feel like you are boring, if you feel like you’re awful, chances are you actually are. So the solution is not to feel better about your speaking, the solution is not to meditate and visualize a standing ovation or to visualize your audience in their underwear, complete waste of time. The solution is not to take a beta blocker drug which some people do, the solution is actually to have a great speech, and to have watched yourself deliver it so that you know you’re giving great speech. Here’s the first thing I do with every one of my clients: for they of public speaking training, I don’t say anything I just say get up, give your speech and we video record it and I asked him to watch it. And then they will ask me what I think and I’ll say well I’m happy to tell you but you tell me what you think. And the first thing they say, I remember a prime minister I worked with in Eastern Europe, the first thing he said was good God TJ I’m incredibly boring, I wouldn’t want to watch me, what do you think? And I said well Mr. Prime Minister you seem like a smart guy if you think you are really really boring guess what, you are. So what do we do? We took his speech, we tore it up into little pieces because it was the standard data dump, very abstract, lots of bullet points, we got a clean sheet of paper, we brainstormed on message points we came up with five, we brainstormed on stories for each one, now we had notes, now he got up and gave a speech and we videotaped it and he liked it so much better. Here is the ultimate secret that anyone of your viewers can use to completely eliminate their fear public speaking. People don’t talk about this but it’s not as glamorous as hypnosis but this actually works, here’s the secret, if you want to completely get over your nerves speaking, practice on video, watch it, critique it, do more of the stuff you like, less of the stuff you don’t like, do it again, critique, keep doing it until you can look at that video and say well, that’s a great speech. If I can speak that well, I’ll be better than anyone else at this conference. If that weren’t me I would want to watch that speech. If you just practice until you get to that point, I guarantee you are not going to be nervous, it becomes incredibly difficult to be nervous about something when you already had seen yourself do a great job. Most people never practice on video so the reason they are nervous is they think oh no I might be really boring and I might be awful. Well guess what that’s a very rational thought process, if you haven’t practice on video you might be awful and you might be boring but the solution is to fix the problem, not to fix the problem, not to feel better about it, that’s how I differ from a lot of my colleagues in the public speaking business because there is so much emphasis on visualizing success, imagine if I told you or your audience members because I used to live right down the street from Times Square in Manhattan in New York City, if I said to you gosh, I’m nervous about walking naked through Times Square, I’m nervous that people are going to point at me, laugh at me and then I would get arrested. If I told you that, would you say well TJ just visualize everybody applauding. Or just imagine everyone shouting out that you are the most beautiful naked men in the world, would you tell me, imagine TJ that the police are just off that day so they are not going to arrest you. Would you tell me that or would you say TJ put some clothes on. I think you would actually tell me put some clothes on, that is what would solve the problem, me get arrested walking through Times Square naked, not that I’ve ever done that. It’s the same thing with people feeling nervous about speaking, the solution isn’t to feel better about it, the solution is to solve the underlying problem of a horrible speech and it’s very easy to do but you have to practice on video until you like it and if you really want to take it up a notch then practice in front of other people. I hate it when people say public speaking is a soft skill like it’s a little puppy, I believe you can quantify every aspect of public speaking and as specific away as any aspect of accounting, every aspect of chemical engineering, it’s very very specific, if you have to give a speech about your quarterly results, on your oil or gas exploration company, on Thursday, find 2 colleagues at lunch, give them your presentation just as you would in real life, speaking, when you are done ask them every message point they remember and ask them every slide they remember. Any message that was important to you that they remember because they are just telling you now what they remember, you now have empirical evidence that you succeeded, that you actually communicated. But if there is any point that was important to you for that audience to get and they are not throwing it back in your face you now have empirical evidence that the way you presented it was incompetent, was foolish, didn’t work. Has to be changed.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you survey, you distribute the survey to the audience, or like from the company that hires you, you recommend that they survey the audience.

TJ Walker: That’s a different issue, after you are already in front of the audience because here’s the problem with speaking in front of some professional group at a conference they are typically going to ask, rate the speaker from a one to a five scale which isn’t particularly meaningful. Here something that is meaningful, if you are giving a speech or presentation to more than 10 people, quite often someone will walk up and say oh good speech today, TJ good speech. Don’t just say thank you, say thanks, tell me, what did you take away, what did you remember, how would you describe the speech to someone who wasn’t here was supposed to be here? I asked that question all the time and if someone says well TJ your speech was just fantastic you have such great energy you are really professional and a great speaker, if someone tells me that then I know that my speech was a complete failure. Because this person is an throwing back any messages in my face. It’s not about your style, you want to have a good style but that’s secondary, the main thing you want to do is a speaker is communicate ideas but instead if someone says TJ the main thing I took away is no one should ever give a speech again unless they practice on video until a point where they can see it and like it, if I can hear that and I know that I was successful because that was my main point. Quite often.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to be understood and memorable like with the audience like you do now like you speak in a very slow way and memorable way? Is there a technique that you recommend or do you just practice?

TJ Walker: The number one way to be memorable is to tell a story, a story involves a conversation with a real person about a real problem, how you felt and how it was resolved. At the beginning you asked me how did I get into speaking, I didn’t just say I gave my first speech at 12 and I’ve been speaking ever since, I could’ve said quickly but instead I told a little story, I was 12 years old I was about to graduate from sixth grade, my teacher came to me and said TJ, you have a C in handwriting, I’ll give you a A in handwriting if you give the welcome speech. I thought about it, I was shy but you know I did it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But it’s not about only the story…

TJ Walker: That was a story, it only took 30 seconds.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: About the way I mean you say it, not to mention a story, it’s very essential to mention that but the way you say it in a very slow way and people understand your accent, is there a technique that you recommend for the people that you teach to practice?

TJ Walker: Most people when they are comfortable have constant variation in their voice, sometimes they are faster, sometimes lower. Sometimes louder, sometimes softer. Occasionally they pause. I have found all human beings everywhere in the world when they are relaxed and they are just talking to friends over a nice dinner or a relaxing environment, they have great variation in their voice, the problem many people have when they are giving a speech or presentation are talking to the media is that they are scared and they are stiff so all of the sudden they stop doing the things they do in normal conversation and it’s more consistent, it’s more monotone, it’s the same speed it’s the same volume and there are no pauses. That’s the problem. So if you are nervous you have to practice enough to the point where it’s coming out naturally, but one of the things I have found across the board with my clients is that when you are telling a story it naturally slows you down. Because you are becoming the other person, so Leia Katt said to me TJ do you want to go on a desert safari and I said well what’s that? The next thing I know I’m out on the desert and these mountains are 200 feet high and I’m on this jeep scared. That’s how people actually talk and that’s one of the stories I remember from the last time I was in Qatar, going on a desert safari. For most people it’s not hard to do, the hard part is if you’ve written out a speech and it’s fact, fact, bullet point, stripped away from any stories and examples that’s what’s hard to be conversational about but the issue is not to become more conversational talking about a data dump, the issue is that you have to get rid of the data dump and focus on one idea at a time to make it memorable.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to eliminate the um and ahh and this stuff?

TJ Walker: What I do with clients is I have these stickers with “uh” with the international red no sign, no left-hand turn, no parking, no hazardous chemicals and I put that sticker on their watch, on their cell phone, occasionally on their iPad or computer screen and it reprograms the brain after a day you still say uh or um, after three or four days you almost say it, after a week the image will come up in your head, you can simply pause, by pausing you will come across more comfortable, more confident, more authoritative, anyone can make this, go to your computer and type up the word uh or umm in small font, a point typically, printed out, cut it out with scissors, draw a red line and a slash through it and then take it to your watch her computer screen for at least a week, I put that on presidents of countries watches, I put it on billionaire fund managers, it’s wildly effective.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to get the action that you want from the audience?

TJ Walker: You have to ask them and you can’t just assume so for example I want your audience to write to me and ask for a free copy of my book, secret to foolproof presentations, all they have to do is right, they also may want to see some online training courses and they can just search my and its on other places as well but you have to just ask like that you can’t just wait for if you are on a talk show, the host to do all the work, you can’t assume that everyone is going to figure out what you want, you have to be explicit and you can’t be embarrassed about it, it can’t be of my book is in very good I wonder if I should ask someone to buy it or read it, I know my book is good, I know my book will help all of your viewers become better speakers and I’m happy to give than this value at no cost but they have to write to me first.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Number of speakers is just increasing on a daily basis, what are the techniques or strategies that you suggest to get paid speaking engagements?

TJ Walker: The speaking environment for professional speaking is constantly changing, there was a time one of my mentors was a guy named Bill Gove, one of the founders of the national speaking Association more than 40 years ago and he started speaking 50 years ago and that was a time when he got a speech and that’s all he did, he just went around the country to conventions and gave a speech even though he didn’t have a book or anything else, these days there’s no such thing as a professional speaker like that. If you want to get paid as a speaker you have to have genuine expertise and a tribe of people who really care about and respect you so you can’t simply hire a production crew, hire someone to write a speech and sort of acted out and send the video to a speaker of yours and get hired, it’s just not done that way. What I would recommend is speak every day on your area of expertise, I speak every day for money on my area of expertise, I’m not making a lot of money but I do speak every day on YouTube and I have at least 2000 people every day watch me speak on some aspect of media training, public speaking, crisis communications and I do get some money from advertising revenue but those videos also serve as ads for me as a speaker and in the description of every video, it tells you how to get a hold of me and how you can get me as a keynote speaker or a trainer, I think the big decision for people is not how do I get to be a professional speaker, it’s how do I be a true true expert known throughout the world for my area of expertise, once you are an expert you can make money off of that by writing books, by having ad revenue from your YouTube channel, by consulting if you are a lawyer, by billable hours with your legal practice, by training which is where I get most of my income as a trainer, not a keynote speaker although I do get paid as a keynote speaker and it also, getting money as a speaker so the first thing is really make sure you have true, true expertise in something, you need to be writing about it every day, not necessarily books but blog posts, videos, you can be creating online courses, I think if you are not already a wildly successful keynote speaker one great place to start is on any of the numerous online training platforms including places like where you can start giving your speeches in the form of many lectures and create a whole course around it and start attracting students that way, I have more than 15,000, more than 20,000 students at this point on just one training platform so focus on the expertise, speak everywhere you can, let people know you speak and improve your speaking skills by rehearsing every speech on video and watching every speech you do on video. Do you recommend any tools to read text while looking at the camera?

TJ Walker: Yes don’t do it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do they do a professionally and like TV channels, I think they read from something?

TJ Walker: Yes they read from a Teleprompter, if you are a full-time newscaster employed by Al Jazeera or the BBC then sure you need to learn how to use a Teleprompter. If you are the president of a major country in the news a lot you need to use a Teleprompter but for 99.99% of the rest of the world, a Teleprompter is the worst thing you could ever do because here’s how most people come across when the arena Teleprompter. Hi Ahmed it is great to be here with you today it is a pleasure to speak to your audience on this fine fall… Do you hear how awful that sounds? Did you see how awful I looked? Here’s the problem with teleprompters: people start reading at the same speed, the same volume, the same tone, they freeze their head, they freeze their eyes, their eyebrows and they look like robots. Now I certainly have trained some of my clients, prime ministers of major countries or presidents, I certainly have trained people in how to use a Teleprompter and have teleprompters, I’ve used teleprompters, I do not recommend people use them. It’s so much harder than just speaking from, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally glancing down at a note and continuing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You get featured in the media a lot, how do you do that, how to be featured in the media?

TJ Walker: Create content every single day so that people find you. I’ve been on the daily show with Jon Stewart, I’ve been on BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, I’ve been on almost every major English-speaking network, numerous times because journalists are lazy, they don’t know who to call so they go to Google and they type in media training and 15 million websites, and I’m often number one or always in the top five or they go to YouTube and they type in media training and I’m number one and that’s how they find me. They send a quick email, they call, sometimes if I see an issue that really really is in my niche and I know I want to comment on it I won’t wait for the reporter to call, I will do a quick video analysis of the issue and send to producers or my PR team will send it to producers or reporters knowing they are going to be covering this issue, they need someone and here’s an expert, that’s another great use of Internet video in fact I have an entire course on Udemy on DIY, do-it-yourself PR through YouTube videos so let’s say you are an attorney who specializes in employment practices and employment hiring and the supreme court of your country at 10 AM announces a major decision that affects employment hiring. If you are smart you should be doing a video just 90, 60 to 90 seconds on YouTube or whatever online video services most used in your country, getting your analysis of that decision with a sharp opinion and then email that to every journalist you know.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Tell us about this process of your PR team emailing or contacting the producers, how does this process work and whom should I contact, how should I do that, who are the responsible people in the media to get you through and like tell us more about this process.

TJ Walker: Well I have a public relations team that does that for me so that’s all they do and they do it for other clients so they are constantly maintaining databases, reporters and editors, they are talking to them every day, they are taking them to dinner and creating relationships with them so that it’s a warm relationship and it’s not something I have the time to do but I do have the time to do interviews so at some point people may decide it makes sense to hire a public relations team but you can also do-it-yourself. And let’s say it’s just a local TV station newscast, you watch them all the time, they have guests, they have experts, now there’s something in the news that relates to your area of expertise, shoot a video on it, just call the newsroom and say who is covering the story on X, I have something that will help them put the story together I just need an email and email to them. It can be as simple as that sometimes.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Can you recommend some companies, PR companies that can be used by the audience to send information to the media?

TJ Walker: I worked with hundreds of PR firms all over the world, there are thousands if not tens of thousands of PR firms it really depends on what their goals are, what media they are trying to reach, there’s no such thing as the perfect PR team for everyone but if any of your viewers have questions about PR, believe it or not I actually have a course it’s not on yet but within the next month it will be on Udemy on how to select a public relations firm so if you write to me, I can then send you information and a free pass to that course once it’s out.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is a press release?

TJ Walker: Well a press release, there are really 2 types of press releases, one is something that you are sending, trying to generate interest from the news media, you are trying to wet their appetite so they call you with an interview. These days with search engine optimization, Google, your own website, a lot of times people just want that is to get out there so that there is a digital footprint and people can find it so that’s why they do a press release announcing something new that has happened in their organization that they want to promote, putting in all the keywords of people know exactly what it’s about. So the main thing is to say something interesting, if you are generally trying to get mainstream TV reporters, radio reporters to cover you, you need to have some great quotes, some great soundbites in that press release to generate their attention. A soundbite is different from a message, a message is just your idea, a soundbite is how that idea is packaged. If you want to know how to create a soundbite, all soundbites come from 10 different speech patterns, things like emotion, clichés, attacks and if you want to know all 10, I have a book called media training A-Z and if you write to me in the next two weeks of this video being posted I will send you that book free of charge and that book is media training A-Z.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you for that. So what are the main things to mention in a press release?

TJ Walker: You have to summarize what the topic is, why should anyone care, you got to get a reporters attention, that is first and foremost and then you have to get your opinion, what are the facts about the issue, your name, a contact and how people can get a hold of you, that’s really what is most important so again for example if you are an attorney and the Supreme Court in your country has just overturned the major employment law that has been in place for years and it’s going to change how people hire and fire than the headline for that press release it be a quick summary, Supreme Court, American, Emirates Supreme Court has overturned a decision on, name the name of the log, here’s what it means to businesses. That’s the headline something that really sums it up, and then a very brief byline on you, TJ Walker, corporate labor law attorney for such and such firm and that’s the following. This is an outrageous decision by the Supreme Court, it’s going to completely create chaos for major employers, they are not going to know who to hire or fire and I think it’s going to create an economic slowdown.”

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Then you put your contact details?

TJ Walker: Then I put my contact details and then not my bio with every single class I ever took and where I went to junior high school but my video via so if I was on Al Jazeera the week before and the BBC, a month ago I’m going to say TJ Walker has been seen in the following media outlets so those producers can see this person has been in other media because there is a pack mentality in the media, they all say they want some new fresh face but they want a proven commodity so if you’ve already been in other media it suggests you are credible for their outlet. So I list my media background, that is what I find is the most effective way of putting out a press release and the big problem most people want to write a whole op-ed piece 850 words and read it and reread it now it’s two days later and they want to put it out, too late. You’re much better off getting out 50 words within an hour of a breaking story versus 850 words six hours or a day later.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And what is the most efficient way to distribute it?

TJ Walker: The most efficient way is to have a mass social media following, to have a whole lot of people who like you, care about you, respect you, read your ideas and have a whole lot of people on Facebook a respected like you and to have millions of people on YouTube who watch your stuff. That’s far more effective than just putting something on business wire or PR newswire, those are 2 services in the US to have worldwide distribution, your country and the country of your viewers may have some that are okay also that far and away the most effective way is your own network of people who already know you, already trust you, already assume you have a level of expertise within that niche.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You struggle a little bit online selling your services and mainly you succeeded to do it like off-line, tell us more about that and what was like the tipping point for you online?

TJ Walker: I started doing training off-line in 1984 when I was still in college so 99% of my revenue still is off-line traditional training is where people come to me and my TV studio or I go to them, I bring my video camera and it’s in person. In the late 1990s I started an online training course and I had mostly audio files, it went nowhere. About seven years ago I said okay it’s been a while since 1999 so the time must be right so I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in programmers from India and other staff building interactive online media training and presentation training courses and I sold maybe five copies. It was not a success at all other than one course I did sell to the second-largest online training company for kids in America where that was successful but for the most part my schools that I created to market to the public, it was just too early, you can’t force things like this and then about a year ago I noticed that the whole online training space was really heating up, there are now dozens of companies all over the world that have received venture capital in excess of $10 million so there is a tremendous amount of promotion going on into online training. So that’s why I’m once again spending lots of time, I’m making some money but it’s really about long-term because long-term it’s a way to reach the world and to be scalable and to reach a much larger audience so that’s why currently I have more than 50 online courses that are finished and I have within the next couple of months 100, more than 100 courses on dealing with public speaking and media training and then I can fulfill my mission of having the largest library of online media presentation training courses in the world.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which platform work for you the best like Udemy?

TJ Walker: Udemy is where I spend most of my time, they just make it easy, they’ve been very good to work with, quite professional, it’s an easy experience for the creator of course and for users too, it’s great to send people there and they bring in students, as I mentioned they brought me more than 15, close to 20,000 students now.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how they market for that, like you don’t just automatically publish it on their platform and based on their traffic they find you or do they just do something else to promote you? To promote your course?

TJ Walker: You have to promote yourself but you are also in their system and they have millions of people coming in all the time so if some people type in a keyword for media training they might never have heard of me that they are going to see a lot of my media training courses. If someone goes to their website and types in media training so some of it is keyword-based. So any of your audience if you are thinking of being an online trainer I would recommend rather than trying to create everything from scratch on your own site for starters, do a simpler easier way, start on a place like Udemy or you can sort of test the water, see if you like it, see if it’s worth your time, you can always upgrade and have everything on your own site. If any of your viewers would like access I’ll give you free access to any one of my courses on Udemy so they would like to write to me, all they have to do is say I would like one free pass to one of your Udemy courses and I’ll send them to them at no charge,

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much.

TJ Walker: Ahmed I really enjoyed our time together and I really appreciate your time and expertise.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: It’s my pleasure. How much do you charge for one-on-one training sessions?

TJ Walker: The one-on-one training is $7500 per day, the online training, some of them are as little as $39 so that’s yet another reason to do the online training is it’s a way to reach a much broader part of the market but speaking of the people who pay the $7500 I have to talk to one right now so I’m going to have to sign off but thank you again.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much for your time today I really appreciate it.

TJ Walker: I’ve enjoyed it very much thanks a lot.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.

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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV show is to boost the efficiency of your business and life through tips and tricks from leading experts. Today I have with me Mark Lassoff, he is a computer programming expert and is the founder of learn to program TV, welcome to the show Mark.

Mark Lassoff: Thank you so much.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: My pleasure. So why and when did you start coding and programming?

Mark Lassoff: I started coding going back about 1983 or 1984, I was 11 or 12 years old and my parents were very encouraging as far as getting me into the field of computers so my parents bought me a Commodore 64 and I taught myself basic programming at the age of 11 or 12 because I wanted to make games and actually made a couple of games that became hits in the neighborhood my friends enjoyed playing them and everything kind of started from there, I can’t programming through high school and college.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you didn’t sell any game to a big gaming company, you didn’t have that access or you do not to do it at that time?

Mark Lassoff: I didn’t know how to do and I’m not sure at that point my games were quite good enough for anybody to buy but we traded them among friends in the neighborhood and they really seem to enjoy the games that I produce.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is your current focus in terms of business ventures?

Mark Lassoff: Currently my primary focus is on learning to program, our company is three years old and we’ve grown significantly in those three years, we’ve grown just about 250 300% each year and my full focus is on growing that to become the leading publisher of materials content and courses for people who are learning programming.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it’s just focus on programming and coding?

Mark Lassoff: Right were just focusing on programming and coding we do have some courses and information related to that, some design stuff, but it’s all focused on being able to create web mobile and game applications.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how does it work, do you have a membership or do you just so each course individually?

Mark Lassoff: We actually offer our students a number of options, the first is a $39 month membership and that’s a recurring membership which they can cancel at any time but that gives them access to anything that we do for $39 a month which includes our book some of which are bestsellers, our video courses we have about 40 of those all geared towards learning development skills, live hangouts with the instructors but also you can buy courses are books individually through Amazon, through Udemy, our courses are on Safari technical library and a number of other places. We try to make our courses available where we think people would benefit from them so we are in a number of different course libraries.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you publish only the material that you produce or do you have some other experts that put their books or materials there as well?

Mark Lassoff: Write a number of courses are my own as a computer programmer and structure over the years I developed a lot of material for the classroom that’s been adopted for online classes but we do have a number of other experts who have developed courses that we’ve published who are leading experts in the fields that they are in, we’ve had a lot of fun with those as well, we’re always trying to get good experts from a number of different fields within programming to do courses with us, our limitations are just the size our studios right now, and time in the week but we are looking to increase our library very rapidly.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How often you publish new content?

Mark Lassoff: We publish premium content, new courses once or twice a month so we have a project management course that’s just about done, we have a course on the famous JavaScript library and then closely behind that new HTML 5 for mobile development course all in various stages of completion and then after that we are going to be tackling the new android Al so we come up with about two of those a month and then we come out with free content that goes on our Roku channel on YouTube, just about every day.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you give this for free the other content just you use it for SEO to attract traffic and then you have the premium courses which are how long each course? How many models or?

Mark Lassoff: Generally it’s about 10 modules anywhere between four hours and eight hours for an individual course we also have some course packages that can be up to 20 hours long or a number of courses put together to help deliver a real specific skill set like advanced JavaScript or something along those lines. And the free content is done partially for SEO and partially to get our name out there and build our YouTube channel but also our mission is about teaching people to program and we realize that everybody worldwide has the means to spend $39 a month or $99 and of course so we want to do some content that’s going to be available in places where people are impoverished and it’s still going to benefit them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which one is working more for you like selling the courses individually or the membership concept?

Mark Lassoff: Overwhelming majority of our income is from selling courses individually and part of that is time, we’ve only had the membership for about six months and also we have really taken a publishing model and tweaked it whereas our goal is to distribute through Udemy and open sesame and all these places that could sell our courses and not do a whole lot of direct sales so it’s kind of by design that it has ended up that way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You founded this company in 2011, why did you do that, why do you decide to do TV and published sources and what is your background for that?

Mark Lassoff: I’m not sure I made a distinct decision to start this company, I had been doing technical training on the road, had very very good enterprise-level clients, I had been doing training at companies like Symantec and AFLAC, ADP, the big payroll company for the federal government here in the US and also internationally for Motorola, I had done courses for the government in Nigeria so I was traveling constantly doing courses, it was very lucrative and I enjoyed a whole lot and sadly I contracted colon cancer, and that limited my travel, I did travel while I was under treatment but as you go through chemotherapy anyone who has been through it knows that the effects are cumulative and as you get towards the end of treatments the effects are more magnified than at the beginning of the treatment so as I had to kind of slow down which is not in my nature I was really bored at home while I was recovering so I decided I would put a course online on Udemy. And to my surprise, it was an intro to JavaScript course and it sold several thousand dollars the first month without me really knowing how to promote it or to market it, from there I made another course and then the beast I had created became too big for me to handle by myself so I hired who is now our VP of production, Kevin Hernandes to help me and we started growing our company from there, we incorporated three years ago so that was our official starting point but the antecedents of learning to program go back a couple of years before that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How are you doing now, are you cure?

Mark Lassoff: I’m on the right side of the dirt as they say, there is no such thing as cured but there is no evidence of disease in my body at this point so chances are I will live about a normal lifespan.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hopefully, I wish you a life full of health and happiness.

Mark Lassoff: Thank you, fortunately becoming a much more treatable disease but it is something that needs to be caught early so wherever you are I would encourage anyone over the age of 35 to get a colonoSEOpy, it’s not about procedure it takes just a couple of hours and it can save your life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And you think now this incident has changed your life completely to the positive things because it made you diSEOver your maybe purpose are things that you enjoy more and it’s more leverage embolden the courses that you are doing, is that right?

Mark Lassoff: I’ll tell you this, there have been changes most of which were around I don’t waste my time on projects, people or efforts that are fruitless, frustrating, aren’t helpful to me or someone else, time is precious so I don’t want to waste any of it and that is probably the biggest lesson is that it’s okay to quit something if it’s not working and work on the things that really matter and impacts you and your family, me and myself, your community and the world at large and if you are not impacting others positively you really need to look at what you’re doing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You don’t take like any external projects like web development or add development, you don’t, like your team is not focused on that it all?

Mark Lassoff: No and that’s not to say that any entrepreneur should take that tack because projects can be a great source of funding as you’re getting started but for us I didn’t want to distract my team with projects that didn’t bring us closer to our core goals and the way we want to grow, yes we have the skill set to develop websites and software and we get asked frequently but there are good clients and then there are clients that probably believe it or not in the end cost you more than you make from them so we been trying real carefully to stick to our focus wishes on creating materials that once created have a unit cost of a sale of zero have good shelflife and are needed by people who are learning web mobile and game development. Just doing a one off website for a client even if it’s lucrative doesn’t fit into our larger set of goals.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: In terms of marketing, which method works for you the best in terms of marketing for your courses is it like on your website or selling it on the other platforms and can you just name a few for us?

Mark Lassoff: It’s hard to tell because one of the weaknesses of the analytics movement is that it fails to see the synergy of multiple marketing efforts done across different channels so our YouTube channel drives our growth on Facebook which drives our growth fund website membership so when you separate everything down to and AB test you lose some of that big picture of the cross channel growth that you have by being present everywhere so our first thing that we do is try to be present on all the channels where our students are so that includes maybe Pinterest, Facebook, open sesame, there are a number of channels where we tried to be present, Udemy being the biggest channel that drives our growth, second to that is our YouTube channel which is growing and we’re putting a lot of effort into remaking that into a channel that’s a real driver of membership, not just a distribution point so we’re working with the people at YouTube were nice enough to open their facilities to us another channel partners and second to that is Roku, which is an Internet, you may not be familiar with it but it’s an Internet television device which is available in the US and some countries in Europe and it’s similar to Apple TV, it gives Internet-based TV channels, we produce our own Internet-based TV channels and that is also been a source of pretty significant growth.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: For you to view do a free subscription is not paid right?

Mark Lassoff: We don’t charge for anything on YouTube and in fact we are thinking about removing our advertising from it because we think the real benefit is from getting are content out there and proving how good our content is and how easy it is to learn from versus the relatively small amount of advertising revenue stream through you too.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you code now for fun for some projects just for yourself?

Mark Lassoff: I teach for fun, the projects I do are mainly geared towards education and teaching so I create for example an HTML 5 game a couple of months ago that is used as a teaching project, I do teach for fun here in our community in Connecticut, I have a group called Biteray, which offers free programming classes to anyone who wants to show up so next week we are going to start a six-week course on gaming in which we will use Python to create a page style videogame and that’s free, anyone who is a member who wants to come in Connecticut can come, that’s what I do for fun in addition to volunteering a lot the entrepreneurial community.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You never felt bored like over the years of changing the languages and learning more and more new languages and codes, tell us more about that?

Mark Lassoff: I think I would be bored if it didn’t change, one of the exciting things about computer programming as a field is that it really is a field in which you have to keep up with the latest changes because they happen so quickly and changes are so numerous that you’re really going to limit if not and your career by not keeping up so I love learning new technologies, as soon as there’s something is new I want to take it apart and see what’s in it, like the new Apple operating system we been playing with that, now there’s a new android operating system, I was always the kid that if you give me a toy I would take it apart to see how it works so that’s why when learning a new technology it’s exciting to me but also learning with an eye of strongly grounded fundamental skills that I picked up and collagen over the years and that’s also really important because I’m able to apply those fundamentals to the new languages because what’s old is new again, there seems to be recurring themes in computer science that keep coming back and if you have strong fundamentals and makes the new stuff that much easier to learn.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Let’s dig deeper into the programming and coding world like can you tell us the history of how did they invent like a new language or why don’t they use the same language to develop more advanced programs and they start writing different languages that’s going to work for different programs or to create different more advanced games, how does that work?

Mark Lassoff: That’s a good question, years ago programming was done directly against the computer’s processor where the processor was directly interpreting line by line each instruction that you coded and that was known as assembly language or machine language, we don’t do that anymore, what happened is that process has been abstracted by layers of code above it where C, you’ve heard of the C code language or his brother C++, it lets you kind of compiled directly to assembly language, we now have layers on top of that and what we do is we continually build layers to make programming easier and more like the way you and I are speaking right now where instructions are familiar, programming is most always done in the English language so instructions are more like spoken English so that’s one reason, number two different languages are optimized for different purposes so for example languages like Python or really good at parsing large amounts of data and extracting information out of it, that’s great.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So that means it’s good for inventory systems?

Mark Lassoff: Inventory, big data, getting information out of databases and drawing conclusions with huge amounts of data, that type of thing or parsing a lot of information to just extract a small part of it, that’s what Python is optimized for although it has been used for everything from video games to websites, if you also look at other languages like .net, .net is optimized for a Windows environment, it might be a good choice if you’re going to be using Windows where Java might not be such a good choice so each language has strengths and weaknesses and usually they are built to take advantage of the strengths of the specific environments and often times libraries are built on top of those languages to make programming easier by taking tasks they do over and over again and using prewritten code for those and that’s why things change so often, hardware changes in requirements change, if you look at the development of video games over the last 20 years, video games that were kind of simple 8-bit games 25 years ago are now movielike and the language is needed to keep up with that in order for us to be up to produce at the highest levels.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Why don’t they just advance the same language instead of like calling it different names because it looks like when they call it a different name it is totally different code and different language right?

Mark Lassoff: Part of that is just the nature of business, companies are introducing competitive products or languages and they don’t have the rights to the older languages so Java for example is really controlled by Oracle so if you’re not from Oracle you can build Java libraries but you can’t advance the Java core so Oracle is going to advance the Java core according to its corporate needs and its corporate goals so you can’t just go in and advanced Java and, with the next version unless you work with Oracle and Java is really good for certain things and probably not the best choice for others so part of it is just the nature of business, different images are owned or controlled by different companies but then with the open-source community some of what you’re saying can be true, the JavaScript language which I keep saying is the most important language to know has done a lot of that where it’s only operated in the browser.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What’s the difference between open source and what we were talking about just for the audience to understand?

Mark Lassoff: Open source languages are owned more or less by the community, they might be owned by a foundation but they are not owned by a for-profit entity and programmers have access to the core of the code and are able to make changes and additions to it so changes are often advanced by the community itself.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Examples?

Mark Lassoff: JavaScript, Python, J query, now action script because Adobe has donated it so with proprietary languages or Java they are controlled solely by the company that owns them, Microsoft or Oracle or whatever controls the language, I’m not labeling one good and one bad it’s just a different kind of philosophy that arcs across the different types of languages.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how are they protected like if I find a way to develop this language that’s owned by Microsoft then I have to change a little bit in the code and then call it a different language?

Mark Lassoff: You don’t have access to the core files to be able to do that. You only have access to the end result of those files which is the language which is how you communicate with the .net core, that’s all proprietary and owned by Microsoft so if you did that one you’d be breaking a number of international laws and 2, Microsoft just doesn’t allow it because this is their technology and they’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars developing and they want the rights to it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So to simplify it like I understand somehow little bit of WordPress so they don’t give you access to the language to the text and you have access only to the visuals to play with it.

Mark Lassoff: Yes that’s kind of a good parallel, WordPress itself is open source so a lot of people develop for WordPress, WordPress I’m not sure how the ownership of WordPress works or how its license but that’s kind of an example of the open-source world and generally these open-source products are free, they generally don’t come with a cost associated with them but the thing about this product is because the community is contributing to the overall core you may find those advances with the needs of technology kind of like JavaScript has.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So in the sea of different languages as an absolute new beginner, what should I learn, where should I start?

Mark Lassoff: It depends on where you want to end up, what your goal is, if you want to make websites HTML is generally the starting place, it’s the language that underlies all of the content you see on a website, JavaScript would go along with that, if you want to make games it’s a number of good places you could start, in C or in Python or even in Java, if you want to make mobile apps than it depends what you want to make if you want to work for Apple’s iOS platform or android or both, there are different starting points depending on what your goal is, regardless I usually start our students in Python, we have a course called programming for absolute beginners and that is taught in Python and gives you an exposure to the basics of programming which generally are common in all languages so if you learn them in Python you can apply that to other languages you need down the road.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: From your experience from teaching different coders or programmers how do you see the programs online comparing with the programs and the universities and which one do you recommend more and advise more like if you are just starting now as a programmer would you do?

Mark Lassoff: It depends on your goals and your time in your own situation, a lot of people get into programming us kids and then study it in college and take the university path and if you have time for that that’s great, university education with liberal arts underlying a technical education in computer programming is optimal, not everybody has 4 years and in the US $150,000 to pursue that so if you don’t, plenty of people are self-taught or learn online and do just fine, that’s generally a quicker path but you have to be more self-motivated, you have to be more disciplined, it’s a lot less expensive and it can get you into the workforce quickly but you what you lose is that whole context that a college education gives you. I won’t say that one is better than the other but the reality of the situation is if you have already gone to college once or you are working and have a family then it’s difficult to go back to college and get a four year degree so we have people that are ranging from moms who work during the day and after the kids go to sleep they take the courses online to gentlemen who have been in tech whose skills are behind and need to catch up and children who want to get ahead of the courses they can take in school by taking our courses so it really ranges where university courses tend to be more kind of that younger demographic before starting their career so I won’t say one is better than the other but it just depends on where you are and what stage in life and what your needs are and how you can best learn get your situation and resources.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you think that companies still value more than the certification from the University or do they just test the programmers and hire people who have never been in the University how do you see that?

Mark Lassoff: Both philosophies exist, some of the best programmers I know about are self-taught, some companies want to see a degree regardless but there are so many opportunities now in science and engineering and mathematical professions that really we need everybody and not all programming requires a computer scientist to develop a basic webpage and code that is a less complex affair than for example coding drivers for peripherals that requires knowledge of the processor and microcode and very small amounts of memory that is a lot more specialized requires a lot more skill, so there’s an array of jobs for an array of skill sets and where companies look down, some companies might look down on someone who self-taught it is not a degree or learned an online, a lot of the opportunities are and short-term contracts and in freelance work because we need those people also and all of the times that I’ve freelance, no one is ever us were my degree was from it was much more important to see whether I had the skills and when I was hiring programs myself back in Austin Texas most recently for a company called network logistics in the mid to thousands, I didn’t look at where someone is going to school, we provided a basic skills assessment and if you had the skills and experience you are in and if you have the skills and were qualified we were going to are you whether you had a degree or not.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to become a certified web developer?

Mark Lassoff: In our program there is two levels at the basic level there are three courses and then you study for an exam administered online and if you pass the exam you become certified at the level one, at level II there are four courses, you study those in go through the exercises and do all the labs and again study for a second exam and at that point you’re at the entry level for web development job you know PHP and service-oriented architecture and you know how to make an HTML skeleton and JavaScript, it’s a good program and it can take people several months to get through everything and get certified but we have had a number of students who been certified and gone on freelance or have gone into actual jobs as web developers, somewhat small companies.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is there a way or method to make your company accredited like a university you have that?

Mark Lassoff: We aren’t looking for that, certifications are really just that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Employers like to see the paper but they don’t look at the skills that much.

Mark Lassoff: Right when we certify someone we also armed them with material about what the certification included, what they learned etc. so an employer has some idea what the certification is, there is no nationally recognized certification in web development, certifications tend to be proprietary and sponsored by a company like Microsoft series of certifications that frankly can be quite lucrative but they aren’t really web development certifications and they keep you within the Microsoft ecosystem which is fine if that’s what you want to do but they also limit you in some ways, CiSEO has a series of certifications on its hardware for example. When it comes to certifications I don’t tell anyone but our certification is world recognized and will kick open doors for you but what it does do is it proves that you know what you’ve learned, you pass an exam and you’ve taken a couple of courses that provide information about the languages, you completed lab exercises and the exam is your proof that hey I took this and I understand it and now ready to work.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Let’s go deeper into languages, what is HTML and CSS and for what is it used?

Mark Lassoff: Sure, HTML stands for hypertext markup language, it is the skeleton of anything that’s delivered through any web browser so it provides for denoting the purpose of individual items of content so if you have a picture that surrounded by an image tag, if you have text we have paragraph tags, article tags, section tags which are part of the HTML language and the idea is you can take content, denote the purpose of the individual content elements and then CSS, cascading style sheets style those elements for the particular screen environment in which your code is going to be displayed. So you might have a set of CSS for mobile, a set of CSS for laptop or desktop content and a set of CSS for printing out a book.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So the CSS is like the structure or concept and then you fill in the HTML in different places based on the design of the structure that you have?

Mark Lassoff: The HTML provides the structure and the CSS decides the design and layout.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay what’s the difference between HTML and HTML 4 or HTML 5?

Mark Lassoff: Not as much as people think, HTML 5 is the next version of HTML but most of HTML 4 is completely valid in the HTML 5 environment, HTML 5 adds several things including audio and video access so you can directly put audio and video on a webpage, it also includes a number of APIs to access through JavaScript programming different aspects of the browser such as geolocation so the browser can tell where it is, so HTML 5 is an advancement of HTML that allows for more powerful websites and mobile applications that are written in that language.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about PHP and MySQL?

Mark Lassoff: PHP is server language so you have the browser in which the user is using to view a website web application or possibly mobile app but then you have the server that sending the information through the Internet to that user so sometimes we have to write server-side code in PHP for more heavy lifting for example interacting in an e-commerce site with the inventory or on a travel site looking up the availability of different flights, MySQL works with PHP as a database to store information in an organized way, if you aren’t familiar with databases think about it as a file drawer organized into different files and folders and then information into rows and columns that you can look up so you might use for example a user fill in a form on a website and that form was designed in HTML with CSS and then when they click send that information is processed on the server with PHP and then MySQL is used to store the data in a database.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So PHP is like the connection between the hosting and the server and your website and your website will include HTML and CSS and also PHP is like the method to translate the language into the server to talk to the server?

Mark Lassoff: It’s a good way to think about it and actually PHP when it processes actually produces often times HTML of displayed in the browser. So PHP might send you HTML back in order for that to be displayed in the browser.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And MySQL is like CMS for the PHP?

Mark Lassoff: MySQL is first of all it’s a database product so it is a type of database just like Microsoft needs a database product and Oracle makes a database product, MySQL is a database product owned by Oracle that is used to store data in an organized fashion so it’s basically allows you to store rows and columns of data but also allows you to create relationships between that data that can make the data a little more organized and easier to search and index.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So those languages are used with WordPress and what else or with everything and you explain to us? Those languages are used with commercial sites like Facebook, behind the scenes, you don’t see those as a user because you just operating on their server but Facebook and Amazon all of them have some PHP and use a number of different types of databases. There are other options besides PHP but that’s a really common one and that’s why we teach it, there are loads of sites written in PHP and we want our students to have the most opportunities and right now that’s with PHP there are other languages but it’s a learn as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the Swift language?

Mark Lassoff: Swift is a new language from Apple and it is designed to gradually replace Objective-C which is the language the iOS apps are written, the iPad and the iPhone. So swift as a little bit of an easier language.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Since the beginning when they watch the first iPhone or Apple Store or iPad they have been using this the Swift?

Mark Lassoff: No they have been using Objective-C, Swift is a new language just came out in recent days that is used for this so swift as a replacement for Objective-C so new developers will want to learn Swift because that’s the language of the future for iOS, Objective-C is what is done in the past, Objective-C is a little more complicated and verbose than Swift.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So swift came with I was eight?

Mark Lassoff: Correct.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay and how difficult is it is a easier than the previous one to make the job easier for the developers you think like with the years the languages are becoming easier for developers?

Mark Lassoff: Yes I think Swift is easier, Swift has a number of features that make it both powerful for experienced developers and easier for new developers, I really like the actually we finished our first course with Swift here just a couple of weeks ago and right now the top Swift book on Amazon called Swift language fundamentals the language of iOS development so that’s number one on Amazon in this category for mobile app development and we of been really excited about the response but it’s pretty easy to learn the book is only about 250 pages to compare that to our PHP book are PHP book is on the 600 pages so we were able to explain everything a lot less space with Swift and get people started more quickly.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How different is with from the previous ones in terms of percentage, 20 or 30% advanced and different?

Mark Lassoff: That’s a good question maybe 30% or 40%, it’s a different type of language that requires less code, it’s a little cleaner and I think it’s going to be more familiar to people who use other languages like JavaScript or C++, it just looks and feels more familiar to most developers who haven’t had any exposure to Objective-C or having to do a lot of individual memory management where they have to manage the memory that’s assigned to their program, Swift eliminates that, that’s all abstracted away and that’s one of the major reasons it’s easier to work with you don’t have to do with the computer’s memory it’s all automatic.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about Ajax?

Mark Lassoff: Ajax isn’t a language it’s a technique that is used to communicate with the server from a web browser without the user seeing a change to the page so a good example probably everyone at some point who is listening to this has priced out airplane tickets or train tickets online or something like that so when you do you choose a date and a time will it used to be every time you change one of those parameters that for your search you would have to go back and relive the whole page and display a whole new set of results but now with Ajax that communication is happening behind the scenes so you can for example change, I don’t want to fly in the morning I want to fly in the afternoon and make that change and get a new result set without the whole entire page having to be refreshed and redrawn so Ajax is the enabler of that technology and it’s something that’s important for users and developers to understand.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And it’s also involved with the design and connected with the server as well as the same time so how different is it from PHP and MySQL? In plain English.

Mark Lassoff: It’s all JavaScript code so it serves a different purpose than PHP and MySQL although it may communicate with PHP and MySQL it’s really an intermediate layer of code that’s used for communication where PHP and MySQL stay behind the scenes on the server.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about C++ and other C programming languages?

Mark Lassoff: Those are older languages that are still commonly used, C++ is a superset of C in that all of C is included in C++ and the place where C++ is most used is where speed is really important, earlier I talked about how the older languages were closer to the processor there was less abstraction and do that they are faster so C++ is where you see things like console video games or financial applications, trading applications where speed is required so wherever you see C++ now is in a more specialized area where speed is really critical.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it’s good for speed.

Mark Lassoff: Very good for speed.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And you don’t think it’s going to be vanishing with another one?

Mark Lassoff: I don’t think it’s going to be completely vanishing, I think as time marches on naturally there is going to be a tendency to move towards newer languages but due to the amount of code that’s already written in C++ that’s out there I think C++ programmers are going to be busy for a long time to come because all of that code needs to be maintained in the process of replacing it is often too expensive to do so it’s going to be around for a while.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about Ruby?

Mark Lassoff: Ruby is one of the newer languages and with the rails framework it’s been lauded as game changing for web development so I don’t know Ruby myself that what I observe about Ruby is that everyone who learns it and uses it really likes it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is it used for?

Mark Lassoff: Web development. Developing web applications. Everyone who uses it really likes it but its use I think is not as pervasive as people think it is so if you do a Ruby apps you may have difficulty finding developers to maintain it and if you learn Ruby you may find you actually have fewer opportunities than you thought you would because there are many systems written in it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So is it replacing HTML?

Mark Lassoff: It’s not going to replace HTML, it works with it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Yes I mean is the equivalent of it?

Mark Lassoff: Actually.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Whatever you can build with HTML you can build with Ruby?

Mark Lassoff: The browser only understands HTML and JavaScript so those are going away anytime soon, what really does like PHP is it provides a framework for producing HTML and JavaScript so it doesn’t really replace it but it uses it and this is getting kind of in the weeds here but they work together, where Ruby would kind of replace a language it would replace something like PHP

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about do.js?

Mark Lassoff: Do.js is interesting, it’s another language I’m not that familiar with but basically what it does is it takes JavaScript and expands its utility to the server-side and even to the desktop where you can run JavaScript programs in other environments in the browser.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is GitHub?

Mark Lassoff: Github is a code repository that allows you to store and share your code socially so if you are writing code and you want to share it even just among a team or you want to share with the world at large can go to Github and store your code there, also version your code if you want to roll back if you make a mistake and it’s a safe place to keep your code if your computer crashes you still have all of your code on Github, you can share with your friends, so others can modify the code if they need to and create what’s called a fork, kind of the new version of the code moving in a new direction, it’s also a good way to organize projects that have a lot of developers working on it to make sure that two people are not working on the same thing at once inadvertently creating two versions of the same code block.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is Mac’s code like the programs program for Mac do the user before?

Mark Lassoff: Mac programs generally right now are being done in Objective-C are swift, Mac is a close environment so you don’t have a choice as far as what you use, you have to use the tools that Apple want to to and right now the most common of those is the Objective-C and swift.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And the IOS is done by Ruby and android by JavaScript?

Mark Lassoff: Java is used for android, Java and JavaScript are different, JavaScript runs in the browser, Java is a full programming language and those are for android.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Just hold on a sec, JavaScript is for web development and Java is for the apps for android?

Mark Lassoff: Java is used for apps for android and JavaScript runs within a web browser. So there are different applications for the different languages.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is learning Photoshop a must for any coder?

Mark Lassoff: No I’m about as artistic as a piece of what so a lot of teams have a designer who can handle the Photoshop duties, it’s good to understand the basics of Photoshop, I recommend it for everyone because you are going to have to understand how pixels work on a screen, so it’s a good exercise and also being able to do some basic Photoshop is always beneficial, it’s not an absolute requirement for programmers but it’s one of the many skills that’s really good to know and handy to have as you become the developer.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Can you take us through the timeline of the languages since the 80s till now, which one is the important ones and can you take us through?

Mark Lassoff: Yes, if you go back to the 80s, C and C++ were dominant.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And they still exist now.

Mark Lassoff: Yes, C was created in the 70s and the still use. C and C++ as time went on you saw some basic programming which is beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code, that was common on a lot of the home computers and then as the 90s developed Pascal became a language that was used frequently, Pascal has all but disappeared at this point and replaced by Java and in about 1996 or 1997 with the web coming to be all sorts of web-based languages were instituted like HTML and PHP and JavaScript so during that period you saw a lot of new languages as people were trying to figure out how to best harness this technology so Perl was a language from that era that was very common but is now falling into disfavor. As the 2000s started Microsoft get its act together with the .net family of languages which are geared specifically towards Windows and those became very popular in business environments alongside Java and now you are starting to see a move towards Ruby, Ruby on rails, swift etc. and language is becoming optimized for the environments in which they work, some linkages or use more with mobile over the web so you start to see specialization of languages more than ever before and there are always new languages coming out like Google’s go language which is coming out now always new ones as well some of which will be adopted and some of which will be failures as time marches on I expect much of the same. Some languages will stay with us for a long time, some will become very popular very quickly and then disappear and then we will have new ones that will stay with us for long. As systems are written in them. It’s important to know about the growth of different languages it’s not necessarily the best language that grows and six around it’s often the best marketed language which unfortunately doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is ASP?

Mark Lassoff: ASP is a Microsoft technology designed to similarly to PHP to communicate between the server and webpages.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the difference between joomla and WordPress?

Mark Lassoff: Both are content management systems, WordPress started as a blogging platform and has now developed into a full-fledged content management system while Joomla! has always been a content management system, not quite as popular as WordPress but still popular, both are modularized where you can get different modules to do different things for example if you want a contact us page there are modules that do that for you and the idea is they let you create a basic web application and change the content easily without being a programmer. Both are very good choices.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Any other good choices in which one you prefer the most?

Mark Lassoff: Drupal is another one, that would be the main competitor of Joomla!, they are very similar, they have many of the same functions, I don’t necessarily think one is better than the other, I’ll tell you that we use WordPress, we really enjoy it and we really like the number of modules that are written for it, that can be really powerful for marketing or for user management or also some other functions so we really enjoy using WordPress of the last three years.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which language you prefer of all the ones that you mentioned?

Mark Lassoff: I like Python. Python’s my favorite.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which is used for what?

Mark Lassoff: Python is a general-purpose language, they can be used with websites to create games but it’s just very clear and easy for beginners to read their mind around which is what I like to use it, it’s a real specialty working with data and being able to parse data quickly because it’s a fast language aniline language but right now that’s my favorite, if you ask me again in six months of my be under something else.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How difficult is it to shift the code of an iOS app to make it work on Mac?

Mark Lassoff: I’ve never done it I don’t know, I’ve actually never done my programming but because the environment is common between iOS and Mac it’s probably somewhat difficult but not as difficult as going from iOS to android where the language is totally different.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What entrepreneurs do you think should learn to be able to control their developers now that everything is going digital and all of them have developers that speak different languages in terms of coding languages so what should they learn to be able at least to control those developers push Mark

Mark Lassoff: now you’re getting into where my views are little controversial, I don’t think a non-technical person is capable of doing a technical start up or a technical entrepreneurship without a technical cofounder. It just so rarely works because you have to understand the software development process and the programming process, one of the reasons I think the failure rate for new entrepreneurs is so high is people go into something they are not qualified to do, I was a programmer so I started to start up that involve programming and teaching and I have that background, we had startup weekend in Hartford, I was a mentor and coach for startup weekend where people start a business and 54 hours and one of the things that was nice was we had teachers starting educational startup so they understood that space, just because you have a dream and you think it could be a good idea doesn’t mean you have the background to do that or do it well, she’s a startup in your area of expertise, if you know food spending food startup, if you know software do a software startup or find a partner who knows the technical space, working with programmers is difficult because they speak their own language and have their own literally they have their own languages, their own techniques and my personality they tend not to be the easiest people to work with so partner with someone who understands that world who can get the ideas implanted well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Let’s talk about the outsourcing world, I have never been a coder and I don’t know code but I have developed many apps and websites through experimenting of course with the time you can tell that this is a good developer or not maybe from their previous work or ratings are projects but still not necessarily they will be to develop your own project so you have to test with different ones but of course it’s a struggle sometimes.

Mark Lassoff: It is, outsourcing is common all over the world in the US people commonly outsourced to Eastern Europe and India and now South America, there’s nothing wrong with it and there are good programmers all over the world and there are bad programmers all over the world, the problem is determining which one you have, and many people go through one that programmer or they outsource it and they say outsourcing doesn’t work well that’s not true but outsourcing unlike having someone with you who is developing the software requires a lot more management and a lot more care, a lot more description to get what you want because not only a communication barrier but also a cultural barrier that you’re trying to overcome because you’re often working with someone from a different culture, that being said a lot of people make it work really well and it’s a good option for entrepreneurs who are getting started who don’t have a lot of funds but you have to be careful, lots of people get burned and I think you said it best, you have to experiment before committing and make sure you have a relationship with someone who you trust and I think also people who you like working with, this is going to be a close long-term relationship and if you don’t like the person you’re working with it’s going to be difficult and I’ve worked with programmers from here in the United States from India and Pakistan, South Africa, the Philippines and there’s good and bad programmers everywhere. What you want to find is someone who understands the problem you’re trying to solve who is patient about gathering requirements, who asked really good questions about what they don’t know and doesn’t make assumptions as far as what you’re thinking and asks the questions instead of going ahead of doing something correct. It’s tough to find the right person but it’s also tough to find the right person if you’re in sourcing to.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Sometimes you need to learn some stuff to learn if you are developing an app for iOS you need to learn something about the source code and US the developer in each stage to keep it with you in case he runs away, you have to protect yourself so you can at least shift to another one along the way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Github is actually great for working with outsource programming teams, we talk about it earlier, this way you always have access to the latest version of the code they are developing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how about these platforms that sometimes you code, there is a platform called platinum or something that you put on the code and it’s going to work for android and iOS at the same time.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: There are number of libraries like that, I happen to actually be an expert in one called Phonegap, and what it is, it basically takes the process of web development and and takes your web applications and make them into mobile apps, the way it works is you create a generic HTML 5 based application and then what Phonegap does or platinum or some of the other applications, it wraps that application in a wrapper so works on individual phones so essentially running your application inside of a wrapper, the great part of it is it’s not detectable to the user, the user doesn’t know that the application wasn’t built natively and more and more the app stores are becoming more favorable towards these types of applications, it’s actually the method I prefer of development because you can write your application wants and then distribute to android, Amazon Kindle, to iOS, both iPhone and iPad and even some lesser known and lesser used environments like Google Chrome or blackberry or something like that so it’s really a great way, how those limitations, you can do everything with it but for most apps it’s fine.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: They say that you are limited, you cannot develop the code more and you have problems and then you have to develop it again something like that, is that right?

Mark Lassoff: Right and there’s limitations as far some of the hardware so if you heard about Apple’s announcement one of the things they talked about was near field communication for payments on Bluetooth, those things are not accessible through these libraries so if you’re doing something with near field communication or Bluetooth or a number of other hardware elements you have to write native applications.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right, how was your experience with Amazon and how is the process of content creation for your company works like do you create the books first and then the tutorials or the tutorials and then do the books and transcribe it, how does it work?

Mark Lassoff: Without giving away too much of our secret sauce we have a great partnership with Amazon, very good friends of that company and we have a process in which we create our content for maximum flexibility, we create content with the fact in mind that it’s going to be distributed to multiple platforms and we optimize both our processes and the content itself for that. Our swift book came out the same day as our swift course and ultimately that’s how we like to do it, it doesn’t always work out that way because books require multiple rounds of editing of things like that but we certainly try for it because that gives us the maximum splash in the market when new things come out. But our processes have been developed over three years of very hard work with a very dedicated team, we have now I think eight full-time employees and about four or five part-time employees in the team and the growth has been stupendous and one thing I can say about the learn to program team is every one of them is dedicated to the goals of this company and they work really really hard and we spend developing the processes to optimize that work environment so probably today we are shooting too much content and we don’t have the studio space so were looking at how to juggle studio space we have issued all of these different lessons and courses that we want to shoot over the next couple of weeks.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you use like audible or ACX to post sometimes?

Mark Lassoff: I’m not actually familiar with it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay you think that code was easily written or like a video for the people to understand it more than just going audio?

Mark Lassoff: Oh yes, audio only would be very very difficult because coding is a process of not just watching it be done, but you also want the students to be following along and coding along as you develop the code, that’s a visual process so yes I think video is optimal, the only thing we do audio is we have a newscast that we do a couple of times a week called dev.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like a podcast?

Mark Lassoff: It’s called dev.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: With the podcast? It’s a podcast?

Mark Lassoff: We don’t use the word podcast because they don’t like the word but that is what it is, also it appears in our TV channel,, it appears on YouTube, since we cast to a number of different venues, not just for example iTunes, podcast is kind of a limiting term, it is available as a podcast but it is not strictly a podcast. It’s a newscast available on video across a number of different platforms including stitcher.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the other projects or future products you are working on?

Mark Lassoff: We are trying to expand our library of courses as always, always trying to get more courses that are relevant, but they courses we haven’t produce new books for our user audience which is always growing, so just a hint of the future project we are going to be looking at creating a parallel source of courses in information that reaches outside programming and into more digital media.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Can you take us through your typical life and work day?

Mark Lassoff: There’s nothing typical about my life, I do 30 to 40 speaking appearances each year, I’m going to be speaking this week at Tech week New York which is a huge conference, I’m also going to be at Tech week LA so if I’m traveling it’s whatever’s on the agenda for the conference that I’m appearing at or the company that I’m visiting so the last few months I’ve been to San FranciSEO and Las Vegas and Los Angeles and London all for conference appearances are meetings with companies are partners, if I’m here a typical day, I’m up about 6 o’clock in the office at seven, spend a couple of hours going through email and communicate with partners and friends and our staff, we spend a number of hours each week doing actual content development and then all of the things that come to running a business, marketing finance accounting staff supervision really account for the balance of my time at the office. Spent a lot of time working with our employees doing training so they better and more efficient, meeting with our vice president Kevin who runs the day-to-day operations, making sure things run smoothly and then at night and either teaching for free, volunteering with the entrepreneurial community, hosting events, I’m not married and don’t have kids so I spend a lot of my free time dedicated to the community and helping new entrepreneurs develop their companies so I volunteer as a mentor and things like that so my life is really rich but all focused around business and developing new businesses and having fun and it’s very satisfying to me.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the habits you are trying to develop to stay efficient?

Mark Lassoff: One of them is to develop a schedule for myself, on a daily basis I have numerous things to do to accomplish on a daily basis and I find if I schedule the time ahead of time I get more done and I more productive so that’s the first thing is having a daily schedule, 2 my personal fitness habits which are my weakness, exercise more and eat less, I’m working with a great trainer and dietitian who actually is in our same office building who is teaching me to eat better and is giving you more energy, and I lose that while in the afternoon where people get tired and it’s hard to work so fitness and energy are really importance, the third area I’m working at his personal organization skills, I’m not known for the neatest office and having everything in an organized manner so I’m trying to become more organized which I think results in higher productivity.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who is your number one mentor?

Mark Lassoff: My number one, can I mentioned 2?

Mark Lassoff: No problem, mention three.

Mark Lassoff: So I worked for a great entrepreneur and a great founder in Austin named Pierre Crabbage, Pierre founded a company called total systems in Kansas City and network logistic in Austin and sold both of those and went on to become a VP for one of the big manufacturers of TVs and networking systems, LG so working for have I learned a lot about how to run a business, how to use your own personal energy and magnetism, how to make good decisions and also how to sell. The foundational level of every business and sales and he is the best salesman I’ve ever seen and just so intelligent and so caring, one of the things I loved about him and still love about him is he knows the name of every employee who is everywhere friend and whether that employee was the vice president of his company like I was or pulling cable through ceiling tiles making nine dollars an hour Pierre treated in the same and he was just as likely to go to lunch with the VPs as he was with the kid who just graduated college and is in his first programming job. So it’s just a very egalitarian and smart way of building companies, he has built and sold 2 and is quite well off because of it. The second mentors Michael Martino, Michael is an older guy in his 70s now and he’s a professor at Austin community college and I took one of Mike’s programming courses years and years ago and he really, we became friends and he had a career previously at IBM working with microcode in the years when computers had 6K memory or something like that and worked on mainframes. The historical perspective from him the idea of requirement gathering are all things that I learned from him in a way that’s really really been momentous Lee impactful in my life so both Mike and Pierre, I hope they see this, they been great mentors to me and continue to act as such.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: From your perspective success, the most important factors for success in three words?

Mark Lassoff: Work work work. It’s about the work, ideas everyone has ideas, some are good and some are bad, most are somewhere in between, it’s about the execution. I’m not the smartest guy out there, I’m definitely not the best looking but I will outwork anybody and it’s in that work and working smartly productively and efficiently that success happens, you make your own luck, you make your own success and that comes from hard work, the harder you work the more likely you are to succeed no one is going to do it for you.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three apps that use on your smart phone?

Mark Lassoff: Evernote is definitely number one, we are in the Google ecosystem so the Google Drive that would be number two, to look up documents from the office and Skype for communication with partners staff and friends.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three favorite books?

Mark Lassoff: Lean startup is one I really like, there’s one I forget the other called traction which is a great business book talks about getting traction it’s fairly new, and number three is the art of war.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three people you are inspired by?

Mark Lassoff: Wow, top three people and inspired by that stuff I’m inspired by a lot of different people so from the business world I really enjoy Steve Blank I find what he writes to be inspiring and it drives me to move forward, I’m going to say from a personal motivation world I’m a great admirer of Martin Luther King the civil rights pioneer here in the United States who did incredible work in race relations and also from that same world Buffy Sainte Marie who fought for and continues to fight for the role of indigenous people in the United States to become an important part of politics in the world and she does that and continues to do that through music.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you listen to any music when you were?

Mark Lassoff: I do, it varies, most of the time on listening to classic rock although I different times I can listen to European pop or new age, the cure definitely a favorite, Buffy Sainte Marie who I mentioned involved, Irish Celtic music sometimes it just depends what the work I’m doing calls for but definitely some favorites like the cure, speed wagon, journey if I need to get pumped up and then sometimes quieter folk music from some of the folk greats from the American folk movement like Bob Dylan.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you follow the routine to sleep?

Mark Lassoff: I lay down and fall asleep.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: That’s great, I want to learn them.

Mark Lassoff: Generally by the end of the day I put in probably 12 hours at work, maybe have dinner with friends or other entrepreneurs and then got on to some other entrepreneurial event or meeting, I’m done, I’m ready to go to sleep until the next morning.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the things that make you really happy?

Mark Lassoff: My family, spending time with my mother and her husband Rick, my brother and his wife and his kids and the great group of friends I’ve developed around entrepreneurship and business here in Connecticut, I spent all weekend working at a startup weekends with great friends and inspirational people who are starting businesses and that’s what really gets me going, I was on my feet for 16 hours on Saturday and just happy as I could be and I think also just travel and the opportunity to meet really interesting people all over the country and all over the world.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Last question how can people contact you?

Mark Lassoff:, I check my email pretty constantly and I try to respond to absolutely everybody so is the best way, on Twitter it’s @mlassoff.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much for this interview Mark I really appreciate it.

Mark Lassoff: Thank you it has been a lot of fun.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.

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أحمد القرملي:
أهلا بكم جميعاً، معكم أحمد القرملي من برنامج كن كفؤاً، و مهمة هذا البرنامج هو زيادة كفاءة حياتك و عملك من خلال بعض النصائح و الإرشادات من خبراء قياديين. معي اليوم مارك لا سوف، مبرمج متخصص وهو مؤسس لتعلم البرامج التليفزيونية , مرحبا بكم في المعرض كافة .

مارك لاسوف:
شكرا جزيلا لك .

أحمد القلاملي:
من دواعي سروري , اذا لماذا ومتى بدأتم الترميز والبرمجة ؟

مارك لاسوف:
بدأت العودة الى الترميز عام 1983 او 1984 كان عمرى 11 او 12 سنه , والدى كانوا يشجعوني جدا بقدر ما يحصل لي في مجال اجهزة الكمبيوتر حتى والدى اشترى لي جهاز " Commodore 64" وانا علمت نفسى البرمجة الاساسية في سن 11 او 12 لأنني اردت ان اصنع العاب , وبالفعل صنعت زوجا من الالعاب التي احدثت ضجة في الجوار أصدقائي يتمتعون باللعب بها , وكل شيء نوع من البداية من هناك وانا لا يمكنني البرمجة من خلال المدارس الثانوية والكليات

أحمد القرملي:
لذلك انت لا تبيع أي لعبة لشركة العاب كبيرة ، ليس لديك الطريقة في الوصول ام انت لا يمكنك القيام بها في ذلك الوقت ؟

مارك لاسوف:
لم اكن اعرف كيفية القيام به , وانا لست متأكد في هذه المرحلة ان كانت العابي جيدة بما يكفى لأى شخص لشرائها , ولكننا نقوم بتداولهم بين اصدقائنا في الحى , وهم حقا يبدون مستمتعين بالألعاب التي انتجتها

احمد القرملي:
ما هو التركيز الحالي من حيث الاعمال والمشاريع ؟

مارك لاسوف:
حاليا , تركيزي الاساسي على تعلم البرامج , وشركتنا هى منذ ثلاثة سنوات ونحن ننمو بشكل كبير في هؤلاء الثلاثة سنوات , لقد نمت فقط حوالى 250 او 300% لكل عام , وتركيزى الكامل على نموها ليصبح الناشر الرئيسي لمحتوى المواد والدورات بالنسبة للأشخاص الذين يتعلمون البرمجة

أحمد القرملي:
لذلك تركز فقط على البرمجة والترميز ؟

مارك لاسوف:
حقا , نحن فقط نركز على البرمجة والترميز ,لدينا بعض الدورات والمعلومات المتعلقه بذلك , وبعض المواد الخام المصممة , ولكنها تركز على ان تكون قادره على خلق شبكة المحمول وتطبيقات اللعبة .

أحمد القرملي:
كيف يعمل , هل لديك عضوية او هل كل دورة على حدى ؟

مارك لاسوف:
نحن بالفعل نقدم لطلابنا عدداً من الخيارات الاول هو عضوية 39 دولار في الشهر وهذه هي العضوية المتكررة التي يمكن الغائها في أي وقت ولكن هذا يعطيهم ، طريقة الوصول الى أي شيء نقوم به ب 39 دولارا شهريا التي تشمل كتابنا التي تعد الاكثر مبيعا , ودورات الفيديو خاصتنا لدينا حوالى 40 من كل تلك المواجهات نحو تعلم مهارات التنمية ودردشات الفيديو الحية مع المدربين , ولكن ايضا يمكنك شراء الدورات على هيئة كتب بشكل فردى من خلال امازون او من خلال " Udemy" دوراتنا هي على مكتبة تقنية سفاري وعدد من الاماكن الاخرى, نحن نحاول ان نجعل دوراتنا متوفرة حيث يمكن ان يستفيد الناس منها , لذلك نحن متواجدون في عدد من مختلف مكتبات الدورات

أحمد القرملي:
لذلك قمت فقط بنشر المادة التي انتجتها , او هل لديك بعض الخبراء الاخرين الذين يضعون كتبهم والمواد الخاصة بهم هناك ايضا ؟

مارك لاسوف:
كتابة عدد من الدورات هي مهمتي باعتباري مبرمج كمبيوتر و الهيكلة على مدار سنوات , انا طورت الكثير من المواد للفصول الدراسية التي تم اعتمادها لفصول عبر الانترنت ولكن لدينا بعض الخبراء الاخرين الذين طوروا الدورات التي قمنا بنشرها من هم كبار الخبراء في مجالاتهم , فقد كان لدينا الكثير من المرح مع تلك ايضا , نحن نحاول الحصول على خبراء جيدين في عدد من المجالات المختلفة داخل البرمجة لعمل دورات معنا , وحدودنا فقط هي حجم استوديو هاتنا في الوقت الحالي والتوقيت في خلال الاسبوع , ولكن نحن نتطلع الى زيادة مكتباتنا بسرعة كبيرة

أحمد القرملي:
كم مرة قمت بنشر محتوى جديد ؟

مارك لاسوف:
نقوم بنشر محتوى متميز ودورات جديدة مرة او مرتان في الشهر لذلك لدينا دورة ادارة مشاريع فقط للقيام به , ونحن لدينا دورة على مكتبة جافا سكريبت الشهيرة ومن ثم الى جانب ذلك دورة تطوير الــHTML5 الجديدة للمحمول كلها فى مراحل مختلفة من الاكتمال ثم بعد ذلك نحن ذاهبون لمعالجة نظام " android Al" الجديد , لذلك نحن نأتي مع حوالى اثنين منهم كل شهر و من ثم نخرج بالمحتوى المجاني الذى يستمرعلى قناتنا على اليوتيوب " Roku", فقط على مدار اليوم

أحمد القرملي:
إذاً انت تعطى هذا المحتوى الاخر مجانا ليستخدمه فقط كبار المسؤولين الاقتصادين لجذب حركة المرور ومن ثم لديك دورات متميزة كم من الوقت تستغرق كل دورة ؟ ما عدد نماذج ؟

مارك لاسوف:
عموما انها حوالي 10 وحدات في أي مكان من اربع الى ثماني ساعات للدورة الفردية87 لدينا بعض مجموعات الدورات التي يمكن ان تصل مدتها الي 20 ساعة او عدد من الدورات توضع معا التي تساعد في تقديم مهارة محددة حقيقية مثل مجموعة JavaScript المتقدمة او شيء من هذا القبيل , و عمل المحتوى المجاني جزئيا لكبار المسئولين الاقتصادين , وجزئيا للحصول على اسمنا من هناك و نبنى قناتنا على اليوتيوب , ولكن ايضا مهمتنا هي تعليم الناس على البرنامج ونحن ندرك ان الجميع في جميع انحاء العالم لديه طريقة لانفاق ال39 دولار في الشهر .او 99 دولارا وبالطبع نحن نريد عمل بعض المحتوى التي سوف تكون متاحة في الاماكن حيث يتواجد الناس الفقراء وانها لاتزال مستمرة للاستفادة منها

أحمد القمرلي:
أي واحد يعمل اكثر بالنسبة لك مثل بيع الدورات بشكل فردى ام بمفهوم
العضوية ؟

مارك لاسوف:
الغالبية العظمى من الدخل هي من بيع الدورات الفردية وجزء من ذلك هو الوقت , لقد كان لدينا عضوية لمدة سته اشهر و ايضا نحن حقا اتخذنا نموذج النشر وتأنيبه في حين ان هدفنا هو التوزيع من خلال منظمة " Udemy " و " open sesame"وجميع هذه الاماكن التي يمكن ان تبيع دوراتنا ولا تقوم بالكثير من البيع المباشر , لذلك هذا نوع من التصميم الذى قد انتهى بهذه الطريقة

أحمد القرملي:
انت اسست هذه الشركة في عام 2011, لماذا قمت بذلك ؟ لماذا قررت عمل تليفزيون و مصادر نشر وما هي خلفيتك في ذلك ؟

مارك لاسوف:
انا لست متأكدا من إنني اتخذت قرارا واضح ببداء عمل شركة , لقد كنت امارس التدريب التقني على الطريق , وكان جيد جدا جدا على مستوى عملاء المؤسسة , وكنت قد قمت بالتدريب في الشركات مثل " Symantec" و " AFLAC" و" ADP" وشركات الرواتب الكبيرة من الحكومة الفيدرالية هنا في الولايات المتحدة وعلى الصعيد الدولي ايضا لشركة" Motorola" , كنت قد قمت بدورات للحكومة في نيجيريا لذلك انا كنت مسافرا للقيام بدورات باستمرار , كانت مربحة للغاية واستمتعت بكل شيء كثيرا وللأسف اصبت بسرطان القولون , وهذا حدد سفري , وسافرت حينما كنت تحت العلاج ولكن اثناء الانتقال من خلال العلاج الكيميائي يمكن لأى شخص من خلال ذلك يعرف ان له اثار تراكمية , كما يمكنك الحصول على الاثار في نهاية العلاج اثار اكبر مما كانت عليه في بداية العلاج لذلك اضطررت الى نوع من البطء وهذه ليست في طبيعتي انني كنت حقا اشعر بالملل في المنزل بينما كنت اتعافى لذلك
قررت وضع الدورات عبر الانترنت على Udemy" " ولدهشتي كانت تلك مقدمه لدورات JavaScriptالتي حققت مبيعات بعدة الاف من الدولارات في الشهر الاول دون ان اعلم حقا الترويج او التسويق لذلك , ومن هنا قمت بعمل دورة اخرى ثم افضل ما قمت باختراعه قد اصبح كبير جدا بالنسبة لي للتعامل معه بنفسي , لذلك قمت بتعيين الذى هو الان نائبا لرئيس الانتاج Kevin Hernandes لمساعدتي وبدانا تنمية شركتنا من هنا ، اتحدنا منذ ثلاثة سنوات , بحيث كان لدينا نقطة الانطلاق الرسمية ولكن سوابق تعلم البرمجة تعود بنا سنتين قبل ذلك

أحمد القرملي:
كيف حالك الان .. هل تم شفاءك ؟

مارك لاسوف:
انا على وشك الشفاء الكامل من المرض , لا يوجد شيء مثل المعافاة ولكن لا يوجد اثر للمرض في جسدي في هذه الحالة لذلك هناك احتمالات ان اعيش عمرى العادي

أحمد القرملي:
نأمل ونتمنى ان تعيش حياة مليئة بالصحة والسعادة

مارك لاسوف:
شكرا لك , لحسن الحظ انه اصبح مرض قابل للعلاج اكثر من ذلك بكثير ولكن الامر يحتاج الي الاكتشاف في وقت مبكر لذا اينما كنت اود ان اشجع اى شخص فوق سن ال35 للحصول على تنظير القولون , انها ليس لها اجراءات , فانها تستغرق فقط بضع ساعات ويمكنها انقاذ حياتك

احمد القرملي:
وكنت تعتقد ان هذه الواقعة قد تغيير حياتك تماما الى تلك الاشياء الايجابية لأنها جعلت غرضك هو اكتشاف الاشياء التي تستمتع بها اكثر وانها ستشجع المزيد من النفوذ في الدورات التي تقومون بها , هل هذا صحيح ؟

مارك لاسوف:
سأخبرك بذلك , كانت هناك تغييرات حول ان لا اضيع وقتي على المشاريع او الناس او الجهود العقيمة والمحبطة والغير مفيدة لي او لأي شخص اخر, والوقت ثمين لذلك انا لا اريد ان اضيع أي منه وهذا هو ربما كان اكبر درس هو انه بخير لأنهاء شيء لا يعمل والعمل على الامور التي تهم حقا , والتي تأثر عليك وعلى عائلتك وعلىً و علي نفسى وعلى مجتمعك والعالم باسره , واذ كنت لا تؤثر لم تكن تقبل مثل المشاريع الخارجية مثل تطوير الشبكة او اضافة التنمية

أحمد القرملي:
لم تكن تفعل , مثل فريقك ألم تركز على كل ذلك ؟

مارك لاسوف:
لا وهذا ما لا يعنى القول بان أي رجل اعمال يجب ان يأخذ هذا الجانب لان المشاريع يمكنها ان تكون مصدر كبير للتمويل كما كانت في البداية , لكن بالنسبة لنا لم اكن اريد ان اصرف انتباه فريقي في المشاريع التي لم تجلب الاهداف الاساسية القريبة والطريقة التي نريدان ينمو بها , نعم لدينا مجموعة من المهارات لتطوير المواقع والبرمجيات و نحن حصلنا على الطلبات المتداولة ولكن هناك عملاءجيدين وايضا هناك عملاء ربما تصدقوا او لا تصدقوا التكلفة النهائية لك اكثر مما تعمل منها لذلك نحن نحاول حقيقة بعناية للتمسك بتركيز على انشاء المواد التي بمجرد ان تم انشاؤها لد تكلفة الوحدة فى البيع من الصفر , لدينا الصلاحية جيدة وهناك حاجة من قبل الناس الذين يتعاملون عبر شبكة المحمول و تطوير اللعبة .

أحمد القرملي:
فقط القيام بواحدة من الشبكات للعميل حتى لو كان ربحه لا يتناسب مع الاهداف الكبرى للمجموعة من حيث التسويق , واي اسلوب عمل هو الافضل بالنسبة لك من حيث التسويق لــالدورات الخاصة بك هى تشبه الموجودة على موقعك او بيعه على منصات اخرى و هل يمكنك ان تعطينا اسم على سبيل المثال لا الحصر ؟

مارك لاسوف:
من الصعب ان اقول لان واحدا من نقاط الضعف في حركة التحليلات هو انه فشل في رؤية تضافر القيام بالجهود التسويقية المتعددة عبر القنوات المختلفة لذلك لدينا يوتيوب تقود القناة نمو شركاتنا في الفيس بوك الذى يدفع لنا عضوية الموقع وذلك عند فصل كل شيء عن بعضه و اختبار AB يفقدك بعض من تلك الصورة الكبيرة من النمو عبر القناة التي تمتلكها من خلال التواجد في مكان لذلك اول شيء لدينا ان نقوم بمحاولة لتقدم على كل القنوات حيث يراها طلابنا بحيث تشمل على ربما " Pinterest" و "Face book " و " open sesame" وهناك العديد من القنوات التي حاولنا ان تكون موجوده مثل Udemy كونها اكبر قناة تدفع نمونا , و الثانية هي قناتنا على يوتيوب والتى تنمو ونحن نضع بها الكثير من الجهد في اعادة صنع هذا في القناة هذا هو الدافع الحقيقي للعضوية , وان لا تكون مجرد نقطة توزيع لذلك نحن نعمل مع الناس في يوتيوب كانت لطيفة بما يكفي لعمل تسهيلات لجعل شركاء اخرين لنا في القناة ثانيا لأنه هو " Roku" المتواجد على الانترنت , قد لا يكون على دراية بها ولكن لديه جهاز انترنت التليفزيون والذى يتوفر في الولايات المتحدة وفى بعض الدول في اوروبا وانها مماثلة لتليفزيونات APPLE , فانه يتيح القنوات التليفزيونية على شبكة الانترنت, ونحن ننتج قنواتنا التليفزيونية الخاصة والتي كانت مصدرا كبير جدا للنمو

أحمد القرملي:
بالنسبة لك لكي تعرض عمل اشتراك مجاني لم يتم سداد التكاليف , اليس كذلك ؟

مارك لاسوف:
نحن لا نفرض أي رسوم علي موقع يوتيوب و في الواقع نحن نفكر في ازالةاعلاناتنا منها لأننا نعتقد ان الصالح الحقيقي هو الحصول على المحتوى من هناك اثبات كيفية اجادة المحتوى لدينا , وكيف يكون سهل التعلم في مقابل كمية صغيرة نسبيا من الاعلان لتدفق الايرادات من خلالكم ايضا

أحمد القرملي:
هل ترمز الان للتمتع ببعض المشاريع فقط لنفسك ؟

مارك لاسوف:
انا ادرس للإستمتاع , والمشاريع التي اقوم بها هي اساسا موجهة للتعليم والتدريس لذلك انا انشأت على سبيل المثال في HTML5 لعبة ظلت عدة الاشهر قبل ان يتم استخدامها كمشروع تدريس انا اقوم بالتعليم من اجل المتعة هنا في مجتمعنا في " Connecticut" , لدي مجموعة تسمي " Biteray" التي تقدم دروس برمجة مجانية لأي شخص يريد ان يظهر حتى الاسبوع المقبل نحن ذاهبون لبدء دورة لمدة ستة اسابيع علي الالعاب التي سوف نستخدم فيها ثعبان لأنشاء نمط لصفحة العاب الفيديو وهذا يكون مجاني فان اي عضو يريد ان يأتي في ولاية Connecticut يستطيع ان يأتي وهذا ما اقوم به من اجل المتعة بالإضافة الي التطوع في الكثير من المبادرات المجتمعية لا اشعر ابدا بالملل مثل السنوات التي تم فيها تغيير اللغة والتعليم اكثر واكثر

أحمد القرملي:
اللغات الجديدة والرموز , اخبرنا اكثر عن ذلك ؟

مارك لاسوف:
اعتقد بأنني سأكون ممل اذا لم تتغير , فهي واحدة من الاشياء المثيرة حول برمجة الكمبيوتركمجال فهو حقا مجال الذي يضطرك لمواكبة التغيرات الحديثة لان ذلك يحدث بسرعة والتغيرات عديدة بحيث تكون انت حقا تسعى للحد ان لم يكن وحياتك المهنية من خلال عدم مواكبة ذلك لذا انا تعلم التكنولوجيات الحديثة في اقرب وقت هناك شيء جديد يجب ان تأخذه بعيدا ونرى ما هو عليه مثل نظام التشغيل الجديد من apple قد نلعب نحن مع ذلك, والان هناك نظام التشغيل الجديد android كنت دائما ذلك الطفل الذي اذا اعطيتني لعبه اخذتها بعيدا لأرى كيف تعمل ولهذا السبب عندما اتعلم تكنولوجيا حديثة فهذا شيء مثير جدا بالنسبة لي , ولكني ايضا اتعلم مع اخذ المهارات الاساسية القوية بعين الاعتبار التي التقطها والتي تنتج الكولاجين على مدار السنوات وهذا ايضا مهم جدا لأنني قادر علي تطبيق تلك الاساسيات للغات الجديدة لان ما هو قديم هو جديد مرة اخرى , يبدو ان يكون هناك مواضيع متكررة في علوم الحاسب التي تبقي العودة , واذا كان لديك اساسيات قوية وجعل الموظفين الجدد يتعلمون اسهل بكثير

أحدم القرملي:
دعنا نتعمق في البرمجة والترميز العالمية مثل انه يمكنك ان تخبرنا تاريخ كيفية اختراع مثل هذه اللغة الجديدة او لماذا لا يستخدمون نفس اللغة لــتطوير برامج اكثر تقدما وانها بداية كتابة لغات مختلفة التي ستعمل في البرامج المختلفة او لأنشاء المزيد من الالعاب المختلفة المتقدمة , كيف يتم ذلك ؟

مارك لاسوف:
هذا سؤال جيد منذ سنوات والبرمجة تقوم بأعمال مباشرة ضد معالج الكمبيوتر حيث ان المعالج يفسر مباشرة سطرا سطرا كل التعليمات التي تم تشفيرها والتي كانت تعرف باسم لغة التجميع او لغة الألة , فأننا لا نفعل ذلك بعد الان ما حدث هو ان العملية قد تم استخراجها من خلال طبقات الترميز فوقه حيث C , وكنت قد اسمع عن لغة التعليمات البرمجية C او شقيه C++ فانه يتيح لك نوعا من جمعها مباشرة الي لغة التجميع لدينا الان علي الطبقات , علاوة علي ذلك ما نقوم به هو اننا باستمرار نبنى طبقات لجعل البرمجة اسهل وتشبه اكثر الطريقة التي نتحدث بها انا وانت الان حيث توجد تعليمات مالوفة والبرمجة تتم غالبا باللغة الانجليزية لذلك فان المحاضرين يحبون دائما التحدث باللغة الانجليزية هذا هو السبب الاول , رقم اثنين اللغات المختلفة هي الامثل للأغراض المختلفة ذلك على سبيل المثال لغات مثل Python هى حقا جيدة في تحليل كميات كبيرة من البيانات واستخراج المعلومات للخروج من ذلك و هذا عظيم

أحدم القرملي:
هل هذا يعنى انه جيد لأنظمة التخزين ؟
مارك لاسوف:
الجرد، والبيانات الكبيرة، والحصول على المعلومات منقواعد البيانات واستخلاص النتائج مع كميات هائلة من البيانات، هذا النوع من الشيء أو تحليل الكثير من المعلومات لاستخراج فقط جزء صغير منه، وهذا ما هو Pythonالأمثل لهم على الرغم من أنها قد استخدمت لكل شيء من ألعاب الفيديو إلى مواقع، إذا كنت ننظر أيضا في لغات أخرى مثل الشبكة ، الشبكة هي الامثل لبيئة نظام الWINDOS قد يكون خيارا جيدا إذا كنت تريد الذهاب لاستخدام نظام Windows حيث لا يوجد هناك Java فقد تكون اختيار جيد لذلك كل لغة لها نقاط القوة والضعف كالعادة يتم بناءها للاستفادة من نقاط القوة في بيئات محددة والمكتبات يتم بناءها في كثير من الاحيان علي راس تلك اللغات لجعل البرمجة اسهل من خلال اتخاذ تلك المهام التي يقمون بها مرارا وتكرار واستخدام كود مكتوب مسبقا بالنسبة لهم وهذا هو السبب في تغير تلك الاشياء في كثير من الاحيان تغيرات الأجهزة تكون هي التغيرات المطلوبة اذا نظرتم الى تطوير ألعاب الفيديوعلى مدى السنوات ال 20 الماضية، التي كانت ألعاب الفيديونوع من ألعاب بسيطة 8 بت منذ 25 عاما هيالآن هي تشبه الافلام و اللغات فهي تحتاج الي مواكبة ذلك حتى يتاح لنا ان نصل لإنتاج عالي المستوى

أحمد القرملي:
لماذا لا يقومون بتعزيز اللغة نفسها بدلا من اصفاءها اسماء مختلفة لأنه يبدو وكأنه عندما نسميها اسم مختلف كانه رمز مختلف تماما ويختلف حق اللغة؟

مارك لاسوف:
جزء من ذلك هو مجرد طبيعة الأعمال،طرحت الشركات منتجات تنافسية أو لغات وليس لديهم حقوق إلى اللغات القديمة حتى Java على سبيل المثال يتم التحكم فيها من خلال " Oracle" لذلك اذا لم تكن من Oracle " يمكنك بناء مكتبات Java ولكن لا يمك ان تقدم Java الأساسية , لذلك تسعى Oracle لتعزيز Java الاساسية وفقاً لاحتياجات الشركات واهداف الشركات, لذلك لا يمكن ان تستمر فقط و في Java المتقدمة ومع الاصدار القادم الا اذا كنت تعمل مع Oracle و Java هو جيد حقا لبعض الاشياء وربما لا يكون هو الاختيار الافضل للأخرين , لذلك هو جزء منه هو طبيعة العمل والصور المختلفة المملوكة والتي يتحكم فيها بعض الشركات المختلفة , ولكن بعد ذلك مع مصادر المجتمع المفتوح بعض مما تقول يمكن ان يكون حقيقي , لغة JavaScript التي اظل اقول انها اللغة الاكثر اهمية لمعرفة فعل الكثير من ذلك حيث انها تعمل فقط في المتصفح .

أحمد القرملي:
ما الفرق بين المصدر المفتوح وما كنا نتحدث عنه فقط ليفهم الجمهور ؟

مارك لاسوف:
لغة المصادر المفتوحة مملوكة اكثر او اقل من قبل المجتمع , لانهم قد يكونوا ملكوها من الاساس ولكنها ليست مملوكة لكيان للربح والمبرمجين لديهم نقطة وصول الي جوهر الرمز وهم قادرين على اجراء تغيرات وعمل اضافات لها لذلك التغيرات غالبا ما تكون متقدمة من قبل المجتمع نفسه .

أحمد القرملي:
امثله ؟

مارك لاسوف:
JavaScript و Python و J query و الان العمل النصي لان Adobe قد تبرعت به حتى مع الملكية اللغة مثل net او java يتم التحكم بهم فقط من قبل الشركة التي تملكهم , Microsoft او Oracle او أيا كان يتحكم في اللغة , انا لا اصنفها واحدة جيدة وواحدة سيئة انها مجرد نوع مختلف من الفلسفة التي تعبر الاقواس في أنواع مختلفة من اللغات.

أحمد القرملي:
ولكن كيف يتم حمايتهم مثل اذا وجدت طريقة لتطوير اللغة التي يمتلكها شركة Microsoft ثم اضطررت لتغيير قليلا في رمز هل نسميها بعد ذلك لغة مختلفة ؟

مارك لاسوف:
لم يكن لديك القدرة للوصول للملفات الاساسية لتكون قادرا علي القيام بذلك , لديك فقط حق الوصول الي النتيجة النهائية لتلك الملفات التي هي لغة طريقة التواصل مع الجوهر الصافي , هذه هي حقوق الملكية والمملوكة لشركة Microsoft لذلك حتي لو فعلت ذلك مرة واحدة ستكون اخترقت القوانين الدولية و2 Microsoft فقك لا تسمح بذلك لان هذه هي تقنياتهم , وانهم استثمروا مئات الملايين من الدولارات النامية ويريدون الحق في ذلك ولتبسيط ذلك هذا يشبه انا افهم قليل من WordPress انها لا تعطيك الوصول الي لغة النص وكان لديك فقط القدرة على الوصول للمرئيات للعب معها .

أحمد القرملي:
نعم , هذا نوع من التوازي الجيد , و WordPress نفسه هو المصدر المفتوح لذلك يقوم الكثير من الناس بتطوير من اجل WordPress و WordPress انا لست متأكد من كيفية عمل ملكية WordPress او كيف يتم ترخيصه ولكن هذا من المصادر المفتوحة العالمي وعموما هذه منتجات هذه المصادر المفتوحة مجانية , وهى عموما لا تاتي بتكلفة مرتبطة بها ولكن الشيء عن هذا المنتج يكون بسبب ان المجتمع يساهم في الصميم العام ويمكن ان تجد هذه التطورات مع نوع من الاحتياجات التكنولوجيا مثل JavaScript تمتلكه .لذلك في بحر اللغات المختلفة باعتبارها مبتدئ جديد , ما ينبغي ان تعلم , اين يجب ان تبدأ ؟

مارك لاسوف:
ذلك يعتمد على المكان الذي تريد في نهاية المطاف، ما هدفك هو، إذا كنت تريد أن تجعل المواقع HTMLمواقع عامة ، هي مكان البدء، انها اللغة التي ترتكز عليها كل من المحتوى الذي تراه علي موقع علي شبكة الانترنت , من شانه ان JavaScript تاخذ جانبا , اذا كنت تريد أن تجعل الألعاب لها عدد من الأماكن الجيدة التي يمكن أن تبدأ, في C او في Python او في Java اذا كنت تريد ان تجعل تطبيقات الجوال اكثر من الاعتماد عليه إذا كنت ترغب في العمل من أجل منصة دائرة الرقابة الداخلية لشركة Apple او بنظام android او كلاهما , هناك نقاط انطلاق مختلفة اعتمادا على ما هو هدفك , بغض النظر أنا عادة ما تبدأ لدينا الطلاب في Python اقاموا دورة تسمى البرمجة للمبدئين الجدد والتي تدرس في Python وتعطيك التعرض اساسيات البرمجة الشائعة في العامة في جميع اللغات حتى إذا كنت تعلم هذا في Python ويمكنك تطبيق ذلك علي بعض اللغات التي تحتاج الي طريق

أحمد القرملي:
من تجربتك من التدريس الرمزين أو المبرمجين كيف تنظرون إلى البرامج عبر الانترنت مقارنة بالبرامج والجامعات واي منهم نوصي به اكثر وتنصح به اكثر مثل اذا كنت مبتدئ الان كمبرمج ماذا كنت ستفعل ؟

مارك لاسوف:
هذا يعتمد علي اهدافك ووقتك في الوضع الخاص بك , الكثير من الناس تبدأ البرمجة مثل الاطفال ثم يدرسونها في الكلية ثم يأخذون مسار الجامعة واذا كان لديك وقت لهذا فهذا امر عظيم , و التعليم الجامعي مع الفنون الليبرالية الأساسية والتعليم التقني في جهاز الكمبيوتر البرمجة هي الأمثل، ليس الجميع لديه 4 سنوات وفي 150000دولار أمريكي لمتابعة أن حتى إذا لم يقم بذلك، الكثير من الناس أو تعلم ذاتي على الانترنت والقيام على ما يرام هذا عموما مسار أسرع ولكن لتكون لديك دافع ذاتي اكبر ، عليك أن تكون أكثر انضباطا، هو قل تكلفة ويمكن أن تحصل في القوى العاملة بسرعة ولكنك ما تخسر هو السياق كله فأن التعليم الجامعي يعطي لك. ل يمكننى ان اقول ان احد هو أفضل من الآخر ولكن واقع الحال هو إذا كان لديك ذهبت بالفعل إلى الكلية مرة واحدة أو كنت تعمل ولدي عائلة ثم فإنه من الصعب للذهاب نسخ إلى الكلية والحصول على درجة لمدة أربع سنوات لذلك لدينا الناس التي هي تتراوح بين الامهات الذين يعملون خلال النهار وبعد الاطفال الذهاب الى النوم أنها تأخذ الدورات على الانترنت للسادة الذين كانوا لديهم مهارات تقنية يضعوها خلفهم ويحتاجون للحاق بالركب والاطفال الذين يريدون المضي قدما من الدورات التي يمكن أن تتخذ في المدرسة من خلال اتخاذ دوراتنا ذلك يتراوح حقا حيث الدراسات الجامعية تميل إلى أن تكون أكثر لطفا من أن جيل الشباب قبل بدء حياتهم المهنية بحيث لن أقول واحد هو أفضل من الآخر ولكن ذلك يعتمد فقط على مكان تواجدك و في اي مرحلة من مراحل الحياة وما هي احتياجاتك وكيف يمكنك ان تتعلم افضل للحصول على موضع و مصادر .

احمد القرملي:
هل تعتقد أن الشركات لا تزال تعطي قيمة أكثر للشهادة الجامعية ام أنها تقوم باختبار المبرمجين فقط و توظيف الناس الذين لم تكن أبدا في جامعة كيف ترى ذلك؟

مارك لاسوف:
كلا من الفلسفتين موجودتين ، وبعض من أفضل المبرمجين هم من المتعلمين ذاتيا ، بعض الشركات تريد أن ترى درجة بغض النظر ولكن هناك الكثير من الفرص الآن في العلوم والهندسة والمهن الرياضية هذا حقا ما يحتاجه الجميع وليس كل البرامج تتطلب عالم الكمبيوتر لتطوير صفحة ويب الأساسية والتعليمات البرمجية التي علاقة أقل تعقيدا على سبيل المثال الترميز يقود تشغيل الأجهزة الطرفية التي تتطلب المعرفة من المعالج والترميز الصغير والكميات الصغيرة جدا من الذاكرة والتي تطلب اكثر تخصصا والكثير من المهارة لذلك هناك مجموعة وظائف لمجموعة من المهارات ويحدد فيها الشركات ننظر إلى أسفل، ربما بعض الشركات تحتقر الشخص الذي علم نفسه بنفسه، هذا ليس شهادة او تعلمت علي الانترنت , هذه هي الكثير من الفرص و عقود قصيرة الاجل وفي العمل الحر لأننا في حاجة إلى هؤلاء الناس أيضا و في اغلب الاحيان التي لدي عمل حر لا أحد من أي وقت مضى منا كان شهادتي كان من كان أكثر أهمية بكثير لرؤية سواء كان لي المهارات وعندما وظفت البرامج بنفسي مرة اخري في Austin Texas معظم في الآونة الأخيرة لشركة تدعى شبكةlogistics في منتصف إلى الآلاف، وأنا لم انظر الي اين يذهب احدهم الي المدرسة, وفرنا تقييم المهارات الأساسية، وإذا كان لديك مهارات وخبرات التي هي في , وإذا كنت لديهم المهارات ومن تم التأهيل كنا سعينا لتوظيفك سواء لديك شهادة جامعية ام لا

أحمد القرملي:
كيف تصبح مطور web معتمد ؟

مارك لاسوف:
في برنامجنا هناك مستويين في المستوى الأساسي هناك ثلاث دورات ثم تذاكر للامتحان الذي يدار على الانترنت وإذا اجتازت الامتحان اصبحت معتمد في المستوي رقم واحد , في المستوي الثاني هناك اربعة دورات , تذاكرهم من خلال التدريبات والقيام بكل التجارب و المذاكرة مرة اخرى للاختبار الثاني وفي تلك المرحلة تكون في مستوى الدخول لوظيفة مطور web انت تعرف PHP وخدمة منحني الهندسة المعمارية وأنت تعلم كيفية عمل الهيكل العظمي HTML وJavaScript انها برامج جيده وانها يمكن ان يستغرق الناس عدة اشهر للحصول علي كل شيء والحصول علي شهادة ولكننا قد حققنا عدد من الطلاب الذين حصلوا علي شهادتها واستمروا في العمل الحر او في العمل الحقيقي كمطورين WEB والشركات الصغيرة الي حد ما

أحمد القرملي:
هل هناك طريقة لجعل شركتك منتدبة كجامعة, هل لديك شيئ كهذا؟

ماك لاسوف:
نحن لا نبحث عن ذلك، الشهادات ما هي إلا ذلك الموظِفين يحبون أن يروا الأوراق لكنهم لا ينظرون إلى المهارات بنفس اللإهتمام صحيح، عندما نمنح الشهادة لشخص ما، فإننا نعطيه كل ما يتعلق بالشهادة و ما تعلموه و إلخ..و بذلك يحصل الموظِف على فكرة عما تحمله هذا الشهادة ليس هناك جهة معينة تتعرف على تطوير الويب، فالشهادات توجه لمن يتملكها و يرعاها من الشركات كميكروسوفت، عدد كبير من الشهادات بصراحة من الممكن أن تكون مربحة لكنها ليست شهادات تطوير الويب و يقبلونك في نظام مايكروسوفت، و هو جيد إن كان هذا هو ما تريده أنت لكنهم يقيدونك نوعاً ما، CISEO لديها عدة شهادات على الهاردوير على سبيل المثال. عندما يتعلق الأمر بالشهادات،أنا لا أخبر أحداً بهذا لكن شهاداتنا معروفة على مستوى العالم و ستفتح أمامك العديد من الأبواب، لكن ما تثبته هو أنك تعلمت، و نجحت في إمتحان و حضرت عدة دورات تدريبية تمنحك معلومات عن اللغات، أنك أكملت التدريبات و الإمتحان هو الدليل على أنك أخذت هذا و فهمته و أنك مستعد للعمل الآن

أحمد القرملي:
دعنا نتعمق أكثر في اللغات، ما هو الـHTML و CSS و فيم تستخدم؟

مارك لاسوف:
بالتأكيد، HTML هي إختصار للغة رقم النص الفائق، و هذا هو هيكل أي شيئ يرسل عبر مشغل الويب للوصول إلى ما يريده الفرد من محتوى، فإذا كان لديك صورة محاطة بوسم الصورة، إذا كان لديك نص فلدينا وسم لقطعة، و سم لمقال، و وسم لمقطع و هو جزء من لغة HTML و الفكرة هي أنك تستطيع أن تأخذ المحتوى، توفر ما يريده الفرد من محتوى، و الـCSS هي إختصار صفحات الطرز المتراصة، فسيتم عرض الشفرة الخاصة بك لذا عليك أن تحتفظ بشفرة الـCSS للموبايل و نسخة من الـCSS على اللاب-توب أو الشاشة الرئيسية و جهاز CSS لطباعة كتاب

أحمد القرملي:
إذا الـCSS كنظام او تركيب ثم تملأ الـHTML في اماكن مختلفة بناءاً على تصميم التركيب لديك؟

مارك لاسوف:
الـHTML يمنحك التركيب و الـCSS يقرر التصميم و التخطيط

أحمد القرملي:
حسنا، فما الفرق بين الـHTML و HTML 4 أو HTML 5؟

مارك لاسوف:
ليس فرقاً كبيراً كما يعتقد الناس، HTML 5 هو الإصدار التالي من HTML لكن معظم HTML 4 متاح بالكامل في بيئة HTML 5، HTML 5 يضيف العديد من الأشياء شاملاً وسائل الصوتيات و الفيديوز لهذا يمكنك رفع الصوتيات و الفيديوز على صفحة الويب، و تشمل كذلك عدد من الـAIP لتحصل عليها من خلال JavaScript لبرمجة عدة جوانب من مشغل الويب مثل تحديد الموقع الجغرافي و بهذا يمكن لمشغل الويب أن يخبرك بمكانه فالـHTML 5 هو HTML المطور يمنحك مواقع إلكترونية و تطبيقات للموبايل أقوى مكتوبة بهذه اللغة

أحمد القرملي:
و ماذا عن الـPHP و MySQL?

مارك لاسوف:
الـPHP هو لغة الخادم، فلديك مشغل الويب الذي يتمكن المستخدم من عرض الموقع الإلكتروني أو تطبيقات الويب أو ربما تطبيقات الموبايل أيضاً ثم يكون لديك الخادم الذي يرسل المعلومات من خلال الإنترنت لهذا المستخدم، فأحيانا علينا أن نكتب الكود الجانبي للخادم في الـPHP لعمل أكثر صعوبة، مثلاً التفاعل على موقع التجارة الإلكتروني مع قائمة البضاعة أو موقع للسفر بحثاً عما إن كان هناك رحلات أخرى متاحة، فـMySQL تعمل مع PHP كقاعدة خدمات لتخزين المعلومات بطريقة منظمة، إن لم تكن معتاداً على قاعدة الخدمات، إعتبرها كملف مرتب في ملفات و مجلدات مختلفة و المعلومات في صفوف و أعمدة التي تريد البحث فيها و بالتالي ستتمكن من إستخدام مثلاً ستستخدمها في مجال الموقع الإلكتروني و هذا الأمر قد صمم في HTML مع CSS و و عندما ينقرون على إرسال سيتم تفعيل هذه المعلومات على الخادم مع PHP ثم بعد ذلك سيستخدم MySQL لتخزن هذه البيانات في قاعدة البيانات

أحمد القرملي:
إذا PHP تعمل كوصلة بين الإستضافة الخادم و موقعك الإلكتروني و موقعك الإلكتروني سيشمل HTML و CSS و أيضاً PHP يعتبر طريقة لترجمة اللغة للخادم، ليتواصل مع الخادم؟

مارك لاسوف:
هذه طريقة جيدة للتفكير بها، في الحقيقة PHP عندما يعمل فإنه ينتج عادة HTML معروضة في المشغل، فـPHP ربما يعيد لك HTML بالترتيب حتى يتم عرضه في المشغل

أحدم القرملي:
و هل الـMySQL مثل CMS بالنسبة لـPHP?

مارك لاسوف:
الـMySQL في البداية عبارة عن منتج قاعدة تخزين، فهي نوع من قاعدة التخزين تماماً كما تصنعه مايكروسوفت من منتجات قاعدة التخزين، أوراكل تنتج منتجات قاعدة تخزين، MySQL هو منتج قاعدة بيانات تملكه أوراكل و يستخدم في تخزين البيانات بطريقة منظمة، لذا فهي بالأساس تسمح لك بتخزين صفوف و أعمدة من البيانات لكنها تسمح لك كذلك بإنشاء علاقات بين هذه البيانات التي تجعل البيانات أكثر إنتظاماً و أسهل في البحث الجدولة
أحمد القرملي:
هل تستخدم هذه اللغات على ووردبريس و ماذا أيضاً، أم أنها تستخدم مع كل شيئ هل يمكنك أن تشرح

مارك لاسوف:
هذه اللغات تستخدم في المواقع التجارية كفيس بوك، خلف الكواليس، أنت لا ترى ذلك كمستخدم لأنك تعمل فقط على الخادم لكن الفيسبوك و أمازون، كلهم لديهم بعضاً من الـPHP و يستخدم عدداً من مختلف أنواع قواعد التخزيت هناك خيار آخر بجانب الـPHP لكن هذا شائع جداً و لهذا نعلمها هناك العديد من المواقع مكتوبة بالـPHP و نحن نريد من طلابنا أن يحصلوا على معظم الفرص، و حالياً هذا ما يتعلق بالـPHP هناك لغات أخرى لكن يمكنك تعلمه كذلك

أحدم القرملي:
ما هي لغة الـSwift?

مارك لاسوف:
الـSwift هي لغة جديدة من أبل، مصممة بحيث تحل بالتدريج محل
Objective-cو هي اللغة المكتوب بها تطبيقات IOS و iPad و iPhone. فـSwift تعتبر لغة أسهل قليلاً

أحمد القرملي/
منذ بداية رؤيتهم لأول متجر iPhone أو Apple أو iPad، هل كانوايستخدمون هذا الـSwift?

مارك لاسوف:
لا بل كانوا يستخدمون الـObjective-C، Swift لغة جديدة جاءت مؤخراً تستخدم لذلك،فـSwift تعتبر عوضاً عن Objective-C، فالمطور الجديد سيحتاج لتعلم الـSwift لأن هذه هي لغة المستقبل بالنسبة للـIOS،أما Objective-C فقد كانت تستخدم في الماضي، فهي معقدة قليلاً و مستفيضة أكثر من Swift، هذا ما في الأمر

أحدم القرملي:
إذا Swift ظهرت مع IOS 8?

مارك لاسوف:

أحدم القرملي:
حسناً و ما مدى صعوبتها، هل هي أسهل من سابقتها لتسهيل العمل للمطورين، هل تعتقد مع مرور السنين أن اللغة تصبح أسهل بالنسبة للمطورين؟

مارك لاسوف:
نعم أعتقد أن Swift أسهل، Swift لديها مميزات تجعلها أقوى للمطورين المحترفين و أسهل للمطورين الجدد، أنا أحبه بالفعل حتى أني أنهيت اول دورة تدريبية مع Swift هنا منذ عدة أسابيع و حالياً أفضل كتاب Swift في أمازون يسمى
Swift language fundamentals the language of iOS development هذه هو رقم واحد على امازون في هذا التصنيف لتطوير تطبيقات الموبايل، وقد كنا متحمسين جداً بشأن هذه الإستجابة لكن من السهل جداً تعلم هذا الكتاب فهو 250 صفحة فقط مقارنة بكتابنا PHP الذي يباغ 600 صفحة، لهذا إستطعنا أن نشرح كل شيئ في مساحة أقل بكثير مع Swift و نجعل الناس يبدأون في ذلك أسرع

أحدم القرملي:
و ما الفرق بين هذا و سابقه بالنسبة، هل وصل لـ20 أو 30% أكثر و أكثر إختلافاً؟

مارك لاسوف:
هذا سؤال جيد، ربما 30% أو 40%، هذا نوع مختلف من اللغات التي تتطلب رموز أقل، أكثر نظافة و أعتقد أن الناس ستعتاد عليها أكثر بالنسبة لمن يستخدم لغة أخرى كـJacaScript أو ++C، هي فقط تبدو و تشعرك أنها أكثر ألفة لمعظم المطورين الذين لم يكن لديهم أي تعرض لـObjective-C أو أو من عليهم أن يقوموا بالعديد من الإدارة العقلية الفردية التي عليهم أن يديروا الذاكرة الملحقة لبرنامجهم و Swift أزالت ذلك، لقد أوجزنا كل ذلك و هذه أحد الأسباب الرئيسية و من الأسهل العمل معها فليس عليك أن تتعامل مع ذاكرة الحاسب فكلها أوتوماتيكية

أحمد القرملي:
و ماذا عن Ajax?

مارك لاسوف:
حسناً Ajax ليست لغة و لكنها تقنية تستخدم في التواصل مع الخادم من مشغل الويب بدون أن ييرى المستخدم أي تغيير في الصفحة أعتقد ان كل من يستمع لنا قد إشترى تذكرة طيران أو تذكرة قطار عبر الإنترنت أو ما شابه، فعندما تختار تاريخ و وقت، هل عليك أن تغير أحد هذه البيانات في كل مرة تريد أن تبحث فيها و عليك أن ترجع و تعيد تعبئة الصفحة مرة أخرى و تعبئة البيانات الجديدة لكن الآن مع Ajax فهذا التواصل يجري خلف الكواليس فيمكنك مثلاً أن تغير، أنا لا أريد أن أسافر هذا الصباح و أريد أن أسافر في الظهيرة، ثم تغير و تحصل على النتيجة الجديدة بدون الحاجة لتغيير الصفحة بالكامل و إعادة سحبها لذا Ajax تمكننا من إستخدام هذه التكنولوجيا و هذا أمر مهم جداً على المستخدمين المطورين أن يعرفونه كما أنها تتعلق بالتصميم و متصلة بالخادم في نفس الوقت

أحدم القرملي:
فما مدى إختلافها عن PHP و MySQL؟ بالإنجليزي البسيط

مارك لاسوف:
كل هذا كود لـJavaScript، فتعمل في مجالات مختلفة عن PHP و MySQL مع أنها قد تتواصل مع PHP و MySQL إلا أنها شفرة متوسطة تستخدم في التواصل حيث يعمل PHP و MySQL خلف الكواليس على الخادم

أحمد القرملي:
و ماذا عن ++C و لغات برمجة الـC الإخرى?

مارك لاسوف:
هذه لغات أكثر قدماً لازال إستخدامها شائعاً، ++C هي النسخة الفائقة من الـC مما يعني أن كل أنواع الـC تشمل الـ++C و المكان الذي يستخدم فيه ++C كثيراً هو المكان الذي تكون السرعة فيها مهمة جداً لقد تحدثت مؤخراً عن اللغات القديمة التي كانت قريبة أكثر من المعالج، لقد كان هناك عوائق أقل و كانوا أسرع، فـيمكنك أن ترى من خلال++C أشياء كألعاب الفيديو أو التطبيقات المالية أو التطبيقات التي تتطلب سرعة، لذا أينما تنظر ترى ++C الآن في أكثر المناطق تخصصية التي تكون السرعة مهمة جداً إذاً هو جيد جداً للسرعة جيد جداً للسرعة

أحمد القرملي:
و ألا تعتقد أنها ستختفي بظهور أخرى؟

مارك لاسوف:
لا أعتقد أنها ستختفي تماماً، اعتقد أنه مع مرور الوقت فمن الطبيعي أن يكون هناك سهولة في التحديث للغات جديدة لكن بسبب كمية الشفرات التي تكتب بصيغة ++C المتاحة، أعتقد أن مبرمجي ++C سيكونون مشغولين لمدة طويلة ليأتوا بشكل جديد لأنكل هذه الشفرات تحتاج لأن يتم الحفاظ عليها في عملية إستبدالها عادة ما يكون غالياً جداً للقيام بها لذا سيكون هذا متاحاً بعد مدة

أحدم القرملي:
و ماذا عن Ruby?

مارك لاسوف:
حسناً Ruby هي واحدة من اللغات الأجدد في إطار العمل التي تمكنت من تغيير الألعاب لتطوير الويب، لذا أنا لا أعلم Ruby لكن ما أعرفه عنه هو أن كل من يتعلمه و يستخدمه يحبه كثيراً

أحمد القرملي:
فيم تستخدم؟

مارك لاسوف:
في تطوير الويب، تطوير تطبيقات الويب، كل من يستخدمها يحبها بالفعل لكن لكن إستخدامها ليس منتشراً كما يعتقد الناس لذا إن أنشأت تطبيقات Ruby فيمكن أن تقابلك مشاكل في إيجاد المطورين للحفاظ عليها و إذا تعلمت Ruby فستجد بصراحة فرص أقل مما توقعت لأن هناك العديد من الإنظمة مكتوبة بها

أحمد القرملي:
إذا هل تحل محل HTML?

مارك لاسوف:
لأن تحل أبداً محل HTML بل تعمل معها

أحمد القرملي:
نعم، أعني هل تساويها؟

مارك لاسوف:

أحمد القرملي:
هل كل ما يمكنك إنشاؤه من الـHTML يمكنك إنشاؤه بواسطة Ruby?

مارك لاسوف:
مشغل الويب يفهم HTML و JavaScript فقط، لذا سوف يختفى هؤلاء في أي وقت قريب، ما لكن Ruby يفعل كـPHP حيث أنها تمد إطار عمل معين لإنتاج HTML و JavaScript لذا فإنها لا تحل محلها لكنها تستخدمها و بهذا هي كنوع من الإستغلال الكامل لها لكنهما يعملان سوياً، حيث يعمل الـRuby كنوع من حل محل اللغة و يمكن ان تحل محل PHP أو net.

أحمد القرملي:
و ماذا عن Do.js?

مارك لاسوف:
نعم Do.js ممتع جداً، هي لغة مختلفة و أنا لست محيطاً علما ً بها لكن في الحقيقة ما تفعله هو أنها تأخذ JavaScript و توسع المنفعة لجانب الخادم و حتى للشاشة الرئيسية حيث يمكنك تشغيل برامج JavaScript في بيئة اخرة في مشغل الويب

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي GitiHub?

مارك لاسوف:
هو شفرة تخزين تمكنك من تخزين و مشاركة شفرتك مع الآخرين، فإذا كنت تكتب شفرة و أردت مشاركتها حتى و إن كون مع فريقك أو أردت ان تشاركها مع العالم أجمع يمكنك أن تذهب إلى GitHub و تخزين شفرتك هناك، أيضاً نسخ شفرتك إن أردت تستعيده إن إرتكبت خطأ و كان مكاناً آمناً لتحتفظ بشفرتك إذا إن كان حاسبك الآلي يتوقف عن العمل فجأة فيمكنك أن تستعيد شفرتك من GitHubK يمكن مشاركته مع أصدقاؤك، و بالتالي يمكن للآخرين أن يعدلوا الشفرة إن إحتاجوا لذلك و ينشئوا ما يسمى بالشوكة نوع من إصدار جديد من شفرة تتحرك في إتجاه جديد، هذه أيضاً طريقة جديدة لتنظيم المشروعات التي تحتاج لعدد كبير من المطورين ليعملوا عليها لتتأكد من أن شخصان لن يعملوا على نفس العمل في نفس الوقت و ينشئوا إصدارين من نفس اللشفرة

أحمد القرملي:
هل شفرة ماك و برامج ماك تستخدم من خلال من قبل؟

مارك لاسوف:
برامج ماك عامة تصنع في Objective-C أو Swift، ماك تعتبر بيئة قريبة لذا فليس لديك خيار فيما تستخدمه، عليك أن تستخدم الأداة التي يريدها أبل نفسها، و حالياً الأكثر شيوعاً من ذلك هو Objective-C أو Swift فقط

أحمد القرملي:
و هل يصنع IOS بواسطة Ruby و أندرويد بواسطة JavaScript؟

مارك لاسوف:
الـjava يستخدم للـأندرويد، JAva و JAvaScript مختلفان، JavaScript يعمل على مشغل الويب الـJava هي لغة برمجة كاملة و كلهم للأندرويد

أحمد القرملي:
ثانية واحدة، JavaScript لتطوير الويب و Java لتطبيقات الأندرويد؟

مارك لاسوف:
الـJava تستخدم لتطبيقات الأندرويد و JavaScript تعمل بواسطة مشغل الويب، فهناك تطبيقات مختلفة للغات مختلفة

أحمد القرملي:
هل تعلم الفوتوشوب أساسي لأي مدون كود؟

مارك لاسوف
لا، فمهاراتي في التصميم معدومة، فعدة فرق لديها مصمم يمكنهم التكفل بأعمال الفوتوشوب، من المهم فهم أساسيات الفوتوشوب، و أوصي بذلك الجميع لأن عليك أن تفهم كيف تعمل البيكسل على الشاشة لذا فهي تدريب جيد و أيضاً لأن القدرة على القيام ببعض أعمال الفوتوشوب الأساسية مفيدة دوماً هو ليس متطلباً أساسياً للمبرمجين لكنها واحدة من عدة مهارات جيدة بالفعل لتعرفها و من السهل تعلمها عندما تكون مبرمجاً

أحمد القرملي:
هل يمكن أن تخبرنا بالإطار الزمني للغات منذ الثمانينات حتى الآن، أيها كانت المهمة، هل يمكنك أن تخبرنا بذلك

مارك لاسوف:
نعم إن رجعت إلى الثمانينات فالـC و ++C كانا مسيطران في ذلك الوقت و لازالا موجودات حتى الآن نعم، C أنشئ في السيعينات ولازالت تستخدم، فالـ C و ++C كلما مر الوقت رأيت بعض البرمجة الأساسية و هي الشفرة الرمزية التوجيهية لكل الأغراض، كان هذا شائعاً في الحاسب الآلي المنزلي و عندما وصلوا للتسعينات أصبحت باسكال هي اللغة التي كانت تستخدم، باسكال كانت موجودة في ذلك الوقت ثم إختفت و إستبدلت بـJava وفي 1996 أو 1997 عندما بلغ الويب ذروته إنشئت كل أنواع اللغات الأساسية للويب لمثل HTML و PHP و JavaScript لذا خلال تلك الفترة كان يمكنك أن ترى العديد من اللغات الجديدة حيث كان الناس يحاولون معرفة كيفية الإمساك بزمام هذه التكنولوجيا فـPerl كانت لغه من ذلك العصر و كانت شائعة جداً لكن الآن لا أحد يستخدمها عندما بدأت الألفينات بدأت مايكروسوفت بالتعامل مع عائلة لغات net. التي تعمل بواسطة ويندوز و قد صاروا شائعين جداً في مجال العمل مع الـJava و الآن يمكنك ان ترى تقدم نحو Ruby on rails و Swift و اللغة تصبح محسنة للبيئة التي يعملون بها، بعض الروابط تستخدم أكثر مع الموبايل أكثر من الويب، فتبدأ برؤية تخصصات في اللغات اكثر من ذي قبل و هناك دائما لغات جديدة مثل لغة جوجلز جو و التي تنتشر حالياً و دائماً ما يظهر الجديد، كما يوجد بعضاً تحتاج للدعم و بعضها سيفشل عندما يمر الوقت و أتوقع المزيد من ذلك، بعض اللغات ستبقى معنا لفترة طويلة و بعضها سيصبح شائعاً بسرعة كبيرة ثم تختفي ثم سنجد الجديد منها الذي سيبقى معنا مدة طويلة و الأنظمة مكتوبة فيها، من المهم ان نعرف تطور هذه اللغات المختلفة، لا يهم أفضل لغة تتطور و ست اخر و لكن عادة أفضل لغة في السوق التي، لسوء الحظ، لا تعني بالأهمية أن تكون أفضل حل

أحمد القرملي:
ما هو ASP؟

مارك لاسوف:
الـASP هي تكنولوجيا لمايكروسوفت صممت لتشابه PHP للتواصل بين الخادم و صفحات الويب

أحمد القرملي:
ما الفرق بين جوملا و وورد-بريس؟

مارك لاسوف:
كلاهما نظام لإدارة المحتوى، ووردبريس بدأ كمنصة لكتابة المدونات و الآن تم تم تطويرها لنظام متكامل لإدارة المحتوى، بينما جووملا فدايماً ما كان نظام لإدارة المحتوى، ليس بشهرة ووردبريس لكنه لازال مشهوراً، كلاهما مجزأ بحيث يمكنك الحصول على نماذج مختلفة للقيام بمهام مختلفة، فمثلاً أذا أردت أن توصل لنا صفحة فهناك نماذج يمكنها فعل ذلك لك و الفكرة هي انهم يجعلوك تصنع تطبيق ويب أساسي و يغيروا المحتوى بسهولة بدون الحاجة لأن تكون مبرمجاً كلاهما خيار رائع

أحمدد القرملي:
هل هناك خيار آخر تفضله بنفسك أكثر من غيره؟

مارك لاسوف:
دروبل، هو ما يمكن أن يكون منافساً لجووملا، هما متشابهان كثيراً لديهما خصائص كثيرة متشابهة، لا يمكنني ان أخبرك بأيهما أفضل من الآخر لكن يمكنني إخبارك أننا نستخدم ووردبريس، و نستمتع حقاً به و نحب عدد النماذج المكتوبة بها التي يمكن أن تكون رائعة للتسويق أو لإدارة المستخدم أو لإستخدامات أخرى فقد إستمتعنا جداً بإستخدام ووردبريس منذ ثلاثة سنوات

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي اللغة التي تفضلها من كل اللي ذكرتها؟

مارك لاسوف:
أحب بايثون، بايثون هي المفضلة لدي

أحمد القرملي:
فيم تستخدم؟

مارك لاسوف:
بايثون هي لغة للأغراض العامة، يمكن أن تستخدم مع المواقع الإلكترونية لإنشاء ألعاب لكنها فعلاً واضحة جداً و سهلة بالنسبة للمبتدئين لقراءة أفكارهم ماذا عن أي شيئ و هكذا، فهي فعلاً للعمل المتخصص مع البيانات و يمكنها أن تحلل البيانات سريعاً لأنها لغة سريعة بالفعل لكنها حالياً هي المفضلة لدي، إن سألتني عد ستة أشهر فربما أخبرك بلغة أخرى غيرها

أحدم القرملي:
ما مدى صعوبة نقل شفرة لتطبيق IOS حتى تعمل على ماك؟

مارك لاسوف:
أنا لم أفعل ذلك من قبل، أنا لا أعرف، أنا لم أقم بالبرمجة على ماك من قبل لأن البيئة شائعة بين IOS و ماك، فهي تقريباً صعبة قليلة لكن ليست بصعوبة تحويل IOS لأندرويد حيث تختلف اللغة تماماً

أحمد القرملي:
ما الذي يجب أن يتعلمه رواد الأعمال حتى يتمكنوا من التحكم في المطورين لديهم لأن كل شيئ الآن أصبح رقمياً و كلهم لديهم مطورين يستخدمون لغات مختلفة في أمور لغات الشفرات فما الذي يجب أن يتعلموه ليتمكنوا ، على الأقل، من التحكم في المطورين؟

مارك لاسوف:
أنت تسألني الآن فيما تتعارض فيه وجهة نظري، أنا لا أعتقد أن شخص غير متخصص يمكنه أن يبدأ شركة تقنية أو ريادة أعمال تقنية بدون مؤسس مشارك تقني، هناك فقط أعمال قليلة جداً لأن عليك أن تفهم تطوير عملية تطوير البرمجيات و عملية البرمجة، أحد أسباب أعتقد أنها وراء خسارة نسبة كبيرة من رواد الأعمال الجدد هو أن الناس يدخلون في مجال هم ليسوا مؤهلين للقيام به، لقد كنت مبرمجاً فبدأت بمشروع تدخل فيه البرمجة و التدريس و كانت لدي خلفية عنهما، بدأت شركة عطلة الشركات المبتدئة في هارتفورد، كنت مدرباً هناك حيث كان الناس يبدأون عملهم في 54 ساعة و أحد الأشياء الظريفة التي قابلناها هو أنه كان لدينا معلمين يبدأون شركة تعليمية و هناك فهموا المجال فقط لأنك لديك حلم و تعتقد أنها فكرة جيدة لا يعني بالأساس أن لديك الخلفية لتفعلها أو لتنفذها جيداً، إختر مشروعاً في مجال خبرتك، إذا كنت تعرف مجال بيع الطعام إعمل في ذلك، إذا كنت تعرف البرمجيات إبدأ فيه، أو إبحث عن شريك يعرف مجال التقنيات، العمل مع المبرمجين صعباً لأنهم يتحدثون بلغتهم الخاصة و مصطلحاتهم الخاصة و أسلوبهم الخاص و من واقع خبرتي هو انهم لا يحبون أن يكونوا أسهل أشخاص للعمل معهم، لذا يمكنك أن تجد لك شريكاً يفهم هذا العالم و يأتيك بالأفكار الجيدة كذلك

أحمد القرملي:
دعنا نتحدث عن عالم التمويل الخارجي، انا لم أكون في يوم مدون شفرات و لا أعرف الشفرات لكني قمت بتطوير عدة تطبيقات و مواقع إلكترونية من خلال التجربة بالتأكيد و مع الوقت يمكنك أن تعرف المطور الجيد من غيره من خلال عمله السابق او التقييم على مشاريعهم، لكن لا يمكنهم بالضروري تطوير مشروعك فعليك ان تختبر غيرهم لكن بالتأكيد ستعاني لبعض الوقت

مارك لاسوف:
حسناً، التمويل الخارجي في العادة حول العالم، عادة ما يمول أصحاب الولايات المتحدة خارجياً لشرق أوروبا و العند و أمريكا الجنوبية، ليس هناك أي مشكلة في ذلك و هناك مبرمجين رائعين حول العالم و هناك أيضا مبرمجين سيئين حول العالم، الفكرة هي ايهم من تقرر إختياره و كثير من الناس يعملون مع مبرمج واحد أو يمولونه ثم بقولون أن التمويل الخارجي لا يفيد و هذا ليس صحيحاً لكن التمويل الخارجي، ليس كأن يكون أحد معك يطور البرمجيات، فإنه يتطلب إدارة أكثر و عناية اكثر و وصف أكثر لتحصل على ما تريد ليس لوجود عقبة في التواصل فقط و لكن أيضاً في الثقافة التي تحاول أن تتعداها لأنك غالباً ما تعمل مع أحد ما من ثقافة مختلف، هذا ما قيل من العديد من الناس و فعلاً نجح الأمر معهم و هو خيار جيد لرواد الأعمال الذين يبدأون و ليس لديهم ميزانية عالية و لكن عليك ان تحترس، الكثير من الناس يخسرون و أعتقد أنك قلتها بطريقة جيدة، عليك ان تجربها قبل أن تبدأ فيها و أن تتاكد من أن لديك علاقة مع الشخص التي تثق فيه و كذلك الناس التي تحب العمل معها، هذه ستكون علاقة قوية على المدى الطويل و إذا لم تكن تحب الشخص الذي تعمل معه فسيكون الأمر صعباً و قد عملت مع مبرمجين من هنا في الولايات المتحدة و من الهند و باكستان و جنوب أفريقيا و الفلبين و هناك مبرمجين جيدين و سيئين في كل مكان، ما تريد إيجاده هو شخص يفهم المشكلة التي تحاول حلها، شخص صبور قادر على جمع كل ما هو مطلوب يسأل أسئلة جيدة بالفعل عما لا يعرفه و لا تخلق إفتراضات و الأفضل أن يسأل عما تفكر فيه ثم يشرع في عمل ما هو صحيح، من الصعب إيجاد الشخص الصحيح، لكن الأصعب هو إيجاد إيجاد الشخص الصحيح إن لم تبالي بذلك أحياناً تحتاج لأن تتعلم أشياءاً لتعرف مثلاً إن كنت تطور تطبيق لـIOS فستحتاج لتتعلم شيئاً ما عن مصدر الشفرات في كل مرحلة و تحافظ عليها في حالة ما إذا فقدتها و عليك ان تحمي نفسك و بذلك يمكنك على الأقل أن تنتقل لآخر بعدها بصراحة GitHub رائع جداً في العمل مع فريق المبرمجين الخارجيين، لقد تحدثنا عنها سابقاً، بهذه الطريقة يمكنك ان تعرف الإصدارات الأخيرة للشفرات التي يطورونها

أحمد القرملي:
لكن ماذا عن هذه المنصات التي تدون شفراتها أحيانا، هناك منصة إسمها بلاتينيم أو شيئ تضعه على كود و ستعمل على أندرويد و IOS في نفس الوقت هناك عدد من المكتبات كهذه، لقد حدثت مرة عندما كنت خبيراً في واحدة تسمى Phonegap، و ما هي، ما تفعله بالأساس هو انها تأخذ عملية تطوير الويب و تأخذ تطبيقات الويب الخاصة بك و تضعهم في تطبيق الموبايل، طريقة عملها هو أنك تنشئ تطبيقات لـHTML 5 ث ما يفعله Phonegap أو براتينيم أو التطبيقات الأخرى هو أنها تغلف هذا التطبيق في مغلف و تعمل على هواتف الأفراد و تجعل تطبيقاتك تعمل بداخل المغلف ببراعة، الجزء الأروع لا يمكن للمستخدم معرفته، المستخدم لا يعرف أن التطبيقات لم تنشأ في هذه المنطقة و العديد العديد من متاجر التطبيقات أصبحت أكثر رغبة في هذ النوع من المتاجر بصراحة هذه هي الطريقة التي أحبها في التطوير لأنك تستطيع أن تطكتب تطبيقك ثم توزعه على الانرويد و امازون كيندل و IOS و كلا من iPhone و iPad و حتى للأقل و البيئةالأقل إستخداماً مثل جوجل كروم أو بلاك بيري أو شيئ كهذا،فهذا فعلاً أسلوب رائع، يمكنك أن تفعل كل شيئ بها لكنها جيدة مع معظم التطبيقات

أحمد القرملي:
يقولون أنك محدود، لا يمكنك تطوير الكود أكثر و لديك مشاكل ثم عليك أن تطورها مرة أخرى و أشياء كهذه، هل هذا صحيح؟

مارك لاسوف:
صحيح، و هناك فعلاً معوقات و كذلك الهاردوير، فإذا كنت سمعت عن إعلان أبل و هي أحد الأشياء التي تحدثوا عنها عن اnear field communication للدفع على البلوتوث، هذه الأشياء غير قابلة للتفعيل من خلال هذه المكتبات، فإذا كنت تقوم بشي ما مع near field communication أو البلوتوث او رقم من أي عناصر الهاردوير فعليك أن تكتب تطبيقات محلية

أحمد القرملي:
حسناً، ما هي خبرتك مع امازون و كيف تمت عملية إنشاء المحتوى لشركتك مثلاً هل أنشأت الكتاب أولاً ثم الإعلان أم الإعلان ثم الكتاب ثم فرغته، كيف قمت بذلك؟

مارك لاسوف:
بدون الإفصاح عن سرنا، فلدينا شراكة كبيرة مع أمازون أصدقاء رائعين من الشركة و لدينا عملية قمنا فيها بإنشاء محتوانا للمرونة القصوى، أنشأنا المحتوى مع إعتبار أننا سنوزعها لزيادة المنصات و قمنا بزيادة عمنل و المحتوى نفسه لذلك كتابنا Swift أصدر في نفس اليوم الذي أصدر فيه دورة Swift التدريبية و هذه الطريقة التي قمنا بها،نحن لا نقم بذلك دائماً بهذا الطريقة لأن الكتب تتطلب عدة دورات من التحرير و أشياء كهذه لكننا نحاول لأن هذا يعطينا أقوى دفعة في السوق عندما تصدر الإصدارات الجديدة، لكن عمليتنا قد تم تطويرها في الثلاث سنوات الأخيرة التي بذلنا فيها جهد كبير مع فريق متخصص و لدينا الآن نحة ثمانية موظفين بدوام كامل و نحو 4 او 5 بدوام جزئي في الفريق و التطور الهائل الذي قمنا به، و شيئ واحد يمكنني قوله عن معرفة فريق للبرامج هو ان كل فرد فيهم قد كرس جهده لتحقيق أهداف الشركة و يعملون فعلاً بجهد كبير جداً و يقضون وقتاً طويلاً في تطوير العمليات و إبراز عملهم و تقريباً اليوم سنصدر العديد من المحتويات و ليس لدينا أستوديو فكنا نبحث عن كيفية التلاعب بأستوديو، و قد تدبرنا أمر كل هذه الأمور و الدورات
التي سنصدرها في الأسابيع القادمة

أحمد القرملي:
هل تستخدم اوديبيل أ ACX لتصدر أحيانا؟

مارك لاسوف:
لا انا لست على علم بهذا

احمد القرملي:
حسناً هل تعتقد انه من الأفضل أن تكتب الشفرات ليسهل فهمها في فيديو مثلاً أكثر من أن يكون صوتياً؟

مارك لاسوف:
نعم، الصوتي فقط سيكون صعباً جداً لأن تدوين الشفرة عملية ليست للمشاهدة فقط و لكن للتطبيق، لكنك تريد للطلاب أيضاً أن يتبعوا ما تقوله و أن يدونوا الشفرات بينما يطوروا الشفرة، هذه عملية يجب رؤيتها و مشاهدتها، الشيئ الوحيد الذي نقوم به صوتيا هو نشرة أنباء نصدرها مرتين في الأسبوع تسمى ديف

أحمد القرملي:
مثل نشرة صوتية

مارك لاسوف:
نعم، تسمى ديف

أحمد القرملي:
مع النشرة الصوتيه؟، هل هي نشرة صوتية؟

مارك لاسوف:
نحن لا نستخدم لفظ نشرة صوتية لأنهم لا يحبون هذا اللفظ لكن هي فعلاً كذلك كما أنها تظهر على قناة التلفزيون و تعرض على يوتيوب، منذ أن نشرنا في عدد من الأماكن المختلفة، ليس فقط في iTunes فحسب، نشرة صوتية هي مصطلح تقييدي، لكنها متاحة كنشرة صوتية لكنها ليست نشرة صوتية، إنها نشرة أخبار متاحة على فيديو في عدد من المنصات المختلفة منها ستيتشر

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي المشروعات الأخرى أو المنتجات المستقبلية التي تعمل عليها؟

مارك لاسوف:
نحن نحاول أن نوسع مكتبة دوراتنا التدريبية كالعادة، دايما ما نحاول أن اتي بالمزيد من الدورات التنافسية، لكن غير ذلك لم ننتج كتب جديدة للجمهور الذي يكبر دائماً، فلمحة عن المشروع المستقبلي هو اننا سنبحث عن مصدر مصدر للدورات التدريبية و معلومات تصل للبرمجة خارجاً و داخل الإعلام الرقمي اكثر

أحمد القرملي:
هل يمكن ان تخبرنا عن يومك الإعتيادي؟

مارك لاسوف:
ليس هناك شيئاً إعتيادياً في حياتي، انا ألقي 30-40 محاضرة سنوياً و سأتحدث هذا الأسبوع في أسبوع التكنولوجيا في نيويورك و هو مؤتمر ضخم جداً، سأذهب أيضاً لأسبوع التكنولوجيا في لوس أنجلوس فإذا كنت سأسافر أو أيا ما كان في جدول اعمالي للمؤتمرات التي سألفي محاضرة فيها او الشركة التي سأزورها، لذا في الأشهر القليلة الماضية ذهبت الى سان فرانسيسكو و لاس فيجاس و لوس انجلوس و لندن، كل هذا للمؤتمرات و مقابلة الشركات و الشركاء، فإذا كنت هنا سيكون يومي الإعتيادي أن أستيقظ في السادسة و أكون في المكتب في السابعة أقضي فيها عدة ساعات أتفقد فيها الرسائل الإلكترونية و أتواصل مع الشركاء و الأصدقاء و فريقي و أقضي عدة ساعات كل أسبوع أعمل على تطوير المحتوى و كل الأشياء المتعلقة بالعمل، التسويق و التمويل و محاسبة الموظفين و أحسب الميزانية الخاصة في الوقت الذي أقضيه في المكتب و أقضي وقت طويل في العمل مع الموظفين و أدربهم حتى يكونوا أفضل و أكثر كفاءة، و أفابل نائبي كيفين الذي يدير أعمالي اليومية و يتأكد من أن كل شيئ يسير على ما يرام و في المساء إما أدرس مجاناً، أتطوع مع مجتمع ريادة الأعمال و أستضيف الفعاليات، أنا لست متزوجاً و ليس لدي أولاد لذا أقضي وقت فراغ طويل مكرساً كل جهدي للمجتمع و أساعد رواد الأعمال الجدد أطور شركاتهم فأنا متطوع كمرشد و أشياء كهذا، فحياتي ليست مليئة جداً لكنها تركز على العنل و تطوير الأعمال الجديدة و الإستمتاع و هذا يرضيني جداً

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي العادات التي تحاول ان تطورها في نفسك لتبقى فعالاً؟

مارك لاسوف:
أحدها هو أن أضع جدول يومي لنفسي لتنظيم يومي، في اليوم الواحد يكون لدي أشياء كثيرة علي إنجازها يومياً و أجد أني إن نظمتها في جدول سأنجز المزيد و سأكون أكثر إنتاجية، فأول شيئ هو أن أضع جدول لنفسي ثانيا عاداتي الخاصة بالرشاقة و هي نقطة ضعفي، أريد أن أتدرب أكثر و آكل أقل، أنا أعمل مع مدرب رائع و متخصص في التغذية يعمل في نفس مبنى مكتبي و يعلمني كيف آكل بطريقة صحية أكثر و ما يعطيني طاقة اكبر و لكني أخسر هذا في المساء عندما يكون الجميع متعباً و لكن العمل على رشاقتك و طاقتك مهم جداً، ثالثاً في المجال الذي أعمل فيه و هو مهارات التنظيم الشخصية، أنا لست معروفاً لأقرب مكتب و من السلوك التنظيمي هو أن يكون لدي كل شيئ لذا فانا أحاول أن أصبح أكثر تنظيما مما أعتقد أنه نتيجة للإنتاج العالي

أحمد القرملي:
من هو مرشدك الأول؟

مارك لاسوف:
الأول؟ هل يمكن أن أذكر إثنين؟

أحمد القرملي:
لا مشكلة، أذكر ثلاثة؟

مارك لاسوف:
لقد عملت عند رائد أعمال رائع و مؤسس رائع في اوستن إسمه بيير كروباج بيير أسس شركة إسمها توتال سيستمز في مدينة كنساس و نيتوورك لوجيتيك في أوستين و قد باعهما و أصبح ممول إستثماري لأحد أكبر منتجي أنظمة التلفيزيون و الشبكات الإلكترونية و LG، فعندما عملت لديه تعلت الكثير عن كيفية إدارة العمل و كيف أستخدم طاقتي و كيف أتخذ قرارات صائبة و كذلك كيف أبيع، و المستوى التأسيسي لكل عمل و مبيعات و كان فعلاً أفضل رجل مبيعات رأيته في حياتي، ذكياً جداً و حريصاً جداً، من أكثر الأشياء التي أحببتها فيه هو انه يعرف إسم كل موضف في كل مكان و يعتبرهم أصدقاؤه سواء كان هذا الموظف هو نائب شركته كما كنت انا أو كيف كان يجني 9 دولارات في الساعة، بيير يعامل الجميع بطريقة واحدة و يحب أن يخرج ليتناول الغذاء مع نائبيه كما كان خريجاً حديث التخرج من الكلية و يعمل في أول عمل برمجة، لذا فقد كان هذا أسلوب ذكي و منصف جداً لبناء الشركات، لقد بنى و باع 2 و خرج منهما فائزاً، أما المرشد الثاني هو مايكل مارتينو،مايكل اكبر قليلا في السبعينات و هو بروفيسور في جامعة أوستن و قد حضرت واحدة من دوراته التدريبية منذ عدة سنوات و هو فعلا..لقد أصبحنا صديقين و كان لديه عمل في السابق في IBM يعمل في الشفرات الميكرو في سنوات عندما كانت الكمبيوترز مساحتة ذاكرتها 6K أو شيئ كهذا و كان يعمل في هذا المجال ما إستفدته منه هي فكرة تجميع المتطلبات هي كل ما تعلمته منه بطريقة كانت فعلاً مذهلة و مؤثرة جداً في حياتي لذا كان مايك و بيير هما مرشديني، أتمنى أن يريا ذلك، لقد كانا مرشدان رائعان لي و لازالا كذلك

أحمد القرملي:
من خلال خبرتك، ما هي العوامل الرئيسية للنجاح في 3 كلمات؟

مارك لاسوف:
عمل..عمل..عمل..المر كله يعتمد على العمل، كل الناس لديها أفكار، بعضها جيد بعضها سيئ، بعضها في المنتصف، لكن كله يعتمد على التنفيذ، أنا لست أذكى شخص في العالم، و بالتأكيد لست الأجمل لكني سأحفز أي شخص للعمل و العمل بذكاء و بإنتاجية و بكفاءة، هكذا يصنع النجاح، أنت تصنع حظك، تصنع نجاحك الذي يأتي من العمل الجاد،كلما عملت أكثر كلما نجحت و أنت موجود لتنجح و لن يفعل أحد ذلك عنك أكثر 3 تطبيقات تستخدمها على هاتفك الذي إيفرنوت بالتأكيد هو رقم واحد، نحن في نظام جوجل، جوجل درايف رقم إثنان، للبحث عن المستندات من المكتب و سكايب للتواصل مع الشركاء و الأصدقاء

أحمد القرملي:
أكثر 3 كتب مفضلة لديك؟

مارك لاسوف:
حسناً Lean startup أحد ما أحبه فعلاً، هناك واحد نسيته إسمه traction و هو واحد من كتب الأعمال العظيمة تتحدث عن الحصول على الجذب و هذا جديد جداً، و رقم ثلاثة هو
the art of the year

أحمد القرملي:
أكثر 3 أشخاص ملهمين لك؟

مارك لاسوف:
رائع، انا فعلا ملهم بالعديد من الأشخاص المختلفين فمن عالم البيزني احب ستيف بلانك، أرى أن ما يكتبه ملهم جداً و يدفعني للمضي قدماً، يمكنني أن أقول، من عالم التحفيز الشخصي أنا معجب جداً بمارتن لوثر كينج صاحب حقوق الفرد عنا في الولايات المتحدة الذي قام بعمل خارق في سباق العلاقات و كذلك من نفس هذا المجال بافي سينت ماري التي حاربت و إستمرت في المحاربة لمصلحة الشعب في الولايات المتحدة حتى أصبحت جزء مهم في عالم السياسة و فعلت ذلك و إستمرت في ذلك من خلال الموسيقى

أحمد القرملي:
هل تستمع للموسيقى عندما تعمل؟

مارك لاسوف:
بالتأكيد لكنها تتنوع، في معظم الوقت أستمع للروك الكلاسيكي مع أني في فترات أخرى أستمع للبوب الأوروبي أو الجديد، أحب أن أستمع لبافي سينت ماري التي ذكرتها سابقاً، الموسيقى الأيرلندية الكيلتية، أحياناً يعتمد الأمر على نوع العمل الذي أقوم به، إذا كنت أقوم بإتصالات او ما شابه لكن هناك ما هو مفضل كـ
cure, speed wagon, journey إن أردت أن أحفز نفسي أما إن أردت شيئاً هادئاً فأختار الموسيقى التقليدية من بعض المغنيين الأمريكيين التقليديين مثل بوب ديلان

أحمد القرملي:
هل تتبع نظاماً للنوم؟

مارك لاسوف:
أستلقي على السرير ثن أستغرق في النوم

أحمد القرملي:
هذا رائع، أريد أن أتعلم هذا

مارك لاسوف:
عادة بنهاية اليوم أكون قد قضيت 12 ساعة في العمل و أتعشى مع أصدقائي أو مع رواد أعمال آخرين ثم أذهب لفعالية أو إجتماع لريادة الأعمال ثم أكون قد إنتهيت، أنا جاهز للذهاب للنوم حتى الصباح

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي الأشياء التي تجعلك سعيداً بحق؟

مارك لاسوف:
عائلتي، أن أمضي وقتي مع أسرتي و زوجهت ريك، أخي و زوجته و أولاده و مجوعة أصدقائي الذي تعرفت عليهم من ريادة الأعمال و العمل هنا في كونيكتيكت، أقضي كل يوم العطلة في العمل في startup weekends مع أصدقاء رائعين و ملهمين بدأوا في عملهم و هذا ما يدفعني دفعاً للأمام، لقد كنت أعمل لمدة 16 ساعة يوم السبت و كنت سعيداً لأني يمكنني أن.. أعتقد أنني أسعد عندما أسافر و أجد الفرصة لمقابلة أشخاص ممتعين من كل مكان من البلد و من كل مكان بالعالم

أحمد القرملي:
آخر سؤال، كيف يمكن للناس التواصل معك؟

مارك لاسوف:,
أنا أتفقد بريدي الإلكتروني دائماً و أحاول انا أرد على الجميع فهذا العنوان هو أفضل طريقة للتواصل معي و عنواني على تويتر هو

أحمد القرملي:
شكراً جزيلاً جداً على هذه لمقابلة مارك، انا سعيد جداً بذلك

مارك لاسوف:
شكراً جزيلاً لقد إستمتعت جداً معك

أحمد القرملي:
شكراً لكم جميعاً، كونوا أكفاء، و ظلوا كذلك، و أراكم قريباً مع خبير قيادي آخر

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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV show is to boost the efficiency of your business and life through tips and tricks from leading experts and today I have with me Deborah Robinson, she is an award-winning journalist and she is an author and television personality, welcome to the show Deborah.

Deborah Robinson: Thank you so very much for having me, great to be here.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: My pleasure, how did you start your career in the media?

Deborah Robinson: I started by actually going to college for psychology and then I switched communications and then I switch to journalism and that’s where I fell in love, coming out of college with a degree in broadcast journalism I got my first job in radio as a news director at a radio station doing the morning news and after that I decided a little bit after that I decided to go back to college and get my Masters degree in journalism and I didn’t finish that because I was literally working in the industry and didn’t feel the need to complete it but I left the radio station and went into management at a TV station there in Little Rock and that is where it all really started to flourish.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right what is your focus currently in the media world?

Deborah Robinson: My focus currently is where it has always been for me, I believe my job, my assignment, when I’m here on this earth to do is to seek, reveal and communicate truth through the media and my assignment right now is surrounding all of the projects that I, that come to me, I don’t seek them out, it seems like every time there is a story or something that happens and I’m supposed to work on it, research it, develop it, do a story on or an interview whatever it just touches my heart and that is what I usually go for, it’s always open for stories that I’m passionate about, something on the news makes me cry and I know that’s what I’m supposed to do something about to bring some sort of like to it, to understanding, to bring it out more in the open so my focus is on working on stories and issues that I believe can change the world and start by changing my life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you work for a channel or do you do it by your own within your company, how do you do that?

Deborah Robinson: I’m independent and that has always been important to me, I worked for a station for the first seven years of my career and I realized that if I wanted to continue to tell the stories that were important to me without having someone decide the stories for me that I need to be on my own, at that time I was interviewing some major people who are pushing me to get out on my own because they knew the kind of stories that I wanted to tell and it wouldn’t be possible to tell those stories from the station’s point of view because they weren’t the mainstream stories that were important to them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you started working in radio and then TV and then you quit working for the channels and you made your own company to create your own content?

Deborah Robinson: That’s right, I started my company Robinson Omni media studios to create my own content because I knew it was important and once I started, you go through the things that businesses go through, it was amazing that when I left the station I didn’t realize that I never really had to worry about who was paying the photographer and it was paying all of the bills and then it came to the point of while you’re on your own enough you want to do the story you have to consider do you have the staff to put on it, who is paying the photographer, who is pay for the story? So things change, I started not only doing my own projects but doing projects for others and now I have come full circle and now I am thank God doing my own stories again.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you do like a documentary story, videos, interviews, what is your focus in terms of story, or do you do everything?

Deborah Robinson: I do everything, it really depends on, what I decide, for example in doing a series in Little Rock, I’m from Little Rock and I’m doing a series called conversations with Arkansas governors where I’m interviewing all of the Arkansas governors, there are six of them and an upcoming seventh at the Robinson theater there, that’s a theater piece that we put together and we will be interviewing all the governors for that and then on other projects I’m doing a book project as well so it all just depends on what’s going on what I feel is the best way to handle that project, I’m doing research right now on 9/11 that will eventually become a documentary so that is documentary work, I’m also doing research on juvenile spending life in prison without parole that as well will become a documentary but along the way they will be pieces that I use on the Internet to help bring the awareness to the story into the issues.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: I see like a very nice setup in terms of live interviews, all of these you paid by your own you don’t have like a contract with a channel that pays for it and then you give them the content?

Deborah Robinson: No I don’t, my company, we are from conception to distribution, and once we can see the idea we have to find a way to pay for it so we either go after investors or we go after sponsors however we find a way to pay for that project and then once we pay for that we paid for it and we do it and the whole focus is that I’m still independent and I’m still deciding the projects that I work on and that’s really important for me.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What change in this, what did independency give you?

Deborah Robinson: Freedom, rhythm of my time and that is very important, the only things that you come here on this earth with that you can really control is your time and your intellect and those are the two things that this independence gives me, and gives me control of intellectual property, there is nothing in the world that you can own more than your intellectual property, the things that come out of you so it has given me total control over that meaning that when I study whatever I put it when it comes out that is my property, that is the gift that God has given me to get to the world so as I give that to the world, whatever that content might be I keep control of it and nobody else controls how it goes out when the goes out or if it goes out and then my time is very important, being able to go and spend now on months in Little Rock doing the Arkansas project or to stay here in Las Vegas to actually work on my talk show, it’s all about freedom for me, I was never very fond of going to car crashes and doing other stories that were important for me, I wanted to do something more born with my time and independence has given me that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Great, good for you, very few journalists go this entrepreneurial road, I see all of them working for the channels so how did you decide that and how long do you spend on the channels the radio before you made this quantum leap?

Deborah Robinson: I was with the radio station for less than a year, the day I graduated I had interviewed a guy while I was with the radio station, the television station in college I interviewed him and he said when you graduate I have a job for you and literally the day I graduated he was managing the finances at a radio station and they hired me over at the radio station’s news director and I was there a short amount of time and then I moved into television at that time I was like the youngest station manager at the TV station there and I managed the station along with I started producing television programs myself there and probably five years in I realized because I was working on stories that I felt were very important but they weren’t that important to management and so one story in particular that really started me to thinking that it is now time for me to do my own thing, if I don’t I won’t be able to continue to tell the stories that I want to tell and it just happened that everybody I was interviewing and some of the people really made a big impact on my life, Tony Brown I remember interviewing him at that time he had several shows on the public television on asked him how do you do exactly what you want to do, the stories that you want to do, you produce your own content, how do you do it? And he said because I own my own content that is the key, I own my own stuff, I find everything for my own projects and I started thinking this might be the way I want to go and then I interviewed Louis Farrakhan and that interview he asked me he said okay turn the cameras off enough to return the cameras off because it was a really in-depth interview and we know that he is very outspoken and has some not mainstream things that he talks about, he said turn the cameras off and asked me if I really thought they would let me air the interview and I said yes, I was with BET at the time and I said yes this is, they would never stop me from marrying anything and he said if you really want to speak truth and to work on stories that are important and can change lives you can have to do it on your own, you’re going to have to leave the station. So I kept hearing these major people in the media who are totally taking control of their message and what they were doing, they kept speaking to me that it was time that I left and I was on my own and it finally hit home when I was working on a story, I was working on the series on gangs in Little Rock and I happen to come across a story where two young men were killed at a liquor store and it was late at night when we get the story and I was actually working on the gang story and I told my photographer that we needed the video of the Sirens and to go back down there to get the video because that’s all I wanted, I did know was going on we just need video, he went down and he came back and he said Deborah it’s horrible done there, two young boys have been killed and it’s horrible. I was working on the story on gangs so I told him now I need you to go back in and you to shoot this time shoot, I want to see death, I need these gets to see what that looks like, shoot up close should the blood she whatever is happening and what you shoot it. He went back and he shot this and it was just amazing and the next day I said to my boss did you hear about what happened at the liquor store we were there we got this great footage and he said where’s the footage and I said I have it and he said I do you lock it up and I said what you mean lock it up? I don’t have a way to lock up footage, and he said okay well by a safe, it’s that important. And this was interesting that this footage would be so important that it turns out that it was a major story because it happened to be an officer that did the killings and it turned out to be major but the mother contacted me because she knew that I had the footage and she asked me if she could use the footage because she was considering a lawsuit against the police department and all of that and my boss told me they would have to subpoena us for it there was no way she was getting it and she worked for the company, it was amazing to see the political, how political things were and at that moment I made the decision, I said know what I will do is the stories that are important that story was important, whether was a cop involved or not, what was important was that this woman’s son was killed and I had video that would prove that it was not a legal aboveboard killing and I couldn’t share with her and eventually she subpoenaed and got the footage and went to court and the city along with the police department ended up paying her a lot of money but it all started because I had the footage and I was able to share that, I was able to tell her that something was wrong, it didn’t happen the way they said it happened and through that I was able to change lives and I saw the power of what I was doing and I realized that I didn’t want the politics on what I knew, I wanted the ability to do something right. So those things lead me and it was almost like I didn’t have a choice, I knew that I had to go and I knew there were stories that would be brought to me that were more important and I want to tell the stories.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You started bootstrapping these ventures or did you have an investor when you just made the move?

Deborah Robinson: I didn’t have an investor in the beginning, I started with just my company and I eventually raised some finances for the venture but those were very very short-lived finances and eventually I had to figure it out so the process was defined investor and that investor takes care of some overall foundation things but every project that came long after that I still had to raise the money for that project and that meant I had to go back to the table to find an investor or I had to be creative in financing it through sponsorships and product placement and other things like that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So a project like let’s say if it’s an interview show is it a project that you find like a specific investor for it but if you are shooting certain news or things like you have investors who get involved in your company or do you just bring them let’s say invest for me for the stories that I’m going to cover for one month or two months, how does it work?

Deborah Robinson: It works both ways if I don’t have an overall investor sometimes it’s harder to find that than it is to find someone who might be interested in the project for example I might find someone who might be interested in 9/11 research but they are not necessarily interested in funding my entire company so that way I can bring them into just finance the 9/11 research or just finance the story on juveniles in prison, I might even find grant monies to do the juvenile spending life in prison without parole so there are different ways I go about looking at a per project but recently I raised money for a project here in Las Vegas, the reason I moved to Las Vegas was to start a talk show on the strip and we raise the finances, we had the investors and we started the show and then in the middle of our first season the investors couldn’t come up with additional money that was needed so we had to go back to the table and put the show on hiatus and go back to the table and raise the money and at that time it had taken us a year to find investors and we were talking two hundred and fifty thousand dollars investors and up so it had taken us quite a while to find those investment dollars so what we decided to do was another friend came to me with another business opportunity so what we did and what we are doing now is we are funding the talkshow through this business opportunity and not only that we are showing and sharing with other companies and other journalists like myself independent people who want to stay independent how they can also fund their projects through the same way that we are doing ours.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: In terms of statistics like what is the percentage of independent journalists compared with people who are employed?

Deborah Robinson: While I’m not sure, I don’t know if I can give you a number on that, it’s really hard though to be out here independent but it is getting easier because of how people are watching television and what is going on now the Internet has sort of like even the playing field and given us an opportunity to do more and to share more so we don’t necessarily need the big television station behind us anymore and for those of us who really take journalism seriously it’s hard to work for a station that when you are not having an opportunity to do the stories are really making a difference, if you look at news if you look at your local news station you don’t find a lot of investigative reporting and you don’t find a lot of stories that really make a difference, you find your car cashes and all of the things that are really not that important to journalists who are.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So sorry to cut you off, how much percentage do you publish yourself and you sell to the other channels and like newspapers?

Deborah Robinson: I don’t sell my content, content is king right now if you have content that is a good thing because everybody is looking for great content but what I don’t do is I don’t sell it because it is really all that, it’s my work, all that I have, what I do is for example I do a series on the ABC affiliate here where I do a story and then I place it on that affiliate but I don’t sell the content that so that they have the copyright for, I can repurpose it, I own for example the series in Little Rock where we interviewed all the Arkansas governors, that series is a very good series, it’s history making, for once we’re going to have every Arkansas government and there are only six of them living, you are going to have them in conversations one after the other and so we have already, ATN which is the local public television there, they’ve already purchased the licensing rights, the international rights, the rights for education because they know that the series is going to be important and they want to be able to put it out so they have already acquired the rights pending us delivering the shows so that was an easy sell, I simply made a call to the public television station and told them what we were doing with the series and immediately she said we wanted, we want this areas, what we need and I wanted to make sure one that I didn’t given exclusivity because giving them exclusivity would totally me that I couldn’t Erin on another station or I can put it online and I had basically given up my content so they have not exclusivity but they are going and distributing it through all of the public television stations to all of the schools that they have access to for teaching so it’s really cool if you find a station that realizes that you have great content but the key is anybody could have done this but my company conceived it, I thought you know Arkansas is where I’m from, when is the last time we heard from Gov. David Prior or Huckabee or Bill Clinton, Mike Huckabae is going to be running for president again and I’m having interviews with them reflecting on what their life is like as an Arkansas governor, the first sponsor we went after his the one who owns the theater, the lever system, they said absolutely we will sponsor it so they were offer sponsor which allowed us to move forward with the program and then we seek additional sponsors after that but that starts next month so that’s the process of how it goes, I basically conceive a project and then I find who might be interested in this project and then we see if they could provide the finances to make it happen.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you create the idea of the show and contact the channel before you start the show for you start the show and then you start pitching them?

Deborah Robinson: It depends I did this before because having a station connected with the show before we start seeking sponsors helps because when you can tell a sponsor that we already have a station and we are going to get additional exposure by becoming involved.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Yes you have someone backing you up. So the investors will be more interested.

Deborah Robinson: Yes that helps to get sponsors.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And just I want to ask about like how does it work when you make the deal with the channels like is it always you keep the rights for yourself and you can sell it to other channels or sometimes they want to have exclusivity in terms of the deal?

Deborah Robinson: Either way, it depends how you negotiate, of course they probably wanted exclusivity but I believe that I’m creating history so why would I give it away unless they were paying really really big money? That’s another thing, if they were paying right, if the cost was right I’m sure I would consider giving them exclusivity but they know it’s history and they are not paying for exclusivity, they are paying for what they can do with it and it all depends on what the station wants, if you are trying to sell something to now when I go to the local because now in negotiations with the local affiliates, ABC and NBC affiliates to air it and possibly do it live, well that is another thing, they of course one exclusivity and that I won’t necessarily air it on their competitor, I’m not going to give ABC and then turn around and put it on CBS and CBS wouldn’t want to be there because I had already aired in the market in the couldn’t make it any money on it so it all depends, it would be now okay I have a station exclusive to that area so the area can have exclusivity or if you are thinking about a national like a cable network or something they would definitely want exclusivity on a project like this.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And are they play a flat fee or per views or how does it work?

Deborah Robinson: They pay a flat fee, not per views, especially not a public television station, they negotiate how much they want her show if we deliver to them seven shows than they pay a certain amount for every show and we just want to make sure that when it’s all over we pay for production and all of the costs and we make some money on it as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is there like a certain average for the prices let’s say for a story for five minutes or show of one hour can you give us an idea about the prices or does it depend how popular is it? In general if it’s a new show or a new story.

Deborah Robinson: It depends, I remember when I was working for BET I was an independent correspondent some years ago I would deliver two minutes because I was independent, I was covering the Clinton election, his run for president, they knew the story on this we would edit it in Little Rock and then we would send it there and the price would very, I would make maybe $1500-$2500 on a minute and a half piece and then they would also pay the photographer and the other fees, so it all depends, now if you are delivering to a major network an hour-long show then you are in the major dollars, the hundreds of thousands of dollars if you’re at that level but if you’re on a statewide level, tens of thousands or even less than that, it depends if you’re talking a local affiliate, the price per show is definitely less.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is there a process to pitch let’s say the channels, is there a certain proposal that you have to submit or do you just call somebody and tell them that you have new content and ask if they are interested?

Deborah Robinson: You kind of want to know who is in charge and the people you would want to speak to you want your program director if you’re talking about local news or local programming and that’s the same way you want to is in charge of who is in charge of putting the programs on, who is buying so if you find program director you usually in the right place. If you are trying to pitch a new story you want to find the news director so those in the positions you want to go after one you are looking to pitch a story to a news channel which is different than pitching an entire program because at the network level they are buying, they buy your program in a series of thirteen of time so you are producing a series of thirteen show is and once you get to that level of producing shows at that level you are talking way more money but the interesting thing is when I did my show for five years out of Nashville one of the key things about doing that show was I was on a digital television station at that time so the fees weren’t as high, I didn’t get as much for that show when I did it on the digital affiliate but.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So digital means they broadcast on the Internet?

Deborah Robinson: If you have cable you can tell there are some stations on cable that are digital and some are not, now most of the stages are difficult, you don’t see that much anymore, if you go through sometimes you’ll see thirteen one.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What does that mean? 13.1 and digital? In plain English.

Deborah Robinson: That means they are broadcasting a digital signal which is usually a high-resolution higher resolution than your regular broadcasting might be doing locally but now everybody is digital, it’s hard to find a station that is not. They are very clear and the production is all done on digital cameras, now everything is digital so it’s less of an issue now but the key is.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you said it’s a digital Channel but they pay you less, why is that it should be more?

Deborah Robinson: It was less because the stations also when you are dealing with digital networks and cable networks you have so many networks to where it is hard for them to find their footing, if you go through your cable channels, there are channels that you never watch, some are barely on the air because the only way that they make money is by selling advertising and it’s hard to come by when you have a digital channel that nobody is watching so even the local stations are doing this, like we started syndicating the Denver interview show and at that time the only thing that we could get was a barter deal and if you look at your syndicated talk shows during the day, most of them are under barter agreements and the barter agreement simply says you have an hour show and you have thirteen minutes of advertising and that thirteen minutes of advertising we will split that advertising with you, we will give you six minutes and we keep six minutes and nobody pays any money, we won’t pay you for your show but we give you six minutes of advertising that you can sell so you can go find your sponsor and put that advertising in those shows and then we will find our sponsors and we can both make money because on a local level it is really hard for them to pay for programming like they used to and all of the syndicated talk shows are on mainly barter agreements whether it’s eighty twenty or sixty forty, there is some sort of bartering Bremen where the exchange advertising rather than dollars.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you still also try to get sponsors to sometimes if you have such a deal but you have 50% of the time to sell advertisement?

Deborah Robinson: Right, so a company like that that is when you get a distributor, like King world distributed the Oprah Winfrey show for all those years, King world actually Opera show was bought because it delivered the ratings and that was key so she was not on a barter system that shows like and then when she ushered in the Dr. Phil show he was also not on a barter system, the system paid for that show but shows like Montel, so the other shows that came in world barter systems to where was eighty twenty barter or whatever and the dollars didn’t exchange hands.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Usually the eighty is for the channel or for the content owner?

Deborah Robinson: It is usually for the channel. Because usually and it depends on how you negotiate, if you know that you place the show in different places and has good ratings you can negotiate better so that key.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And you as a content creator do you prefer to take a share from advertisement or is that a headache?

Deborah Robinson: I would prefer, it depends on how you are set up because distribution companies like King world have a lot of things in place where it is easy for them to find an advertiser because of advertiser than ghost about local station and they put them in all of the different shows, for me it is little bit harder so I would prefer that they took care of advertising and just pay the cost and bought the program straight out rather than having me go out and find advertising but in Nashville I basically did that, there is another way that you go if you don’t have your show bought by the station itself by the program director you can always go through buying time, you can actually buy time and if you buy time than you control all of your advertising you just pay the station and then you make all the money from your closing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do you do that?

Deborah Robinson: That’s pretty easy because every station has, if you call the advertising department of every station and you one of I paid programming, they have thirty minutes to an hour so you call up your local station and you say can I have your avails, if you don’t you can get an agency to do it, we do it as well so you ask for the avails and that is was available, the timeslots that are available and most times it’s late night or over night or Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon and they have prices on those for example.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you don’t buy the time within your show that you’re giving them, do you buy different times?

Deborah Robinson: You buy the block of time, you buy the thirty minutes after the game, you buy that time. So for example they have thirty minutes that comes on on a Saturday afternoon they have a show on a matinee show and after the matinee there thirty minutes they can sell so they may sell that thirty minute show depending on the station anywhere from thirty or $50-$1500, they sell that thirty minute show to content producers like us who go in and say okay and a lot of times what you see are infomercials so when you see infomercials in that slot those are paid programming slots but every now and then you will find companies who are real content producers who are buying that time as well to put on legitimate projects and not just infomercials.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So let’s say you bought this thirty minutes, how do you sell it?

Deborah Robinson: Then you go find the advertisers and one of the things that you do is I always look for people who are interested in the content so what is the show about? You go after people who are interested in reaching the people who are watching the show. So on a local level you start contacting in getting to your local people, reaching your local people who are already in advertising, look for people who are already advertising because at that point you know that they understand advertising and have a budget for it and you just need to convince them that you can deliver to them the audience that they are looking for, if they’re looking for women between 18 to 25 you might tell them that your talk show is about women and for women and we deal with the issues between 18 to 25 and this show in particular has, we are dealing with this and you share that with the sponsor so they know you can deliver the audience and they will pay for that audience at the site you get the spot.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is there like any international company or agency that specializes without the you can share the name with?

Deborah Robinson: I don’t know anyone who specializes in particular, most of yours, you’ll find that most of your infomercials, there are companies that do infomercials and they go around the country buying up time like this but you were just have to find an ad agency to do it, and he ad agency in any city knows how to buy avails of paid programming so any ad agency would be able to do it for you.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How many people do you have in your company, how many full-time and how many outsourced?

Deborah Robinson: We outsource almost everybody, I have an assistant, there are three of us that are owners and the company, two attorneys, who own company with me, three of us as owners and then I have an assistant and I have an assistant in Little Rock and one in Las Vegas and everybody else we bring on for the project. And Little Rock my assistant in Little Rock is now hiring people for that project only, they work for the project they are 1099s and we use them for that project only so we don’t have to have the overhead of keeping people on board when we don’t have a project for them to work.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you are legally backed up with your 2 attorneys.

Deborah Robinson: Yes and they are foreign, one is from Persia and one is from Germany.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And they are familiar with the US state law?

Deborah Robinson: Yes they are.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay so you are like into selling advertisement and creating content, how do you do that only with one assistant and you just outsource, how do you organize your time, how do you do that?

Deborah Robinson: Until I have a project it doesn’t matter that I have the people so once I get a project in the project is green lit with finances, now it’s time for me to bring the people in. So until we put our sponsors in place, our foundation sponsors there is no reason to have staff waiting or working on that and because my work is very personal I am only working on the projects that really mean something to me, we are not even looking for clients, it’s just our work, we are in process for raising money and finding money and once we find money for that project with then higher on the people that we need to make it happen.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you sell other people content as well if they will come to you and they will ask you to sell the content to a channel to a newspaper do you do that?

Deborah Robinson: It depends on what they want for me, if they commissioned it and they asked me to go out and get it then yes I would, I would go out and get it and deliver it to them as theirs. With my original idea I went out and got the content, if I want to station or someone to pick that up I try to keep the copyright so that I can repurpose it to do something else with it as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Share with us some techniques that you use when you research and interviewee?

Deborah Robinson: The first thing I do is try to get their ED K, their electronic press kit, get that and you can have the foundation for who the person is, once I have that I just do a Google search and start to find out information about them and that leads in different directions to who they are and what they are doing and who they are connected to and that kind of lays the foundation, I try to make sure that I read everything about them, one thing I do is when I do interviews I try to know the answer to every question before I ask the question because if I know the answer I know where everything is going and that allows me to listen even more intently as well, that allows me to let them lead me into directions into the next question because I am not having to sit in the interview and take up everything I already know some things and I am leading them to where I want the conversation to go. I started the research.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How long does the research project take?

Deborah Robinson: It could take anywhere from a couple of days, I’ve had to do research projects with a couple of days notice, now I’m working in doing the research for the six governors that are coming up next month and so I’ve already started that process I’m three weeks out from doing governor prior but I have started the research, that’s important, it depends sometimes when I’m doing the show I only have a couple of days to really go in and get what I need to share with everybody so I know who is coming up the next day and literally we may have a guest cancel and all of a sudden we have another author in and they have written another book and I may have to go over it overnight and figure out what’s what interview then the next day because that’s how fast sometimes things turn around.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do you make the guest talk about very sensitive personal stuff?

Deborah Robinson: I usually start with me, I make sure that they are vulnerable and that means that I am vulnerable first, that means that I begin to share and open up and make them relax by talking about myself and talking about some things that we might have in common so that they can relax in our conversation and relaxing helps them to see that while I can trust her, I can trust her with what I need to talk about and so when I ask a personal question it is not coming out of the cold that is coming out of a warm place because we have been talking either before the show or during the break I have allowed the atmosphere to be one of calm because if you are uptight and you are sitting there and quiet before the interview than they are going to be quiet so what I tried to do is I try to relax them by making small talk and allowing them to sort of get relaxed and when they get relax that is how I lead into the questions that are more revealing and one of the interesting things that I do is my interview style is a little different because I believe in imposing on the personal space of the person I’m interviewing, that can be a little uncomfortable in the beginning so especially for my show what we do is return the chairs directly toward each other because I want to sit face-to-face with the person I’m talking to rather than side-by-side where I’m having to turn my head to talk to them, face-to-face allows you to really get up close and personal and when you’re that up close and personal you start to see through people and when you start to see through people they know that you see their heart and who they are and they can also see who you are and that is uncomfortable in the beginning for people who are not used to somebody sitting close to them and looking them dead in the eye and sharing and talking but that is the strategy I use to break the ice and let them know that I am approachable and I want in on their space because the reason I brought them to the interview was because I felt they had something to offer people that could help them live their lives better. That is what I want to pull out of it and bring out and most times that is something intimate or secret or deep and to get that deep I have to allow them to feel comfortable so I get in their space.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You start with general questions at the beginning and then you go deep personally like that?

Deborah Robinson: Yes I start general if we have the time and that’s why I like long format shows, I like taking that time to get to the place of intimacy and if we don’t have to use the information at the beginning we don’t have to but the key is that I am taking the time to really get in there and get them to trust me throughout the process and then they open up and they start sharing and then when it’s time to ask that sensitive question or that intimate question I don’t hesitate to ask it, I ask it and they realize that I really want an answer and it’s not an aside question, it’s an intimate question and we need the answer because the intention of the interview is very important when I go and I try to tell them what my intention is, my intention is to use your story to use what is happened to you to cause others to be healed delivered set free to cause others to have a better life, what has happened to you, what you’ve gone through people can learn from it and if you will be open to sharing your realize that whatever that was that happened to you that you are here to share about can really help others and it will be worth it, it will show the what you went through was worth it for a reason when they realize that is my intention they are more open to share because we are trying to help other people not to embarrass them or to shame them but no more shame it’s about helping other people so they don’t have to go through the same thing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is your focus is it like politics or religion our business, what area do you like the most?

Deborah Robinson: All of that I love all of it, I love politics and I think the key.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Because it sells better or because you love it?

Deborah Robinson: I love politics but what I realized is that everything is spiritual and that is the key to me for me and that is where my interviews always end up because you can sit with a politician and you can talk surface and you will never get deep but the only way to get deep is to go personal integral spiritual and when you go into that space that is when people begin to share and open up so I love politics and I love when I can take a politician or political interview to a deeper place because all of us, I interviewed Neil Donald Walsh are you familiar with them? He has a trilogy of books called conversations with God and he made a point that was so perfect, he said we don’t have a political problem or an economic problem, we have a spiritual problem and we can get to the issues of the spirit and we can take care of everything else so if we can get to the issues of why we treat each other the way we do, the humanity of us all, if we can deal with those issues we can stop wars, we can s stop all of the political infighting because we all realize that we all want the same thing. We all want what is good for humanity and for our families and we can deal at that level that is when everything will become better but everybody is not level to deal on the spiritual level that we have a spiritual problem not an economic problem or political problem.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And do you like more to record interviews or do you do like certain videos or reports for the news?

Deborah Robinson: I do a lot of stuff here where there are conventions that go on so I go and cover different conventions and then I take that and I use that on the ABC affiliate here in Las Vegas so I do a lot of lifestyle stuff because this is an entertainment type of city so that is the lifestyle stuff that I do for Las Vegas but the other interviews that I do right now I try to stay in the area of politics and religion because that is where I flourish and that is where like to be.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: No gambling?

Deborah Robinson: I don’t gamble.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But you don’t cover the gambling stuff?

Deborah Robinson: Though I don’t, we were producing a show on addiction now that is a whole different thing if we can cover it from the addiction perspective and yes that is a story but just to cover a story about people going out to gamble that doesn’t have any significance to me unless we can get to why they are there gambling, how it has affected their lives and their families, we can get to the deeper issues of what it means when they come out here when they gamble or what you do here in Las Vegas because it stays here that is more important to me than just a gamble.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: When you create like a TV show based on interviews how many staff do you require for that and do you like to shoot it with audience over that audience?

Deborah Robinson: I like, my show was with an audience and now we are doing a live show with an audience but I like I find that when I am one-on-one with somebody and there is nobody else but the staff in their I get better interviews, I did a series in Nashville called at home with Deborah where I brought the guest to my home and those were the most intimate interviews, they were really able to talk about things that were intimate to them, that is more important than sometimes when you have an audience people place of the audience so you get a different feel, you always want to be up, when you have an audience you always want to be out you can literally go in and my interviews are always about going in so when I am able to record an interview one-on-one with someone and the only people in the room are the cameramen and us, that is a more rewarding thing to me than doing the audience because the audience you have to play to it and you just don’t go as deep as you want.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You feel it’s less intense, so how many people, how many cameramen?

Deborah Robinson: Usually if we do a one-on-one like that we would have three cameras but you don’t have to have three camera people, that’s the interesting thing about shooting like that you can have two camera operators and three cameras, you want to make sure someone who is doing guest relations was literally just taking care of the guest because you want to feel the guests catered to and taken care of, it is always important that you have somebody and that is all they do, not someone who’s doing something else, the moment the guest is on the way this person is in contact with them, there on the phone with them and meet them at the door, they provide for them whatever they need, taking care of that person so you always want to make sure you have someone doing guest relations for you and that helps the guests to relax and feel good so you have two camera people at least and an overall production manager who is overseeing all of the production your camera people can also be in charge of helping the production, setting up the lights and doing all that because when you’re on a small shoot you don’t need that many people, two camera people and a production manager and then you always want to have producer, producer there and then the interviewer and you have somebody handling guest relations so it could be a very small staff.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So 5 to 6?

Deborah Robinson: yes.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much does it cost per interview with the staff a much does it cost?

Deborah Robinson: If you break it down per interview we are probably at about five thousand dollars and interview and that is not if we are taking care of the guests, usually we don’t pay guests but there are things that you do for guests that increase your budget where you put them up and all that stuff if you have to put them up forget them a limo, things like that but increase your budget but overall you could do it at about five thousand dollars.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you only focus off-line because it has more value however and less flexibility in terms of contacting the guest, have you tried doing some things online like what we’re doing now?

Deborah Robinson: That is my next frontier actually that is what I’m doing now, when I was with I like TV, we were in millions of households internationally, we had a central viewership of about forty million, that was quite a lot and then when I started doing local television in Nashville it went down to 1.5 to 3,000,000 people, that is not a lot but what is happening with today’s time is is changing, people don’t watch television the way they used to watch television, you will have a television show like the Oprah Winfrey show when it was in its prime it was only heading 5.6 or seven ratings Max, that is only seven million people, if you go online now you have people who barely know what they are doing and they getting seven million viewers so now everything is changing so television is not necessarily the place where it is best to be, it is about being in the space where you have international global possibilities and that is Internet access and that is where I am building the local show for Internet rather than television, television becomes much more expensive than Internet now and it works, Internet works better, everybody is watching television, watching their smart phones and you have individuals, people are doing who want the content that you have and that is how you get out to millions of viewers and that is how you capture them and eventually start to charge them and they begin to pay for it because you provided value they can get anywhere else, the key is that the Internet is catching up to television the way that it is financed, the Internet is the platform to be right now.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But don’t you think like the Internet usually takes time and is not like when you have a show on the TV people wait for it and watch it at certain point one of his live or certain time while the Internet may be they get ten million but it takes time, so that will reduce maybe the profit that you make from the advertisers of the sponsors because usually they need a certain number of people at the same time and this is where you can make more money from the ads?

Deborah Robinson: It is a different platform, what’s happening is advertisers don’t know how to operate in the space just yet of the Internet because you have to wait a long time for you to actually get the viewers but you get so many more viewers and over time it works out so I think they are going to get it, it’s just going to be a matter of how to charge for it and having space, even the space like you to that is now paying producers that is a good space to be in as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to get featured in the media? What is the strategy that you recommend for the people who want to be featured in the media?

Deborah Robinson: The strategy is to have some relevant content, what is it that you want to be featured for and so say if you have a business, it doesn’t matter what the business does, you are now going to get a free feature by just having a business, what you need to do is connect your business with what is going on, what is trending right now, check and see what people are talking about online, check your news channel to see what are the stories, what are they doing stories on right now, if something big happens in the news see if you can find a way to connect to it, for example if you have, if something happens to somebody, say a new story covers this really cute story of a child losing their cat, as a company why don’t you go into that story by doing something for that child or by giving them another cat that you get news coverage from, something that connects you to the story so you can send out a press release and say that this is what we are doing and this is who we are, we are doing this because this was tragic and we want to make this person feel better, so do it from a genuine place but find a place for yourself within the story with things that are happening that are being covered in the news because that is what the news is covering right now, that means they already have a reporter on it, sometimes it’s really hard to take a reporter and put them on a new story but you are not covering because you are like okay well you have to pay for it, so the news director on the assignment desk is like well I’m going to put them on a story that we have been working on now for days because that story is already developing and it allows us to keep it going, for example it depends on what happens and this is how I’ve used the media to get coverage on the things that I’m working on, I was recently in Memphis where I was using my camera to record the police arresting somebody for drugs and when they saw me pull out my camera it looks like a professional camera but that didn’t matter, the police officer immediately told me to put my camera up but I know my First Amendment rights so I immediately told him Sir I’m site but I have the right to record you conducting business on public property and he didn’t like that but it’s not just as a journalist that I have that right, we have the First Amendment right of citizens so I continued to record and it escalated to the point of where they told me that if I continued that they were going to arrest me and I knew that they were violating my first and rights but at that moment I didn’t really want to go to jail so what I did was after I left there I started doing the research on the Memphis Police Department to see why, what is in their culture that they would think that it’s okay to treat people the way they treated me for no reason so in doing that research I found that it was a problem in that area and not only that, the police chief had already given out a memo to the police to say they have no right to stop people from recording so knowing that what I did was I released a press release into the Memphis media and share the experience, I gave them the video and literally my story led the news for three days, every station, I did Skype interviews and all of that, I didn’t have anything to sell the whole thing was trying to get people to understand that they are First Amendment rights, I simply knew my right to present to them the story, here is a story the police are at it again, we have rights and people need to understand their rights and here is a video to show that they were violating my First Amendment rights and we stayed in the news for three weeks, I was invited back to Memphis to work with an organization that is on the ground there trying to get better relations with the police department so it is about finding and realizing what is the story here, how can I put myself in the story to get the exposure that we need?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You worked for Obama for America two thousand and twelve, what did you learn from that campaign?

Deborah Robinson: That was an interesting thing, I worked with the media office and I did press releases and wrote for the website and I handled the national press and Obama came to town but it was when we all had to get out on the street and see what running the campaign was really about, it was on the street that I realized that it was such a machine and organize machine, I learned lessons on how to organize, they were so organize were every neighborhood, whenever they put their precinct, that neighborhood that they canvassed, it was very strategic, one neighborhood did not go up on another neighborhood and I knew people from certain neighborhoods and I said I could go and help in the neighborhood and they said no you have to say in your neighborhood because we are counting and making sure that we can reach our goals here and let the people in that neighborhood reach that neighborhood, everything was so organized so I can definitely see how they were able to do how we were able to do what we did, of course we won Nevada and that was the key there and they were able to do it because the organization and it was very good organization.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you have a service that you help your clients get featured in the media?

Deborah Robinson: No I don’t not at this time, I used to do more client work but right now I have quite a few projects that we are working on that don’t involve the client work but no I don’t, I don’t have a service I’m sorry.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the steps that like so many now people on the Internet are having their Internet shows, how can they take those shows to the TV? What should they do? Do you see just that they keep it on the Internet?

Deborah Robinson: I do see just they keep it on the Internet, it’s the future of television, I go to conferences, broadcasting conferences and we used to call the Internet the computer a second screen but that is so changing, the computer is no longer second screen it is the first screen and it is that individual attention so television is changing, the big boys are really struggling to figure out how to save themselves because people are not watching the tube the way they used to, of course you have televisions that with the Internet on them because they are trying to keep that relevant but that still means they are not watching cable and television the way they used to so I suggest if you stay where you are, build your brand and build your following and build your people and get yourself into the millions and millions of hits in likes and followers and then if you choose to go into television that is how you will be able to make the transition because what televisions don’t want to do is they don’t want to make you, they are not going to make you as a brand, they are picking up people who already have followings, that is the same we get your book published, you have to have your own following, already so when you build that, build that online, get people loving what you do, they like your brand, they are there with you, they are watching you and then you can go to a television station and you can say listen, I have twelve million hits on my YouTube channel a month, that means something to them, that means that you can bring those people with you on a national level so that is the key, stay where you are, grow it where you are, because the television channels are only looking for people who are proven, while ready have a message, it is hard for them to make you, they are not going to make an brand you they are going to pick you up or you are and they are looking for people who already have a following bring that following with them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you think that TV is going to be all on demand like people just selects, there is nothing like all the time and broadcasting you just select like what you want on YouTube or video?

Deborah Robinson: It is probably going to go that way, I’m not sure how long it is going to take but it is really hard, people are not sitting down at 8 o’clock to watch a show anymore, they are watching an online and the networks see that because they are now offering their programs only to their subscribers, only if you have certain cable providers, you can watch their content online, they are offering an online now because they realize that people are not watching television the same way anymore, it is an industry that is trying to save itself and it is going to be hard to do that because things are changing rapidly.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Are you with the free model of providing the content for free and then finding sponsors to make money from it or are you with the membership model which is like you are charging with no advertisement like a monthly fee?

Deborah Robinson: I am with sponsors, I would love to the on the other side but it is hard because there is so much content out there that people can get for free so it is hard to make them pay for your content because they can get it free, even everybody that you interview, they can go online, Google that person and find a lot of free information on that person so it is really hard to get people to pay individually for content especially online so there was a transition that was made that I’m really impressed with, so gosh what is his name? I just forgot his name [editor’s note: she is talking about Glenn Beck], he went from cable television and now he has the blaze, he went from cable television to a subscription television channel, she launched with millions of subscriptions, subscribers at twenty dollars a month, that was major what he did, and I’ve been watching him and seeing how is progressing, he literally built a full studio and everything when he was fired from Fox that he was with, he then went and created police TV and with blaze TV now it’s a subscription and he has his own studio and he is making it work because what he talks about, people aren’t getting anywhere else because he is very out there, very right wing, he has content that they can’t get anywhere else and they are willing to pay to listen to so he is creating not just his own content, he is creating other people that he also brings forward but he managed to do it and that was a good thing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You authored a certain number of books, tell us more about it and are you self-publishing or publishing and you are also in the process of writing two books tell us about it?

Deborah Robinson: Yes, there are so many people who want to write and they are like I want to read a book and can I find an agent and how do I find an agent and they’ve written a book and they can’t find an agent so the book is just sitting there, times have so changed, it is amazing how times have changed, you do not need, you do not have to have an agent anymore, you don’t have to have an major publisher, the key is to get your stuff out there because major publishers are looking for proven people and proven work so if you do self published, that means that you can now begin to sell your book and make money and show a larger publisher that you can do it, of course there is a benefit to having a larger publisher, that publisher put some money behind your project and they put money behind it and that can mean the difference between New York Times bestseller and sitting on your desk so that is important but you also have to realize what comes with the major publisher, a major publisher all they are really doing is giving you a loan, they are giving you a loan for your book, they give you in advance of fifty thousand dollars or hundred thousand dollars and then they spend the rest of the money on marketing and all of that and they spend that money so that when money starts to be made from your book the first people paid back is your publishing company, they recoup all of those benefits so you may never see any more money because they may never make a million dollars from your book but you got your upfront advance and that was good so basically it is really all of your money because the only money being made is what you’re using but they are advancing it to you so that is good there is value in that and large publishing companies also know the game a publishing they can get your book in major bookstores so there are definitely benefits.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: For credibility, yes.

Deborah Robinson: Lots of benefits but if you are just sitting waiting on an agent, I suggest that you self publish, there are so many programs out here that will allow you to do it and do it with ease, all of my books, I call them self published but I own the publishing company and we also publish additional things as well, it started with me doing my own book and remember I am in the media so media is what I do and I just realized that I wanted to write a book and it wasn’t necessary for me to find to sit and wait and sit on the book and wait on the publisher to pick it up, I self publish the book and I remember even to this day I remember what it felt like to have that first-person online buy my book, it was amazing to have that feeling, so just get out here and self publish, my first book was called journey to purpose, I published it since then, I have a second edition out now, you can get them, and then from there I started ghostwriting, I ghost wrote another book and we also publish that book, so from there I have five books that I’ve done and I currently ghostwrite another book and I’m still working on to others that are in the making and both of them actually started out as ghostwriting projects but now I am slowly writing the myself.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much do you charge for ghostwriting?

Deborah Robinson: It depends on what I have to do, if the person comes to the table and they really are a writer and they know what they are doing and all I’m doing is taking their information and putting it in story form and giving it and then publishing it or giving it to them that is a lesser price, we might be at about ten thousand dollars for that price and then I also share in the copyright because that is still my intellectual property so I share copyright but if the author really doesn’t know how to write a book and all they are doing is I’m doing the interview and telling their story and I’m really pulling the story together at that process it is up to fifty or sixty thousand it depends on how much involvement I need to give to the project and how much that person’s bring to the table.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do you rate efficiently ?

Deborah Robinson: well, I start with research, I found that if I have enough information on topic that I can write, when I get writer’s block it’s when I don’t have enough information, if I get enough information I can write and make it flow and make it we from one place to another, you just make sure that you have your points and then you segue them and we’ve been together, it’s actually pretty easy for me to write but I also know that for me to write I totally have to totally do nothing but that so that is why I have books that I’m working on because until I am able to sit and spend the time with that project that is the key, I have to keep rolling in really right effectively and tell the story correctly I have to fully be working on that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How is your daily routine in terms of work and life?

Deborah Robinson: Because I am single with no children I literally work when I’m not asleep that is all I do and I actually love it, it is not something, it’s not work to me, it’s my calling and what I’m feeling like I’m put on this earth to do, I don’t find lots of pleasure or passion or excitement doing anything else, outside of the media right now I am working with different companies to do raise money for their project the way we raise money for the show so I have one of those projects where we do morning calls, we are on the twenty-seventh day-to-day out of forty days, two calls a day at 5 AM and 4 PM, for the last twenty-eight days I do that call at 5 AM and then I’m on it again at four so I am doing that sort of schedule, that means that I need to get to sleep early, usually I’m a night person, I’m creative overnight, my days are usually spent dealing with finances and then at night I get creative, I write, I plan, I do all of that but every night, never fail I make a list of the things I need to do the next day, that is my thing that keeps me on track is the night before while I am creative, while I am thinking of all the things I need to do, I make that list and the next day I don’t really have to think about I just need to do it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient?

Deborah Robinson: If I could work out more, I used to be a cheerleader and a gymnast, I also taught as an instructor, and so I was used to being active because it was what I did but now being that I am not doing any of those things it is really hard for me to stay active so I really need to be disciplined and create the habit of working out and being more active physically everyday.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who is your number one mentor?

Deborah Robinson: My number one mentor is a guy that is unknown, he actually was my first investor for my show in Nashville and since then he has, he is a quiet soul who doesn’t say much but every day he reminds me of what is important, the scramble that I’m in is important for me to take care of myself and relax and enjoy the journey so he gives me the spiritual grounding to keep going so that is personal to me and he is definitely a mentor on my every day, the things that I do every day, I have to slow down sometimes and just listen and it is not always pleasant to listen because he lives his life the way he is telling me to live it and that is with no worries and no stress, he literally has mastered that and to see somebody with that much come I’m like will that is not my life and he is saying it doesn’t matter that is not your life what matters is that it matters that you come yourself, that you take care of the spiritual things of life so he is my mentor.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But investors in the media, do people specialize, is there a special group that invests in the media?

Deborah Robinson: You would probably need to find somebody who knows and who is into entertainment, it is hard for the traditional investor to understand what media does what is all about how we make money how we can make money, it is hard for them to see that because most traditional investors are used to investing in the brick and mortar, here is the building, we know that when we sell 10 cups of coffee we know how much we make, we know our profit margin which is quite different from media work, it is a little bit harder for them to see so you need to find people who are open and can understand and know media and entertainment is good, those people who invest entertainment a really good for media.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three apps that use on your phone?

Deborah Robinson: The top three apps on my phone – I tried to remember that, of course you have Gmail, did I make some notes on that? Gosh, the absent my phone, I don’t even remember what I use on my phone every day, I don’t know, I just use email, I don’t use a whole lot of the stuff on my phone every day.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: I just asked to see maybe from a media perspective if you have absent you prefer.

Deborah Robinson: Let me see what do I have my phone? That is interesting, I’m looking here, I don’t know, that is interesting.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three favorite books?

Deborah Robinson: I will have to go with the trilogy I talked about earlier from Neil Donald Walsh, conversations with God changed my life and the way I look at everything around me basically I would say those are my top three books.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right, what makes you really happy?

Deborah Robinson: Doing what I do, the media work, when I started researching it and really digging into something to find out what really happened what is truly behind it I am in bliss, I could do a twenty-four hours a day without even eating, that is what I love and that is when I know that is part of my DNA what I’m here to do so that really makes me happy and there is literally nothing else that makes me as happy as just doing my media work, being able to do the research and to find out things and discover things and share those things with the world.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three people you are inspired by?

Deborah Robinson: Top three, Bill Clinton, Celine Dion, I know these are probably not typical and Michael Jordan. As a my top three, Michael Jordan because every time it matters when he is up against the wall and has to score point he does, he brings it forward, he performs every time and that is what is so inspiring to me to see somebody who never fails who has so much discipline that they have worked their way to a place of perfection that when there is one second left on the clock he knows and everybody knows if you get Michael Jordan the ball that he is going to hit it, that is the kind of confidence that I admire and I know he worked to get there so that is why he inspires me.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Why Bill Clinton and not Obama?

Deborah Robinson: Bill Clinton of course I’m inspired by Obama but Bill Clinton because he has such stick to-itness, is that a word? When Bill Clinton said I did not have sexual relationships with that woman, and then the next day he had the common face the public, he had to realize that he lied, for somebody to every day, this is why I am inspired by him, because it doesn’t matter, he stands in front of you every day he shows up, and there are so many times when things happen to us that we are embarrassed by or ashamed of we want to go and hide in the closet and never come out again, but Bill Clinton stands strong the matter what he has gone through, he continues to simply stand in himself and not be ashamed of it, that is admirable to be, I want to grow that kind of skin that no matter what people say about me I can stand and face everybody the next day, that is what impresses me about him.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Last question, how can people contact you?

Deborah Robinson: People can contact me, through and see, my media management company and our number is 800-949-7935, 800-949-7935.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much Deborah, this is I think the longest interview or the second-longest interview that I have ever done on the show.

Deborah Robinson: I’m so sorry am pretty talkative.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Because the information is very interesting that is why, like I really that is why we were on that time. Thank you so much.

Deborah Robinson: Thank you so very much for having me.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thanks everyone be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.

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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV shows to boost the efficiency of your business and lifestyle through tips and tricks from leading experts. Today I have with me Arman Sadeghi, he is the creator of titanium success method and he is the founder and CEO of reuse tech and all green electronics recycling. Welcome to the show, Arman.

Arman Sadeghi: Thank you so much for having me, I appreciate it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: My pleasure. So from starting a couple of computer companies then to a nightclub and then into a green company, take us through this journey.

Arman Sadeghi: Well you know I've always then, I've always had an entrepreneurial mind, I've been working since I was 11 years old, my first job was a paperboy liberating newspapers for the Orange County register, when I was 11 on my bicycle. So I've always enjoyed working hard and I've always love trying new things and being an entrepreneur so that has led me down many different paths, companies that really seemingly have nothing to do with each other but they all have something to do with each other in that they involve people and I love working with people so whatever excuse I can find whether it's a computer company or its recycling or my digital marketing company or titanium success which is my coaching and seminar business, whatever it is as long as I'm working with people I find that I'm happy and that I can add value.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how from computer to nightclub and then to a green company?

Arman Sadeghi: I was one of those kids who in the early 90s, I got into computers. I was very very excited about computers at a time where most people didn't know much about them and I worked at Montgomery words which is a department store that's no longer in business and also Circuit City, again no longer in business but I work for both of those companies in the early and mid-90s or early 90s and so I learned a lot about computers and so I set up the computer business when I was just 15 or 16 years old, I actually dropped out of high school and started the computer business because I was interested in IT, and so to fast-forward, at some point I decided to go back to school and I went back to school and followed my, one of my passions which is medicine and the sciences so I got my degree in neuroscience, and molecular cell biology which has nothing to do with either of those three things and so when I got out I sort of went back into IT and like I said I'm an entrepreneur, I love business and an opportunity came up to purchase a restaurant that was going out of business and when I got in and started managing the restaurant I recognized the only way to save it was to generate revenue on the weekends and the way to do that was to start a nightclub in it. So in an attempt to save the business which I did we start of the nightclub and it worked out very well and so…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And then you sold it?

Arman Sadeghi: Yes I did, so I spent some time in the restaurant and nightclub business and then before going back and then continuing my education with neuroscience I ended up going to medical school actually and attended Harvard Medical School for two years and at that point I decided that there were better ways for me to help people than through prescribing the medications and things like that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you didn't finish?

Arman Sadeghi: I did not finish, no. So I left Boston, move back to California and at that time I was looking for my next entrepreneurial venture. Attending school at Berkeley, I was taught to be very green and very environmentally conscious and I heard about this opportunity about this potential problem that I learned about on the show 60 minutes on CBS and I saw it and saw that electronics equipment was being junked and dumped in Third World countries, developing nations so I decided this was something I could do something about. Not only would I be doing good for the environment and helping people and potentially saving lives but also at a time where the economy was horrible, it was 2007 right when the markets had crashed and I realized I could create green jobs so I put it all together and today we have a company with over 100 employees, we were just name the 366 fastest-growing company in the country by Inc. magazine so we created jobs we are doing the green thing and I'm having a lot of fun because I'm an entrepreneur and I love business so all green is one of six businesses that I currently run but I do spend a lot of time here as you can tell with the green walls behind behind that all green right now.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the other companies you have like reuse tech, is that also integrate stuff what are the other companies are you just an investor? And also tell us how does it work at all green electronics, how do you collect those things and then recycling?

Arman Sadeghi: Sure, absolutely so reuse tech is a sister company to all green, the services that reuse tech provides are very similar at the start to all green where reuse tech, all green is all about recycling materials, the EPA has the standard of reduce reuse recycle which means that if something can be put into reuse it is best to refurbish the product and have it reused than to just basically breaking apart and scrap it and so all green's main function is taking items that have no potential use and dismantling them down to their commodities such as steel or plastic or aluminum or copper and taking this commodities and then using them to make new products. Reuse tech on the other hand doesn't go down to the commodity level, reuse tech is all about refurbishing equipment and reselling it so we have a lot of clients who upgrade IT equipment and most of our clients for reuse tech or large-scale corporations where they have hundreds or thousands of laptops or servers or something like that and what we do is we take all that equipment from them and then we sell it and give them back 70% of the revenue so it's sort of a consignment job that we do for them and in some cases we just buy the equipment outright so a company may have 2000 laptops or 200 laptops, we buy the laptops from them and refurbish and resell them but those 2 are very closely related companies. In fact my third business is also fairly closely related and came as a result of having these 2 businesses and seeing that there was an additional need in the marketplace, the company is called data destruction Corporation and that business specializes in destroying electronic data so we have these trucks that operate all throughout the country where the truck can actually go to a facility, going to a business or data center and actually shred hard drive is on site so they are these beautifully designed trucks that we have custom-built, we invest about a half $1 million in each of these trucks so they have the specialized chatter on board, they have degaussers onboard that use magnets to what data so we go through a lot of different steps to ensure data security with that company. To make a long story short, those are three of the companies and they are sort of related, the fourth company is I have a digital marketing company where we create websites and do search engine optimization, pay per click, things like that, my fifth company is actually a photography and videography studio in Newport Beach California and then my last business which is my mission and my passion in life is my coaching and my coaching business, my whole seminars, I do one-on-one coaching for, I call it the performance coaching, I help people who are successful get to the next level and that has been my mission in life my entire life and I finally made it into a business because within the next few years I want to transition to where I'm spending 100% of my time in that business which is called titanium success because it truly is my mission and my passion and I want to take more of an investor role or a chairman of the board role in all of the other companies.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So what is the titanium success method?

Arman Sadeghi: Titanium success is based on this concept that in order to find true happiness in your life you have to have a well-balanced life. Well-balanced is a word that people, it's a phrase that people use often and misuse I believe and in some cases abuse, it's an excuse for some people to be lazy and say well I want to have a well-balanced life and what that means is that they want to work eight hours a day and take the weekends and holidays off and that to them is balance, to me that's not balance at all because a lot of the people who work eight hours a day and 40 hours a week if you were to talk to their spouses or their children they would still tell you that they are not spending any time with them so they are using it as an excuse but not finding true balance so I work with people to find true balance in their lives and that often means they end up working more but it also means that they get more fulfillment out of their lives because now they are spending quality time if they are married with their spouse, they are spending quality time if they have children with their children and they are living their lives in a way where they have total balance. That is as I mentioned, three of those areas, career, intimate relationships and family which is what your children falling to, I have a wheel of life essentially that has seven more areas. Those areas are things such as spiritual health, emotional health, your physical body, physical health, contribution, getting back to society, managing your time properly and consistently growing, so those are just some of the areas that really I focus on making sure that people find balance in all of those areas and so they are not succeeding at 8 areas and letting 2 of them fall short and that's what you see often with people they find success in some of the areas and because some of them told them that is what it takes to be successful than unfortunately they will not be as good at finding success in the other areas and so I work with people using this titanium success method to help them find true balance in all those areas and live all of those areas at the peak.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You were very successful but not so happy, is that what inspired you to make this company and is that now your plan lets say to hand over your companies to other CEOs and then just focus on this one for more fulfillment in your life?

Arman Sadeghi: So what you are talking about, me having success in the fulfillment that was 21 years ago, I'm 37 years old now, when I was 16 years old I was very successful in the terms of what I thought success was which is I owned a computer business, I had at the age of 16 I had a 2 bedroom apartment and I drove a nice car, I would take trips over time, I had all the money I could spend which looking back wasn't that much money, at the time of the 16-year-old kid growing up in a very very modest household I felt like I had all the money in the world. And so I had essentially everything I was supposed to have in order to be happy yet I was miserable, I had a hard time sleeping at night, I would often sit up till three or 4 o'clock in the morning watching television and barely getting myself to sleep, I would drag around all day and I wasn't fulfilled, what happened is I was very blessed in that one of those nights as I was watching television I saw an infomercial from a gentleman named Tony Robbins and it was a beautiful experience because I purchased some of his CDs and that was the catalyst to me really turning my entire life around and that was the time when I decided I was going to go after fulfillment instead of just success, what I have been told about success was make yourself a company, make a lot of money, get a pretty girlfriend have a nice car and a nice house and travel a lot and you will be happy and to this day I meet with a lot of people who think that's a great formula for happiness but the reality is that it's not, I hadn't learned the art of fulfillment yet I had learned about the science of success so I knew how to make a successful company and you have a pretty girlfriend and a nice car, I knew how to travel but I have not yet learned how to get fulfillment from that relationship with that woman or how to get fulfillment from the job that I'm doing in the company that I'm operating so I spent the last 21 years or so, in 2 years actually this path of consistently discovering more and more ways of not only having success but also having fulfillment and along the way I found shortcuts to success and I found shortcuts to fulfillment and my mission in life is to share that with people as much as I possibly can.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the difference in plain English between success and fulfillment? How to gain satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment?

Arman Sadeghi: The great question, success is the things that we think are going to bring us happiness so in plain English, success is if I have money I'll find happiness and if I have this kind of career I find happiness and I think most of the population, the majority of people live by those types of rules for success, I've version redefined the word success so that for me the word success includes fulfillment, it depends on using the word, I don't feel that I'm successful was unfulfilled so to say to me Arman when this interview was over was this interview a success for you it used to be that I would look at the facts and say well I said the right thing at the right time, we didn't have any issues with our connection so therefore it was a successful interview but today I wouldn't judge it that way I would say yes I said what I wanted to say, I didn't accidentally say things I don't mean, I was genuine, my hair was nice, all that stuff was great we had a good connection but that I enjoy the process? And if I didn't enjoy the process I would say it's not success but if I had a good time and I truly enjoy the interaction with you and I got to enjoy sharing my life with wonderful people out there then I could say that hey I enjoyed it and therefore was a successful interview but that's my definition of success after 22 years of consistently re-creating it but if we want to really talk about success and fulfillment the way I believe most people define it I would say successes in science, it's like a math formula, a physics equation. You do A, B, C, and D, then you are going to get your results so in a business success is often people judge it by profits but in a business when I coached business people I can help them obtain success in their business that is very easy, fulfillment about is the part that is really truly an art, to learn not only how to make a profit within your business but to enjoy doing it and make sure you have employees who enjoy doing it and in my opinion when you take fulfillment and you inserted inside of success so what you really have his success as a package of those 2 that's when you find true success and true happiness enter fulfillment in your life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which one of those three is more important, satisfaction happiness or fulfillment? And why?

Arman Sadeghi: Well satisfaction happiness and fulfillment I think those words are essentially describing the same things but to me satisfaction is at a level where your basic needs are met, happiness is one notch above that to me where not only are your basic needs met, are you satisfied with where things are at but you are finding joy in them. There's happiness, there's joy in what you are achieving, when you get to fulfillment I just think it's a bigger word that is more encompassing and I think fulfillment means that not only are you feeding your needs for the short term but in your mind you know that what you are doing is going to serve you in the long term and I think that is where true fulfillment comes from is… It's not short-lived happiness, it's truly going to be long-term happiness that you can enjoy for hopefully the rest of your life but if not at least for sometimes the future.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is worklife balance a mess and how to create a real life balance?

Arman Sadeghi: Again it's a very good question, worklife balance is certainly not a myth, I think you need to have balance between work and your personal life but it's not really worklife balance, it's balance on 10 different areas in a pie that we have served to imagine a pizza and it's 10 different slices, your work is your career and possibly her finances which is another one of the slices, that is what your work encompasses so it's not that you are either working or you are not, it's that you are working or you are in an intimate relationship or you're with your family or you're working on your body, emotions and soul. What you truly need is balance in all those areas. So when we talk about the worklife balance, I don't like the inherent concept of work life because I think you are just one person and work as a part of your life, so what you want to do is for example I coach a lot of men who are busy business people and their wives are always complaining about not spending time with them and the winds would claim that he doesn't have a worklife balance but when you talk to him he says hey I work 12 hours a day, after work I go have a beer with my friends, on Mondays I watch Monday night football and on Sundays I watch football and on Saturdays I watch college football and on Friday nights I go out with my friends and I have work life balance but what that individual doesn't have is the one slice is fun and maybe that is where they go to watch Monday night football and happy with their friends what they forget is that life is bigger than just that slice of fun life also includes an incredible relationship with your children and family and life also includes your intimate relationship…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Even if you don't enjoy it? Maybe he doesn't enjoy spending time with his wife.

Arman Sadeghi: Well if someone is not enjoying time with their spouse then my recommendation is to find out how to find joy in it and if it means that that individual is not something you can never find joy in then I don't think you have any business being in that relationship. Because having an intimate relationship that you truly feel comfortable with is something that most of us have a deep desire and need for so to deny yourself of that I don't think makes any sense. So I would not recommend personally for someone to stick around in a relationship where they are not fulfilled however I want to make sure I clarify this, you may not be happy and fulfilled in your relationship today but the reason is not that it's not the right relationship for you, it could be the right relationship you just aren't showing up as the right version of you so perhaps you are a married man and your wife is not you don't have a good relationship with your wife but maybe it's because you are not romantic enough with her maybe it's because you don't show her enough love maybe you don't support her enough maybe you don't care for her enough, maybe you want spending enough time being intimate with her which is what an intimate relationship is all about. Or on the other hand I talked a lot about men, a lot of women for example that I coach and I work with a lot of mothers when I asked them what is important to you they say family and as soon as I hear that I know there's something wrong, I say where do your kids fall and they say family and where is your husband and they say family. My big thing is, intimacy and your relationship with your spouse are completely separate from your family and so therefore you can't spend time with your kids and your husband and claim that his time with your partner because it's not, what your husband needs is completely different from what your kids need. So then in essence a lot of folks are unhappy with their relationship because their relationship they've created is not the one that they want and it's not the one that their spouse wants but they have sort of falling into this trap of putting it all in the family.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to eliminate the junk and noise from our life?

Arman Sadeghi: You know it's a matter of understanding what you want in life and why you want it because the noise is always going to be there, what you refer to as the junk will always be there whether it's your email box and you are getting junk mail or you're getting advertisements which are noise or when you talk about the world itself there is always going to be that noise and there is always going to be that junk that is always going to come at you but the way that I believe we stay focused is by knowing what we truly want in life and not what we want today but what we want in our future and having a clear-cut vision of that not just again for today or six months from now but at least the next 10 years of your life and preferably for the next 30 years and beyond and the way that I suggest people do this is take 10 different pieces of the pie and have written visions and written goals for what exactly you want in each of those areas and what you've done once you've done that you are halfway there, it's one thing to know what you want but it's almost as important if not more important to them know why it is that you want those things because the why is what's going to pull you closer and closer to those things so let's say your relationship might be that you want to have a beautiful relationship with your spouse and your close and intimate and love each other and are there for each other and live happily ever after, that's a great wife, now we say well why do you want that? When you talk to a lot of men for example there why has to do with their career, they say well the reason I want that great relationship is because some of the greatest men in the world have incredible relationships and have a woman in their life who they connect with who makes him a better person and that is the reality of why they want that relationship and you might talk to someone else and they say well you know what in my heart I'm truly fulfilled whenever I have a connection with another human being and if I have that warmth in my heart it makes me unstoppable in other areas of my life. So everyone is going to have a different type of why but by having a clear why and what it allows you not only to know what you want but now the noise in the junk that is all around us in going to be so intrusive and so magnetic for you because you really know what it is that you want.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Are there any tools that you use to eliminate, to help you eliminate the noise from your life?

Arman Sadeghi: The simple tools that I use, I use a system of managing my time where I review what I want and why I want those things in all 10 different aspects of my life on a regular basis.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the 10 different aspects or the pie as you call it?

Arman Sadeghi: So I mentioned some of them earlier all try to remember them all from the top of my head, your intimate relationship, your family, fun, contribution, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, your career and/or your mission, your finances, and consistent growth. So those 10 areas are the areas where at all times I want to know what I want in all 10 of those areas and I have everything in my life fall into one of those 10 categories somehow and by knowing what I want and why I want them and reviewing them that allows me to stay focused and in fact I use a time management system that I share with people which is taking several different time management systems, taking the best of what they haven't putting them together, it revolves around this concept of making sure that any task that you are going to complete is getting you closer to one of those tendrils.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the name of it?

Arman Sadeghi: It's just the titanium time management system but it is based on a system by Franklin Covey, based on a Tony Robbins system called RPM, based on several other systems of time management putting those altogether.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it's like a software that you sell?

Arman Sadeghi: It is not a software, it's a method, a system we are actually working on a mobile phone at that will come out in 2015 that will allow you to utilize the time management system but it simply a method that I teach when I do my seminars in fact I think I have one coming up in mid-November but we do these courses, a one-day thing but the gist of the system that your viewers can pick up on right now is take everything that you do in your life, any task that you have whether it's going to the grocery store, calling the client or taking your kids to the park and ask yourself, which of these 10 goals is this going to get me closer to and if it doesn't get you closer to any of the 10 then don't do it and if it does get you closer to one of those 10, simply ask yourself a question of is this the best way for me to get closer to this? For example if I'm going to take my wife to the movies and I say well that's for my intimate relationship I ask myself is this getting me closer to something yes this is for my intimate relationship it's a thumbs-up but is there something I could do that would have more of an impact on my intimate relationship and I might find that day may be the movies isn't the best thing because my wife doesn't like movies, maybe the best way to make my intimate relationship better is by going to dinner with her. Maybe what she would rather do is if we just sat on a park bench and talked so maybe there's another task that gets me closer to my end goal and of course in your personal life it's critical but in business it's where you really see the system shine because I will sit with CEOs and directors of companies and high-level people and they'll have them give me their task list for the day and we'll look at the task list and in any business by the way you have pieces of the pie as well it's usually not 10, can be anywhere from 5 to 12, I create that for business people and then when I go down there less typically 50% of the items they have on the list or more either don't get them closer to any of their goals or if they get them closer to the goal there is another simpler task and this is the key, simpler and less time-consuming task that will get them closer to their goal then that particular task well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you promise in your coaching courses to let the people discover their life business balance, work balance within hours instead of years, how do you do that? What do you focus on in your analysis with people?

Arman Sadeghi: Well I always start with trying to get people to really understand who they are and what they want in life because living in a society where there is 6 billion of us, television and Internet has such a drastic impact on how we think, often we find ourselves living other people's lives or we find ourselves simply living a life based on survival or based on not making the mistakes of the past and instead I have people dig in and just think hey who am I? What am I all about, that something we call identity and knowing your true identity I think is a critical first step and after that, getting very very clear on exactly what you want and why you wanted in life and again all those 10 different areas, when that happens the reason I say I can help people achieve results in a matter of hours or maybe days or weeks at the most as opposed to waiting years is because if you know what you want and you have a clear vision for where you're headed suddenly life becomes fulfilling, you don't need to have $1 million in the bank for the viewers I want to make sure you understand this is true, you'll need $1 million in the bank to feel like a millionaire, all you need is a plan and a vision that is compelling enough that it makes you feel like hey I will have $1 million in the bank at some point and is that what, what you write down is good enough and the why, the reasons behind it are compelling enough you'll feel like a millionaire you don't need the million dollars but the opposite is true as well, some people spend their lives and by the way this is what I learned when I was 16 years old although I was not a millionaire at 16 I was making good money, what you realize is you think the million dollars is what you want so people will work really hard towards the million dollars along the way they are miserable than they get the million dollars and they are still miserable and unfortunately that is why you see some of the most successful people in the world to take their own lives or on antidepressants or just living a life that is not beautiful and happy like it should be and I have all the success it's because somewhere along the way they thought that something outside of themselves was going to make them happy so my focus is on making sure people are happy with where they are at today because if you are not happy with who you are and what you have today than when you get to your next step, when your dreams come true you're still not going to be happy and that's just a fact of life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You are a consultant in weight loss, fitness, entrepreneurship, relationships, self-love and you have a warrior mastermind don't you think lots of things makes you less focused in which area do you like the most?

Arman Sadeghi: Good question I don't believe lots of things make me less focused because there's a common thread between all those things and it's a common thread where I believe success in one area and fulfillment in one area leads to success and fulfillment in other areas and I believe that life is something where it's like the human body so I studied neuroscience and I went to medical school and what I learned was that in medicine if someone is having heart problems or someone is having kidney problems or liver problems you cannot just treat the heart because if you are just looking at the heart than the person might have kidney failure, if in fact a lot of times when people are having issues with their heart it is not the heart that they come in complaining about, sometimes they are having heart failure and they go to the doctor because they say that my ankles are bloated so if we were looking at that person is just one individual organ we might treat their ankles, because there's certain issues with the heart where the blood doesn't return properly and the hardness and pump blood properly so literally your ankle swell up so you have this patient come in, if we treated their ankles we would stick a drain in their ankle injury and of the blood and it would go down and they would be back an hour later or a day later or a week later or a month later because we haven't treated the real issue so it has to be a holistic approach because what is best for the heart may not be what's best for the kidneys so we have to look at the entire body and say what can we do to the heart that is good for the heart that is not going to damage the kidneys in such a way that is overall going to be a negative as opposed to a positive so I coach people in self-love, relationships, fitness, business and all of that because I believe in a holistic system that addresses all of those so for example many come to me because they want to lose weight and I coach them on how to lose weight and my system of helping people lose weight as I believe more effective than any other system I personally been exposed to and there are thousands or millions of systems I've never been exposed to.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What's your advice in that? What do you advise them usually?

Arman Sadeghi: Well the first thing I advise is I say, well look at the 10 pieces of the pie there are 10 pieces to the pie and physical health is only one of those pieces so if I give you health and wellness program that takes 2 hours out of your day assuming there are 24 hours in a day you're going to sleep for eight of them I personally don't sleep for eight and most people I coach and of realizing that six hours or seven hours of quality sleep for most people is better than eight but let's assume you sleep eight, now you have 16 hours left, of the 16 hours to spend 2 hours at the gym which includes the drive there and getting in and working out and getting dressed and showering and leaving, in some cases people spent three hours there that is way way too much of your time spent there and that's lazy people who lose weight in the short term and then get it all back, it's not that the system is broken it's that the system they are using is not sustainable over a lifetime. When I teach people's number one when it comes to weight loss, you size your body in the kitchen and you shape your body in the gym what that means is don't go to the gym to lose weight, go to the gym to lose weight is a complete waste of time because you cannot possibly lose weight at the gym and a sustainable manner over a lifetime. Yes you can go on the treadmill and torture yourself or three hours but at the end of the three hours you burnt enough calories so that you can have one ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. Or one hamburger and fries from in and out Burger, it doesn't make sense to go and work so hard to burn the calories and then think that you're done. So you size your body with what you eat and even with what you eat I teach people to eat, I don't tell people to become vegan or vegetarian or any specific thing I just give them a list of all of the foods that you can possibly consume and I put them in 4 categories, one category is eat as much of this stuff as you want, second category is hate this stuff is good but limited, be careful, this could be bad for you if you have too much of it, the third category is the category of things that I say even if you love it but if you don't love it, don't eat it for example she falls into that category, potatoes, if you love cheese I seated but limited, don't sit there and eat an entire block of cheese that if you are having a sandwich and you like cheese go ahead don't keep yourself out of the cheese, have your cheese but limited and then there's the final category of things that I believe should be completely eliminated and something like for example ice cream falls into that category, pizza falls into that category so it has to be eliminated unless of course you are cheating which in my diet I tell people you can do in fact ice cream and pizza the reason I bring them up are two of my favorite things and I don't consume them every day but if someone told me I had to go ice cream and pizza for the rest of my life I think I would lose weight in the short term and at some point I would get off the diet and I would eat so much pizza and ice cream that I would gain all my weight back.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it's like a low-carb thing and basically you make them eat everything and it's like develop habits in track and use some systems to track what say the calories to know that they are on the right track?

Arman Sadeghi: It's even simpler than that, 1 it's not a low-carb diet even though yes you do reduce your cards, carbohydrates and fats and proteins are the three different main groups of things that I talk about, when it comes to carbohydrates I recommend limiting the amount of carbohydrates and within carbohydrates having good carbohydrates as opposed about carbohydrates for example if you like rice, then excuse me you should have brown rice as opposed to white rice, you should have wheat bread as opposed to white bread so that's a carbohydrates and there is more to that but that's the basics of it, when it comes to fat I recommend good fats is a post about fats so a good fat would be the one that comes from peanuts, peanut butter and olive oil as opposed to the bad fats that come from say butter so you want to cut out the bad fat and have more of the good fat, when it comes to protein I recommend getting your protein from healthy choices is a post on healthy choices so if you're talking about me for example you can have red meat, chicken or fish, fish is going to be the healthiest, chicken is the second healthiest and red meat is the least healthy but if you are going to have red meat, within red meat there are different types of meat you can consume, let's say you're at a steakhouse you can order a filet mignon, you can order New York State or sirloin or you can order ribeye. The Rabbi is the worst because it has tons of fat over it, New York or sirloin is somewhere in the middle and the delay is going to be the leanest so you choose the filet if you want the healthiest option and more importantly if you are eating at a restaurant you told them to hold the butter because they will serve your filet mignon and they only have 200 cal people don't realize this but when you need a filet mignon it has almost no calories, it's must less than an ice cream continentals you're pretty well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: They mess it up with the mashed potatoes or like french fries as well.

Arman Sadeghi: Yeah exactly mashed potatoes and french fries and things like that but that's what you see, what you don't see is that right before that state came out they also put a stick of butter on it and that better, that little glaze of butter on top has more calories and is going to cause you to gain more weight than the entire steak or they decide to be healthy for example in the order, imagine a healthy meal, they order a piece of chicken, some steamed vegetables and on the side they get let's say a salad, you can get unhealthier than that. What is the problem with that, the chicken probably has better over it or the fish probably has butter all over it then you get the grill vegetables you think you're being healthy but again right before came out they put a stick of butter on there and the salad that you think is so healthy because you ordered it with fat-free dressing actually fat-free dressing is almost as bad as regular dressing because it's just full of sugar, how do you make something with no fat is good? Just add more sugar. So you have these fat-free dressings and people think I'm being healthy and eating a salad but they are having fat-free dressing and that dressing has more calories, you may as well just have had two slices of pizza and that's what I teach people, I say look what you love, they say I love pizza and I say okay stop putting dresses on your salad instead have two slices of pizza week and most people say I'd love to do that, I'm more than happy not having any salad dressing seven nights a week and then one of the nights I eat 2 slices of pizza and when you work up the calories it works at the same so I do want to go back here, though, I don't have people count calories, I do not have them count calories because I believe in my opinion it's a waste of time and is not sustainable over a lifetime, I don't tell people to create preorder diet, I don't tell people to have six meals a day all of those things are fancy little tricks that will work for a week or a month but they are not sustainable over a lifetime so I give a guide again, for different categories of foods, what you should and shouldn't eat, what you should limit and so on and so forth and then what I have people do is I have people weigh themselves every single day seven days a week, some diet specifically tell you not to weigh yourself everyday, minus second the opposite I say weigh yourself seven days a week so you need to counter calories on a Monday to know that you consume too much, no, because on Tuesday the scale will tell you that you consume too much so you're watching your weight every day, you don't use a normal skill, they have these scales and I don't sponsor any of these companies but there is one particular one that I use at home call the withings scale, it's spelled with things, all one word, this scale actually connects to the wireless Internet in your home and every time you weigh yourself it essentially means your way to the Internet and you can have an app on your phone so I have an iPhone here and at where I can go on and I can track my weight so I have my weight for every single day for the last six years of my life. Track every day so as he charts and graphs and when I gain way I know I've gained weight and when I lose weight I know I lost weight so basically its management by results of supposed effort, when you said how can you coach fitness and nutrition and also coached business the reason is because the tools of the same. When I'm coaching a business person I say look managed by results, not by effort. When I'm talking to someone about losing weight I say look manager weight based on results not effort, effort would be counting your calories or in the terms of a business looking at how many hours an employee is working, results is looking at key performance indicators, KPI's for my business folks out there. What to KPI in business well how much incensed you have, what the KPI in personal life? How much do you weigh, what's your body fat percentage, what's your network, how much that you have, what are your monthly expenses, what was your income, how much do you invest? Those types of things are the key performance indicators that you can track in your life and you can find really keeping yourself healthy, fit, great relationships and great business, some simple principles will actually cover all of them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You should weigh yourself like mainly in the morning when you wake up and just to add like when I started really losing weight I used an app called my fitness pal just for one month just to understand what say pineapple juice is better than orange juice in terms of calories, just to have an idea to understand and I replace this with that and then I started developing a habit without tracking just to know this is better than this and as you say you weigh yourself on a daily basis or every 2 days to see on long-term that you are losing slowly slowly as a lifestyle not to punish yourself. So you should weigh yourself in the morning or evening?

Arman Sadeghi: I tell people to weigh yourself at a time where you're going to do it every single day so the morning is best that you do it in the morning, evening is best in the evening in fact it's interesting you asked me that question because I typically tell people to do it whenever they want and then of course inherently they asked me: do you do it so my answer is always well I do it in the morning, I wake up and use the restroom and the next thing I do is I weigh myself, why? It's easy routine, I rarely forget, I seldom forget to weigh myself without receiving and then I caught myself a few times…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Plus it feels the best because you're usually in the least weight of the day because he just that.

Arman Sadeghi: It's very true, by the way you burn most of your calories at night while you are asleep which is interesting, that's when your body is repairing and part of the reason I focus so much on people having good quality sleep as opposed to more sleep which is what people want I teach people to have better quality sleep in fewer hours. To comment on the weight thing, I'm actually considering a switch to recommending that people weigh themselves at night and I'm experimenting with it myself and I don't ever teach anything until it works with me and I proven to work with some other people, then I will share publicly but my theory on this that I'm trying to figure out and I believe to be true with my results so far is that weighing yourself at night might actually be better for a lot of people because me for example dinner is when I typically will consume the most food and dinner is when I'm more likely to cheat and what I found out as I was sitting at the dinner table and I'll be a little bit extra and all have dessert knowing that somehow even though it doesn't make any sense I don't have to weigh myself for another 14 hours because it's going to be in the morning and I found that if I have to weigh myself at night after dinner or before going to sleep it makes me think that the consequences are closer meaning I'm eating dinner now and in 90 minutes I have to get on the scale so every bite is one extra whatever, amount of weight and when you see on the scale and I'm experimenting with it, when I'm all done I'll have my recommendations for people but for now I say pick a time anytime and just be consistent with it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: If you can share with us like a sheet for those like schedule for the food, the four parts in which part is better than the others I would appreciate it so we can share it on the interview later. Tell us more about your events and masterminds like how long does it take and how much does it cost?

Arman Sadeghi: Perfect, I do the events I do 2 or three times a year, I'm holding these large-scale events which are my favorite thing to do the call titanium live, it's three days of me on stage and a group of really fun amazing people, the way that I run my events I tell people it's sort of a rock concert and a seminar combined into one so some people come to my seminar because they love hearing what I have to say that I would say that more than half the people come just because they love the environment, you are in this environment with a lot of really amazing people, we have a lot of competitions and teams, 10 different teams with different team colors and different identities for the teams it's so much fun, it becomes a must like people go through one of our events they go through is the yellow team with a red team and it almost becomes part of their identity kind of like I went to the school Berkeley so I'm a Cal bear and when I see people from Stanford I kind of look at them and I say how you Stanford people, people get the same sense when they come to my events so it's just a really fun time and I get results for people, people come to my events and turn their business around, lose weight, get into good shape, turn their relationship around find the relationship they've been looking for in so many other things but they get results. So the finest and just for fun there is something happening there and there's some magic and science behind it. Those are three-day events, the cost to attend what my seminars is typically about $600, although if you buy the tickets in advance we often sell them for much less than that of the earlybird discounts I believe right now in fact our next event is February 2015 in the Los Angeles area and don't quote me on this, please go online but I think for the next couple of weeks tickets are at I think about $200 or $250 so very low rate if you buy them in advance. I also do a one day time management seminar, I do a one-day business seminar, prices for those can be found online and then I do a one-day leadership course which is only for people who come through titanium once and graduated from titanium, then they can participate in this. Then I have all kinds of masterminds, these masterminds are for people who want specific results in one area so it could be my business crush mastermind, entrepreneurs mastermind, weight loss fitness whatever it is so for those there are two monthly meetings via phone so it's a phone conference sometimes it could be a webinar and it's me leading the group and giving them new content in whatever area and then is also a way for me to hold people accountable, I will assign things for the team to do, there are emails that go out, either way it's a beautiful community where you can associate with people who are very like-minded, my favorite of all of them 2 of my favorites are the fitness one and the business crushers, the business crushers mastermind we have some brilliant brilliant business people, many of them who have attained much success in business than even I have and they come together, there's a group of we limit those groups to about 12 or 15 people max and when they come together, one person will ask a question and sparks fly and you've got all these different answers coming from people within this group and that's the point of a mastermind.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: It's a membership or how does it work?

Arman Sadeghi: You pay for a monthly fee to be a part of it, there's a six-month commitment for most of them, the cost of the masterminds very so it would be best to check on her website titanium but some of them are very very affordable as well as $100 a month, some with the business one or more expensive but still they are very affordable, it's an affordable way to get me to coach you on a regular basis because the third option after the seminars in the masterminds is one-on-one coaching with me and for my one-on-one coaching I typically don't promoted very much at all, I don't talk about it a lot, I limit myself to no more than 10 individual clients at one time and so most times I can't take on any new clients or maybe I have slots for one or two, we probably could take on one more right now at no more than that until we have some space opening up, for one-on-one the price tag is fairly high because of everything that I deliver I talked to my clients weekly, I email and text message and do all that stuff almost on a daily basis, it's regular accountability, constant feedback which is really great for some people but for others it are the cost is too high or they are not ready for that step yet or unfortunately I can't take them on as a client so I always suggest the masterminds is a great way of getting me on a regular basis and doing it at a very very nominal cost.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: I'm curious like how do you market for your services like is your strategy like through the research I noticed that you don't market online so you just have let's say yearly event and then maybe when you have the events you do social media ads on things to fill the events and then through the events you have like referrals and word-of-mouth for coaching clients, is that your strategy to minimize the noise and lots of marketing and things, how does it work just like this is my analysis, how you market for your services.

Arman Sadeghi: Absolutely you are right that we don't market and advertise a lot, the reality of it is in a business like titanium success or even all green recycling in most of my companies I shy away from a lot of marketing and advertisement and I believe that the best companies in the world are those that are driven by word-of-mouth and so my last event, 50% of the people who were in the room were referred by previous participants and believe it or not, 20% of the room were repeat participants so that's a big number, that means that one out of every five people had already been to an event and was paying to go through it again so when you have that high of a percentage of your client either repeat or referral it creates a much better base, one it costs a lot less to have people come back as far as finances, money upfront although in reality, the only way you can get people to come back as you just have to add tons and tons of value but that's what I've been fortunate to be able to do as I've added a lot of value for people so when they come to my seminars I always overdeliver, my coaching clients right before I had this with you I had a coaching client that I was supposed to coach for 50 minutes and an hour and 45 minutes into the call she said well don't you have another appointment and I said oh yes I have to go for an interview but by overdelivering, now she is referring me to her family and friends but that's typical way that I do marketing but we do traditional marketing also we do ads online and social media marketing and print ads and email campaigns and things but they are only for about 20% of our total traction and my goal in the long term is to fill rooms with five or 10,000 people and if I have 10,000 people my goal is that 9000 of them are repeat and referrals and only 1000 of them are people who are coming in traditional marketing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you learn more from success or failure and why?

Arman Sadeghi: No question, you learn more from failures if you allow yourself to learn from them, in fact you can really see it but right behind me up there there's a picture of a basketball quote by Michael Jordan, if you don't mind I'll turn around and read it, it says I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career I lost about 300 games, 26 times of interested to take the game-winning shot and I've missed, I failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. So failure can be looked at in multiple ways, I embrace failure I love failure, I asked for it I call it, I don't call it by being lazy and not following through and then say well I failed, no, I look failure in the eyes and say listen I'm going to conquer you but if you come get me I'm not scared of you because I might fail once, I might get knocked down but I'm getting right back up, there's no question that in the game of life, if life was boxing you are not going to get through life without getting knocked down. The question is do you get knocked down or do you get knocked out and in my life I've been knocked down more times than I can possibly remember, Michael Jordan has statistics he can look back on but no one is keeping stats on my life so I don't know how many hundreds of times I fallen flat on my face but the one thing is for sure is that I always get back up so my failures are unquestionably where I've learned the most and any success I've ever had in life I believe has come as a result of the previous failure.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are your like… Sorry.

Arman Sadeghi: I said and I have no reason to believe that that will change, I assume going forward it will be the same.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you have any current fears or future fears if any and why?

Arman Sadeghi: Absolutely I have fears, people will come to me because part of what I do which we haven't talked about is I'm a specialist in NLP, neurolinguistic programming so I can have people overcome fears and phobias and sometimes people come to me and say help me overcome my fear of heights and I'll say why and they'll say because I don't want to be scared of heights and I say that's crazy if you want scared of heights you're going to die because you're going to follow something really high and so the question I then asked them is is this a false debilitating fear meeting are you scared of heights because if you are scared of heights good that's a very very good thing you want to be scared of heights trust may otherwise you are going to go on a fourth floor balcony and you're going to decide to balance yourself on the ledge and you're going to left up one of your legs and start whistling and talking and dancing until you fall off and kill yourself. Fear of heights is a very good thing. But I debilitating false fear is a totally different story so people will come to me because they will say hey I have a phobia of confined spaces and I say once again that's a good thing because you don't want to decide to take a nap in your microwave or your kitchen in the refrigerator or in a drawer in your desk because that's not a good thing you could suffocate but they say oh well I have a phobia of being on a subway and I say oh that's not really that could find of the space, it's not hurting you so that background is to basically say that I don't believe there's anything wrong with fear as I think fears are good thing and we all have been and the people who claim they don't are either lying or dying because if you don't have fear you are going to get yourself killed or you are just lying in keeping and insights I certainly have lots of fears but I have eliminated all of the debilitating false years of my life so I don't have a fear of failure, I don't have a fear of a mentioned heights they used to have a phobia of heights, I used to go on the second floor of a building and if I went up to the balcony I would start shaking, that's debilitating. Today you could put me on the 90th floor of the building and I'll walk right up to the balcony and get up right up to the edge holding the rail but if I stick my head out and start looking down I get a little uncomfortable but that's a good thing because that will keep me out of harms way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Share with us some tools or software is that you use to make you more efficient?

Arman Sadeghi: For efficiency I use multiple different tools, there are things in my seminar I share with people just a couple of quick ones that I can blurt out here that I think everyone should use, for your personal finances, the best personal finance till you could possibly use, it's incredible I have all my clients use it and again I'm not affiliated with them or anything, I will talk about the specifics of what it does but it's a great tool, the withing scale is a great tool, for businesses if you are a salesperson or you are a company that has sales or if you are an individual operator or have a small business, regardless of your size is an incredibly powerful tool that if you use properly you can track your sales and think is valuable for companies of any size but I believe that for small businesses and individual owners, people who operate by themselves, is critical because it allows you to create a sales funnel and track your sales, those are three quick tool that I'll throw out there, I have a tool, some rituals that I have that I share with people at my seminars and as part of my masterminds which if any of the folks watching choose to attend or join I would love to have you there that I have my fitness guide, I have 4 or five page fitness guide that all breaks down into one page, that's the magic, I have a 25 minute workout which is a predetermined workout, it's for different days and it's a very simple to do, doesn't matter if you are a beginner intermediate or if you've been working out for 10 or 20 years, it's a very simple so you can use, for time management I have this one tool that is going to be developed into an application, I have a tool that is literally a Microsoft Word document that you can use to maintain your tasks and it plays on the concept of talked about before of knowing what you want and why and everything. Those are some of my tools.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How is your daily life and work routine looking like and what are your other hobbies?

Arman Sadeghi: So my day typically begins really early, although I grew up thinking I was not a morning person and I love to sleep then I realized at one point that my life just wasn't fulfilling and that's why it didn't really have a reason to get up in the morning so these days I get up at 4 o'clock in the morning on the weekend days which is really early I know but I have this theory that if the sun beats me out of bed the minority starting my day late and I'm already behind. I get up and within about 10 minutes I like to get out of the house and go for a very very quick jog, I don't believe in doing cardiovascular exercise at all in fact my fitness routine is 25 minutes of weightlifting that has cardio built into it so the reason I do a job is not for cardio, I do it more as a mental exercise and I do this practice of incantations were a repeat certain phrases over and over again, incantations or something that we won't get into too deeply now but it's a great exercise to keep your mind focused and make sure your subconscious mind and conscious mind are on the same page so within 10 minutes I'm out of the house I do 5 to 7 to maximum 10 minutes, I come back home and they give myself another 10 minutes to get out of the house for good for the day so I get in, I grab my gym close, I wear my gym close out of the house and I grab my work clothes but those in the car and I had out, I get to the gym and from the gym I give myself exactly 50 minutes, when I coach ladies I tell the ladies they have 60 minutes because they sometimes have a few more things to do but it's 50 or 60 minutes car to car. Car to car means the moment you get out of your car to the moment going into the gym locker room whatever you're going to do, getting up to the gym floor, working out, completing your workout and then here's the tricky part, getting back in the locker room, showering shaving putting on your makeup getting dressed whatever else you're going to do you have to do all of those things and then get back in your car for men in less than 15 minutes and for women in less than 60 minutes because if you're going to take more than that it is not going to be sustainable, if you are in a gym that starting you uncomfortable while here's what I say hey you might need to spend a few more dollars getting a better gym membership, it's well worth it because it will help you that much more efficient so I'm up at four again out of the house to my incantations get out of the house very quickly had to the gym spend 50 minutes car to car and then get back in and at that point I'm off to the office I get to the office or to my meetings wherever I have to go I worked my butt off all day in the zone, I don't allow personal things interfere with my work so my friends or family are texting her calling me I typically will not respond to them during the day unless I'm on a restroom break or having lunch and even in those cases it's rare I usually ignore all personal things until the day is done and at one point I switch from what I call career zone to personal zone and I'll say okay I'm done with work and shut it off, get in my car and head home or fun picking up my kids from school, I have 2 beautiful little girls they are three and four years old, and so either I picked them up from school or in most cases I go home and someone has already picked them up and they are at home and I spent time with them. My nightly routine differs, today happens to be a Tuesday that we are doing this interview, Tuesdays are date night with my wife so on Tuesdays we forget the fact that we have kids and friends and all of that and we go on a date and sometimes our dates are really boring we just go do taco Tuesday, sometimes our dates are fun and crazy and adventurous, sometimes I surprised my wife with a fun little add-ons where they, sometimes we cheat and we eat pizza and have ice cream afterwards, sometimes were healthy and eat at whole foods and have a salad with a little bit of olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is she hating us now?

Arman Sadeghi: I'm sorry?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: She hating us now?

Arman Sadeghi: No, that's at night, so she gets to have me tonight so my nightly routine differs with the key to my day is that I go from one zone to the next, what that means is when I'm with my kids 90% of the time, there are exceptions because sometimes you just can't turn off your phone when I'm at work, 90% of the time I'm not answering personal calls. When I'm on a date with my wife I'm not worried about how the kids are, I'm intelligent enough to leave my kids with someone who is going to take care of them and once I leave the house I'm done, my wife and I just took a vacation together we had a beautiful time in Mexico and Cancun and while we're there we didn't have the kids with us and we didn't worry about them the whole time because we left them with someone we trust and love and we were focused in the zone of relaxation and intimacy and love with each other. So my day can be very much summarized in pieces that are all self-contained.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you follow any routine to sleep?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: As far as my sleeping routine, it's pretty simple I don't believe in getting in bed unless you're going to sleep so I always say the bed was made for two things into things only, intimacy and sleep to use some PG words, that's all that is made for, I don't believe in reading for extended periods of time or TV in bed, and TV I completely do not believe in it all, in fact I don't believe in television or radio, television is the electronic income producer as I've learned from some of my coaches in the radio is a great way of wasting time while you're in the car so why you're in the car I believe in listening to books on tape, listening to audio programs and things like that which is what I always do, my car is what Jim Rome calls a mobile classroom, every day when I get into my car I'm inside of a mobile classroom.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you use audible?

Arman Sadeghi: I do use audible and I use iTunes, I also purchase audio programs from various different sources and take the CDs and they still, CDs right eye pop them in my computer and transfer them to iTunes and put it on my phone and at any point if I lost my phone, if I go on here if I were to step in my car by the way the Bluetooth would automatically pick up my audible in the book starts without me even trying to put it on, it's a beautiful feature that love, sometimes people sit in my car and they say well what is that? But if I go to audible right now there is the book I'm reading right now it's called good to great, I believe I've read this book 12 times so this might be my 13th or 14th time that I'm listening to it and never the actual book, but going back to your question you just get into bed and you go to sleep. I do some meditation to help me sleep if I feel like I'm going to have difficulty sleeping but my key to sleep is the simple routine that I share with you very briefly, if you want to know how much sleep you need and you want to control your sleep the way you do it is best, most people control what time they wake up in the morning, so they get to that later they feel tired and what do they do, they sleep in the morning. I have a simple rule, you do not get to change what time you wake up in the morning but you get to go to sleep whenever you want. So if you think you need 12 hours of sleep perfect, you wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and if you want 12 hours of sleep and go to bed at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. But most people will do what I challenge them to do that, the first day they end up getting only three or four hours of sleep because they stay up too late but the second or third or fourth day they start getting really tired and they are going to be smarter about when they go to sleep and within about a week it takes a total of about two weeks or three weeks it becomes a lifestyle but at about a week you are pretty much set where you start to understand how much sleep you need, when I do this it typically turns out I need somewhere between 5 to 6 hours of sleep, at five hours I'm okay that I'm a little tired, at six hours I'm solid. One of the things is I don't drink caffeine, because I believe that caffeine gives you a short burst with the tires you up later and I know a lot of people who drink caffeine in the afternoon and evening and having caffeine in the afternoon and evening just means that now you need to spend more time in bed getting less restful sleep so caffeine even though it gets you a pickup today it really hurts you for tomorrow. Tomorrow you don't get the sleep you need tonight so tomorrow you are not going to be as alert and well rested.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how to switch off? Sometimes it's very difficult for me to switch off my brain to think about new ideas or to put a new note on Evernote, sometimes you feel that you are in this zone of sleeping and then it just goes away suddenly and you stay awake for three or four hours.

Arman Sadeghi: I have 2 answers to that, one answer is most of the time when I find people who say I have a hard time turning it off at night, it's because they are not a good sleep schedule if you are on a good sleep schedule I'm telling you and I'm not perfect either so keep in mind when I talk about these things I'm good at doing them 90 to 95% of the time but I thought the wagon like anybody else does and then I have to get myself back on but when I'm on my game, I'm up at 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm in bed by 10 or 11 o'clock. Let me tell you, when 1030 rolls around and I get to bed I don't care what I have in my head I hit that bed and I'm gone, I'm out, I don't care if I discovered the secret to life or I solved one of the biggest problems of the universe I'm so tired when I hit that bed that I'm out cold. There might be exceptions every once in a while and again it is very very seldom and when that is the case or for me it's I feel this way when sometimes I sleep in and get lazy and instead of getting up at 4 AM I get up at 6:30 AM and now I've had an extra two hours of sleep and I wake up in the problem is that night there's no way I'm going to be tired at 10 or 1030 so my body is going to want to stay up later and that's when your brain starts giving excuses by getting all these great ideas because it's just a trick, away from the not want to go to sleep.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You don't do any naps?

Arman Sadeghi: I don't believe in naps, here's the thing with naps when I say I don't believe in them I don't believe in them for Arman, for my body napping doesn't work because when I take a nap I end up more tired, but for some people from what I understand that it works really well for them they do a quick power nap or 20 or 30 minutes whatever it is and they wake up feeling great, I've tried it and it doesn't work for me so I don't tell people to take naps are not, I personally don't like them but people can do is they want but what I do if I am in one of the circumstances where my mind is racing, I do a simple sort of meditation technique that I was taught 15 years ago when I went to the doctor complaining that I was an insomniac and really what it was that I was just sleeping too much in the mornings and I just couldn't sleep at night which is what I find for 90% of the people that see me, it's just that they lay in bed for too many hours and not getting restful sleep. So it's a simple exercise were you close your eyes and there are multiple ways of doing it but you can imagine that you are laying on the cloud and his thoughts come to your mind you acknowledge that thought so if you are thinking about how I have to take the kids to school tomorrow you acknowledge that you have that thought and then you imagine it as a piece of paper and you imagine going away from the cloud and then it disappears and then you just go back to focusing on your breathing and almost immediately you will have another thought, again acknowledge it because your brain wants to know that you've acknowledged it right, acknowledge it and then watched it disappear again, the next one comes etc. Every once in a while you'll have an old thought that yard had come back. Again you acknowledge it and watch it disappear and when I do this exercise with people they find that often within a few minutes they are out cold and your brain just wants to know that those thoughts are acknowledged and I do a slight variation of it sometimes where if I have thoughts that are negative thoughts that I don't want to have I imagine that they go into a trashcan so now there's a little trashcan sitting next to me on my cloud, if you can imagine your own card you can have a trashcan there too so I imagine it goes into the trashcan and if it's a very positive or good thought that I don't want to forget I imagine that instead of it getting crumpled up and going away I imagine it gets fouled up in a folder. So it goes into that folder…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like the old-fashioned way of Windows when it's like that?

Arman Sadeghi: Yeah that's exactly it yes so you can think of it that way and it works for me to help me go to sleep when I'm not ready.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who are your top three mentors?

Arman Sadeghi: My top three mentors gosh that's a great question I would have to say my mother and my father, I've got a lump them up together because I've learned so much from them and it's amazing because my dad has away with his words he has such beautiful words when he speaks it just inspires me and has inspired me for 30 some years and my mom is this woman who is all about action, her words aren't inspiring, she wasn't blessed with the gift of being able to talk to people and make them inspire, when she speaks she is perfectly fine but she doesn't inspire people but her actions I'll tell you her actions are inspiring she is the kind of woman who when we were younger and struggling financially she used to work two full-time jobs and still come home and cook for us in going after us and all that stuff, an incredible woman so they are my mentors and Anthony Robbins is a huge mentor for me he is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people in the area of personal development and I've learned a lot from him. My third mentor, so difficult, I pride myself on having so many mentors, I would say the third person as my wife, I've learned so much from her and eight years of being with her she is just an incredible woman and I learned more from her than I could've ever imagined when I decided to get married but she is beautiful, she is brilliant she is beautiful inside and out she is brilliant, I watch how she wins people over with her beautiful heart and I could read all the books in the world but just watching her for an hour teaches me how to truly lead with my heart and then left.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: The most important factors for success in three words?

Arman Sadeghi: Hard work and efficiency.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right, your top three apps that you use on your smartphone?

Arman Sadeghi: Top three apps, that's a good one let me look at my phone, withings is a big one I love it, is the second one and I don't know if the text messaging one counts but I use text messaging a lot, was my third favorite, I like these questions by the way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like WhatsApp you use?

Arman Sadeghi: What's that? I do that yeah I was going to name one of them but there's a text messaging feature use more.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the habits you are trying to develop to stay efficient?

Arman Sadeghi: Doing a time management exercise every morning because it's difficult to get yourself to focus on time management when you're busy and when you are busy and overwhelmed is when you need time management the most I try not to fall back into that so every morning I like to do a time management session, I turned to develop that, another one that I'm always working on and I don't know if I will ever get to stop working on this, my oldest daughter is 3 1/2 years old and I won't say I struggle but it's something that I have to consistently work on is figuring out how to spend more and more quality time with her so the habit of trying to build there is to spend quality good quality time with my 2 daughters on a regular basis and make sure that I'm 100% present when I'm there, I'm always working on my sleep habits, always working on my eating habits, and always working on my language and the way I treat other people because I want to be loving and kind to everyone I come across and sometimes that's hard when you are going through life everyday life but that the habit of the more you work on the better you get at it and I work on it every day.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Your top three through books?

Arman Sadeghi: My favorite book of all time without question is how to Win friends and influence people by Gale Carnegie, my second favorite book of all time is a business book that I showed you on my phone I was reading, good to great, an incredible book by Jim Collins and the third book is actually Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: The biography.

Arman Sadeghi: Yes, great, beautiful and a lot of other things by Walter Isaacson are great as well, the Einstein book is incredible as well but Steve Jobs's book has so many lessons in there for business people and nonbusiness people and I enjoy that a lot.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three people that you are inspired by?

Arman Sadeghi: Top three people I'm inspired by. I would say gosh that's a good question so many people inspire me, I'm inspired by Abraham Lincoln who obviously is no longer with us but his words and his wisdom inspire me to this day, I'm very much inspired by Tony Robbins still to this day, incredible man, I won't bring my mother and father back into this but they inspire me quite a bit and I say there are so many… I'll just, the third one has to be my father he inspires me consistently.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What makes you really happy?

Arman Sadeghi: What makes me really happy, life just being alive, I don't need too many reasons to be happy I'm sort of a BMI crazy person when I teach other people to join my crazy party but life makes me happy, being alive being here, if I'm healthy and happy, if I'm under the weather I'm still happy, if I'm wealthy, if I'm not, whatever it is I just love life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Last question, how can people contact you?

Arman Sadeghi: In multiple ways, the easiest way is via email, our website is titanium, my email is just my first name, our phone numbers on the website and people can always use that. When you look at the business card and tell you the number one, if the toll-free number, 844, eight titanium. There is a list talking about the phone starts ringing, I think it heard me. But Arman@titanium is definitely the best way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much Arman for this beautiful journey, not interview, I really enjoyed it all.

Arman Sadeghi: Thank you so much for taking the time and for everyone who is out there watching I just hope that my words will inspire you to want more from your life and not just more stuff but to one more fulfillment out of your life because it is the one true gift that I've been given by my mentors and I hope I can share the gift with you at some point.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you, my pleasure. Thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.

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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone, this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV show is to boost the efficiency of your business and life through tips and tricks from leading experts. Today I have with me Princess Fizz, she is a media network marketer and the host and founder of the I have a dream show. Welcome to the show Princess.

Princess Fizz: Thank you very much Ahmed for having me on here.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: It’s my pleasure. Is that your real name I did you come up with this name?

Princess Fizz: It’s actually an abbreviation, a translation and abbreviation of my name, Princess in Arabic is Sayyida, and when you translate it over its Princess and Fizz is short for Fizzar, which is my real name. It worked out, Princess Fizz, people will remember you by it, it’s kind of well known now so I haven’t changed it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What was the inspiration that made you move from the Middle East or the UK what is the story behind that?

Princess Fizz: The story is that I came from a very strict family when it comes to women, it’s very male-dominated society and since I was growing up I felt that women don’t have the equal opportunities to grow, they are taught to be good wives when they grow up, that is their career to become a good wife, education wise my family was great but when it came to progression they kind of kept us in four walls, I understand why they do it because they want to protect their women but women are great when it comes to business, they are brilliant when it comes to designing a life and bringing up children and to have good children you have to have a good mother, that’s educated. So I broke away from that because I wanted to empower women to help generations to come so it’s a big move I made but I did it for, to empower people basically.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: If we put it into a timeline what year was that?

Princess Fizz: It was eight years ago but I left.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: For the first time, but your accent is like an English accent?

Princess Fizz: Yes I was actually taught by English teachers when we were growing up so we’ve had a very good education growing up so I picked up the accent.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: That’s very good.

Princess Fizz: And I love British accents as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Why did you start when you moved web agency, did you have a background in computer and Internet?

Princess Fizz: When I came to the UK I started from scratch, I didn’t have any experience when it came to working in a job or anything like that, I did try a job doing telemarketing and I lasted like three weeks because I’m a very creative person so taking orders and being in limitations wasn’t really suited to my personality so I had a friend that had a web design background and she kind of taught me the skills about web design development, I did the course with her and then I started a web agency were a hired other people and took projects and did that accordingly.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Only one job or you’ve done some of the jobs?

Princess Fizz: Oh no, I only had one job, I never want to go back to a job again I just didn’t like it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you started doing like web development or social media this stuff and then what happened?

Princess Fizz: Just designing websites for local businesses, a group, I landed projects with Honda and Amazon and that kind of really shut off my agency but the thing with that was it was very long hours, I was working 18 hour days and when you start your own traditional business like that you are stuck with your admin, with employee work, the passion of designing, I wasn’t really doing much designing because I was so stuck in running the business. So it was good experience to have because now I know what I don’t want.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You are like outsourcing or you have like an off-line team?

Princess Fizz: I had employees in India as well, but I also had people in house as well, it was a proper agency like a studio where people came in and there were employees, it went well it was a very good experience to have.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And then what happened?

Princess Fizz: The thing is I’m a mom, a single mom and I had a very small daughter, she was only three months old so I felt that she was being passed from one babysitter to another, I was doing it for her for her future but it was at the expense of me spending time with her or spending more time with her photo then I was with her. So the pain of that made me explore other ways of making money and that’s where I looked online, I typed into Google how to make money online, everyone does that whenever they want to look for other ways, they type that kind of sentence out and I did the exact same thing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What like the get rich quick scams came out?

Princess Fizz: Oh goodness me, that was another can of worms that I opened up, when you type that you’re exposed to so many programs and systems and they all promise you that this is going to work and that’s going to work but they don’t actually tell you the truth, I’ve actually done it for six years, I’ve got six years of experience in marketing and I spent thousands on programs and courses, nothing worked for me, absolutely nothing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And you continue doing what you are doing like the web development while you are studying these programs?

Princess Fizz: I was, I wrapped it up very quickly I made a very strong decision, the thing is when you have a plan B it differs you from plan a so my plan was to be completely financially free and be able to spend time with my daughter so I had to eliminate the option of having an agency so I wrapped that up very quickly and then started my journey with online marketing as a main focus.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: In the agency, what was your strategy to market your business, cold calling or did you do like visits to schools? What did you do to get the business because still you can do it from home sometimes.

Princess Fizz: You can, it’s a good business to have, but the thing is it’s not freedom, freedom is where you do what you want and not be in a place where you don’t want to be. It’s still a job, you’re still doing a job because you are still having to work with employees, you still have to work with contracts, the way I did it was from word-of-mouth, I went to local networking events with my card and said if you want a website done, especially new businesses when they start they need a website so I just kind of gave my card out and local banks as well that was a good approach, whenever someone opens up a new bank account for their business, I made relationships with the bank managers where if they could give me some business I would refer people to them as well to open their bank accounts so it’s all about relationship building, you can actually build up relationships locally with influential people to help your business grow.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Take us through the filtration of the online courses, what did you study from the beginning, what was the struggle because still people struggle with that and even more now because there’s too much information out there on the Internet.

Princess Fizz: I think with the thing is, the system teaches you if you go into a course that’s going to help you like a pushbutton software, it’s all wrong, it’s all lies, you have to be very very smart about this and they sell you something but they leave out a whole load of other things that you need to make a business work and you have to treat it like a proper business, you have to learn how to write copy, how to capture leads, how to communicate with your list, and you need to have a good product, you need to have an a way that is duplicatable which is very very important, people that are new sometimes they don’t want to go through that long learning curve, they don’t have that patients so it has to be a program that is easy to understand and take a very very quickly and duplicatable so these things I found out the very very hard way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So where did you start like did you start with affiliate marketing or something else?

Princess Fizz: Yes the program just said by our products, we will guarantee that you earn a certain amount of money by selling it but it did it actually tell you how to sell it? You have the product there to sell that where are your skills and capturing leads, where’s your skill in social media and paid advertising, how do you know which apps to run, where do you buy ads, you have to keep on paying for other programs to help you with your initial payment of the course.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Don’t you think it has to be like if somebody wants to, this is sometimes I reached this conclusion that you have to go through this pain of different courses in different mentors, good and bad mentors in order to learn how to hire people and how to find the right course and how to test this and that because I think that people on the Internet they need to really struggle to make it or do you have a different opinion about that?

Princess Fizz: I disagree now because people like myself for instance they’ve gone through the pain, now I know what not to do so someone can connect with me and save themselves a lot of time, they still have to go through the learning curve but the pain of the learning curve is much less because an advisor can tell you what to avoid and that’s why I think if I went back and did it again I think I would really really find a mentor, someone that’s actually gone through the pain already that will save me the six years that it took me to learn that whole process, the six years can be compressed to six months, you see what I mean because of that person’s experience.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: True a mentor can save time but still there are some issues like for example if I know about email marketing but sometimes it takes me two or three years in order to put it within the system because you are building a team until you find the right people and put them in the right place because nobody will give you all the team and all the tools of the same time even if they were for you, you have to go sometimes through the struggle.

Princess Fizz: You do, I think what helps there is having a plug-in system where gives you everything that you need under one roof rather than going there to get all the information that’s where the information overload comes in, some people don’t even know what to search for, they don’t even know what they are looking for, what needs to be done, they don’t know what questions to ask even but if you’ve got a place where it’s like a business in a box, one place for everything, that place will give you educational and social media, education on free advertising, paid advertising, what to do what not to do, how conversions work this is another thing. When you buy traffic or when you put people into a list, does it convert? How do you convert it. Things like that, the way to you need to write your emails, the communication that you need, the language, the headlines. All the things going to action and these are skills a person needs to learn but I think what happens is, I’m somewhere where you can find all the stuff in one place, that will save you time.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So what worked for you in the six years?

Princess Fizz: 6 years I think nothing worked, until recently where I did actually come across a system that has helped, I’m not going to promote that here but the reason it has helped is when I introduce a new person in they don’t have to go through that learning curve that I went through, they can find it all in one place and they get me as a coach as well to work with so the whole system helps that person duplicate which is the magic word, being able to do online marketing or network marketing without having that whole budget experience that you need.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the name of the system and how does it work, how is it possible to duplicate? Duplicate the brain of the one before you? The one before you builds the system and then you use the same system?

Princess Fizz: It’s called I pass 2 and it’s built by people that have actually gone through the pain them self of years of aggravation and they felt that the success rate is 97% failure in online marketing, 97% of people fail because of information overload, they don’t have the right skill set so what they’ve done is they put it all into one system, everything that you need, all the training so as soon as someone plugs in they instantly get trained on what they need to know in online marketing so just kind of helps them stay in one place which is the most important thing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it’s again a course and they have to keep updating it because also the information on the Internet changes?

Princess Fizz: Yes they consistently updated but the thing is inside the course there is also levels of duplication where people can actually buy the products and as you go through the courses you have to buy the products for you to be able to sell them so it just becomes, whoever plugs and knows exactly what they need to do basically.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So I didn’t get it, you learn through like some courses are videos and then like you by the same products from, through the system or they just teach you how to buy online?

Princess Fizz: No, it’s through the system, it’s all in one place so the products are there as well and the training.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What products like digital products and they are affiliate?

Princess Fizz: That’s right, the products are to teach other people how to do it. So you are teaching people how to do online marketing but you are also earning while you resell this product.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it’s a network marketing.

Princess Fizz: Yes it’s educational Internet marketing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How about empower network via a blogging system?

Princess Fizz: It’s Incorporated in that, I pass 2 works very closely with empower network products so it’s Incorporated in, I pass system gives a training, it uses empower network products to sell that training. You see what I mean?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay but like detail and more for me, for the audience please.

Princess Fizz: The viral blogging system basically when it comes to a lot of people have figured out that you need a blog online, you need a personality, you need a place where you can share information because everything is about providing content okay, Google recognizes good content and it will place you up the ranks, so having a blog is very important and also at the next you first, you can build your own printer your blog, you can share personal stories…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But what does the system added to that, like it creates the blog automatically but again you still have to make the content in the traditional way.

Princess Fizz: Of course you have to make the content but it gives you a place to do it, you don’t have to set up the blogging system yourself, you don’t have to fiddle with WordPress or anything like that, you don’t have to pay someone to set up a blog, it’s an instant blog available as soon as you enter the system.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Under your name or you will have the domain yours and you on it or it will be within the community and then they will take it in case you quit? Because they on the content.

Princess Fizz: They do on the content of course it’s hosted on their servers but you can place your own domain name, you can mask your domain name on it and you can breaded yourself as well you can take away that branding and put it in your own branding so it’s got nothing to do with empower network, like I have Princess Fizz and the I have a dream show. It’s through the blogging content that they have so I use their blogging system because it helps me not worry about the technical side, people that don’t have technical knowledge on how to set up a blog it can be quite tedious.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But if you quit tomorrow they can change, they keep the content and they change the name and give it to somebody else?

Princess Fizz: No no no, they won’t give it to somebody else but yes you will lose your rights if you stop paying the membership fee.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much is the membership fee?

Princess Fizz: It’s $25 a month.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And what else are they provide, and email system in an autoresponder?

Princess Fizz: The training inside the empower network and I pass 2, they teach you first of all how to mask your blog so if you want to put your own domain name, how to printed yourself etc. and also how to link up with auto responders so if you are using a Weber or get response, if you want to put like a little capture page in the side, so you have a blog about dogs, how to groom dogs, you are passionate about dogs and lecturing pictures about dogs but on the side, whoever comes to your blog they have got, they see like a banner on the side, would you like to have a blog and make money with it and then they can put their information in and the email can be captured through get response or a Weber, they teach you how to do all that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But you have to bring a designer externally to work on the designer, or the system will just pick something easily?

Princess Fizz: The blog design is all done by the system, it’s point-and-click literally and this is grandma friendly. I’m not selling here I don’t want to sell.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: No sell no problem. Other than the design what else did the system provide like is there a less than you can pitch?

Princess Fizz: You have to build your own list of course, that’s your own personal list, those are the people to connect with you so when you are promoting your blog like through social media for instance, people will come to your blog and perhaps they will like something and maybe if you encourage them to have their own blog, so they can make money online too, they opt in to your list and that’s when you start your communication with them, give them training, give them what you learned in the empower network backend and the I pass 2 system, they teach you so you’ve always got content to share and train people up as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Explain to the audience what is network marketing and how does it work like if you brought somebody to your lists and sold him or her something how much you make money on the way? What is network marketing?

Princess Fizz: Network marketing is basically relationship building, it’s very different from online marketing, with network marketing what you’re doing is you have a set of products that you like maybe are passionate about them and there is a a plan that the company offers so say for instance you have a product that if you resell you get 50% commission or you get 100% commission, there are some companies that are giving out hundred percent commission because they want to help you build your business, if that person sells, if that person buys from you they can actually come in as a customer of that product so they can use the product or they can have the rights to resell that as well and build it into a business so those two things here, but with network marketing you have to understand that there are skills required to do that, you need communication skills, you need presentation skills, you need to be able to tell people the opportunity, the vision of how you can grow a company like this using the comp plan and the products, so choosing a company you need to be very careful because first of all you need to know that the company is solid and has a good ownership and that the comp plan is good, you know the time that you invest in the business has to give you some sort of return, so studying the comp plan and making sure that the numbers add up at something you really want to put an effort into and the products have to be very good as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So in this case, what is the name of the system?

Princess Fizz: I pass 2.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: I pass 2 like in this case you are selling the system, you don’t have anything else to sell.

Princess Fizz: It’s the actual system you are selling and the products themselves teach you how to do Internet marketing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But there is only one membership fee price there are no other products.

Princess Fizz: There are different levels, you can come in at the lower level which is first of all to start it’s only seven dollars to start up and you can resell that and get 50% commission on that but the other levels you have with the blogging system that the hundred percent commission so if you come in at $25 you can resell that for 100% commission so if I’m in it and I brought you in I would get 100%, for selling it to you, but the comp plan works out like that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Means 50% of seven dollars if you get me and and on a monthly basis you still get 50%?

Princess Fizz: Yes it is continued on monthly, and that’s the beauty because with network marketing you have to understand it’s duplication that you want, you need to be up to build a team that can resell and you get a small percentage of that each time they do that, that’s what gives you freedom, that’s residual income, you don’t have to be present all the time for that you can be sleeping or on holiday and somebody has made a commission and you get a little percentage of that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But some people argue that the network marketing systems always benefit the people on the top, what is your response to that?

Princess Fizz: No, I’ve actually got a report if you want to my website and you become a member, I send a report comparing it between a pyramid scheme and network marketing, it’s a broken down comparison, the thing is in network marketing based on the compensation plan someone that you bring in can actually overdo year with their performance, it’s all performance-based so if someone brings in more people than you and sells more products than you they can actually go up above you when it comes to ranking because it’s all based on performance.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And then you still earn from him or is that it when he’s above you?

Princess Fizz: You still make money but the with the model works it might not be in your line it could be in your up line, it depends on which placement the person comes in a.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How big is the community inside the system, how many people?

Princess Fizz: In empower network there’s 155,000 or so affiliates and in I pass 2 it recently launched in September and there’s over 10,000 members already using it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the difference between both?

Princess Fizz: While they incorporate each other, it’s a system to help sell empower network products.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But like the big one is the I and the other one is only about blogging?

Princess Fizz: Empower network has got other products as well but I, the system that help sell the empower network products. It gives you the training behind it, how to do it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And after you started this network marketing, did you quit the web agency or what is your current focus?

Princess Fizz: Yes when I started online marketing six years ago as I said I didn’t want a plan B because it always deteriorates you from plan a so my main focus was to be able to focus on one thing at a time, that’s the thing when I say, people say they have a side job, I can dedicate my time to online marketing, that’s the problem. You aren’t focused, you need to make very strong decisions, you need to have like a do or die attitude to make something work like that. To put your full focus in, full willpower and desire to make it work and for that you need to make sacrifices that are very very scary for some to do.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how did you survive like you found out about the system before one or two years, before that you quit?

Princess Fizz: I never quit I just didn’t have the same success, the reason I survived is because I made a few commissions here and there, it wasn’t steady and I felt I had to be present all the time.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: In affiliate marketing?

Princess Fizz: An affiliate, before empower network and affiliate marketing I learned how to get products in clickbank, I did that but it wasn’t anything consistent if you can see what I mean.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Tell us more about that because so many people get so pumped up with clickbank, did you set like a landing page and you had products like let’s say weight loss and you focused on this niche, what did you do, give us some of your experience in terms of affiliate marketing.

Princess Fizz: What I did is I found a product that was memory, there’s loads of products, there’s one that really sparks my mind is about memory, helping people get better memory and there’s another one about relationships, how to cope if you’ve had a divorce or something like that so those 2 if you research on the Internet there’s a demand for stuff like that, people are always searching how to cope with divorce or they are always searching about how to improve their memory, so what you need to do is you need to find a product that gives that could commission, at that time we’ve got a 40% commission, the other product has about a 25% so it wasn’t a really great commission, the amount of work I had to do but I figured out that you need to have a captive page for one, if people are searching how to improve your memory you need to capture those people in Google and for that you need to have a good ranked page.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how to have that with only one landing page when there is maybe 1 million other people selling that same thing with a blog.

Princess Fizz: Exactly without a blog and without a landing page or anything where you can provide content it’s very very difficult so what you need to do is do page traffic, that’s the best way to do it, ad words, you need to pay a lot of money out to competes with the strong keywords like that and obviously that’s all a numbers game because then your landing page has to converge, you have to have a good strong headline and the right colors, the right call of action and even if you do capture leads, people need communication, it takes up to seven exposures before people buy from you, you need to be giving out education to them, you need to give out so much content that they want up to you and get to know you and then you can sell to them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how did you do that with these products, you buy the product and study them in detail and then make some extra videos about them to take them through this process?

Princess Fizz: That’s right, you need to make sure that you get out content through your emails, email marketing is very important, I didn’t know this, I was just playing with numbers.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So your strategy was mainly the conversion based on how much the ads accosting you and how many you are selling and it’s a numbers game. Which is great like if you know, if you break the code and you have a success with $10 of ads you can just leverage that into $1000 and you still make the same number sometimes.

Princess Fizz: That’s right, you can do it but the thing is with conversions it’s still very low, 20 or 30, even like 1% conversion sometimes if you get 100 people into your list, one person will buy and for that to improve there are ways of doing that but you need to have the right system to do that so with me it was just a numbers game, it wasn’t anything where I can scale up and measure so it was a struggle, it was very very hard for me to actually figure out how I should go on and then I did domain flipping, that went all right.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay tell us more about that, that’s interesting like through Go Daddy? Which platform did you use?

Princess Fizz: There’s a website called where you can find domains that have actually come up to market and some of them are longtail keywords, you can sometimes get very good domains that you can resell but that again you need to be constantly researching and finding people that want to buy stuff like that and it’s all a numbers game as well, when you auction your domain some people will buy and some people won’t so it’s all down to luck.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How many domains did you have in your inventory?

Princess Fizz: I had about 50 domains that I was flipping and I made I think in the course of the you’re probably made about heaven thousand dollars out of it, there is one I bought recently which is which is quite good, all those people that are non-gurus if you want a domain name come to me.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: means that I am not a guru?

Princess Fizz: Internet marketing yeah, but that’s not something you can scale up it’s a one-time sale, there’s nothing duplicatable there, there’s nothing that you can scale up.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Did you feel that over the years people lose interest more and more into Internet marketing scams and projects and even if it’s not a scam, people buy less and less it is really something proven, and only maybe the top gurus are taking more than 90% of the market and the 10%, all the other 90% of the people are fighting for this 10%.

Princess Fizz: That’s right, I think there are a lot of people selling the dream but living a nightmare, you have to be very very careful, I’m a sucker for all of that because I was in pain, I had pain and frustration and the thing is they give you the right message at that time, they say this is going to help you, this is going to help you solve your problems and people fall for it and unfortunately…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: There is a way to filter that and read reviews and see the followers of that guy and anyone who is on the course?

Princess Fizz: I think programs like this, when you interview people that are doing something that’s working, people need to like tune in and get that knowledge and find out what’s not working and what people have gone through to model them so they can start filtering people like that, this is what the dream show is all about, this is what I do, bring on people that are successful, genuinely successful and they share their story and they share what to avoid and whatnot to avoid so it’s just about giving people education, the more people out there giving the right education I think the word will get out to keep people safe from scams.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How was the I have a dream show born? And why?

Princess Fizz: That was actually a live event, 2 like events, I need entrepreneurs from around the world and I felt that everyone has a dream, everyone has a dream even people that are successful, their dreams were bigger, they never give up and they go for bigger goals and I just felt that it would be so good to share people’s dreams in a unique way that has never been shared before like really go into the depths of their stories, their pain and struggles to inspire others to either model them or just inspired by their story that they actually stood by and never gave up and that’s why they have the results today.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do you research your guests and contact them what is your system?

Princess Fizz: It is basically through relationships, I tend to as I said me people and events, once you get a very very good name on your show, I’ve actually launch the course it’s called how to become a mediapreneur, have your own TV show like you have, the main worry would be for people, how do I actually get these people to come onto my show but the thing is, it’s all compound effort, some guests have actually message like six months ago and they were busy then and I followed up and said this person is the non-you should come on also and it becomes apparent, the more guests you have with good names it becomes much easier.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like how often do you record an episode?

Princess Fizz: I started at the beginning it was five days a week doing it but then I moved to three times a week and now it is one times a week, every Monday have my show.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is it live?

Princess Fizz: It’s a live show yes.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So there is interaction, people who are listening like and comment and ask questions?

Princess Fizz: Yes absolutely they have their boxes where they can ask questions live and they are answered.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And how do you monetize the show, is it mainly to sell the I or do you have other products, what is your main focus now?

Princess Fizz: The thing is, there are lots of avenues you can monetize from a show like this and the main thing is through sponsorships so my angle is that people that are coming to view the shows are already in business or they are looking to start an online business so people with marketing products, helpful marketing products like Facebook software or something that will help a marketer, I use a lot of tools like software like get response, you need that or lead pages, that’s a very good software to build.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you set yourself as an affiliate for these softwares and then you put it in a resources page on your site and then when the traffic comes you make a commission?

Princess Fizz: Exactly and also I contact these companies to sponsor the shows as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Just before that one question like let’s say you get a response and you are an affiliate for them, within the same networking system that you are in, still the people who are in your list if they sell that like you still make a commission from that, they get response will be within your system as an affiliate or is it outside the system?

Princess Fizz: I was outside the system, there’s no duplication, just a one-time affiliate fee that you can pay like if someone I recommend if someone joins get response through me and they join someone if they duplicated, there’s no compensation plan there.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So only the products of I pass or the system they are selling you are within the network other than that you are on your own.

Princess Fizz: That is where the network marketing company is yes, that can duplicate for you.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Okay how about the sponsors have you contact them and get them and research them to advertise a new show.

Princess Fizz: You just give them the stats, you say look I’m getting this amount of people coming to the show, this is the amount of traffic I’m getting on my shows and just say to them look it will benefit you if you start off with like a month how will you try, put your banner on my site for a month and sponsor a show and see how it goes and when they start getting leads from your website and people clicking through then they see that and they renew their contract with you.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much is the sponsorship spot per episode?

Princess Fizz: It depends, per guest, the highest amount of sponsorship I’ve received is $2000 for one show, it all depends on how you actually put your marketing forward as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How many average like viewers do you have? Per episode.

Princess Fizz: As I said it depends on the guest so the highest amount of viewers I’ve ever had was 1100 people coming in live and then the show is repeated throughout the week so up to about 7000 or 8000 views on that and then it goes into a library, the beauty of this is you make a one-time effort, a one-time effort always gives you results, you made the effort and you made the content and then you can actually monetize on it later, you can use that content and take sections out of your show and actually promote that on your capture page and write blog content have it transcribed put it into audio, what I’ve done now is I should put it on iTunes so I transferred all of the shows I’ve done into audio and now I’m using the iTunes market to bring in more traffic so there are so many ways that you can actually monetize from it and also a brand you as well, it builds your brand which is very important.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the major things holding people back from achieving their dreams from the people you worked with?

Princess Fizz: Fear, definitely fear, fear of failure, fear of failure, fear of learning, fear of trying something new, it’s basically I think people are conditioned, the moment you are born you start being conditioned and people are conditioned to be dependent, dependent on your teachers, on your employers, on how they manage you but people are very very scared when it comes to being independent and being an online marketer or network marketer or starting your own business you have to break away from that fear and become independent, you have to take ownership of your own success and I think what happens is that people give up because they just don’t like the fact that they can’t blame anyone but themselves, just conquer your fear, my biggest fear was public speaking I just didn’t like coming in front of the camera and that is my biggest reward, that’s where my monetization has come through, that’s where my income has come through when I broke through that fear, that’s where my dream started coming true.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how can people overcome their fear and is fear a bad thing?

Princess Fizz: It is a bad thing because it limits you, the way you overcome fear is by plugging in to people that have had success, I think following their advice whether it’s through books or videos, getting yourself a mentor, constantly reaffirming good things to you, always write down what you want and read it every single day, when you read something again and again it begins to subconsciously register and wipe out all of that junk that you’ve been fed all your life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Don’t you think like fear is one of the best things that you can sometimes learn from?

Princess Fizz: If you don’t conquer it can be the worst thing, fear is something that limits you and you don’t want to have that because you don’t know, as humans we are amazing creatures, we’ve got so much potential, so much potential, whatever you want in life you can achieve it’s just about your mind, you need to clear on your mind and make sure that you are saying the right things, surround yourself with positive people, surround yourself with people that are better than you so you are always being challenged and growing, completely cut off from media, don’t watch TV don’t listen to negative people because it’s like a disease literally and you need to literally stay away from people like that and information like that, look at news, what is it? Condensed negativity and it makes you feel fearful, the stories of children being kidnapped, it makes me fear that oh my God what if I let my child out she will be kidnapped, it’s just all rubbish.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Since I stopped watching the news for five years, my whole life changed.

Princess Fizz: I never watch the news, I hate the news I would rather spend my time very wisely and listen to an audio by someone that can actually feed my mind with good stuff.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: I always say it is better to make the news then watch the news with others.

Princess Fizz: Exactly.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So what is your advice for the people who are just starting now in the online Internet marketing world?

Princess Fizz: I think guys if you are starting up first congratulate yourself for making a decision and being opened the things that will help you. Secondly you need to be very very patient, there is information overload at the beginning but as I said you can actually find people that will help you make your learning curve shorter, there is a process everyone has to go through it because you are breaking down those patterns that you formed in your life, you have to go through that struggle and I think it’s like a test is in it, if you come up against an obstacle and you kind of get conquered by the obstacle than you want going to go through the next up, everyone has to go through obstacles to grow so make sure that just see it as it is, if you are having to struggle, just don’t put too much energy into that struggle and start getting aggravated about it, just deal with it and say okay this is a struggle a challenge I face and I’ll find a way to get out of it, how can I, not I can’t do this, change your language, how can I do this?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But it advise the people to start based on their expertise to do something online, you usually advise them to be in this network marketing that you are in?

Princess Fizz: I do it because I feel that it’s the best way for someone new to learn and that will help them because it will shorten their learning curve very quickly and it will help them with information overload, that’s the reason I do it but everyone is open to their own stuff, there’s no kind of I’m not saying that my system is better than yours no way I would never say that but from my experience the only reason I suggest this system is because it is help so many people.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Any other systems or network marketing systems that you can recommend are only these 2?

Princess Fizz: There’s loads of systems, look at Amway, they did brilliantly, if you’re into products like that go for it, there are other products like ventures, holiday ventures, world ventures, that’s very good, people like traveling, they have like discounts, holidays you can actually go to, there is weight loss products that you can have that have very good compensation plans, the reason I’m choosing this was because it’s based on education, the reason why people fail is because they haven’t got the right skill set to duplicate businesses, I love education I’ve always loved education and I think having a product that will teach people how to do Internet marketing is the best way. For me personally.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You runnable community on your site how does it work?

Princess Fizz: A book club yes I’ve actually recently joined launchstat, it’s not actually complete yet nearly complete but it’s basically for people to join the book club and discuss it so it me personally whenever I read a book I’ve got so many ideas I just want to say, tell people about what I’m thinking so I wanted to build a community of thinkers very strong people that I could discuss ideas with.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And then you can sell it as an affiliate from Amazon or what platform?

Princess Fizz: oh no, it’s just a community to help people in service.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Tell us more about your coming book, dream catch.

Princess Fizz: Dream catcher yes basically showing people, stories of people coming on my show, I’m compiling that and also my own journey I put in there, philosophy of life, of business and spirituality it’s all like a nice package of the way I think and how I share these stories as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: When is it going to be out?

Princess Fizz: Oh my God I’m so bad I’m actually supposed to launch it already but it’s in the process, hopefully I’ve got a date of November for lunch.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you are going to self publish it?

Princess Fizz: Yes.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much do you charge per hour for consultation for the people who want to have you as a mentor?

Princess Fizz: If they come through the system and they join my system then I can be there for them because it’s part of the package having me as a coach but as an individual if they are doing something else, if you are doing Internet marketing with other products and you want to learn the skills then it ranges depending on the skills they want to learn, if it’s the beginner level it’s up to $500 an hour if it’s advanced, more than strategies that I’ve learned from mastermind and things like that but it’s a package price for three days with me about $5000.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Tell us more about your other projects, are there any other plans and projects that you are working on that you would like to share?

Princess Fizz: Yes I have two courses coming out, one is how to become a mediapreneur, have your own web TV show, in any industry or any niche, you can actually launch a TV show and brand yourself and get yourself out there, I teach how to do that and how to monetize the latest in done and also branding, helping people with branding, how important that is and how to brand yourself and with a message. When people think of you they think of something related to you straightaway that’s also very important because it’s a very noisy world out there, Internet marketing is a very noisy space and you need to stand out, you need to be doing something very very differently and unique to everybody.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Share with us some of the strategies that you use to market for your show. Do you buy traffic, do you base it on the traffic of the guests, how does it work?

Princess Fizz: There’s a lot of different ways, the main ways I use is through article marketing, I always read an article and publish that, also.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Where you publish it into different streams are into one place?

Princess Fizz: Different streams, PRWeb is a very good website to publish your articles in, squiddoo is a very good place for traffic, you can put keywords up there and it’ll pick up very very well and also social media, I have very powerful social media presence.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You do that yourself or you have a team who publishes this?

Princess Fizz: I do it all myself. Because the content I write myself it’s are unique to me, it’s the way I speak, when I hire someone to do it it sounds completely different. I like to keep my personality through my emails and my articles as well, that’s what I class as my $1000 activity per hour, that’s my thousand dollar activity per hour, writing very important communication so I do that and also social media, one thing I’ve actually gotten very good at is people and I in my system, I’ve actually gotten the place on a website where they can actually put their links in, anyone I invite as a guest they can actually get the sale from it, so they can leverage from that show so that gets the message out there, the word-of-mouth gets out there very quickly and it’s very very powerful, when it works for someone then they tell 10 other people that it has worked.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Share with us some of the best tools that you cannot live with that makes you really efficient in terms of software, tools that you use?

Princess Fizz: I use all the social media stuff, Facebook, access, Pinterest, InstaGram, when it comes to Internet marketing there are lots of tools that I use, I use there’s something called market samurai which is very good for keywords, you can use Google ad words analytics as well, you can use their keyword tool but I find samurai is really good when it comes to finding good keywords, longtail keywords etc., nice software for that. I also usually pages, capture pages, there’s something new I’m trying I haven’t really told many people about it yet but lead pages is working beautifully I think it really helps build up the capture pages very quickly so that’s something I use and also email marketing softwares like get response are very good to help with email capturing and survey guys you need to survey your less that is another thing I would like to tell people is when people are capturing emails in your list you need to find out who they are, you need to find out there situation to help them so send out surveys, get response is a very good is a very good software to send out surveys and get people to answer which emails are capturing what, find out who your audience is a you can give them you’re right message.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is your daily life and work routine looking like?

Princess Fizz: I’m very relaxed now, I work one day a week like solid work were in content writing on Mondays, on day times I have my shows and in the evenings I have marketing classes, so I bring on experts that are in email marketing, social media that can actually teach people in that class, one day I work with content the rest of the days is actually monetizing that content, producing it into a blog, telling snippets of that content throughout social media, attracting people with daily tips I do every day and that’s about it, I write my own emails which is very important because I like to communicate and build relationships with my email list. That’s it really, when it comes to teaching people how to do Internet marketing, this is the does that for me.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is your system for leveraging the content like you do blog posts and then from if you do the tips or you write the book first in the chapter from the book you posted is a blog, tell us more?

Princess Fizz: The system gives you different teachings on how to blog properly, what to blog, how to find content to blog and also how to bring people through social media to your blog post because there is no point having a blog and no one sees it, it gives you training on how to get people to see your blog as well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are your other hobbies?

Princess Fizz: Spending time with my daughter I love doing that I like traveling, I travel a lot, I like meeting people that are very very entrepreneurial minded, I meet people a lot, socializing with them etc. and eating lots of delicious food.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Your top three mentors?

Princess Fizz: The three top mentors in my life, one person that really helped me expand my mind is Gorm Mirza, someone who lives in Canada and he’s very popular.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: In Dubai.

Princess Fizz: In Dubai. I went to Dubai yes to the mastermind, the reason he helps, he didn’t teach me about Internet marketing, he taught me about mindset, how to think big, 10 X your vision, grow your vision so much that your daily actions match that and I feel without that mentor I don’t think my daily actions would have been much more.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: In details what did he add to you? He’s a good friend of mine.

Princess Fizz: He taught me how to think big, he taught me how to the next my thinking because the thinking I had in mind, where I wanted to be in 10 years time is completely different to what he taught me I should be in 10 years time and thinking that big in expanding your mind helped me with my daily actions because now I’m spending time with actions that will help me get to that vision. Before I was like here and there, I was like okay I was spending time on non-income producing activities and activities that aren’t worth $1000. I only spend time on things that will make me $1000 in an hour, that’s the way I think now. My production is much more better that way, it’s much more defined if you know what I mean, I know where to spend time and were not to.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But you didn’t learn that in the Internet marketing in the six years of things working and not working for you, why after that meeting or mastermind exchanged?

Princess Fizz: I didn’t know my value, he told me what my daily and hourly value was and when you understand that you don’t go into things like small activities that are worth like $10 per hour you can outsource that, if you need to say for instance find content to talk about you can actually outsource that to someone that can find that for you, you don’t have to spend that time doing that if you want to find how to, which links, which people to connect with or what to write in your emails, if you are not a very good email writer you can hire someone that can write content for you until you learn it. You don’t have to spend that time learning when someone else can do it for you.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Delegation, yes.

Princess Fizz: My finances, I did it all myself, now I hire someone to do my accounts for me because that’s a $10 per hour activity, I’m worth $1000 an hour, why should I be doing these activities so Gorm helps me understand that and where my energy and concentration should be going.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who else?

Princess Fizz: Another person Internet marketing wise, Internet marketing I think the best mentor I can follow right now is to people, Chris Jones and Chris record, I think these two people really understand, they give out value freely they don’t hide anything and whenever I have 10 or 15 minutes of my time to spend and I want to learn something new I always go to their wall on their Facebook there is always something there that is valuable that can take away maybe a piece of training or maybe something they’ve added to the system or something like that, I actually feel that I’ve grown in those 15 minutes.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Those are your top three mentors, who are your top three people that you are inspired by?

Princess Fizz: Inspired by, oh gosh. There is influential leaders in the past, obviously I’m very inspired by the prophet Mohammed because of his ways, the philosophy that he’s given, the way to treat humans, about humanity, the teachings about that I feel and his family, his cousin Ali, he’s a big part of my life, I really do read up on the teachings and their other people, Sikran and Rumi these are the main influential people in my life when it comes to history and very good messages that they left.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three factors for success in three words only?

Princess Fizz: Consistency, consistency, consistency. Consistency, having a big vision and belief in yourself. If no one believes you then you have to believe in yourself or surround yourself with people that believe in you because that is very empowering, you need to have that in your life, you need to have people that believe in your so you can believe in yourself that you can actually do this and be consistent guys, the small efforts you do every single day that add up, they compound and they build you as a character, they build your experience and they build your skill set. So yeah.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three apps that you use any phone?

Princess Fizz: I don’t really use my phone much but I use it for social media so I think InstaGram and Facebook and audible, Kindle as well I read books a lot on the go wherever I get the opportunity I read my book and audible, you can download books and listen to them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Audible changed my life. What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient?

Princess Fizz: I keep reminding myself that I need to be doing activities that suit my value per hour, I have the sport of my left I don’t know if it’s visible, this thousand dollar activity I have to keep reminding myself not to get involved in things…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But don’t you think when you work from home and you have this freedom your face another problem which is the motivation and how to structure your time and eliminate the noise from your life.

Princess Fizz: It comes with discipline Ahmed you have to learn, discipline is one thing you have to learn which is very very important, discipline you need to be hard on yourself and you need to set daily goals, people are clearly don’t even know what they are doing during the day, and the time that they do get they are figuring out what to do next, that’s not production you need to plan your day well I had so the time that you do get in your business your producing, you are working things out, you’re spending time doing action that you preplan to do so even the night before you can say tomorrow I’m going to spend one hour blogging, one hour sharing social media, one hour email marketing, three things that you’ve done that day which is produced production that will help your business grow, not those three hours working out how to blog or working out who to talk to, how to talk to people and how to email market. Those three things should be there that’s not producing, that’s learning, you need to do that at different times. I think very importantly really really understanding what your activities are for the day before hand okay so that’s one advice I can give.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three favorite books?

Princess Fizz: Oh God this is my manual here, I’ve are this 100 times and I’ll probably read this 10,000 times more, think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, this is the manual guys whenever you need motivation or new ideas, or if you want to reinstate your thinking so all that junk comes out again, read this daily, every two or three pages a day, make sure you read that, there’s another book I’m reading, I like philosophy and spirituality so I read Rumi, the big red book of Rumi, he’s actually given up a lot of lessons when it comes to humanity and spirituality and connecting with yourself so the big fan of him and also I read the Koran, I’m really into like Scripture, holy Scripture because I feel that it’s the right kind of message when it comes to your life and it’s the divine message, or the Bible, Torah, Koran, I think they are all important to have in your life because they are very very good messages you need to follow.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So moving from the Middle East because of the shock of like you want your freedom didn’t put you apart from the religion so you know that the problem is not in the religion but in the people.

Princess Fizz: It’s not religion at all, religion is beautiful of people understand the message, all religions teach the same thing which is love, people use religion to control and they do it, it’s a small group of people that do this, they know how to influence people and a lot of people are very very warm to holy literature so that you Scripture and translate it wrong and control people with it and I feel that it’s the not right thing to do, religion is about love and humanity in every religion is the same it leads to the same path, it’s just a different approach to it is all.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the things that make you really happy?

Princess Fizz: I think my ultimate happiness is being able to just have a good laugh with my daughter, being able to be there for her whenever she needs me and when someone says to me, thank you for helping me, in my life, it’s the biggest I think when it comes to contribution it’s where my ultimate happiness lies when someone says to me thank you for your help I’m like okay. That’s worth something.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Last question, how can people contact you?

Princess Fizz: You can contact me through my website, if you are an existing marketer or new to marketing I have free training on my website, it doesn’t matter what product you’re promoting I’m not saying that you join my system but it’s like training for anyone to understand how to do network marketing properly or online marketing properly, you can go to I have a dream and register as a free member.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much for this interview Princess, I really appreciate it.

Princess Fizz: No, you’re most welcome. Thank you so much.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.

Word Count : 10990

أحمد القرملي:
مرحباً، معكم أحمد القرملي من برنامج كن كفؤاً، مهمة هذا البرنامج هو زيادة كفاءة عملك و حياتك من خلال بعض النصائح و الإرشادات التي يقدمها لك خبراء قياديين. معي اليرم برينسس فيز، و هي مسوقة إعلام و مقدمة و مؤسسة برنامج لدي حلم، أهلاً بك في البرنامج برينسس

برينسس فيز:
شكراً جزيلاً لك أحمد على إستضافتي

أحمد القرملي:
هذا من دواعي سروري، هل هذا هو إسمك الحقيقي أم أنك أطلقتيه على نفسك؟

ربينسس فيز:
بصراحة هو إختصار، ترجمة و إختصار لإسمي، برينسس في العربية تعني سيدة، و عندما تترجمها تصبح برينسس في الإنجليزية، و فيز هو إختصار فيزار و هو إسمي الحقيقي، و قد إشتهرت بهذا، برينسس فيز، الناس يعرفونني بهذا، أعني أنه أصبح كنوع من الشهرة، و لم أغيره أبداً

أحمد القرملي:
ما الذي أوحى لك بالإنتقال من الشرق الأوسط أو المملكة المتحدة، ما هي القصة وراء ذلك؟

برينسس فيز:
القصة وراء ذلك هو أني تربيت في أسرة متشددة جداً عندما يتعلق الأمر بالمرأة، فالمجتمع منحاز جداً للرجل، و كلما كبرت كنت أشعر أن المرأة لا تحصل على حقوق متساوية كلما كبرت، فيربوهن على على ان يصبحن زوجات صالحات، هذه هي مهنتهم فقط أن يصبحن زوجات صالحات، و التعليم مهم جداً أيضاً في العائلة، لكن إذا ما وصل الأمر إلى التنفيذ فستصل إلى طريق مسدود و تحاط بأربعة حوائط، أنا أتفهم لماذا كانوا يفعلون هذا لأنهم يريدون حماية نسائهم، لكن رائعات عندما يدخلن في مجال العمل، و عظيمات بالفعل إلى بدء حياة جديدة و تربة الأولاد تربية صحيحة، فعليها أن تكون أم صالحة متعلمة، لذا تركت كل هذا لأني أردت أن أمكن المرأة من مساعدة الأجيال القادمة، لذا فقد كانت نقلة نوعية قمت بها لكني قمت بها لأمكن الناس جميعاً

أحمد القرملي:
و ماذا إن وضعنا هذا في إطار زمني، ففي أي سنة كان هذا؟

برينسس فيز:
كان هذا منذ ثمان سنوات عندما سافرت

أحمد القرملي:
أول مرة، لكن لهجتك بريطانية جداً؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم، لكن تعلمت على أيدي معلمين بريطانيين عندما كنت صغيرة و تمتعنا بتعليم ممتاز في الصغر فإكتسبت هذه اللهجة

أحمد القرملي:
هذا رائع جداً

برينسس فيز:
أنا أحب اللهجة البريطانية كذلك

أحمد القرملي:
لمذا أطلقت وكالة إنترنت عندما سافرت، هل لديك خلفية عن الكمبيوتر أو الإنترنت؟

برينسس فيز:
عندما جئت للملكة المتحدة بدأت من الصفر، لم يكن لدي أي خبرة بمجال العمل أو أي شيئ من هذا القبيل، لقد حاولت العمل في التسويق عن طريق الهاتف و عملت فيها لثلاثة أسابيع لأني شخصية مبدعة جداً فلا أتحمل أن يملي أحد علي أوامر أو أشعر أني مقيدة، هذا لا يناسب شخصيتي أبداً، لكن كان لدي صديقة لديها خلفية عن تصميم الويب و قد علمتني مهارات عن تطوير تصميم الويب، و أخذت دورة معها ثم بدأت وكالة الإنترنت و وظفت فيه آخرين و إستلموا مشاريع و إستمر الأمر على ذلك

أحمد القرملي:
عمل واحد فقط أم أنك كنت تعملين في أعمال أخرى؟

برينسس فيز:
لا، لقد كنت أعمل في عمل واحد فقط، و لم أرد أن أرجع للعمل بوظيفة أخرى فأنا فعلاً لا أريد هذا

أحمد القرملي:
إذا بدأت بالعمل في تطوير الويب أو مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي و هذه الأشياء، و ماذا بعد؟

برينسس فيز:
فقط أصمم المواقع الإجتماعية للأعمال المحلية، و الشركات، و بدأت عمل مع هوندا و أمازون و هذا فعلاً ما ساعدني في الوكالى، لكنني كنت أعمل لساعات طويلة جداً، كنت أعمل 18 ساعة في اليوم و عندما تبدأ عملك التقليدي الذي تعمل فيه مع المنسق العام مع الموظفين و مع شغفك بالتصميم، لم أكن أعمل كثيراً في التصميم لأنني كنت أدير العمل، لذا كانت هذه خبرة جيدة لكن الآن أنا أعرف ما الذي لا أريده

أحمد القرملي:
و هل تعملين عبر الإنترنت أم خارجه؟

برينسس فيز:
لدي موظفون في الهند أيضاً ، و موظفون في المنزل ، وكانت وكالة معتمدة مثل استوديو يأتي الناس إليها وكان بها موظفين ، وكانت تسير بشكل حسن أكسبتني خبرة جيدة جداً

احمد القرملي:
وماذا حدث بعد ذلك

برينسس فيز:
في الحقيقة أنني أم منفصلة ولدي أبنة صغيرة جداً ، وكان عمرها حينئذ ثلاثة أشهر ، لذا فقد شعرت بأنها تتنقل بين جليسة اطفال واخرى ، وما كنت افعله كان من أجلها هي و لمستقبلها و كان لدي خيارين، إما أن أقضي الوقت معها أن أقضيه مع صورتها أكثر من قضائه معها، فمعاناتي في هذا الأمر جعلني أكتشف طرق جديدة لجمع المال و حينها بحثت على الإنترنت، فبحثت على جوجل عن كيف تجني المال عبر الإنترنت، كل الناس يفعلون هذا في أي وقت يريدون أن يبحثوا فيه عن طرق جديدة، يبحثون هذا النوع من الجمل و قد فعلت أنا الشيئ نفسه

أحمد القرملي:
و ظهر لك صفحات مثل كيف تصبح غنياً و أشياء من هذا القبيل؟

برينسس فيز:
يا إلهي، لقد ظهر لي العديد من ذلك عندما بحثت، لكن عندما تقدم لبرامج عديدة و أنظمة مختلفة و كلهم يعدونك بأنك أسلوبهم سينفعك و هذا سينفعك، لكن في الحقيقة كل هذا لا بجدي نفعاً، لقد جربت ذلك بالفعل على مدار ست سنوات،و لدي ست سنوات من الخبرة في مجال التسويق و قد أنفقت الآلآف على البرامج و الدورات و لم يجدي أي منها أي نفع

أحمد القرملي:
و أكملتي ما كنتي تفعلينه مثل تطوير الويب بينما كنتي تدرسين هذه البرامج؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم، لقد تصرفت بسرعة كبيرة و إتخذ قراراً صارماً، الفكرة هي أنك عندما تكون لديك الخطة -ب- يكون الأمر مختلف عن الخطة -أ-، لذا كانت خطتي هي أن اكون حرة مادياً بالكامل و أتمكن من قضاء الوقت مع إبنتي، و كان على أن أتخلص من خيار أن يكون لدي وكالة و لذا أنهيت أمرها بسرعة كبيرة و بدأت رحلتي مع التسويق الإلكتروني و ركزت عليه في الأساس

أحمد القوملي:
في الوكالة، ماذا كانت إستراتيجيتك في تسويق عملك، مكالمات وساطة أم أنك كنت تقومين بزيارة المدارس و نحو ذلك؟ ما الذي كنت تفعلينه لتحصلي على العمل لأنك تستطيعين فعل ذلك من المنزل أحياناً.

برينسس فيز:
نعم يمكنك ذلك، هذا عمل جيد بالطبع لكن المشكلة أنك لن تكون حراً، الحرية هي أن تكون في المكان الذي تريده و تفعل ما تريده و لا تكون في المكان الذي لا تريده، هي لازالت عملاً، أنت لا زلت تقوم بالعمل لأن عليك ان تعمل مع الموضفيين، لازال عليك العمل بالعقود، و ما فعلته هو التسويق الشفوي، ذهبت لفعاليات التواصل المحلي مع بطاقتي و قلت لهم إن كنتم تريدون تصميم مواقع الإنترنت الخاصة بكم و خاصة للأعمال الجديدة التي تحتاج لموقع إلكتروني عندما تبدأ، لذا كان ذلك نوع من إعطاء بطاقتي لهم و للبنوك المحلية و كان تلك خطوة جيدة، كلما فتح شخص حساب بنكي لعملهم أتعامل مع مدير البنك حيث يمكنهم إعطائي بعض الأعمال لأقوم أنا بإخبارهم عمن يمكن أن يفتح حسابات بنكية لديهم، فالأمر كله يتعلق ببناء العلاقات، فيمكنك أن تبني علاقات محلية مع أشخاص مؤثرة لتساعدك على تنمية عملك

أحمد القرملي:
دعينا ننتقل إلى ترشيحك للدورات الموجودة على الإنترنت، ما الذي درستيه من البداية؟ و كيف كانت معاناتك، لأن هناك الكثيرين ممن لا يزالون يعانون في ذلك و ربما أكثر لأن هناك العديد من المعلومات على الإنترنت؟

برينسس فيز:
أعتقد أن الأمر يتعلق بنظام التدريس نفسه، إذا حضرت الدورة التدريبية كأنها ستنقذك بضغطة زر، فهذا خطأ، هذا كله كذب، علينا أن نكون جميعاً أذكياء في هذا الشأن، هم يبيعون لك شيئاً لكن يتركون الكثير من الأشياء الأساسية الأخرى التي تحتاجها لتبدأ عملك لذا عليك أن تتعامل مع العمل كعمل حقيقي عليك أن تعرف تكتب المستندات و كيف كيف تضع الصفحات الإعلانية و كيف تتواصل مع عملائك، و يجب أن يكون لديك منتج جيد، يجب أن يكون برنامجك مكثف و هذا مهم جداً جداً،الأشخاص الجديدة أحياناً لا تحب أن تمر خلال هذا الطريق الطويل من التعلم، ليس لديهم صبر، لذا يجب أن يكون البرنامج سهل الفهم و سريع جداً و مكثف، فكل هذه الاشياء هي التي تعلمتها بطريقة صعبة جداً

أحمد القرملي:
إذا، من أين كانت البداية، من التسويق الترشيحي أو من شيئ آخر؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم البرنامج المذكور فقط من خلال منتجاتنا، ونحن نضمن أن تكسب مبلغ من المال عن طريق بيع ذلك، ولكن فعلت تقريبا اقول لكم حقيقة كيفية بيعه؟ لديك المنتج هناك لبيع أنه حيثما تكون لديك المهارات والعروض، حيث من المهارات الخاصة بك في وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية والإعلانات المدفوعة، كيف يمكنك أن تعرف أي من التطبيقات تعمل ، أين تشترى الاعلانات , انت مضطر للقيام بدفع اجر البرامج الاخرى لمساعدتك في الدُفع الاولى من الدورة لا تظن أنه يجب أن يكون كما لو كان شخص ما يريد

أحمد القرملي:
وهذا هو في بعض الأحيان وصلت الي هذا الاستنتاج بأن عليك أن تذهب من خلال هذه المعاناة من الدورات المختلفة في مختلف الموجهين الموجهين الجيد منهم والسيء من أجل تعلم كيفية توظيف الناس وكيفية العثور على المسار الصحيح وكيف تختبر هذا وذاك لأنني أعتقد أن الناس على شبكة الإنترنت يحتاجون حقا النضال من أجل هذا أو هل لديك رأي مختلف حول هذا الموضوع؟

برينسس فيز:
انا اختلف الآن لأن الناس مثلي على سبيل المثال قد ذهبوا من خلال المعاناة، الآن وأنا أعلم ما يجب الا افعل لذلك فهناك شخص ما لا يمكنه الاتصال معي وحفظ الكثير من الوقت، لا يزالوا مضطرين للذهاب خلال منحنى التعلم لكن ألم منحنى التعلم أقل من ذلك بكثير لأن المستشار يمكن ان يقول لكم ما يجب تفاديه وهذا هو السبب اعتقد انه اذا عُدت مرة اخرى لفعل ذلك أعتقد أنني سوف احاول حقا حقا العثور على معلمه، الشخص الذى ذهب بالفعل من خلال الألم سيوفر لي ست سنوات أنهم اقتادوني الى تعلم ان العملية بأكملها , ويمكن ضغط الستة سنوات الى ستة اشهر , تُرى ماذا اقصد بتجربة هذا الشخص صحيح يمكن للمعلم توفير الوقت ولكن لا يزال هناك بعض القضايا على سبيل المثال لو كنت أعرف حول التسويق عبر البريد الإلكتروني ولكن أحيانا يستغرق لي سنتين أو ثلاث سنوات من أجل وضعه داخل نظام لأنك فريق حتى تجد الأشخاص المناسبين وتضعهم في المكان المناسب لأن لا أحد سوف تعطي لك كل فريق وجميع الأدوات للـــالوقت نفسه حتى لو كانوا بالنسبة لك، فانت مضطر للذهاب في بعض الأحيان من خلال النضال. قمت بذلك، وأعتقد أن ما يساعدهم هو وجود نظام المكونات حيث يوفر لك كل شيء التي تحتاجها تحت سقف واحد بدلا من الذهاب هناك للحصول على جميع المعلومات حيث الحمل الزائد للمعلومات بعض الناس لا تعرف حتى عما تبحث ، هم حتى لا يعرفون ما يبحثون عنه، ما يجب القيام به، أنهم لا يعرفون ما هي الأسئلة التي تُسال حتى ولكن إذا كنت قد حصلت على مكان مثل الأعمال التجارية ، مكان واحد ل كل شيء، وهذا المكان يعطيك التعليم وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية، والتعليم على الدعاية المجانية، الإعلانات المدفوعة، وما تفعل ما لا تفعل، كيفية عمل التحويلات هذا هو شيء آخر.

أحمد القرملي:
اين تقومين بشراء الحركة او اين تضع الناس فى قائمة , وهل تحول ؟ وكيف يمكن تحويلها ؟

برينسس فيز:
أشياء من هذا القبيل، و الطريق لكتابة رسائل البريد الإلكتروني، والاتصالات التي التي تحتاج إليها، و اللغة، وعناوين الصحف وجميع الأمور التي تسير العمل، وهذه هي المهارات شخص يحتاج إلى تعلم ولكن أعتقد أن ما يحدث هو، أنا في مكان ما حيث يمكنك أن تجد جميع الاشياء في مكان واحد، وهذا سيوفر لك الوقت

أحمد القرملي:
وذلك ما فعلت لنفسك في ست سنوات؟

برينسس فيز:
6سنوات وأعتقد انني لا افعل شيء ، حتى وقت قريب حيث أنني لم يحن فعلا في الواقع نظام التي ساعدت، أنا لا أذهب إلى تعزيزه هنا ولكن السبب الذى ساعدنا هو عندما أقدم شخص جديد فأنهم ليسوا مضطرين للذهاب من خلال منحنى التعلم الذي اذهب من خلاله، فإنها يمكن أن تجد كل شيء في مكان واحد وأنهم يحصلون علي كمدرب وكذلك للعمل معه وبالتالي فإن النظام كله يساعد هذا الشخص مرارا وتكرارا وهذه هي الكلمة السحرية، أن تكون قادر علي القيام بالتسويق على الانترنت أو شبكة التسويق دون الحاجة أن تجربة الميزانية بأكملها التي تحتاج إليها.

أحمد القرملي:
ما هو اسم النظام وكيف يعمل، وكيف يمكن التكرار؟ تكرار دماغ احدهم من قبلك؟ واحد قبل أن يبني النظام ومن ثم استخدام نفس النظام؟

برينسس فيز:
انه ادعي انه قام بتمرير 2 وانها بنيت من قبل الناس التي ذهبت فعلا من خلال الام انفسهم لسنوات من تفاقم وشعروا أن معدل النجاح هو 97٪ من الفشل في التسويق عبر الانترنت 97٪ من الناس تفشل بسبب الحمل الزائد من المعلومات ، وليس لديهم المهارة الصحيحة للتعيين بحيث ما فعلوه هو أنها وضعت كل شيء في نظام واحد، وكل ما تحتاج إليه، وكل التدريب لذلك في أقرب وقت يقوم شخص ما بسد العجز في أنهم على الفور يحصلون على تدريب على ما بحاجة إلى معرفة في مجال التسويق عبر الإنترنت يتفضل فقط من يساعدهم على البقاء في مكان واحد وهو الشيء الأكثر أهمية. حتي انها تحصل علي الدورة مرة اخرى , لذلك فانهم مضطرين للحفاظ على التحديث لأنه المعلومات

أحمد القرملي:
على الانترنت تتغير ايضا ؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم هم يحدثونها باستمرار ولكن داخل الدورة هناك أيضا مستويات من التكرار حيث يمكن للناس بالفعل شراء المنتجات وكما كنت تذهب من خلال دورات انت مضطر لشراء المنتجات لك لكي تكون قادرا علي بيعها لذلك يصبح للتو , أيا من كان يسد العجز و يعرف بالضبط ما يحتاجون القيام به اساسا لذلك أنا لم احصل عليه،

أحمد القرملي:
انت تتعلمين من خلال بعض من الدورات وهي أشرطة الفيديو و من ثم من خلال نفس المنتجات , او من خلال النظام , او انها تعلمك فقط كيفية الشراء عبر الانترنت ؟

برينسس فيز:
لا، انها من خلال النظام، فهي تكون في مكان واحد و المنتجات ايضا تكون هناك و التدريب .

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي المنتجات التي تشبه المنتجات الرقمية و هي ايضا تابعة لها؟

برينسس فيز:
هذا صحيح، المنتجات هي التي تُعلم الناس الاخرين كيفية فعل ذلك ,لذلك انت تعلم الناس كيفية التسويق عبر الانترنت ولكن انت ايضا
تربح عندما يُباع هذا المنتج لذا فهي شبكة تسويق.

أحمدد القرملي:
نعم ان التسويق عبر الانترنت تعليمي ماذا عن تقوية التواصل عبر نظام التدوين؟

برينسس فيز:
تم إدماجها في ذلك، وأنا اجتازت عملين بشكل وثيق جدا مع منتجات تقوية الشبكة لذلك تأسست فيها، واجتازت نظام التدريب، فهو يستخدم نظام تمكين منتجات الشبكة لبيع التدريب , هل تدري ما اقصد ؟

أحمد القرملي:
حسنا ولكن اريد المزيد من التفاصيل للجمهور , من فضلك

بربينسس فيز:
نظام التدوين الفيروسي أساسا عندما يتعلق الأمر بالكثير من الناس قد حظيت بها أن كنت في حاجة الى كتابة مدونة على الانترنت، وكنت في حاجة الى شخصية، كنت في حاجة الى مكان حيث يمكنك تبادل المعلومات لأن كل شيء حول تقديم محتوى حسن ، تعتبره جوجل محتوى جيد وأنه سوف تصل إلى اعلى المراتب ، لذلك وجود كتابة المدونات شيء مهم جدا وأيضا في اليوم التالي ، يمكنك بناء طابعة لمدوناتك ، يمكنك تبادل القصص الشخصية

أحمد القرملي:
ولكن ماذا يضيف النظام لذلك، هل هو مثلا يكتب مدونات تلقائيا ولكن مرة أخرى

بربينسس فيز:
لا تزال مضطر لعمل المحتوى بطريقة تقليدية. بالطبع كنت مضطر لعمل محتوى ولكنه يوفر لك مكانا للقيام بذلك، لم تكن مضطر لإعداد نظام التدوين بنفسك، فانت غير مضطر للعبث علي WordPress أو أي شيء مثل ذلك , وغير مضطر لدفع اجر لشخص ما لأعداد المدونات فهناك مدونات فورية متاحه بمجرد دخول النظام.

أحمد القرملي:
تحت اسمك أو هل سيكون لديك المجال لعمل ذلك أو أنه سوف يكون داخل المجتمع وبعد ذلك سوف يٌأخذ في حالة إنهاءك له؟ لأنهم ضمن المحتوى.

برينسس فيز:
يفعلون المحتوى بالطبع تم استضافتها على أجهزتهم ولكن يمكنك وضع اسم مجالك يمكنك أن تحجبه ، ويمكنك رزق نفسك كذلك يمكنك أن تسلب العلامات التجارية ووضعها في العلامات التجارية الخاصة بك حتى انها لم تجد شيء تفعله و تقوية الشبك , فعلي سبيل المثال انا املك العلامة التجارية "Princess fizz”ولدى حلم معروض , فهي من خلال محتوى المدونات لديهم حتى يمكنني استخدام نظام المدونات الخاصة بهم لأنه يساعدني الا اقلق على الجانب التقني، والناس الذين ليس لديهم معرفة تقنية حول كيفية انشاء مدونات يمكن ان تكون مملة للغاية

أحمد القرملي:
ولكن إذا قمت بإنهاء غدا يمكنهم تغيير، هل تبقي على نفس المحتوى و يتغير الاسم واعطائها لشخص اخر ؟

بربنسس فيز:
لا لا لا، فإنها لن تعطيه لشخص آخر ولكن نعم سوف تفقد حقوقك إذا توقفت عن دفع رسوم العضوية.

أحمد القرملي:
كم هي رسوم العضوية؟

برينسس فيز:
انها 25 دولارا شهريا

أحمد القرملي:
وماذا تقدم ايضا، و ما نظام البريد الإلكتروني في الرد الآلي؟

برينسس فيز:
التدريب داخل تقوية الشبكة و I pass 2 ، ويعلمونك قبل كل شيء كيفية لإخفاء المدونات الخاصة بك حتى إذا كنت ترغب في وضع اسم النطاق خاص لك ، وكيفية الطباعة بنفسك الخ وأيضا كيفية ربط مع المستجيبين حتى إذا كنت تستخدم Weberأو تحصل على رد، إذا كنت ترغب في وضع يشبه القبض على الصفحة قليلا في الجانب، بحيث يكون لديك مدونة عن الكلاب، كيفية يهيئ الكلاب، كنت متحمسا للكلاب وإلقاء المحاضرات مُصوره عن الكلاب ولكن في هذا الجانب، كل من يأتي إلى المدونه الخاص بك قد حصلوا عليه ، ويرون مثل لافتة على الجانب، هل ترغب في الحصول على مدونات وكسب المال وبعد ذلك يضعون المعلومات الخاصة بهم والبريد الإلكتروني يمكن التقاطها من خلال الحصول على استجابة او weber، وأنها تعلمك كيفية عمل كل هذا .

أحمد القرملي:
ولكن هل انت مضطر لجلب مصمم خارجيا للعمل على التصميم، أم سيقوم النظام بالتقاط شيء ما بسهولة ؟

برينسس فيز:
يتم تصميم كل مدونة من خلال النظام، هي فقط تضع نقطة فوق الحرف وهذا هو أنا لا بيع هنا أنا لا ارغب في البيع. لا بيع أي مشاكل. بخلاف التصميم

أحمد القرملي:
ماذا سيوفر النظام مثل هل سيمكنك من المساعدة ؟

برينسس فيز:
انت مضطر لبناء قائمة خاصة بك وبطبيعة الحال، هذه هي القائمة الشخصية ، و هؤلاء هم الناس التي تتواصل معهم حتى عندما كنت تعزز المدونات الخاص بك مثل من خلال وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية على سبيل المثال، والناس سوف يأتون لمدونتك وربما أنهم سوف يرغبون في شيء ما اذا كنت تشجعهم على امتلاك المدونات الخاصة بهم , حتى يتمكنوا من كسب المال عبر الانترنت ايضا , عليهم
اختيار قائمتك عند بدأ تشغيل اتصالاتك بهم , ومنحهم التدريب واعطاءهم ما تعلمته من الواجهة الخلفية تقوية الشبكة ونظام I pass 2 هم يعلموك ذلك كنت قد حصلت دائما على المحتوى للمشاركة وتدريب الناس على هذا النحو.

أحمد القرملي:
اشرحي للجمهور ما هو التسويق الشبكي وكيف يعمل علي سبيل المثال اذا كنت قد أحضر ت شخص إلى قوائمك و قمت ببيع شيئا له أو لها وكم كنت ستربحين من المال على هذا النحو ؟ ما هو التسويق الشبكي ؟

برينسس فيز:
التسويق الشبكي هو في الأساس بناء علاقات ، انها مختلفة جدا عن التسويق عبر الانترنت في التسويق الشبكي ما تقوم به هو امتلاك مجموعة من المنتجات التي ربما تكون متحمس لها وهناك خطة تقدمها الشركة لذا نقول على سبيل المثال لديك منتج إذا قمت ببيعه تحصل علي عموله 50٪ أو 100٪ هناك بعض الشركات التي تعطي عمولة مئة في المئة لأنهم يريدون أن يساعدوك على بناء عملك، إذا كان هذا الشخص يبيع، و إذا كان هذا يشتري منك فانه يمكن أن تكون في الواقع عميل لهذا المنتج حتى يتمكنوا من استخدام المنتج أو أن يكون لهم حق بيع هذه المنتجات ايضا وبناءها في الأعمال التجارية حتى ان هناك اثنين منهم هنا , ولكن م التسويق الشبكي عليك أن تفهم أن هناك مهارات مطلوبة للقيام بذلك , تحتاج الي مهارة اتصالات , وتحتاج مهارة عرض , تحتاج إلى أن تكون قادر على تعريف الناس بالفرص ، رؤية كيف يمكن أن تنمو شركة مثل هذه باستخدام خطة شركات والمنتجات، وذلك باختيار شركة تحتاج إلى أن تكون حذرا جدا لأن أولا وقبل كل شيء تحتاج لمعرفة أن الشركة قوية، ولها ملكية جيدة وأن خطة الشركات جيدة، وانت تعرف الوقت الذي كنت تستثمر في الأعمال التجارية كان عليك اعطاء نوعا من العودة، حتى دراسة خطة الشركات والتأكد من أن الأرقام المُضافة لأي شيء كنت تريده حقا لوضع جهدك فيه والمنتجات يجب أن تكون ايضا جيده جدا

أحمد القرملي:
في هذه الحالة ما هو اسم النظام

.برينسس فيز:
I pass 2

أحمد القرملي:
I pass2 في مثل هذه الحالة تقوم ببيع النظام، لم يكن لديهم أي شيء آخر لــلبيع .

برينسس فيز:
هو النظام الفعلي الذي تقوم ببيعها والمنتجات نفسها تُعلمك كيفية التسويق عبر الانترنت ولكن هناك عضوية واحدة ذات رسوم فقط
لا توجد منتجات أخرى. هناك مستويات مختلفة، يمكنك أن تأتي في المستوى الأدنى الذي هو قبل كل شيء للبدء انها سبعة دولارات فقط للبدء ويمكنك إعادة بيع ذلك والحصول على عمولة 50٪ على ذلك ,ولكن المستويات الأخرى في نظام التدوين تكون العمولة مئة في المئة لذلك ناخذ 25 $ يمكنك إعادة بيعها ل 100٪ عمولة حتى إذا كنت في ذلك، وأنا جلبت لكم أود أن تحصل على 100٪، لبيعه لك، ولكن أعمال خطة شركات من هذا القبيل .

أحمد القرملي:
يعني 50٪ من سبعة دولارات اذا كنت تحصل علي مدوناتي و و بشكل شهري تظل تحصل على 50٪؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم هو مستمر شهريا، وهذا هو الشيء الجميل لأنه مع التسويق الشبكي عليك أن تعي ان التكرار الذي تريده، يحتاج إلى أن تصل إلى بناء فريق الذي يمكنك بيعه و الحصول على نسبة صغيرة في كل مرة تفعل ذلك، وهذا ما يمنحك الحرية، وهذا الدخل المتبقي، لم تكن مضطر للحضور في كل وقت لذا يمكنك أن تكون نائم أو في عطلة و يقوم احدهم بعمل عمولة لك و تحصل على نسبة مئوية صغيرة من ذلك

أحمد القرملي:
ولكن بعض الناس يقولون ان التسويق الشبكي نظم تربح للناس على القمة، ما هو ردكم على ذلك؟

برينسس فيز:
لا، لقد حصلت فعلا علي تقرير إذا دخلت الي موقعي وأصبحت عضوا، سأرسل لك تقرير للمقارنة بين النظام الهرمي والتسويق الشبكي، ان ها موزعه بالمقارنة فإن الشيء هو في التسويق الشبكي على أساس خطة تعويض شخص ما احضرتهُ في الواقع يمكن أن تطرف العام مع أدائها، كل شيء يعتمد علي الأداء حتى اذا جلب شخص المزيد من الناس اكثر منك وباع المزيد من المنتجات اكثر منك ففي وسعهم بالفعل الذهاب للمستوى الأعلى منكم لأنها تعتمد جميعا على الأداء.

أحمد القرملي:
من ثم هل تظل تكسب منه أو يتم ذلك عندما يكون أعلى منك؟ تظل تكسب المال ولكن مع النموذج الذي يعمل قد لا تكون في الخط الخاص بك وقد تكون فيه فانه يعتمد على مكانة الشخص الذي يأتي ما هو حجم المجتمع داخل النظام، كم عدد الناس به ؟

برينسس فيز:
في تقوية الشبكة يوجد 155000 عضو او ما الي ذلك , وفي شبكة I pass 2 التي اطلقت حالياً في سبتمبر هناك اكثر من 10,000عضو يستخدمها بالفعل .

أحمد القرملي:
ما الفارق بينهم ؟

برينسس فيز:
في حين أنها تتضمن بعضها البعض فإنها تعتبر نظام للمساعده في بيع منتجات تقوية الشبكة .

أحمد القرملي:
ولكن الكبير هو الأول والآخر واحد فقط عن المدونات؟

برينسس فيز:
لدي تقوية الشبكات برامج أخرى ايضا ولكن النظام الذي يساعد في بيع منتجات تقوية الشبكة يوفر لك التدريب ، وكيفية القيام بذلك

أحمد القرملي:
وبعد بدأ ه الشبكة في التسويق , هل خرجت من وكالة انترنت أو علي أي شيء ركز في الوقت الحالي؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم عندما بدأت في التسويق عبر منذ ست سنوات كما قلت لم أكن أريد خطة ثانية لانها تتدهور دائما من الخطة الاولى لذا كان تركيزي الرئيسي لتتمكن من التركيز على احد الاشياء في هذا الوقت وهذا ما اتحدث عنه , الناس يقولون ان لديهم الجانب الوظيفي ويمكنني ان اخصص وقت للتسويق الشبكي , هذه هي المشكلة , لا يركزون , الامر يحتاج الي اتخاذ قرارات قوية جدا , انت تحتاج الي ان تفعل شيء مثل هذا او ان تمر بموقف موت , لعمل شيء من هذا القبيل , لوضع التركيز الكامل فيه، وكامل قوتك و إرادتك ورغبتك والعمل على انجاح هذا و لهذا تحتاج الي تقديم تضحيات المخيفة جدا جدا للبعض

أحمد القرملي:
كيف يمكنك البقاء علي الحياة وانت مكتشف النظام منذ سنة او سنتين قبل ان تستقيل ؟

برينسس فيز:
لم استقيل ابدا, انا فقط لم يكن لدي نفس النجاح السبب في بقائي علي قيد الحياه هو انني قدمت العمولات هنا وهناك لم تكن ثابتة وشعرت ان عليً الحضور طوال الوقت

أحمد القرملي:
في التسويق التابعه لها ؟

برينسس فيز:
المنظمات التابعة لها , قبل تقوية الشبكة و توحد التسويق , تعلمت كيفية الحصول علي المنتجات في
Clickbank فعلت ذلك ولكن لم يكن أي شيء متسق, هل تفهم ما أقصده

أحمد القرملي:
هل لك أن تحدثينا عن ذلك لأن الكثير من الناس تبالغ في برنامج كليك بنك، هل أسست صفحة هبوط مثل هذه وهل لديك منتجات مثلها.دعنا نقل فقدان الوزن وأنكم قد ركزتم على التسوق هل لك أن تحدثنا عن خبرتك في مجال التسويق الالكتروني؟

برينسس فيز:
الذي فعلته هو أنني وجدت منتجاً أشبه بالذاكرة و يوجد الكثير من شحنات هذه المنتجات. حيث يوجد واحداً حقاً أنعش ذاكرتي وكان سبباً في أن يكون لدينا ذاكرة افضل فهو يساعد أولئك الأشخاص الذين تعرضوا للطلاق أو شئ من هذا القبيل على مواصلة حياتهم وإذا ما قمت بالبحث على شبكة الانترنت فستجد الكثير من الناس الذين دائماً ما يبحثون عن كيفية التعايش مع الطلاق فهم دائماً يبحثون عن كيفية تحسين ذاكرتهم، إذاً فالذي تحتاجه هو أن تجد منتجاً يعطيك عمولة، و في ذلك التوقيت قد حصلنا على عمولة 40% في حين ان المنتج الآخر كانت عمولته 25% لذلك لم تكن عمولة كبيرة تناسب كم العمل الذي أقوم به و لكني تصورت أنك بحاجة إلى صفحة خاصة بك، فإذا كان الناس يبحثون عن كيفية تحسين ذاكرتهم فأنت بحاجة إلى الوصول إلى هؤلاء الأشخاص من خلال المتصفح جوجل و لذلك السبب فلابد لك من صفحة خاصة بك ولكن كيف لك أن تحصل على ذلك من خلال صفحة بحث واحدة في حين أن هناك حوالي مليون شخص آخر يبعيون نفس الشئ من خلال مدونة دون استخدام المدونة و دون استخدام صفحة البحث أو أي شئ آخر يمكن أن يرضيهم وهذا صعب جداً لذلك فأنت بحاجة إلى أن تنشئ صفحة مرورية أفضل طريقة للحصول على ما تريد حيث يجب عليك دفع الكثير من المال كي يكون لديك القدرة على منافسة أقوى الكلمات الدليلية مثل هذه و التي هى لعبة الأرقام لأنها ستكون بعد ذلك صفحة الهبوط الخاصة بك يجب ان تنطلق، يجب أن تكون عناوينك قوية والألوان واضحة وزاهية، فالإتصال الصحيح للحدث حتى ولو قمت بتوصيل الأسلاك فالناس بحاجة إلى الاتصال وسيستغرق الأمر منك سبعة عروض قبل أن تبدأ الناس الشراء منك، وأنت بحاجة إلى أن تتعلم كيفية التعامل معهم أنت بحاجة إلى أن ترضيهم حتى يعودون إليك ويعرفونك ثم بعد ذلك بإمكانك أن تبيع لهم لذلك كيف لك أن تفعل مثل هذا مع هذه المنتجات، يجب عليك أن تشتري المنتج ثم تفحصه و تدرسه بالتفصيل ثم تقوم بعمل بعض الفيديوهات عن هذه المنتجات لتستعين بها خلال هذه العملية هذه الحقيقة أنك بحاجة إلى أن تتأكد أنك تنال رضا العملاء من خلال بريدك الإلكتروني فالبريد الإلكتروني الخاص بالتسويق هام جداً . لم أكن أعلم ذلك أنا فقط كنت ألعب بالأرقام لذلك فإن خطتك هى التحول الأساسي القائم على كم ستكلفك الإعلانات و الكم الذي تبيعه و لعبة الأرقام و أيهما أكبر و أهم إذا كنت تعلم، وإذا فككت الشفرة وحققت أرباحاً بقيمة 10 دولارمن الإعلانات فهنا فقط بإمكانك أن تزيد إلى 1000 دولار و أنت مازلت تحقق نفس الرقم أحياناً . هذه حقيقة أنك بإمكانك فعل هذا ولكن معدل التحويل مازال منخفضاً جداً ،20 أو 30 وأحياناً يصل معدل التحويل إلى 1% وإذا ما أدرجت في قائمتك 100 شخص ، شخص واحد سوف يشتري ولذلك سيتحسن المعدل حيث يوجد طرق كثيرة لفعل ذلك ولكنك بحاجة أن يكون لديك النظام الصحيح لفعل ذلك الأمر معي، إنها فقط كانت مجرد لعبة أرقام، لم تكن شيئاً آخر يمكنني من خلاله أن أزيد بنسبة معينة أو أن أقيس لذلك فقد كان الأمر شاقاً، لقد كان من العسير علي جداً أن أتصور أو أتخيل في الوقت الحالي ما الذي يجب علي فعله وكيف لي أن أستمر بعد ذلك، قمت بعمل نظام تقليب الصفحات وكان الأمر على ما يرام

أحمد القرملي:
حسنا،ً هل لك أن تخبرنا بالمزيد عن ذلك الأمر، هل هذا مثير وشيق مثل التصفح من خلال دادي ؟ أي برنامج تستخدمينه ؟

برينسس فيز:
يوجد موقع إلكتروني يسمى بنزيدو، تصفح المواقع التي بإمكانك أن تجد من خلالها أو توصلك بالسوق و البعض منها تكون كلماتها الدليلية طويلة المدى، أحياناً يمكنك الوصول إلى مجالات رائعة و التي يمكنك بيعها مرة أخرى ولكنك بحاجة إلى أن تبحث بشكل مستمر و ان تجد من هم بحاجة إلى شراء مثل هذه الأغراض وكل أرقام اللعبة على حد سواء وعندما تبيع بالمزايدة العالمية مجالك فإن البعض سيشتري و البعض الآخر لا ، الأمر كله متوقف على الحظ .

أحمد القرملي:
كم عدد المجالات التي تمتلكها في القائمة الخاصة بك

برينسس فيز:
كان لدي 50 مجالاً كنت أتصفحهم وأعتقد أني أنشأتهم من خلال ربما حصلت على 1000 دولار من خلالهم ، و لكن لدي واحد آخر قمت بشراءه مؤخراً وهو (غير- جورو )و هو إلى حداً ما رئع وكل اولئك الأشخاص الذين هم ليسوا معلمين إذا كنت تريد اسم مجال فسأخبرك إن كلمة غير-جورو تعني أني لست معلماً للتسوق عبر الانترنت ، ولكنه ليس بالأمر الذي بإمكانك أن تزيده بنسبة معينة ولكنه كان بيعاً قديماً. يوجد يوجد شئ قابل للمضاعفة هناك، لا يوجد شئ يمكنك أن تزيده بنسبة معينة هل لاحظت أنه بمرور السنوات فإن الناس يعزفون عن التسوق من خلال الانترنت بسبب الغش و المشروعات وحتى ولو لم يكن هناك غشاً، فإن الناس لم يعودوا يقبلون على الشراء وهذا الأمر قد ثبت صحته، فقط المعلم الناجح الماهر هو الذي بإمكانه أن يأخذ أكثر من 90% من السوق أما ال90% الآخرين من الناس يحاربون من أجل نسبة ال10% فهذه هى الحقيقة ، أعتقد أن الكثير من الناس يبيعون الحلم ولكنهم يعيشون الكابوس يجب أن تكون حذراً جداً، لقد كنت متوخياً الحذر جداً لأني كنت في شدة ، كنت أشعر بالألم و الاحباط و الشئ الوحيد الذي أمدوك به هو الرسالة الصحيحة في ذلك الوقت . فهم يقولون أن هذه الرسالة ستساعدك ، و أنها ستساعدك في حل مشكلاتك و الناس انطلت عليهم هذه الحيلة، ولسوء الحظ يوجد طريقة لمعالجة هذا الأمر ويقرأ التقييمات ويتعرف ويرى من يتبعون هذا الشخص وأي شخص آخر

أحمد القرملي:
من يكون في هذه الدورة التدريبية؟

برينسس فيز:
أعتقد أن برامجاً مثل هذه، عندما تستضيف أو تجري حوارا مع أشخاص بالفعل يفعلون شيء ويقدومون أشياءا ملموسة الناس بحاجة إلى أن يحبوا الأنغام والألحان وأن يحصلوا على هذه المعرفة وأن يكتشفوا ما هو الأمر الذي ليس على ما يرام وما والذي آل إليه الناس حتى يقتدوا بهم لذلك فبإمكانهم أن يبدأوا في غربلة الناس مثل ذلك. هذا الذي يفعله برنامج الحلم، وهذا ما فعلته، إحضار الناجحين من الناس العباقرة والذين يقومون بنشر قصص حياتهم وما يقومون بنشره لتجن وألا يتجنبوا الذي يمكن أن يعلم الناس، فأكثر الناس يقدومون التعليم الصحيح وأعتقد أن الكلمة أو النصيحة التي تقال هي التي تحمي الناس من التعرض للغش

أحمد القرملي:
كيف نشأ برنامج لدي حلم؟ ولماذا؟

برينسس فيز:
لقد كان حدثا حيا في ذلك الوقت، حدثين متشابهين، فأنا بحاجة إلى متعهدين من جميع أنحاء العالم وأعتقد أن كل واحد لديه حلم، كل واحد لديه حلم حتى أولئك الناجحين لديهم أحلام ولكن أحلامهم أكبر، فهم لا يستسلمون أبدا ويبنتقلون من حلم لحلم آخر أكبر وقد شعرت أنه سيكون ذلك رائعا جدا إذا ما شاركت الآخرين أحلامهم بشكل فريد ومميز لم يُسبق وأن شاركها أحد مثل التعمق في أكثر وأكثر في قصص حياتهم وآلامهم وكفاحهم حتى نستلهم منهم ونقتدي بهم أو نأخذ العبرة والعظة من قصص حياتهم التي صمدوا لها بالفعل ولم يستسلموا أبدا والسبب وراء النجاح الذي وصلوا إليه اليوم

أحمد القرملي:
كيف تبحثين عن ضيوفك وتواصل معهم. ما هو النظام المتبع لديك؟

برينسس فيز:
هذا الأمر يتم بشكل أساسي من خلال العلاقات، وأميل إلى القول بأن الناس والأحداث بمجرد أن تحقق شهرة في مجالك، فبالفعل لقد بدأت الدورة التدريبية والي تبين لنا كيف تصبح إعلاميا شهيرا، وأن يكون لديك برنامجا خاصا بك كالذي لديك، الشيء الأول الذي يثير قلق الناس وفضولهم هو: كيف أني تمكنت من جعل كل هؤلاء الناس يتابعون برنامجي ولكن الأمر يتمثل في إن المسألة مسألة جهد مضاعفن فبعض الضيوف أرسلت إليهم رسائل استضافة منذ ستة أشهر وكانوا مشغولين جدا وكنت أتابعهم وألاحقهم بلا انقطاع ثم بعد ذلك أدركت أن هذا الشخص ليس هو الشخص الذي يستحق استضافتي وأيضا من الواضح جدا أنه كلما كان الشخص الذي تحاول استضافته ذا شهرة ومعروف كلما كان الأمر أيسر وأسهل

أحمد القرملي:
كم عدد المرات التي قمت فيها بتسجيل حلقة؟

برينسس فيز:
لقد بدأت في بداية الأمر بخمسة أيام في الأسبوع ثم بعد ذلك ثلاثة مرات أسبوعيا والآن مرة واحدة أسبوعيا، حيث يُعرض برنامجي يوم الاثنين

أحمد القرملي:
هل يتم عرض برنامجكم على الهواء مباشرة؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم إنه برنامج بث مباشر.

أحمد القرملي:
هل يوجد مداخلات، هل المشاهدين الذين يشاهدون البرنامج يتصلون من أجل التعليق أو توجيه الأسئلة؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم هذا الأمر مضبوط تماما فالمشاهدون يُمنحوا مساحة كافية للأسئلة ونجيب على كل تساؤلاتهم.

أحمد القرملي:
كيف تديرين البرنامج، وهل مسألة البيع هي الأهم في البرنامج أم المنتجات الأخرى؟ ما الشيء الأساسي الذي يدور برنامجك حوله وتركزين عليه الآن؟

برينسس فيز:
يوجد العديد من المحاور التي يمكنك من خلالها أن تدير برنامجا مثل ما يحدث الآن ولكن ما أركز عليه في هذه الأيام هوالضمانات التي أستطيع من خلال برنامجي هذا أن أقدمها للناس حيث أن الناس الذين يشاهدون برنامجي هم بالفعل يبحثون عن علاقات عمل من خلال الانترنت لذلك فإن الأشخاص الذين لديهم منتجات تسويقية، منتجات تسويقية مساعدة مثل الفيس بوك أو أي شيء يمكن أن يساعد المسوق، فأنا استخدم الكثير من الآدوات مثل عدد الإعجابات من برامج الكمبيوتر والتي أعرف من خلالها مدى استجابة المشاهدين

أحمد القرملي:
أنت بحاجة إلى مثل هذه الصفحات، ستفيدك كثيرا لذلك فهذه البرامج ستصبح جزء لا يتجزأ من عملك ثم بعد ذلك بإمكانك أن تضعها في صفحة المصادر الخاصة بك على موقعك وهل عندما تزيد المشاركة فستحصل على عمولة؟

برينسس فيز:
بالضبط وأنا ايضاً اتصلت بهذه الشركات حتى تعوض البرنامج وقبل هذا السؤال فقط أنك قد حصلت على استجابة و أنك على اتصال بهم من خلال نفس الشبكة التي تتصفحها، هل مازال الأشخاص الذين في قائمتك يحصلون على عمولة من ذلك الأمر، يحصلون على استجابة

أحمد القرملي:
هل سيكونون في نفس النظام الذي أنت عليه أم سيكونون بالخارج؟

برينسس فيز:
لقد كنت خارج النظام، وليس ثمة أي مضاعفة، لقد كان أجراً قديماً يمكنك أن تدفعه لشخص ما أزكيه لك أو الشخص حاول أن يتجاوب معي وسوف ينضمون إلى شخص إذا ما تمت المضاعفة، ليس ثمة أي خطة للتعويض هنا. لذلك فإن المنتجات التي يبيعونها لك فقط من خلال النظام موجودة على الشبكة أكثر من تلك التي في متناولك . ولذلك السبب فإن شركة التسويق العنكبوتية تضاعف من أجلك

أحمد القرملي:
حسناً، وماذا عن المتبنون الذين يبحثون عنهم وقمت بالاتصال بهم لكي تعلن عنهم وتقدمهم. في برنامج جديد

برينسس فيز:
لقد أعطيتهم الإحصائيات ، أنت تعلم أن كل أولئك الأشخاص آتون لمشاهدة البرنامج، هذه هى كمية المرور التي أحصل عليها في برامجي، أنت فقط قل لهم أن ينظروا سيفيدك الأمر كثيراً إذا بدأت بذلك، خلال شهر كيف ستحاول ، ضع شعارك. على موقعي لمدة شهر وتبني برنامجاً وانظر كيف ستسير الأمور ومتى سيبدأون في القيادة من موقعك حيث أن الناس ينتقلون عبر المواقع ويرون أنهم يجددون عقدهم معك .

أحدم القرملي:
و ما هي تكلفة الرعاية لكل حلقة؟

برينسس فيز:
على حسب الضيف، أعلى رعاية حصلت عليها كانت 2000$ للعرض الواحد، فالأمر يعتمد كلياً على أسلوب تسويقك كدلك

أحدم القرملي:
و ما هو متوسط عدد المشاهدين للحلقة الواحدة؟

برينسس فيز:
كما قلت لك الأمر يعتمد على الضيف، فكانت أعلى نسبة مشاهدين حصلت عليهم كانوا 1100 شخص حاضرون في البث المباشر، ثم يعاد البرنامج خلال الأسبوع فتصل الى نحو 7000 أو نحو 8000 مشاهدة ثم تنتقل للمكتبة، و الجميل في الأمر هو أنك تبذل مجهود في وقت واحد، و المجهود الواحد يعطيك نتائجـ أنت إجتهدت و أنشأت المحتوى ثم يمكنك أن تجني المال منه لاحقاً، يمكنك أن تستخدم هذا المحتوى و تقسمه إلى أقسام ثم تعرضها على صفحة افعلانات و تكتب مدونة و تفرغها و تحولها الى منتج صوتي، و ما فعلته الآن يجب علي أن أضعه على آي تيونز، و لذلك حولت كل الحلقات الى مقاطع صوتية و أستخدمها الآن في متجر آي-تيومز لجذب الكزيد من المشاركات، لذا هناك فعلاً الكثير من الطرق التي يمكنك ان تجني بها المال و تجعل لك ماركة كذلك، هذا يبني ماركتك و هو أمر مهم جداً

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي الأسياء الرئيسية التي تمنع الناس من تحقيق أحلامها من خلال الناس الذين عملتي معهم؟

برينسس فيز:
الخوف، الخوف من الفشل، الخوف من الفشل و الخوف من التعلم و الخوف من تجربة شيئ جداً، في الحقيقة أعتقد أن الناس تتكيف، من اللحظة التي ولدت بها فإنك تبدأ بالتكيف، و الناس تتكيف على أن تعتمد، تعتمد على المعلمين على من وظفوك، على كيفية إدارتهم لك لكن الناس ترتعب جداً عندما تريد أن تكون مستقلاً و تكون مسوق عبر الإنترنت او عندما تبدأ عملك الخاص عليك ان تدع هذا الرعب و تصبح مستقلاً، عليك أن تمسك بزمام نجاحك الخاص، و أعتقد أن ما يحدث هو أن الناس تستسلم لأنهم لا يحبون أن يتقبلوا فكرة ان تلوم نفسك، يجب أن تحارب خوفك، خوفي الكبر هو التحدث امام الناس، أنا فقط لم أكن أحب أن أقف أمام الكاميرا و و هذا هو عملي الأكبر الآن، هذه هي الطريقة التي أجني بها المال، هذه هي الطريقة التي أحصل بها على الدخل فقط عندما تغلبت على خوفي، هذا ما جعل حلمي يصبح حقيقة

أحمد القرملي:
إذاً كيف يتغلب الناس على خوفهم؟ و هل الخوف شيئ سيئ؟

برينس فيز:
الخوف شيئ سيئ لأنه يقيدك، و الطريقة الصحيحة للتغلب على الخوف هو التقرب من الذين حققوا نجاحات، أعتقد أن الإستماع لنصائحهم سواء كان من خلال الكتب أو الفيديوز، عليك أن تتخذ لنفسك معلماً و ملهماً، الذي يظهر الأشياء الجيدة لك دائماً، و أكتب دائماً ما تريده و إقرأه كل يوم، عندما تقرأ شيئاً مرة تلو الأخرى فسيتم تخزينها داخل عقلك و ستمسح كل الأفكار السلبية التي زرعت في عقلك طوال حياتك

أحمد القرملي:
ألا تعتقدين أن الخوف هو أحد الأشياء الرائعة التي يمكنك أحياناً أن تتعلمي منها؟

برينسس فيز:
إذا لم تواجهها فستكون أسوأ شيئ، الخوف يقيدك و أنت لا تريد هذا لأنك لا تعلم، نحن كبشر و كمخلوقات رائعو، لدينا الكثير من الإمكانيات، الكثير منها، أياً ما تريد في الحياة يمكنك تحقيقه الأمر يعتمد على فكرك، عليك أن تنظف أفكارك و تتأكد من انك تقول كل ما هو صحيح، أحط نفسك بالأشخاص الإيجابيين، أحط نفسك بمن هم أفضل منك و بالتالي ستشعر دائماً أنك في حلبة منافسةو بالتالي تتقدم، إبتعد عن الإعلام، لا تشاهد التلفاز، لا تستمع للناس االسلبيين لأن كلامهم كالمرض فعلاً، أنت بالفعل تحتاج لأن تبتعد عن هؤلاء الناس و عن هذه المعلومات مثلاً شاهد الأخبار، ما هي إلا أخبار محبطة و سلبية تجعلك خائفاً قصص الأطفال التي تختطف، تجعلني أشعر بالرعب يا إلهي ماذا إذا ما تركت طفلتي لتخرج و تلعب سوف تختطف، كل هذا هراء

أحمد القرملي:
منذ أن توقفت عن مشاهدة الأخبار منذ خمس سنوات، كل حياتي إختلفت، هل تشاهدين الأخبار؟

برينسس فيز:
أنا لا أشاهد الأخبار أبداً، أنا اكرهها، أحب أن أقضي وقتي في أمر أكثر أهمية أستمع إلى تسجيل صوتي لشخص ما يعبئ رأسي بأشياء مفيدة دائماً ما أقول ان تصنع الخبر أفضل من أن تشاهده بالضبط

أحمد القرملي:
إذا ما هي نصيحتك لمن سيبدأ في التسويق العالمي عبر الإنترنت؟

برينسس فيز:
يا شباب، إذا كنتم حقاً ستبدؤون، فهنئوا أنفسكم على الإقبال على هذه الخطوة و لأنك متفتح لما يساعدك في حياتك، ثانياً ليك أن تكون صبوراً جداً، ستنهال عليك المعلومات في البداية لكن كما قلت لك، يمكنك أن تجد الأفراد التي تساعدك لتجعل تعلمك في وقت قصير، هناك مراحل يجب أن يمر بها كل فرد، لأنك تكسر النماذج التي تكونت في حياتك و عليك أن تتغلب على هذه المعاناة و اعتقد ان بين سطورها إختبار، إذا واجهك عائقاً فعليك أن تكسر هذا العائق و تكمل طريقك لتعبر خلال التالي، كل فرد منا عليه أن يجتاز الحواجز ليكبر، لذا تأكد من أنك تراها كما هي، إذا كان عليك ان تعاني، فلا تضع كل طاقتك في المعاناة و تبدأ بالتوتر، فقط تعامل مع المشكلة و قل حسناً هذا هو تحدي المعاناة الذي علي مواجهته، و سأجد حلاً، كيف أتصرف، و ليس انا لا يمكنني أن أفعل هذا! فقط غير لغتك، و قل كيف أواجه هذه المشكلة؟

أحمد القرملي:
لكن هل تنصحي المبتدئين على البدء بالعمل فيما يتقنونه عبر الإنترنت، أنت عادة ما تنصحيهم ليكونوا مسوقين عبر الإنترنت الذي تعملين انت فيه؟

برينسس فيز:
أنا أفعل ذلك لأني أشعر أن هذه هي الطريقة المثاى لمبتدئ لكي يتعلم و هذا سيساعده لأن هذا سيقصر فترة تعلمه و سيساعده على جذب المعلومات المكثفة سريعاً، هذا هو السبب، لكن كل شخص لديه ما يحب العمل فيه ليس هناك شيئ محدد فأنا لا أقول أن نظامي هو أفضل من نظامك، مستحيل، لا يمكنني قول هذا لكن من واقع خبرتي، السبب الوحيد الذي يجعني أقترح هذا النظام لأنها تساعد العديد من الناس

أحمد القرملي:
هل هناك نظام آخر أو نظام تسويق إلكتروني آخر يرشحينه، أم أنهما هذان الإثنان فقط؟

برينسس فيز:
هناك الكثير من الأنظمة، مثلاُ أمواي، يعملون بذكاء، إذا كنت تحب هذه الأعمال فإنضم لهم، هناك منتجات أخرى كالمشاريع، مشاريع العطلات و المشاريع العالمية هذا جيد جداً ، فالناس يحبون السفر ، ويحبون الخصومات، والإجازات التي يمكنك حقاً الذهاب إليها ، منتجات فقدان الوزن التي بإمكانك الحصول عليها و التي وضعنا لها خطة مكافأة رائعة و السبب الذي جعلني أختار هذا الموضوع هو أنه قائم على التعليم، فالسبب الذي يجعل الناس يفشلون هو أنهم ليس لديهم المهارة لمضاعفة الاعمال، فأنا أحب. أحب التعليم، منذ نعومة أظافري و أنا أحب التعليم وأعتقد أنها ستكون حلقة يستفيد منها الجميع وسيتعلمون منها

أحمد القرملي: . كيف سيقومون بالتسويق عبر الانترنت. هذه هى الطريقة الأمثل بالنسبة لي . حدثنا أكثر عن إجراءات تشغيل و إدارة مجموعتك الخاص على الموقع الخاص بك .

برينسس فيز:
نعم بالفعل لقد انضممت إلى نادي الكتاب، لم يكتمل بعد. ولا حتى قرب على الانتهاء ولكنه معمول موجود خصيصاً للأشخاص حتى ينضمون إلى نادي الكتاب ويناقشوا هذا الأمر. فأنا شخصياً عندما اقوم بقراءة كتاب يكون لدي الكثير من الأفكار التي أريد التعبير عنها تكون لدى رغبة في إخبار الناس بما أفكر به لذلك فإني أرغب في تكوين وبناء مجتمع من المفكرين النبغاء مجتمعاً قوياً يمكنني من خلاله أن أناقش الأفكار مع أفراده.

أحمد القرملي:
ثم بعد ذلك هل بإمكانك أن تقوم ببيعه كتابع وذلك من خلال آخرون أي أي رصيف تفريغ آخر؟

برينسس فيز:
لالا، إنه مجتمع لمساعدة الناس في الخدمة فقط.

أحمد القرملي:
حديثنا اكثر عن كتابك القادم، تحقيق الحلم .

برينسس فيز:
إن كتاب " تحقيق الحلم " الهدف منه هو معرفة الناس لقصص الأشخاص الذين أستضيفهم في برنامجي، فأنا أقوم بتجميع و أيضاً مع التجميع مع القصص الآخرين وضعت قصتي الخاصة بي، فلسفة الحياة في الأعمال و الروحانيات إن هذا الكتاب هو أشبه بتوليفة رائعة من الطريقة التي افكر بها وكيف لي أن أشارك الاخرين قصصهم على السواء

أحمد القرملي:
متى سيُنشر الكتاب؟ متى سيخرج للنور؟

برينسس فيز:
الله المستعان، فأنا حزينة جداً لأنه لم يُنشر بعد ولكنه بالفعل تحت الطبع لدي أمل في أن يكون الكتاب في المتناول خلال شهر نوفمبر

أحمد القرملي:
لذلك هل ستسعين لأن تنشريه بنفسك؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم .

أحمد القرملي:
كم تتقاضين في الشهر عندما تؤدين دور المستشار أو الناصح؟

برينسس فيز:
إذا وصلوا إلى من خلال النظام و إذا انضموا للنظام الخاص بي فسأكون في خدمتهم إنه جزء من الكتاب الذي يحتم على أن أقوم بدور القائد ولكن كفرد إذا ما كانوا هم يقومون بشئ ما آخر إذا كنت تريدين ان تقومي بتسويق عبر الانترنت/ تسويق شبكي للمنتجات الآخرى و كانت لديك رغبة في أن تتعلمي المهارات، فإنه حينئذ سيتم تصنيفها حسب المهرات التي يريدون أن يتعلموها، و إذا كان ذلك في المستوى المبتدئ فقد يصل إلى 500 دولار في الساعة إذا كان متقدماً، لقد تعلمت أكثر من خطة كيفية إدارة المشروعات و الأشياء المشابهة ولكنه سيستغرق معي 3 أيام بسعر 5000 دولار

أحمد القرملي:
حديثنا أكثر عن منتجاتك الآخرى، هل لديك أية خطط ومشروعات أخرى تخططين لها وترغبين في أن نشارككي فيها؟

برينسس فيز:
نعم لدي دورتين تدريبيتين في الطريق، الأولى : كيف تصبح إعلامياً ناجحاً ، ويكون لديك برنامجك التلفزيوني على الشبكة العنكبوتية، في أي صناعة، يمكنك أن تبدأ برنامجاً تليفزيوني وأن تضع لنفسك مكانتك، وأنا سوف أعلمكم كيف تفعلون ذلك وكيف تدرون أرباحاً من ذلك و سأساعد الناس في أن يتعلموا كيفية التعامل مع الماركات الشهيرة، كم كان الأمر هاماً وكيف تضع نفسك وذلك برسالة عندما يفكر الناس بك فهم يفكرون في شئ متعلق بانضباطك واستقامتك وهذا أيضاً أمر هام جداً وذلك لأن العالم صاخب وملئ بالضجيج في الخارج فالتسويق الإلكتروني هو مجال صاخب جداً وأنت بحاجة إلى أن يكون لديك قوة تحمل، انت بحاجة إلى أن تفعل شيئاً مختلفاً جداً جداً ومميز وفريد بالنسبة للجميع.

أحمد القرملي:
هل لديك مانع في أن تشاركينا بعض خططك واستراتيجياتك التي استخدمتيها للتسويق لبرنامجك. هل اشتريت مروراً
هل قام برنامجك على أساس مرور الضيوف، وكيف كان برنامج يُدار؟

برينسس فيز:
يوجد الكثير من الطرق المختلفة، والطرق الأساسية التي كنت أستخدمها هى من خلال مقالات التسويق فأنا دائماً ما أقرأ مقالاً ثم أقوم بنشره، وأيضاً

أحدم القرملي:
أين تنشرين ذلك المقال ؟ في عمودين مختلفين أم في مكان واحد؟

برينسس فيز:
RRweb موقع رائع جداً لنشر مقالاتك وأيضاً squidoo الأعمدة المختلفة، هو مكان رائع جداً للمرور ، حيث أن كل ما عليك هو أن تدخل الكليمات الدليلية ثم بعد ذلك ستحصل على أفضل أفضل الوسائل الاعلامية فلدي وسائل اعلامية قوية جداً

أحمد القرملي:
هل تفعلين ذلك بنفسك أم أن لديك فريق يقوم بنشر هذه المقالات؟

برينسس فيز:
أفعله بنفسي، لأن الطرقة التي أكتب بها هى طريقة مميزة وفريدة بالنسبة لي، غنها نفس الطرقة التي أتحدث بها، فعندما أكلف شخصاً ما بالقيام بذلك يكون الأمر مختلفاً تماماً، فأنا أحب أن أن تظهر شخصيتي في بريدي الإلكتروني ومقالاتي على السواء، ولذلك السبب فأنا أضيف ضمن الفئة التي تتقاضى 1000 دولار/ الساعة، فكتابة رسائل اتصال هامة مثل هذه تتطلبني أنا شخصياً وهو الشيئ الذي أتفوق وأبرز فيه و أنا بالفعل لدي الآن مساحة على الموقع يمكن للناس من خلالها أن يصغوا الروابط الخاصة بهم فأي شخص أقوم باستضافته في برنامجي يمكن لهم أن يتصلوا به مباشرة ويحصلون على العرض/ الخصم منه، لذلك فالشئ الذي يخرج به المشاهدون من برنامجي هو رسالة حقيقية وليست وهمية وقد عُرف هذا الأمر عن برنامجي و تداولته اللسنة بأسرع ما يمكن ، و قد كان الأمر قوياً جداً ، فعندما يعمل لشخص ما ثم بعد ذلك يخبر 10 آخرين بأنه قد عمل

أحمد القرملي:
هلا حدثينا عن أفضل وأهم الادوات التي تستعينين بها ولا يمكنك الاستغناء عنها و التي تجعلك حقاً جديرة بالكفاءة والنجاح في مجال برامج الكمبيوتر و الآدوات التي تستخدميها ؟

بربنسس فيز:
حقيقة انا أستخدم كل وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي مثل الفيس بوك والأكسيز و البرنتريست و الآنستاجرام ، عندما نأتي للحديث عن التسويق الشبكي فأنا أستخدم الكثير من الآدوات ، فأنا أستخدم شيئاً يُسمى تسويق ساموري وهو مفيد جداً للكلمات الدليلية وبإمكانك أيضاً استخدام تحليلات جوجل بإمكانك أيضاً أن تستخدم الكلمات الدليلية الخاصة به ولكني وجدت أن ساموري هو حقاً رائع ومفيد عندما تجد الكلمات الدليلية الصحيحة و الكلمات الدليلية الطويلة المدى إلخ، و البرنامج المناسب لذلك. و أنا دائماً ما استخدم الصفحات، وصفحات التقييد ، ويوجد أيضاً شيئ جديد أنا بصدد تجربته ولم أخبر الكثير من الناس عنه ولكني أتولى قيادة بعض الصفحات التي تعمل بشكل جيد وأعتقد أن ذلك يساعد حقاً في بناء صفحات التقييد بشكل سريع ولذلك فإن ذلك الشئ الذي استخدمه وا]ضاً برامج التسويق الإلكترونية المشابهة والتي تستجيب هى برامج نافعة ومفيدة جداً وتخدمك بالذي تريده لدي شئ آخر أود إخبار الناس به هو أنهم عندما يقومون بتقييد البريد الإلكتروني في قائمتك فأنت بحاجة إلى أن تكتشف من هم، فأنت بحاجة إلى أن تكتشف موقفهم وتعرفه كي تساعدهم حتى يقوموا بعمل مسح أو استطلاع فالحصول على استجابة هو أمر هو برنامج مفيد جداً جداً فعمل المسح أو الاستطلاع يساعدك كثيراً في معرفة أراء الناس فعليك أن تكتشف وتعرف

أحمد القرملي:
من هو جمهورك حتى تعطيهم الرسالة الصحيحة ما هو نظامك في حياتك اليومية و العملية؟

برينسس فيز:
أنا هادئة جداً الآن، أعمل يوماً واحداً في الأسبوع الآن كعمل جامد حيث أكتب المحتوى يوم الإثنين، أما الأيام الأخرى أسجل فيها البرنامج و في المساء أذهب لفصول التسويق فأحضر خبراء في التسويق عبر الرسائل الإلكترونية و وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي الذين يستطيعون تدريس الناس في الفصول، في يوم أعمل على المحتوى و في الايام الأخرى أجني المال بسبب المحتوى، أفرغه في مدونة، و أعلن للناس عن المحتوى من خلال وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي و أجذب الناس من خلال النصائح اليومية التي أكتبها كل يوم، و أكتب الرسائل الإلكترونية الخاصة بي و هي مهمة جداً لأني أحب التواصل و بناء العلاقات بقوائم الرسائل الإلكترونية، فقط. عندما يتعلق الأمر بتدريس الناس كيفية القيام بالتسويق عبر الإنترنت، فهذا هو النظام الذي أتبعه

أحمد القرملي:
ما هو نظامك في تحديد المحتوى،كأن تدوني المنشور أولاً و منه تكتبي النصائح، أم تكتبين الكتاب ثم نتشرين من فصل من كتابك في مدونة هل يمكن ان تخبرينا أكثر عن هذا؟

برينسس فيز:
النظام يعلمك أساليب مختلفة عن كيفية التدوين جيداً، و ماذا تدون، كيف تجد المحتوى لتكتب مدونة و أيضاً كيف تجمع الناس من خلال وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي لمنشوراتك لأنه لامعنى لمدونة لا يراها أحد، هذا يدربك عن كيفية جذب الناس ليروا مدونتك

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي هواياتك الأخرى؟

برينسس فيز:
قضاء الوقت مع إبنتي، أحب أن أفعل ذلك، أحب السفر، أسافر كثيراً و أحب مقابلة الناس أصعاب العقلية الريادية جداً، أقابل الناس كثيراً، و أتواصل معهم و اتناول الكثير من الطعام اللذيذ

أحمد القرملي:
من هل أفضل ثلاثة مرشدين لك؟

برينسس فيز:
أكثر ثلاثة مرشدين لي في حياتي، هناك شخص ساعدني كثيراً جداً لتوسيع مداركي في جورم ميرزا، شخص يعيش في كندا و هو الآن مشهور جداً

أحمد القرملي:
في دبي؟

برينسس فيز:
في دبي، ذهبت إلى دبي لماسترمايند، و ما فعله هو انه لم يعلمني أي شيئ عن النسويق عبرالإنترنت، بل علمني كيف أفكر، كيف أوسع مداركي كيف أطور رؤيتي عشرة أضعاف، نمِ رؤيتك حتى تصبح أفعالك توافق هذا و أشعر أني بدون ذلك المرشد لم يكن يمكنني أن أفعل ما أفعله الآن

أحمد القرملي:
بالتفصيل، ما الذي أضافه لك؟

برينسس فيز:
لقد كان صديقاً جيداً لي علمني كيف أفكر بطريقة أفضل، علمني كيف انتقل لمرحلة التفكير الثانية لأن تفكيري... لأن تفكيري عندما..ما كنت أريد أن أكونه منذ عشرة سنوات مختلف تماماً عما علمني إياه، يجب ان أنتقل بتفكيري لعشر سنوات للأمام يجب أن توسع مداركك ساعدني في تصرفاتي اليومية لإنني الآن أقضي وقتي في التصرفات التي ستساعدني للوصول لهدفي، في البداية كنت هنا و هناك، كنت جيدة أقضي وقتي في العمال التي لا تنتج لي أموالاً و أنشطة لا تستحق 1000$ أما الآن فأقضي وقتي في الأشياء التي ستجني لي 1000$ في ساعة، هذه هي الطريقة التي أفكر بها الآن إنتاجي أصبح أفضل بكثير بهذه الطريقة أصبح محدداً إذا كنت تفهم ما أعنيه أعرف أين أقضي وقتي و أين يجب ألا أقضي وقتي

أحدم القرملي:
لكنك لم تتعلمي هذا في التسويق عبر الإنترنت في الست سنوات التي عملتي فيها و لم يكن هناك ما يعمل من أجلك، لماذا بعد هذه المقابلة أويعد ماسترمايند؟

برينسس فيز:
لم أكن أدرك قيمتي، لقد أخبرني عن قيمة يومي و ساعاتي و عندما تفهم أن عليك ألا تخوض في الأعمال التي تستحق 10$ في الساعة بينما يمكنك أن تعين من ينجزها عبر الإنترنت، إذا أردت أن تقول على سبيل المثال جد محتوى لتتحدث عنه يمكنك أن تعين من يقوم بها عبر الإنترنت و يكون أفضل لك، ليس عليك أن تضيع وقتاً لتقوم بهذا إذا أردت ان تعرف كيف تفعله، ايه روابط، و من الناس الذين تتواصل معهم او ماذا ستكتب في رسائلك الإلكترونية، إذا لم تكن كاتب رسائل إلكترونية جيد، يمكنك أن تعين شخص ما يكتب المحتوى لك حتى تتعلمها، ليس عليك أن تضيع وقتك لتتعلم بينما يمكن لشخص آخر القيام بذلك

أحمد القرملي:
تفويض، نعم

برينسس فيز:
أموالي جنيتها بنفسي، فعلت ذلك بنفسي، الآن أنا أوظف شخص ليقوم بأعمالي نيابة عني لأن هذا عمل يكلف 10$ في الساعة، أما أنا فأستحق 1000$ في الساعة، فلماذا أقوم بهذه العملية لذا قام جورم بمساعدتي على فهم ذلك، حيث يجب ان توضع طاقتي و تركيزي

أحمد القرملي:
و من أيضاً؟

برينسس فيز:
شخص آخر في مجال التسويق الإلكتروني، أعتقد أ أفضل مرشد يمكنني إتباعه الآن هو كريس جونز و كريس ريكورد، أعتقد هاذان الإثنان لهما فهم دقيق جداً و يعطيانك القيمة بلا مقابل و لا يخفون أي شيئ و في أي وقت لدي 10 او 15 دقيقة من وقتي فارغة و أريد أن أتعلم شيئاً جديداً فأذهب إلى الصفحة الرئيسية لهما على الإنترنت في الفيس بوك فهناك دائماً شيئاً جديداً قيم جداً يختصر جزء كبير من دورة تدريبية أو شيئ يضاف إلى نظامك أو شيئ من هذا القبيل، أنا فعلاً أشعر أنني أتطور في هذه ال15 دقيقة

أحمد القرملي:
هؤلاء هم أكثر ثلاثة مرشدين لك، فمن هم أكثر ثلاثة ملهمين لك؟

برينسس فيز:
أنا ملهمة بـ، يا إلهي، القادة القدماء أثروا في كثيراُ، بصراحة انا ملهمة جداً بالنبي محمد بسبب أسلوبه و فلسفته التي يمتلكها، الطريقة التي يعامل بها الناس، إنسانيته، و تعاليمه التي أشتعلم منها، أسرته و إبن عمه علي، إنه فعلاً يشغل مكاناً كبيراً في حياتي، و أقرأ الكثير من تعاليمه و تعليم غيره، سيكران و رومي و هما أكثر الناس تأثيراً على في حياتي عندما يتعلق المر بالتاريخ و الرسائل الرائعة التي تركاها

أحدم القرملي:
أهم ثلاثة عوامل للنجاح؟

برينسس فيز:
التوافق، التوافق، التوافق. التوافق هو أن يكون لديكرؤية كبيرة و أن تثق بنفسك إذا لم يثق أحد فيك إذا عليك أن تثق أنت بنفسك و تحيط نفسك بالناس الذين يثقون فيك، لأن هذا يقويك جداً، أنت تحتاج لذلك في حياتك، انت تحتاج لأشخاص تثق بك و بالتالي يمكنك الوثوق بنفسك و يمكنك فعلاً أن تفعل هذا و تكون شخصاً متوافقاً مع نفسك، هذا الجهد الصغير الذي تبذله يومياً الذي يطورك يتجمعون معاً ليبنوا شخصيتك، يبنوا خبرتك و يبنوا مهاراتك فعلاً

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي أكثر ثلاثة تطبيقات تستخدمينها في هاتفك المحمول؟

برينسس فيز:
أنا لا أستخدم هاتفي كثيراً لكني أستخدم عليه مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي أعتقد إنستجرام و و فيس بوك و أوديبل، كيندل كذلك، أقرأ الكتب كثيراً في أي مكان أذهب إليه في أي وقت تسنح لي الفرصة أقرأ كتابا أو أفتح أوديبل، يمكنك تحميل كتاب و الإستماع إليه لقد فير أوديبل حياتي،

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي العادات التي تريدين أن تطورينها في نفسك لتصبحي أكثر كفاءة؟

برينسس فيز:
أنا دائماً أذكر نفسي أن علي ان أقوم بالأعمال التي تناسب قيمتي في الساعة و لدي رياضة لذراعي الأيسر لا أدري إن كنت تراه، هذه رياضة تساوي ألف دولار و علي دائماً أن أذكر نفسي ألا أدخل في...

أحمد القرملي:
لكن ألا تعتقدين أنك عندما تعملين من المنزل و لديك كل هذه الحرية فإنك تقابلين مشكلة و هي التحفيز، و كيف تنظمين وقتك و تبعدين الإزعاج عن حياتك؟

برينسس فيز:
هذا يأتي مع الإلتزام يا أحمد عليك أن تتعلم، الإلتزام هو شيئ عليك أن تتعلمه لأنه مهم جداً، بالإلتزام عليك أن تكون صارماً مع نفسك و تحتاج لوضع أهداف، الناس عادة لا يعرفون ما الذي يفعلونه طوال اليوم و عندما يكتشفون الأمر، يدركون أنهم لم يخرحوا بأي إنتاج من وقتهم عليك ان تخطط ليومك جيداً و بالتالي الوقت الذي تعمل فيه ستنتج فيه الكثير، و تنجز الكثير، و ستقضي وقتاً في القيام بأعمالك التي خططت لها سابقاً حتى في الليل يمكنك أن تقول غداً سأستغرق ساعة واحدة في التدوين و ساعة واحدة في مشاركة المنشورات على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي و ساعة في التسويق على البريد الإلكتروني، ثلاثة أشياء قمت بها هذا اليوم ستأتي لك بإنتاج سيساعد عملك على النمو، ليست هذه الثلاث ساعات من البحث عن كيفية كتابة المدونات و كيفية التحدث و كيف تتكلم مع الناس و كيف تسوق بالرسائل الإلكترونية، هذه الثلاثة أشياء يجب أن تكون هناك لكنها ليست منتجة، لأنها ضمن التعلم أنت تحتاج لأن تفعل هذا في أوقات مختلفة. أعتقد أنه من المهم جداً أن تفهم لم ستقوم بهذه الأشياء لليوم التالي، هذه واحدة من النصائح التي أعطيك إياها

أحدم القرملي:
ما هي أفضل ثلاثة كتب؟

برينسس فيز:
يا إلهي هذا الكتاب هنا، لقد قرأته مائة مرة و تقريباً سأقرأه عشرة آلآف مرة فكر و كن غنيا لنابوليون هيل، هذا الرجع العبقري الذي متى أردت تحفيزاً أو أفكاراً جديدة أو إن أردت ان ترتب تفكيرك و تتخلص من كل الأفكار السيئة، فعليك أن تقرأ هذا يومياً، صفحتان أو ثلاثة يومياً، عليك ان تقرأ هذا هنا كتاب آخر أقرأه، أنا أحب الفلسفة و الروحانيات و لهذا أقرأ رومي، الكتاب الأحمر الكبير لرومي، لقد وضع فيه الكثير من الدروس في الإنسانية و الروحانية و التواصل مع نفسك و لهذا أنا معجبة جداً به، و أقرأ القرآن كذلك، أنا أعشق هذا الكتاب المقدس بالفعل لأني أشعر أنه يحمل الرسالة الصحيحة عندا يتعلق الأمر بحياتك و الرسالة الإلهية و الإنجيل و التوراه و القران، أعتقد أن كلهم مهمين في حياتك لأنهم رسائل جيدة جداً جداً تحتاج لأن تتبعهم فالإنتقال من الشرق الأوسط لأنك تريدين الحرية لم يبعدك عن دينك،

أحمد القرملي:
إذاً انت تعرفين أن المشكلة ليست في الدين لكن في الناس

برينسس فيز:
لا ليس الدين، ليس الدين أبداً، الدين جميل لمن يفهمون رسالته، كل الأديان تعلم الشيئ نفسه و هو الحب، الناس يستخدمون الدين للسيطرة، بالفعل لكن مجموعة صغيرة من الناس فقط هي من تقعل هذا، هم يعرفون كيف يؤثرون على الناس و كثير من الناس يحبون الدين كثيراً و للكتاب المقدس فيقوم هؤلاء بترجمته بطريقة خطاً و يسيطرون على الناس من خلاله، و أشعر أن هذا ليس شيئاً جداً أبداً الدين كله عن الحب و الإنسانية و كل الأديان متساوية كلها تؤدي لنفس الطريق لكن الطريقة هي التي تختلف

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي الأشياء التي تجعلك سعيدة جداً؟

برينسس فيز:
أعتقد ان سعادتي الكاملة هي أن أكون قادرة على أن أضحك مع إبنتي أن أستطيع أن اتواجد في أي وقت تحتاجني فيه و عندما يخبرني أحد ما شكراً على مساعدتي، في حياتي، أشعر أن هذا هو أروع شيئ، أعتقد عندما يتعلق الأمر بالصدقة هذا يجعلني أكون في منتهى سعادتي و عندما يقول لي أحد شكراً على المساعدة هذا فعلاً يستحق العمل من أجله

أحمد القرملي:
آخر سؤال، كيف يمكن للناس التواصل معك؟

برينسس فيز:
يمكنهم التواصل معي عير موقعي الإلكتروني، إذا كنت مسوقاً أو جديد في عالم التسويق فلدي تدريب مجاني على الموقع، لا يهم أي منتج تقوم بعرضه فأنا لا أعني أن تنضم إلي في نظامي لكنه تدريب لأي أحد ليفهم كيف يقوم بالتسويق الإلكتروني أو التسويق عبر الإنترنت جيداً، و يمكنك زيارة
و إشترك كعضو حر

أحمد القرملي:
شكراً جزيلاً لك برينسس على هذه المقابلة انا سعيد جداً بها

برينسس فيز:
لا هذا من دواعي سروري، شكراً جزيلاً لك

أحمد القرملي:
شكراً لكم جميعاً، كونوا أكفاء، و ظلوا كذلك، و أراكم قريباً مع خبير قيادي آخر

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Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV program is to boost the efficiency of your business and life through tips and tricks from leading experts and today I have with me Samer Chidiac, he is the CEO of QuickRefresh, an innovation consulting firm, and he’s an author and professional speaker. Welcome to the show, Samer.
Samer Chidiac: Thank you Ahmed for having me.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: My pleasure. So did you plan to become a professional speaker and author, tell us more
about your background
Samer Chidiac: did I plan to be a professional author and speaker? Actually I adapt my way to become like that, and I had plans and I had goals when I was young and along the way I started adapting and I didn’t know what I would become at a certain point and in the middle I saw that maybe this is what I am, and author for example I didn’t imagine myself becoming an author because I started writing maybe more than 10 years ago and I thought maybe I would end up with one book, today I have six and there are others in the pipeline, a bit about myself: I graduated from university double major in business and computer science, I also studied in other universities strategic innovation, English, business English.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Where did you study?
Samer Chidiac: I studied in Lebanon, and a French university there, and I also studied at Stanford strategic innovation and Georgetown University also business for special purposes or business English, English for special purposes. Business and this.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Then you worked as an employee for Microsoft or for other companies?
Samer Chidiac: Before that I worked for Microsoft, from 2007 and I graduated in 2002, 2001. So there is a gap, I had my company and I worked for many companies then I started my first company and then my second company, went to Microsoft, when out of Microsoft, but my old company back, started another company and here I am.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how did you discover this path of public speaking and authoring through books, did you like the way the authors build a legacy for themselves and then you decided to become one?
Samer Chidiac: Actually it’s more about the end-user, let’s say the consumer, for me it was how to reach out to people, the community in general, I have a special connection with the community and I would like to give back and I like to share, whatever I know I like to push it and share it out so writing books and articles and maintaining blogs and podcasts all of that speaking in conferences was one way for me to reach to the greater audience and especially in this region because I’m Lebanese and I work across 40 to 50 countries so reaching out to the public in their native language in Arabic that was something that I’m really proud of and with my books I’m reaching to even greater public like with my conferencing I speak around the world but mainly focusing on middle and North Africa however my books are sold all over the world I see purchases from Germany and Italy and Australia and the US and Canada so that is always good.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What gave you the most credibility, speaking for your books, gave you the most exposure?
Samer Chidiac: It depends on the topic itself, you are never an expert, you are an expert in a specific field so I have lots of disciplines, not lots but let’s say I have 3 to 4 that I have more expertise in and mainly the results that I bring, let’s say in time management I have productivity in general which is the purpose of your program, in addition to writing books about it and articles etc. I coach and train so many people, I got lots of results and I used to manage in my personal life, it was a proven example that I’m good at managing my time.
And other things like innovation for example because I have less expertise in that field, I’ve worked across entire regions managing innovation strategies for big countries like Egypt and Tunisia and Morocco and Qatar, I work with high-level people and with multinational companies in setting strategies of innovation in for example education so mainly your reputation whenever you succeed the first time or the third time, you are an expert in that. And books are one way of showing that as well.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How did you do the transition like you worked for a company, you made your own company and then you went to work for Microsoft and again you quit and started doing your own company, how did you do the transition from employee to entrepreneur or public speaker and author and why did you work as an entrepreneur again as an employee and then as a public speaker and expert?
Samer Chidiac: Okay, I’m going to tell you a small story and based on that story you are going to see because that was one of the questions I keep hearing always, whenever I was a Microsoft-based ask me why did you leave entrepreneurship and come to Microsoft, whenever I left Microsoft they asked me why, you left Microsoft? So that is one of the top questions I keep receiving. Here is the small story I wanted to tell you and tell the viewers of your program. When I was younger, when I was in my 20s I was still in the University and I had a vision of myself saying okay at 35 I want to have my own company, I want to become the general manager of my own company and I set a strict goal, at 30 I want to be the general manager of my company, very aggressive. After five years or so with my own company I want to transition to become working in a big multinational like Oracle or IBM, when I was 20 the streams are very ambitious because it wasn’t very common, the term entrepreneur, people have to buy locations or rent locations and employees so it was very aggressive to dream that way. When I started my dream and I pictured my company and my had virtually I even created some dummy websites saying this is my company it was called how to be professional and that 25 when I was 20, when I was 25 I received an opportunity to start that company so I was already in a telco operator working in Lebanon and I had a big opportunity to start my company so I left my stability and transition them started my company.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: It was and what, specialized in what?
Samer Chidiac: In advertising and marketing for IT specifically so it’s an ad agency but specifically for technology companies. So for Microsoft and Cisco and all of those we used to your campaigns, all of the marketing and advertising stuff. So I transition and started my company I was general manager at 25 and that was a hugely to is where I wanted to be because I said at 30 I would have my own company and here I was at 25. Three years down the road, that company called HT Pro, how to be professional, this company was very successful and made a decent amount of money and with companies across 20 locations it was very good and our major customer was Microsoft and they headhunted me, I was 27, they said okay you know the business and you have a very good business and you fit right there and looking where I wanted to become, it was aligned where I wanted to be so I moved from my company to Microsoft.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which position?
Samer Chidiac: I was in the technology developing platform I was strategist and adviser and after three years of that when I reach 30, I had my very nice birthday at 30 and looking back saying well I reached my 35 years old goal and I’m 30 and I realized well that was amazing.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How old are you now?
Samer Chidiac: I’m 35. So I looked at my life and I realized that most of the goals that I set for myself when I was 20 I had already fulfilled in a very good way and now what? I’m living the dream of 20-year-old me so it was about time for me to move to a different dream, my 30-year-old dream. Back then, I looked at my life and I had to do lots of sacrifices, I was so focused on becoming successful in my company and Microsoft etc. that the quality of life.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So your company was still going on?
Samer Chidiac: I sold my company and went to Microsoft to even then it was something. So even then when I look back in my life I realized that I did work really hard but I sacrificed so many things so I was successful in one way but personally my quality of life was not great so like now I don’t want to live this life making good money and having everything but you don’t have the real quality of life so I said okay I need to change all of that like I was already I have written the first book and the second book however I didn’t have time to publish it so I took a very bold decision of putting Microsoft and chasing a new dream, the dream of quick refresh which is an innovation management consulting company.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What services you provide an quick refresh?
Samer Chidiac: It is mainly focused on innovation but making the innovation out of marketing sales product development and education systems, operations, there is one word, innovation but there are several layers.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: In plain English, how can we define innovation for the audience?
Samer Chidiac: That’s a good question but actually innovation is how to I put it, to be innovative actually is having something, there is a difference between innovation and creativity by the way just for those who don’t know, creativity comes from you have everything in the world and you create something new so something is new you didn’t see it before that is creativity, innovation on the other hand is something you already have but you do it in a way to produce new ways so innovation normally comes when you use what you already have to create something better or different.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: It’s like innovation is more with development and creativity is more with uniqueness, something like that?
Samer Chidiac: A bit.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You build on it more to develop it and make it more advance or produce extra things.
Samer Chidiac: Yes it can be like that, normally innovation comes of product development like whenever you say the innovation department and the company produces a product so let’s say you have banking services, the innovative product will actually be a credit card bundled with I don’t know what target, it won’t be something completely out of what the banking industry does.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Not a new department or division, they just bundle it the different way. Samer Chidiac: Exactly.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So no with quick refresh do you focus on like a consultant advisor, how do you market the services of quick refresh?
Samer Chidiac: Okay so quick refresh is mainly a consultancy competency so we work on different scales since we are a small company we are only seven people we are not a big company and we don’t want to grow into like 50 or 100, we have a highly qualified people in each of them specializes in a specific niche, one is strategy and one is marketing and when a sales and one is product development and one is technology, few but all together we make the innovation consulting business.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Based in Dubai or in Lebanon?
Samer Chidiac: Originally in Lebanon but we just started in Dubai, we are a legal entity in Dubai but originally from an based in Lebanon.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And the seven people are off-line or are they outsourced online?
Samer Chidiac: The core team is mainly always with me but I also have extensions, we have lots of networks of experts in different fields and it all depends on the project because normally we sometimes take big projects and if I want to go to a country to build a huge strategy for them I may need a PhD in economics person so I cannot hire someone full-time just for one project however I might hire him for three months however it would be contractual, it depends sometimes depending on the project I outsource.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And how do you market for that, how do you market for quick refresh? Do you use cold calling, email marketing, affiliate marketing? Do you have a sales team who pitches companies for you?
Samer Chidiac: None of these, actually we don’t pitch for my company, we use referral because we are available whenever you look for innovation experts we will pop up but we don’t go because the type of market that we go to there is a niche, like Microsoft knows me, they know my company for a long time, governments like ministries etc. when they look they want something referred to, they don’t just look on Google. It is always referral plus the more you go.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Yes but to build this platform to this level to get more referrals, this is what I want the audience to understand because to reach this tipping point is the most difficult thing and then the rest is history.
Samer Chidiac: It is what you call when you reach to the critical mass so when you reach that critical mass that is the tipping point actually in business and the company and sometimes at the beginning you try to contact to have a network of people etc. and try to prove yourself and to reach that point so for those watching who don’t know what critical masses it is in nuclear physics the state where an atom produces enough energy to create a duplicate for it and that it will create another do that and so on so the critical mass is a sustainable part that is when you reach the tipping point in business so whenever you reach to that point after several successful projects then you will start getting, things will just work out for you if you go to a conference you will be invited to go to conferences, you don’t pitch, they will say okay we need an expert in innovation and education, there is three.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you think like Microsoft played a big part in your effect at the beginning and referrals to introduce you to this innovation market and it’s kind of a quantum leap that affected the business at the beginning and then you take it over from there?
Samer Chidiac: Definitely there is a big credit to Microsoft but that does not mean all the credit. You are really good and there is a sponsor that comes in and uses your service there and if you are not good at a big sponsor comes you can’t continue, there is no sustainability if you are not good, they would send me the first project and if I am not that qualified I am not going to take another project so I spoke one time and of the conference and I blew it they won’t take me to another one so it’s a combination, you have to find the right partners and network, you are good and the right person or the right entity will sponsor you and you will go together, it’s not just one item.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: I see you are more focused on the Arabic market, is this your competitive advantage because this area is not like so crowded as of the English market do you feel that this is your niche more?
Samer Chidiac: It is not crowded actually, working in English not English but in this market it is as competitive or there are less opportunities for good people, one of the competitive advantages I have first off
is that I speak Arabic, people who have this type of expertise and knowledge normally our Western and they come from Europe or the US, and when that expert comes in it is not easy for them to understand the culture unless you are an Iraqi or Lebanese living in New York and then came to this region to speak it will be very hard for someone who lives entirely in for example Texas comes to Algeria to pitch about how to do business the first thing they will look at and say but you don’t understand our culture, you don’t understand how Arabs do it you don’t understand religion.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: But don’t you think that Arabics, sorry to cut you off but don’t you think that the Arabic mentality or government or companies they always value more the Western experts and they preferred them more than the Arab experts?
Samer Chidiac: Okay the mentality yes of course always if you go to a conference and you find Ahmed speaking in the next room there is Michael of course people say okay we are here to see Michael because we can always see Ahmed however if you are just going to listen to someone speak that is one thing and the other thing if you have that person or that team doing the strategy for your company so that is a different thing so you want results, you brought this team and you pay them a lot of money and they didn’t deliver because they didn’t understand at the end of the day okay you take pictures with them and you want results. My point of view on this is that you need a team so it is not one person if you look at just one person it’s the person you will be more comfortable talking with like when I coach and executive if that person cannot speak English for example or when I go to North Africa there are lots of people who understand Arabic and French but very difficult English so if you brought them the best productivity expert from the states and couldn’t communicate with them it would be bad however if you’re talking about a team sometimes I have, like I have an American expert on my team, one American one Lebanese one Egyptian, all of those will produce some type of flavor, at least this is how I see it.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How do you see the difference between the Arabic and English speaking market in general?
Samer Chidiac: Okay the Arabic speaking market is a huge market, not just like the Arabic speaking but up all this region, Middle East and Africa in general and everywhere the Europe and the states etc. all of those are huge economies but they have been working there for a long long time,
Ahmed Al Kiremli: already developed.
Samer Chidiac: In our region especially Africa everybody is trying to calm, there is lots of unexplored resources from business and from production industries etc., oil, so many things happening in this region so there is a huge market, the way I see it if you are in the middle between the East and the West like you understand the culture of the West and the culture of the East or the Middle Eastern culture you would be in a very good situation at this time.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you see the mentality of like the Middle East changing towards education and training because it was always like we know everything and we don’t need someone to advise us, we don’t have this culture of having advisors are consultants to see that changing through your career?
Samer Chidiac: Actually because I see both and I worked a lot in education there are lots of issues in education today that was not available before and their progress in other industries as well, there is no wrong answer for you, you still don’t see people holding a book in the Metro but you see them holding a mobile and sometimes playing and sometimes reading. However you see in France people walking on metros and trains holding a book so the culture of reading is still not here yet and there is a study I have read that the average Arabic person reads six minutes a year, I imagine with Facebook and social media you read a little bit more but still you skim you don’t read you don’t open the book and reads of the mentality is still not growing in the right direction, education on the other hand is becoming like there is more technology coming more things
happening the classroom itself didn’t change so I would say we are not there yet.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How can we change that, how do you think we can change that like by targeting the habits, how can we change that?
Samer Chidiac: It’s a mixture of things, we have to change the habits definitely but at the same time people tried to mimic or imitate others saying like okay they did this in France let’s do this in Qatar, they did this in Singapore so let’s do this in Bahrain, making or replicating things doesn’t necessarily mean it will work. We need to target the core issue of the problem and then work around it and it will happen, I see it happening with the new generation because you find people who speak English now more like 200 times more than before for example so it is changing, you find people with mobile devices and with technology way more than before, people like your parents and my parents our age didn’t use all of these things so there is progress, we just need to know how to exploit it to the better good or the letter advantage.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You wrote a book called the 10 unbreakable rules of time management, briefly what are the 10 unbreakable rules of time management?
Samer Chidiac: Okay so when I was in Microsoft I used to cover a lot of areas and lots of countries, productivity was high for me, let’s say I wanted to be more productive but I didn’t know how so I started researching time management and how can I be more productive. The 10 unbreakable rules are actually like a summary from what worked and what didn’t work from all around the world in 10 simple rules and when I looked at time management I realized it’s not just a technique but it’s a very big concepts and sometimes when you do things in a specific way that makes you productive if you didn’t know where you are going for example having the fastest car won’t help you, if you have the tool you can go wherever you want at a very high speed but if you don’t know where you are going that is something. If you don’t know the value of yourself then you won’t appreciate your time so the 10 rules are actually first you need to respect time and what I mean is understanding the value of time and your time, it’s how you make decisions so sometimes not taking the right decisions or decisions at all will lead to a lot of productivity issues, the third rule was and it is not in any particular order but the third rule was redefining the free time so there are lots of wasted time and you can use to do something else and mainly is how you can do one task at the expense of the other task is why it’s free time, your time is paid for by this task if you do another task at the same time this task is free so this is free time for something else so you are driving and listening to an audiobook so you’re driving is actually paid for however if you listen to another thing which won’t conflict with you driving that is free time.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you leverage the time to achieve more than one task yes.
Samer Chidiac: Exactly, putting goals for why you want to do this, how you want to do this, where you going it is very important, that is one of the rules one other rule is to stop using your head, that is a very interesting one, after lots of research and stuff everyone of us we like to keep things in our heads, we keep struggling to remember that I need to buy shampoo and study this and reply to this email all of those, you keep them in your head so at one point in time your head struggles just to remember things so stop using your head is actually leverage your computer or your mobile or your to do list etc. and downloading things from your head to these items okay.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Instead of documenting in my brain I document using some tools on the computer.
Samer Chidiac: Because there are two types of brains of memory, you have the long-term memory and the short-term memory and the short-term memory doesn’t allow you to keep it more than eight things at a time so every time there is one thing that comes in, one of those eight will jump to the unlimited long-term one however if you keep struggling with those eight things to remember that you need to buy shampoo and get groceries that is like two or three things and then work on the same task and then something else you are actually exhausting your brain so whenever you just remove everything that you don’t need to remember, put
it somewhere that you have access to this way you will make more room to think.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: This is for the information but how to switch off the brain like for example me I have a problem sleeping because I cannot switch off, I keep thinking.
Samer Chidiac: Thinking is different than using your brain for something else, normally think about your brain is noise, you have all that information in your head is noise, one way to shut down this noise is to just switch them from your brain to somewhere else so let’s say you open a note like okay remember to do this and then you sleep, this particular thing because you run it down your brain won’t struggle to keep remembering so it will be out of your brain, out of your mind onto something, just like your telephone number you don’t remember most of any of your friends numbers, mobile numbers because they are all on your mobile however like 10 or 20 years ago you had to remember your friends numbers, your home number etc. so after a while you have a device that holds all of them and that’s it you don’t need to remember them anymore they won’t hunt you before you sleep. So another, three more rules, one of them is actually using technology like what we’re just saying so using technology to your advantage so we have lots of technologies and devices that we use, we can use to optimize our life that some people do not. They use more paper and less technology, it depends on each but one of the rules is actually to use technology to your advantage, another one is getting organized, organizing everything, even organizing people like how they disrupt you, all of that, there is a rule called act as if, that is a very interesting rule it’s like let’s say you have your mobile phone and your mobile phone is still like 10% battery or 20% battery in it, you don’t have access to any charger for the next two hours, this way you won’t be playing Candy crush, exhausting that 20%, you only use it for the most important things so act as if you just change the way you look at things, now my laptop is without a charger so I need to finish the most important tasks today now and the next one hour, so acting as if will change your mindset towards things and the last one is called yes you can say no so you saying no to negative things and sometimes to positive things sometimes you need to say no to good stuff because they will take away part of your, they will make you, divert you away from your goal, so let’s say you are climbing a tree okay if you want to go towards the fruit and you want to reach the top the fruit might be diverting you away from reaching you to the top, so to time waster so sometimes you have to say no to the fruit to the good opportunities because it is not on the pathway of you and those are, it is an interesting book I will send you a copy definitely.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you, I want to ask you about your content strategy because I see that you blog in different blogs using different blogs you are not so focused on one place, I want to understand the content strategy behind that or are you not focused online, you are focused more and referrals to you don’t have very clear content strategy online?
Samer Chidiac: Actually, by the way I am a senior strategist my life is about strategy so never ever think that anything I do always I have something to do with it like there is a link somewhere that maybe you don’t see it but there is definitely something, when I told you the first story about when I reach 30 and now I am reaching towards 40 so the first era of my life was to build my life professionally and personally etc. so I was focused on myself and now the next 10 years is about influencing the lives of others, this is one of the things that I aim for so I want to influence others positively, give back to the community all of those things. So I created NGOs, I created movements so part of the blogs.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What NGOs?
Samer Chidiac: Nongovernment organizations, nonprofit associations, I created nonprofit associations and movements etc. to give to the community to influence other people positively of course so for example I blog on a weekly basis the Monday Tip, the seven minute motivation podcast is actually a project and this one was very nice I will talk to you about in a second but every single part that I do has something to do with a specific project or specific audience or a specific target, it is not, I don’t know, continue.
Ahmed Al Kiremli:
Samer Chidiac: So the seven MM, what is the idea behind the name is it like on a weekly basis because I didn’t see an online weekly podcast maybe I don’t know maybe you have a contract for radio with somebody that you publish it there or how do you do it?
Samer Chidiac: Okay so let me tell you the story of seven minutes motivation, seven minutes motivation is a completed project so it is no longer an active project, we used to publish it every single month, every single week on a Monday, every Monday so it started a couple of years ago every week for seven months, we did 17, it was planned and after we finish this we created the book out of it and I will tell you the story, we created bonus episode so the last episode was published last month or something.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Where did you publish, were you publishing on iTunes or on the radio, do you have a contract, where did you publish?
Samer Chidiac: I’m publishing it like I have direct publishing for the podcast, it is on iTunes, it still is and the book is sold everywhere on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, physical, all of them.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which one worked the most the iTunes or your website to reach more audience and give you more credibility maybe to sell the book or some other projects?
Samer Chidiac: I’m going to put you on hold for a second on this point and I will tell you why the projects, seven minutes motivation you will understand everything about it okay so part of the nonprofit personal social responsibility that I have, I created a project called white causes and white causes is actually where you create a product, you make it successful or whatever and then this product will start, you start selling it and it will generate money and this money goes to a cause, a white cause.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Charity yes.
Samer Chidiac: So I have done lots of activities on that front I have lots of interests in the deaf-mute so what I did and specifically why I did the seven minutes motivation podcast was spoken I decided to create a product, part of the white causes initiative and this product I wanted to donate and all the profits will go to this segment that is why it is a podcast and then the book, the podcast is free in Arabic, because people want, very few other than religious and political podcasts, very few, none of these types podcast in Arabic so people will listen to them for free and they will buy the book and the prophets, anything that comes up from the book goes to the initiative of deaf-mute’s so it goes towards therapy for those people so I have this book that will continue going and going, even events will come out of it so it’s like Ted, there will be seven minute motivation events and all the profits will go towards this initiative that is why everything is just like, but we didn’t launch it that much because it still happened bit by bit.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You should get involved with Hammad Al Wazir, he is doing a startup about the death, some device that they use in the airports, he is doing certain devices about the special needs, so how do you write efficiently, do you use ghostwriters, do you write yourself, do you dictate the book and then you transcribe it?
Samer Chidiac: So mainly just for your information, none of my books took less than two or three years to complete, none, I already have six available, there are three in progress and I started writing 10 or 11 years ago so each book actually takes years to complete.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it means you write more with than one book at the same time?
Samer Chidiac: Yes and I don’t focus on more than one book until I finish this book I start with the second
one, but whenever an idea pops up in my head I start writing a bit and then leave it and then later on when I have something to add or maybe the research is happening, there is a book I’m launching maybe this year or the beginning of next year that took me 10 years literally 10 years of research and it is related to cognitive psychology and behavioral psychology and the influence of information on the behavior people, it is called now that you know. For example work life balance actually took me eight years to finish, one of the books that I have so every book takes a lot of time and the books that have characters in them like the novels etc. most of them are based on real people so I don’t just and then someone.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you consider yourself more as a nonfiction writer or a fiction writer? Samer Chidiac: Both.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which one do you like the most?
Samer Chidiac: Work life balance for example is nonfiction actually yes it is a nonfiction written in a fiction way so it is like the book 1 minute manager for example or who moved my cheese? Fiction story but they are actually nonfiction.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So how do you plan the book, what is the strategy like the right notes and then you start writing or do you dictate the information, how do you structure each book?
Samer Chidiac: Actually each one of those books went in a different way.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Sorry to cut you off like I’m running a book now, I am learning through the process so maybe when I will write my next book I will change the strategy because I learned a lot through the process of what did you learn through these different books, what is the most efficient strategy for writing that you discovered through this journey?
Samer Chidiac: Well one thing for sure is that there is no one way to do it or there is no right way of doing it. Sometimes I thought that this book took me eight years it will be the hit and another book took me three years and I found it the easiest among all of my books and that specific book was a bestseller. People, for example the 10 unbreakable rules of time management, people are still talking about it and it was the least of my books from my research etc., it is a small book however the other books that took me more time and more effort, they took less popularity so there is no actual one way of doing it, just do whatever you are comfortable with and literally what you are comfortable with, when I did the editor who came to edit the 10 unbreakable rules of time management she said to me your style is very easy, those who write nonfiction books tend to write in a more sophisticated way so she said there is a thin line maybe people won’t love it or won’t relate to it I told her no do it exactly the way I write it and that was a hit so I placed a vet, I was comfortable with that I said okay I give training on time management, worst-case scenario I will just is to read the book for free. I am comfortable, this is my style and that is how it went.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Did you publish any of the books or were most of them self published, tell me about this experience between self-publishing and publishing?
Samer Chidiac: I have books that are published, I have contracts for books, books that were published under pseudonyms, not all of my books, some of them were written by me under a different name, so maybe in the future you will know, I have lots of self publish ones and also I am exploring a new platform that is like crowdfunding for books so also I am going in that direction to test it, so yes I have a combination, the difference between self-publishing and having it published is actually depending on how well you know the business of books like for example for myself I know marketing inside out, I have designers on my team I know how to sell, how to publish, how to go on social media, if you know all of these things because most of what the publisher will give you for an author that will be it, they will give you an editor and they will design
the cover and printed and ship it, of course they have networks etc. but even if you come self published through them and give them a distributor they will still distributed for you so it is easier if you know you are doing, if you don’t know what you are doing going with a publisher for the first time is okay. Anyways you are going to make 30% of the book price.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you think now if you have a choice between a publisher to publisher next book or self publish it, which way would you choose, you know marketing and design and how to outsource to an editor, and complete a complete book but from my knowledge publishing is more about the distribution, this is the hardest part and it is more than the design and editing in these things, the distribution to get you in the bookstores, right now the industry is changing more to Amazon and like e-books and audiobooks and all these devices that allow you to read the books but still the publishers are the way to get you into the bookstores and maybe sometimes you make less money but you get more credibility so which way would you choose if you have the two choices and you know marketing and you know editing?
Samer Chidiac: I’m telling you there is a difference between distribution and publishing because publishers and distributors may not be the same people and you have your book and you go to distributor like those who distribute versions of all the big major stores, you just go there and give them your book and they will distribute, they are the channels, however the publisher themselves but they do is they own the book distribution/everything about it, you have a say in the design and the stuff in it but they own all of those details plus they might decide that they are not going to publish this year, maybe next year, you can do nothing about it and they give you in advance but the money you make actually is not, they give you an advance on royalties so let’s say once they reach this number you start getting royalties out of them, unlike popular belief people think that I go with a publisher and they give me $10,000, unless you are Stephen King you don’t get that, it is in advance, some authors don’t get more than the advance, they get $3000 and then nothing, etc. so for me to answer you in this basic thing it depends on what I want from that book, if I want just the word to go out and just the idea to go out I would self publish, if I want profit out of it I am looking specifically, I have written the book to get money then maybe the publisher would be a good option, we partnered together to do things so sometimes I just have ideas.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So from your perspective you think that going with a publisher will make you more money?
Samer Chidiac: Sometimes. But doesn’t necessarily mean it would work. With self-publishing you can go distributed as well.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You didn’t try to force some rules when you sign the contract with the publisher that you own the rights or let’s say he distributes it or he is the publisher for only one year and then you take the rights back so you can change our they will not accept that?
Samer Chidiac: A publisher normally, you have an author write anywhere, whether you are self published for you went with a specific thing, there is an ISBN which is on the book, that is the thing over here and that is actually the identity of the book so whoever owns that ISBN is actually the owner of the book so you can have your book with your ISBN on it and then you can distributed whatever you want however for example if you go to Amazon and you get the ISBN from them you cannot distribute outside of Amazon even if you are so published so it is always the person who has this ISBN who owns the book.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So if you self publish on Amazon and they on the ISBN then you want to go to Barnes & Noble’s you create another ISBN for the book?
Samer Chidiac: You cannot, normally you get your ISBN you buy it or you go to ministries or something and get it and then you give it to Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s and they will distribute it but normally all of those are linked together and you need an ISBN for the printed book, you need an ISBN for the electronic
book and the distribution is the same, Amazon, the network of Barnes & Noble is linked to Amazon etc., even local libraries buy from the same channel that Amazon has, instead of having your book for $10 and Amazon the library might sell it for 20 because it will be more expensive for them to print and ship and get it here but that is the same thing altogether.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: So what is the best strategy to market your books like when you write them, how do you plan to market these books like you plan it from the beginning that you’re going to go with a publisher or self-publishing, how do you launch the book, tell us more about that?
Samer Chidiac: Actually it is more about, some people buy the book for the book itself, some people buy the book because of the author okay like people will go to Dan Brown for example because that is the author, they love him and they start buying his books before they know what the book is about, some people will go okay I have heard there is a book about this lady who left her job and went to India and it is eat pray love, so it depends on your book and your content so if you are myself for example people buy my book because they know me, they know how I think and they like to understand more this area that I think about in the book because I have explained I am very good at explaining things so sometimes they would like to know a strategy, let’s see how Samer will explain the strategy in his new book so the strategy once you are famous people will buy your books, if you are a thought leader as I am aiming to be so whenever they read my articles they see me conferences and listen to my talks then they will go and buy my books ipso facto. If they don’t know me then the book needs a lot of marketing for the idea or whatever so I don’t know if I answered your question.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: The best in terms of results the best two or three books and why? That you authored.
Samer Chidiac: For my books 10 unbreakable rules of time management was a big hit in Lebanon I was hosted many locations to speak about my bestseller, people were buying it, still even today I receive many purchases from locations like Germany, locations I don’t know how they are selling there or buying it there, 10 unbreakable rules definitely and then the seven minutes motivation, seven minutes motivation is also picking up quickly, and the third the last one is called refresh, it’s still new like last month I was publishing it and there is work life balance and the field doctor, worklife balance more than field doctor so certainly time management was number one, number two is motivation and worklife balance is third.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Why are you publishing some books under different names, I you ghostwriting for them?
Samer Chidiac: No, again I told you it depends on the topic itself like some topics can be very progressive for our region for example let’s say I want to speak about politics or the idea that say or the storyline is a bit away from the culture that we have here okay so sometimes it is better that is written under someone else’s name let’s say a non-Arab name so it depends.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And it would be a fake name or somebody that you know? Or you create just the name for the author even if he is fictional?
Samer Chidiac: Normally the pen name they call it or the pseudonym even if you are writing in a newspaper if your name is Ahmed you can say AK something so this is your pseudonym, there’s lots of people who do this.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Nicknames.
Samer Chidiac: So they have the abbreviations or they change the entire name so you may be writing under a female author name, pseudonym is known even when you submit to Amazon you can say okay the author of this book is Malcolm X, I can say whatever I want.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And it works for you or do you regret it sometime and you want to change the name?
Samer Chidiac: Actually it depends on how you want to link it and since I write nonfiction sometimes the nonfiction sometimes the theory I want to be linked to my name, I don’t want to be like somewhere else however let’s say it is a story like a novel I am more interested in let’s say getting it out and getting the financial part of that I don’t want my name, it’s okay not to have my name there so unless your name is like Samer Cocacola that you are using the no one will ask you about the pseudonym.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the best social media tool or platform that works for you?
Samer Chidiac: Definitely Facebook is prime, LinkedIn, depends on the audience you want to reach but LinkedIn mostly for professional people works for me and Facebook, twitter as well, lots of people are on Twitter only on twitter, it depends but I think Facebook is number one and LinkedIn is number two in twitter is number three.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the best strategy that you used to get speaking engagements, or is it also only referrals?
Samer Chidiac: So far I didn’t need, people contact me and say there is a conference happening next month or one year from now, some speaking engagement like big ones, I get books one year in advance and I say okay, next year, this year they book me for March to speak in Seattle for an educational conference and in February I have a speaking engagement somewhere, next week I’m going to Tunisia and two weeks later I’m going to Algeria and Morocco, I have lots of speaking engagements so I don’t need so far to go pitch myself for another one.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much do you charge on average for keynotes are presentations based on the number of hours?
Samer Chidiac: It depends on the specifics, if it is to public or if it is sometimes I get engagements as a keynote speaker for a company, so that is purely commercial so I charge my average, I charge normally per day so whatever is my work day and how much I need to prepare for that even if it is half an hour, if I am going for half an hour of course they pay everything for you so they pay her expenses and travel and hotel and everything the number of days/hours that you spend preparing for that, you negotiate that with them sometimes I get like $5000 for speaking 20 minutes in a conference and sometimes I just go speak for free so let’s say it’s a nonprofit conference, I sponsor myself to go or they sponsor just my ticket and I speak and then I come back, it all depends.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: How much do you charge for one-to-one coaching sessions?
Samer Chidiac: Again it depends on who, if I am coaching an entrepreneur like a young entrepreneur I have a project called the hours, hours stands for hour/minute, so I donate time to coaching people like eight hours a month so if someone comes to me, from entrepreneur to nonprofit person, student, teacher, as long as it is within eight hours per month he gets it for free, if he is like a coaching or executive I have sometimes top- level executives like I charge my regular fee even if it is for one hour so sometimes it is within 1000 or $1500, it depends per day, half a day is a day for me it is the same, it depends and sometimes you get it for free.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Tell us more about your other projects, future projects that we don’t know about? Samer Chidiac: Future projects you don’t know about.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: And also I want you to tell me you study a plan was within 10 years this is the. That you
are going to get back, you are going to establish a legacy, what is behind that or have you not thought about yet?
Samer Chidiac: I think normally like 10 years in advance so 10 years, five years is preparation so right now for example I am like 30% towards what I want to be in 2019 and in 2020 I will start something else okay but so far I am adapting to what’s happening, mainly the, I didn’t go full-fledged on the books marketing yet because my biggest book is not yet out, my biggest book will be either this year, or next year, once it is out and I will start pushing more on marketing the books and I already, was asked from Europe to participate in author competitions for my books so maybe I will be winning something out of them, so books I’m going to keep working on them definitely. I have lots of books happening, I have one mainly like a psychology book I have the worklife balance actually is a six book long so it will end maybe 15 years from now but I started with the first book, I will have the third book happening, I have one book on strategy called flush coming I don’t know when it will be coming, I have also a book called living to 100% it’s like tips on how to fulfill yourself and go I have books, I’m actually shadowing one person he is a media celebrity and I’m doing a book on him I cannot say his name and I can say the name the book is called consistently inconsistent and one of the media celebrities, I’m writing a book about him, is a personality, I’m not sure how this book will go, depending on when we meet because we don’t meet often, I would like to see the projects that I did like influence, seven minutes motivation, hours bank, all of those from now until seven years from now should be self sustained and working by themselves that’s like my aim and then when I reach to 2020 if everything works the way I want then I will shift from the business to something else.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like what? Spirituality?
Samer Chidiac: Now, may be related to politics or something, maybe. By then we will see. Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is your daily life and work routine look like?
Samer Chidiac: First I am a very earlybird and every day on the weekdays I wake up by 5:30 AM like every single day, I wake up and I start reading, I start working actual work starting at seven so, I sleep early, 10 or 11 o’clock, so that’s five days a week and if I don’t have any troubles, because I travel a lot that influences me, so sometimes I wake up at 2 AM and go to a plane and go to another location and then come back so if I am not traveling which is a bit messy the regular ones I wake up at 530, seven I start working, sometimes I work from somewhere like a café or something, I go to meetings and come to the office, that is how it is.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You have an office in Dubai or you manage things from home?
Samer Chidiac: I have a virtual office actually because my work doesn’t require customers to come to my
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Why do you need the virtual office do you have a family that you cannot work at home?
Samer Chidiac: No, the virtual office is actually an address, I don’t have a family so far so I have that luxury now I don’t know later on how that will happen.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are your other hobbies?
Samer Chidiac: I used to be a DJ for 20 years when I was younger and I needed money so I have this passion for music and at the same time I used to work as a DJ so I spend a lot of time in this hobby I love that a lot and last year or this year actually the beginning of this year I decided to retire, 20 years was great, enough for me although the last five or six years it was purely a hobby so I used really stuff every quarter but I didn’t go play in clubs, I used to do that before, it was, it’s a fun very beautiful activity, hobby, so that’s prime, everything else like I love movies, books definitely but movies I love movies most of the big motion
pictures I have seen them or heard about them and the TV, and everything else is actually what I do for living, work so writing and speaking and Internet, that is my work/hobby.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who is your number one mentor?
Samer Chidiac: What do you mean like mentor the person who mentored me or like someone I admire?
Ahmed Al Kiremli: no I have another question which is who are your top three people that you are inspired by but this is a different one this is I want to know who is your number one mentor, who is someone that you learn from a lot?
Samer Chidiac: Actually in my life I had different people who helped me out, mentors who helped me, yes there were lots of them, not lots of them but for Microsoft I had a few of them, friends who helped me, I don’t have one person I can list like a dozen but each one of them had a specific period of my life and when I was 20 there was one person, when I was 25, 27 another person, so I don’t have one specific person in my head.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Tell us about your Guinness world records.
Samer Chidiac: Okay that was a very interesting year, 2011, the same year that I published the 10 unbreakable rules of time management, what we did that particular year I decided that would be the year where we will achieve the art of the possible, that was the theme of that year for me, like okay what would be possible, how you can play with the art of the possible, how you manage your time and do everything so it was a very beautiful year from the beginning we worked with Guinness world records Association and we decided to create a world record but for me the timing of that record was very crucial because 2011, my birthday is on 19 December and I wanted to mark this year as the year for me so what we did, we started working with Guinness and a friend/long distant cousin of mine also he is an international DJ what we did we decided to do the longest music clip in the world/the biggest or longest marathon studio DJ so we did we decided that my friend DJ 2 green dollars, his name is Anthony, I brought him to Lebanon and we organized in regular club or pub very modest one run by three adorable persons and in Lebanon there is a huge issue of electricity etc., we didn’t tell them about that, it was how can we make a very big thing out of a small arrangement so those three people we told them two weeks before that we need to do a three days party and they said okay we will do it and they brought generators and they talk to their friends and everybody came to this place so we started on the 17th evening, we started the activity so for 25 hours long nonstop we were recording and mixing video music videos, 25 hours so it was the 17th evening, 18th evening, we finished at 11 PM and then one hour later it was the beginning of 19 December which was my birthday so we broke the record or let’s say we set the record and it was like one hell of a year so that was the 10th award I won.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: The record is recorded under your name and your friends name?
Samer Chidiac: Yes, 2 green dollars in my name, Anthony’s name, but Anthony he is likely, because he is the DJ and I am the manager of the events and the location so this DJ, this location, this manager, I will send it to you later, so you can see the Guinness certificate. It was a beautiful year.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Good for you, the most important factors for success in only three words? Samer Chidiac: Most important factors in success?
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Factors of success in three words.
Samer Chidiac: Believe in yourself.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the top three apps that use on your smart phone?
Samer Chidiac: Facebook. Facebook and Skype, I’m not a very big diversified person when it comes to that,
the social media ones are mainly the top ones and sometimes IMDb because I like movies.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You should download my app, best movie ratings, it is aggregating the ratings from all over like rotten tomatoes and IMDb and meta-critics plus my rating in one place.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient?
Samer Chidiac: Actually I wouldn’t say I am trying to develop, sometimes I’m trying to maintain the same habits and the consistency is important, sometimes lots of times with all of the difference countries and travel you followed the wagon so you think that you are doing a specific routine and then something changes and you have to come back to this routine so consistency and what you do is a habit of redeveloping, one of the things, it’s not actually a habit but an activity that I do is meditation, I try to meditate from time to time, just the noise that I have in my head, I like to stay in the present day okay even for 10 minutes a day I don’t mind but that is another one, strategy that I certainly recommend people to start planning ahead, sometimes I just need to slow down instead of living 10 years ahead so sometimes I have to just lowdown so actually they are not new habits, I just find tune existing ones.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Your top three favorite books.
Samer Chidiac: Jim Collins, good to great, one of my best books and also for Ken Blanche the one minute manager, the series, I love it, even for Jim Collins, great white choice and all of those so Jim Collins I love his books and I love the ones for like who moved my cheese and one minute manager, all of those are similar, I have lots of books actually but sometimes I like the book itself but I don’t like the way it is written so for example tipping point is a beautiful book.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: I don’t like his style.
Samer Chidiac: Whenever you read psychology, like Malcolm Gladwell the tipping point writer and blink,
they write in a way where if you are not a native speaker you might find difficult.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: and he repeats a lot the same idea over and over again. This is the problem.
Samer Chidiac: All academics do that if you speak with any PhD this is what they do they repeat and repeat. This is how they do it so imagine them writing, that is why you find a book that big it could be much smaller.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the top three people you are inspired by?
Samer Chidiac: I am originally a geek so Bill Gates and Steve Jobs those two of course, definitely among the top three, who else, I have lots of people who inspire me because I learned to see the inspiration out of each, maybe Jim Collins as well, I like the guy, whenever I look at him talking and conferences he is inspiring. I could say not from a, a person who inspired me as well from their talks, not from that life like Zig Ziggler, Jim Rome, however their life, not like Jim Collins is different, Steve Jobs different but the other ones inspired me like whenever I listen to Jim Rome, he is best away but beautiful talks, Brian Tracy, beautiful talks however their life as people may not as inspire me as you might think.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you listen to any music as you are DJ when you work?
Samer Chidiac: Normally yes and it depends on the time of the day and it depends on the hour that I want to like sometimes I want to have one hour and that’s it to work on something and not do anything else I start
like for example listening to trance or dance music and because I have my own mixes so I put one of the mixes which is like an hour long and just focus on writing something or doing something. And sometimes it is just not too noisy, it is a little bit less than noisy so likes love music, rock oldies, I love those.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You sleep early, do you follow any routine when you sleep?
Samer Chidiac: Not particularly, normally when I reached the point where I need to sleep I fall asleep immediately because it would be a very long day, I do so many things before sleep and sometimes I don’t listen to music to sleep or meditate but I read sometimes before sleep specifically on a device because it has the light directly from it but not anything specific. When I go to sleep I want to sleep.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the things that make you really happy?
Samer Chidiac: Making other people happy is very important to me, whenever I see someone benefiting from a one talk or one word or one article that makes me hugely enormously happy so I am dedicating 10 years of my life to influence other people so every time I reach one time one step further to this, this makes me like this is the joy of I am living for other people okay I doing the things that I love, I love writing I love talking so if I am making other people happy because of what I do best that will give me more motivation to do more and do more and reach more.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Last question, how can people contact you?
Samer Chidiac: Mainly they just look me up and they will find me, whenever you type Samer Chidiac in a search engine you find lots of things, or you go to but it’s mainly the first result on any search engine, but mainly email is the best way because I am traveling most of my time so phone calls I don’t see sometimes who calls me.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: You share your email on the website so can you share with us?
Samer Chidiac: Yes of course it’s Sam,, or my corporate one is or you can
just find me on Facebook or LinkedIn, just look for me and you won’t be disappointed I’m sure.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much for this interview Sam, I really appreciate it.
Samer Chidiac: Thank you Ahmed, and I wish you and your audience all of the best.
Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you, thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.
Word Count: 11522

 أحمد القرملي:

مرحبًا بالجميع معكم أحمد القرملي و مرحبًا بكم في كن كفوءًا الهدف من هذا البرنامج هو زيادة كفاءة حياتك و عملك عن طريق نصائح و حيل من كبار الخبراء و اليوم أستضيف سامر شدياق و هو المدير التنفيذي لكويك ريفريش شركة متخصصة في استشارات
الإبداع و هو مؤلف متحدّث محترف، مرحبًا بك بالبرنامج يا سامر

سامر شدياق:

شكرًا يا أحمد على استضافتك لي

أحمد القرملي:
من دواعي سروري، إذن هل خطّطت لأن تكون مؤلف و متحدّث محترف أخبرنا المزيد عن خلفية عملك

سامر شدياق:

هل خطّطت للأصبح مؤلف و متحدّث احترافي، في الواقع لقد هيّأت طريقي لأصبح هكذا كانت لدي خطط و أهداف عندما
كنت صغيرًا و على مدى الطريق بدأت في التأقلم و التأقلم و في مرحلة ما لم أكن أعلم ماذا سأصبح و في منتصف الطريق وجدت أنه
ربما هذا أنا ، مؤلف مثلًا لم أتخيّل أن أصبح مؤلفًا حيث بدأت الكتابة ربما منذ أكثر من عشر سنوات مضت و قلت لنفسي ربما أؤلف كتابًا واحدًا اليوم لديّ ستة و هناك كتب أخرى في الطريق ، نعم و لقليل من المعلومات عن نفسي فقد تخرّجت من الجامعة و قد تخصّصت في مجالين إدارة الأعمال و علوم الكومبيوتر كما درست بجامعات أخرى الابتكار الاستراتيجي و اللغة الإنجليزية إدارة الأعمال باللغة الإنجليزية

أحمد القرملي:
أين درست؟

درست بلبنان بجامعة سان جوزيف جامعة فرنسية كما درست أيضًا بجامعة ستانفورد الابتكار الاستراتيجي و إدارة الأعمال بجامعة جورج تاون لأغراض المتعددة أو إدارة الأعمال بالإنجليزية ، الإنجليزية للأغراض المتعددة أو إدارة الأعمال بالإنجليزية

أحمد القرملي:
ثم عملت كموظف بشركة مايكروسوفت أم بشركات أخرى؟

سامر شدياق:
قبل هذا لقد عملت بمايكروسوفت في و تخرّجت في عام 2001/ 2002إذن هناك فجوة فكانت لديّ شركتي و عملت بشركات أخرى كثيرة ثم أنشأت شركتي الأولى ثم الثانية ثم انتقلت إلى مايكروسوفت تركت مايكروسوفت ، اشتريت شركتي القديمة أنشأت شركة جديدة و ها أنا ذا الآن

أحمد القرملي:
حسنًا، كيف اكتشفت هذا الطريق من التحدُّث العام و التأليف ، عن طريق الكتب هل أحببت الطريقة التي يكوّن بها الكاتبون إرثًا لأنفسهم
و أردت أن تكون واحدًا مثلهم؟

سامر شدياق:
في الواقع الأمر يتعلّق بشكل أكبر بالمستخدّم فلنقل المستهلك بالنسبة لي يتعلق الأمر بكيفية الوصول إلى الناس الوصول للمجتمع بشكل عام لدي صلة خاصة بالمجتمع و أحب أن أعطي و أحب المشاركة فأيًا كان ما أعرفه أحب أن أقدّمه و أشاركه مع الآخرين لذا فتأليف الكتب كتابة المقالات و كتابة المدوّنات و النشرات ، كل هذا و التحدُّث في المؤتمرات كانت هذه طريقة بالنسبة لي للوصول إلى الجمهور الأكبرو خاصة في هذه المنطقة فأنا لبناني الجنسية و أعمل في حوالي أو دولة إذن فالوصول إلى هذا الجمهور بلغته الأصلية ، اللغة العربية كان ذلك شيء أفتخر به حقًا و عن طريق كتبي أصل إلى جمهور أكبر ، فمثلًا في المؤتمرات أتحدّث حول العالم و لكن أركّز بشكل أساسي على مينا الشرق الأوسط و شمال أفريقيا و تُباع كتبي في جميع أنحاء العالم فأرى مبيعات في ألمانيا و إيطاليا في أستراليا، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية و كندا و هذا دائمًا جيد

أحمد القرملي:

ما الذي منحك أقصى مصداقية التحدُّث أم كتبك ما الذي منحك أفضل ظهور؟

سامر شدياق:
يعتمد الأمر على الموضوع نفسه، فلن تكون خبيرًا فقط بشكل عام تكون خبيرًا في مجال معيّن يوجد لدي العديد من المجالات
ليس الكثير فلنقل ثلاثة أو أربعة لدي خبرة أكبر بها ، و بشكل أساسي النتائج التي أحققها، فلنقل في مجال إدارة الوقت لدي إنتاجية بشكل عام و هذا هو الهدف من برنامجك فبالإضافة إلى تأليف الكتب و المقالات عنها ، أقوم بتدريب الكثير من الأشخاص حققت العديد من النتائج و حياتي الخاصة كانت مثالًا مثبتًاعلى أنني جيد في إدارة وقتي و أشياء أخرى مثل الابتكار مثلًا لأن لديّ الكثير من الخبرة
في هذا المجال، فلقد عملت في المنطقة بأسرها في إدارة الابتكارات الاستراتيجية للدول الكبرى مثل مصر، تونس، المغرب و قطر
فأعمل مع أشخاص على مستوى مع شركات متعددة الجنسيات في وضع استراتيجيات الابتكار و التعليم من خلال الأمثلة إذن فالأمر يعتمد بشكل أساسي على سمعتك في أي وقت تنجح فيه المرةالأولى ، الثانية، الثالثة فتكون خبيرًا بهذا المجال بعد ذلك و الكتب أيضًا طريقة لإظهار ذلك

أحمد القرملي:
كيف قمت بالانتقال فقد عملت لشركة أنشأت شركتك الخاصة ثم ذهبت للعمل بمايكروسوفت ثم تركت العمل مرة أخرى ثم بدأت شركتك الخاصة كيف قمت بالتغيير من موظّف إلى رجل أعمال أو متحدّث عام و مؤلف و لم عملت كرجل أعمال ثم كموظف مرة أخرى ثم كمتحدّث عام و خبير؟

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا يا أحمد سأخبرك بقصة قصيرة و بناءًا على هذه القصة ستعرف الإجابة لأن هذا السؤال ظل يُطرَح عليّ فعندما كنت أعمل بمايكروسوفت اعتادوا أن يسألوني لماذا تركت العمل الحر و أتيت للعمل بمايكروسوفت و عندما تركت العمل بمايكروسوفت سألوني لماذا تركت مايكروسوفت لذا هذا أحد أكثر الأسئلة التي تُطرَح عليّ ها هي القصة التي أريد أن أحكيها لك و لمشاهديك بالبرنامج ، عندما كنت شابًا في العشرينات من عمري كنت لا أزال بالجامعة و كان لديّ تطلُّع عندما أكون في الخامسة و الثلاثين أن تكون لديّ شركتي الخاصة أن أكون المدير العام لشركة خاصة بي ووضعت هدفًا صارمًا لنفسي فقلت في الثلاثين أريد أن أكون المدير العام لشركتي الخاصة بشكل فيه تحدى كبيرو قلت حسنًا بعد خمس سنوات أريد أن أنتقل للعمل بشركة متعددة الجنسيات مثل أوراكل ، آي بي إم أو مايكروسوفت و ما إلى ذلك عندما كنت بالعشرينات كانت هذه الأحلام طموحة للغاية لأن مصطلح رجل الأعمال الحرة لم يكن معتاد
فكان على الأشخاص أن يشتروا مقرًا للشركة أو يستأجروه يعيّنوا موظفين لم يكن سهلًا على الإطلاق فكان طموحًا أن تحلم بهذه الطريقة
بدأت حلمي و تصوّرت شركتي بل قمت بإنشاء مواقع إفتراضية ساذجة و قلت هذه شركتي و كان اسمها كيف تكون محترفًاو عندما بلغت الخامسة و العشرين أُتيحت لي الفرصة لإنشاء تلك الشركة و قد كنت أعمل بالفعل بشركة اتصالات في لبنان و كانت لدي فرصة كبيرة حقًا في مشروع إنشاء شركتي لذا تخلّيت عن استقراري في شركة الاتصالات ثم انتقلت و أنشأت شركتي

أحمد القرملي:
ما كان مجال تخصُّص الشركة؟

سامر شدياق:
كانت متخصصة في الإعلانات و التسويق لل آي تي فهي وكالة إعلانات أو وكالة و لكن بشكل خاص لشركات التكنولوجيا مثل مايكروسوفت سيسكو و هكذا اعتدنا القيام بالحملات الخاصة بها و كل أعمال التسويق و الإعلانات إذن فقد انتقلت و انشأت شركتي
الخاصة فكنت مدير عام و أنا في الخامسة والعشرين و كانت هذه قفزة ضخمة تجاه ما أريد تحقيقه حقًا حيث قررت أن أدير شركتي الخاصة في الثلاثينات و بدلًا من هذا أنشأتها و أنا في الخامسة و العشرين و بعد ثلاث سنوات و كانت تسمى إتش تي برو و تشير إلى
كيف تكون احترافيًا ، كانت ناجحة للغاية و حققت أرباحًا جيدة معقولة للغاية مع عملاء عبر موقعًا تقريبًا كان هذا جيدًا ، و كان عميلنا الأساسي مايكروسوفت و لقد استفادت من خبرتي للغاية فقد كنت في السابعة و العشرين من عمري فقالوا حسنًا أنت تعرف العمل
و لديك عمل ناجح للغاية و تناسب المكان هناك و بالنظر إلى ما أردت أن أكون أن تكون لدي شركتي في الثلاثين و أن
أنتقل في الخامسة و الثلاثين فقد كان الأمر يتوافق مع ما أردته لذا انتقلت من شركتي إلى مايكروسوفت

أحمد القرملي:
ما المنصب الذي تولّيته؟

سامر شدياق:
في منصة التطوير ، الجانب التقني فقد كنت مستشار و استراتيجي لسبب كبير و بعد ثلاث سنوات من هذا عندما بلغت الثلاثين و احتفلت بيوم ميلادي السعيد و بالنظر إلى الماضي قلت واو لقد وصلت إلى هدف الخامسة و الثلاثين الخاص بي و أنا لازلت في الثلاثين و اكتشفت أن هذا كان رائعًا

أحمد القرملي:
ما هو عمرك الآن؟

سامر شدياق:

الخامسة أو الرابعة و الثلاثين نعم، أنا في الخامسة و الثلاثين في الثلاثين نظرت إلى حياتي و وجدت أنني حقّقت معظم الأهداف التي حدّدتها عندما كنت في العشرين بشكل رائع و بطريقة جيدة للغاية و الآن ماذا؟ أنا أعيش حلم سامر و هو في العشرين فحان الوقت تقريبًا للانتقال إلى حلم آخر ، حلم سامر الذي يبلغ الثلاثين

أحمد القرملي:
لقد مدّدت حلمك

سامر شدياق:
بالضبط حينها عندما نظرت إلى حياتي كان عليّ أن أقدّم الكثير من التضحيات فقد ركّزت بشدة على أن أكون ناجحًا في شركتي ، في مايكروسوفت و إلخ

أحمد القرملي:
إذن فقد استمرت شركتك ، لم تقم ببيعها

سامر شدياق:
لقد بعت شركتي بعدها ثم انتقلت إلى مايكروسوفت أتعلم ، لذا حتى في ذلك الوقت عندما نظرت إلى حياتي وجدت أنني عملت بشكل شاق للغاية و لكنني ضحيت بالكثير من الأشياء فقد كنت ناجحًا في جانب واحد فقط لكن على المستوى الشخصي لم تكن حياتي رائعة لذا قلت لنفسي لا أريد أن أعيش هذا النوع من الحياة أكسب الكثير من المال و أقتني كل شيء لكن ليس لدي حياة رائعة حقًا لذا قلت لنفسي حسنًا أحتاج إلى تغيير كل هذا و كنت قد ألّفت بالفعل الكتاب الأول و الثاني و لكن لم يكن لديّ الوقت لنشره لذا اتخّذت قرارًا شديد الجرأة
بترك مايكروسوفت و السعي وراء حلم جديد حلم سامر في عام أو و أنشأت كويك ريفريش و هي شركة إدارية و استشارية في مجال الابتكارات

أحمد القرملي:
ما نوع الخدمات التي تقدّمونها في كويك ريفريش؟
سامر شدياق:
تعتمد في الأساس على الابتكارات و لكن بجعل الابتكارات خارج تطوير، تسويق و مبيعات المنتج التعليم، النظم ، العمليات هناك كلمة واحدة الابتكار و لكن هناك العديد من المستويات

أحمد القرملي:
بالإنجليزية البسيطة كيف يمكننا تعريف الابتكار للجمهور؟

سامر شدياق:
بالإنجليزية البسيطة كيف نعرّف الابتكارات للجمهور ، هذا سؤال جيد في الواقع الابتكار هو كيف أشرح هذا أن تكون مبتكرًا في الواقع هو أن يكون لديك هناك فرق بين الابتكار و الإبداع بالمناسبة لهؤلاء الذين لا يعرفون ، يأتي الإبداع حيث يكون لديك كل شيء في العالم و تخلق شيئًا جديدًا إذن إذا كان الشيء جديد لم تره من قبل فهذا إبداع أما الابتكار فهو شيء لديك بالفعل و لكنك تقوم به بطرق جديدة

أحمد القرملي:
إذن يأتي الابتكار عادةعندما تستخدّم ما لديك بالفعل لخلق شيء أفضل أو مختلف يكون الابتكار مرتبطًا بصورة أكبر بالتطوير و الإبداع بالتفرُّد شيء من هذا القبيل؟

سامر شدياق:
نعم، إلى حدٍ ما شيء ما يمكنك البناء عليه لتطويره و تجعله أكثر تقدُّمًا أو إنتاج أشياء أكثر نعم، يمكن أن يكون الأمر هكذا و عادة يأتي الإبداع مع تطوير المنتجات فعادة ما تقول قسم التطوير بشركة ما يصدر منتجًا ما فلنقل أن لديك الخدمات المصرفية مثلًا فسيكون المنتج المبتكر مثلًا بطاقة ائتمانية محزومة مع هدف آخر، لا أعلم شيء آخر لكن لن يكون شيء آخر خارج ما تقوم به صناعة البنوك
فلن يكون قسم جديد أو جزء جديد بنفس الأقسام و الخدمات لديهم يحزمونها و يضعونها في حزم
بطريقة جديدة ، بالضبط

أحمد القرملي:
حسنًا الآن في كويك ريفريش ، هل تركّز على كمستشار و متحدّث كيف تسوّق لخدمات الخاصة بكويك ريفريش؟

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا، كويك ريفريش في الأساس شركة استشارية لذا نعمل بمقاييس مختلفة و حيث أننا شركة صغيرة فلا يتجاوز عددنا السبعة
فنحن لسنا شركة ضخمة و لا نريد أن يزيد عددنا أتعلم عن ، أو شخص فلدينا أشخاص أكفّاء للغاية و كلٌ منهم متخصص في مجال معيّن واحدٌ في التخطيط ، واحدٌ في التسويق واحدٌ في المبيعات و آخر في تطوير المنتجات واحدٌ في التكنولوجيا ، إذن فأشخاص
قليلون لكن جميعًا نكوّن شركة الابتكار

أحمد القرملي:
هل موقعكم في دبي أم لبنان؟

سامر شدياق:
في الأصل تقع الشركة بلبنان و لكننا أقمنا الآن في دبي منشأة قانونية بدبي و لكن لا تزال تقع في الأساس بلبنان

أحمد القرملي:
هل الخمسة أو ستة أشخاص يعملون دون اتصال على الانترنت أم أن لديك فريق بالخارج أيضا؟

سامر شدياق:
الفريق الأساسي يكون بجواري دائما و لكن لدي أيضًا فريق إضافي فلدينا شبكات متعددة من خبراء كثيرين في مجالات مختلفة و يعتمد
الأمر بالكامل على المشروع، لأننا عادة ما نأخذ مشروعات كبيرة في بعض الأحيان فإذا أردت الذهاب إلى دولة لإنشاء

استراتيجية ضخمة لها قد أحتاج إلى شخص حاصل على الدكتوراة في الاقتصاد لذا لا يمكنني تعيين شخص ما بدوام كامل فقط من أجل
مشروع واحد و بالرغم من ذلك قد أعيّنه لثلاثة أشهر و لكن مع كتابة عقد يختلف الأمر ، فأقوم بالتعيين من من الخارج وفقًا للمشروع

أحمد القرملي:
و كيف تسوّق لذلك ، كيف تقوم بالتسوق لكويك ريفريش هل تستخدّم الاتصال عبر الهاتف ، عبر البريد الإلكتروني التسويق المشترك؟ هل لديك فريق للمبيعات يذهب للشركات و يطلّعها التسويق المشترك؟

سامر شدياق:
لا نستخدّم أيًا من هذه الطرق ، لا أقوم بالتسويق لشركتي بالمعنى الحرفي نعتمد على التزكية لأننا متاحون فكلما بحثت عن خبراء في
الابتكار سنظهر لك و لكننا لا نذهب لأن نوع السوق الذي تذهب إليه جزء متخصص مثل مايكروسوفت فهم يعرفونني و يعرفون شركتي منذ فترة طويلة ، الحكومات مثل الوزارات و إلخ عندما يبحثون يريدوا أن يجدوا شخصًا مرشحًا لا يبحثون فقط على جوجل
أتفهمني ، الأمر يعتمد دائمًا على التزكية بالإضافة إلى ذلك

أحمد القرملي:
نعم و لكن لبناء قاعدة بهذا المستوى و لتحصل على التزكيات هذا ما أريد أن يفهمه المشاهدون لأنه للوصول إلى هذه النقطة تحديدًا هو الأهم ، ثم يكون الباقي أمرًا سهلًا

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا، هذا ما نطلق عليه عندما نصل إلى الكتلة الحرجة ، لذا عندما تصل إلى الكتلة الحرجة تكون هذه النقطة الفاصلة في الواقع في العمل و بالنسبة للشركة أعني أنك في البداية أحيانًا للتواصل مع الأشخاص و تكوين شبكة معارف إلخ ، و تحاول إثبات نفسك و الوصول إلى تلك النقطة إذن لمن يشاهدوننا و لا يعرفون ما هي الكتلة الحرجة هي تتعلق بالفيزياء النووية هي الحالة التي تصدر فيها النواة طاقة كافية لتكوين نسخة مماثلة لها، ثم ستكوّن نسخة أخرى ثم نسخة أخرى بحيث تصبح الكتلة الحرجة جزءًا مستمرًا و هذه هي اللحظة التي تصل فيها إلى النقطة الثابتة في العمل ، و حينما تصل إلى تلك النقطة بعد عدة مشروعات ناجحة ستبدأ في الحصول على أشياء و ستسير الأمور بشكل جيد ، فإذا ذهبت إلى مؤتمر ما أعني أنك سيتم دعوتك لحضورالمؤتمرات ، لن تطلب أنت ذلك لن تقول أريد أن أتحدّث في مؤتمر هم سيقولون نريد متحدّث خبير في الابتكار و التعليم آه يوجد ثلاثة خبراء

أحمد القرملي:
إذن هل تظن أن مايكروسوفت لعبت دورًا كبيرًافي تأثيرك في البداية و التزكيات الخاصة بك و تقديمك لسوق الابتكار هذا و أنها شبه قفزة كمية أثرت في عملك في البداية ثم توليت أنت الأمر بعد ذلك؟

سامر شدياق:
بالتأكيد هناك فضل كبير لمايكروسوفت في ذلك و لكن لا يعني هذا أن الفضل كله يرجع لها فأنت تكون جيدًا بالفعل و يأتي راعي
للاستفادة بخدمتك لكن إذا لم تكن جيدًا و جاء راعي كبيرلا يمكنك الاستمرار لن تكون هناك استمرارية إذا لم تكن جيدًا أعني أنهم سيرسلون إليّ المشروع الأول و إذا لم أكن مؤهلًا لن يرسلوا إليّ أية مشروعات أخرى، فإذا تحدّثت مرة واحدة في مؤتمركبير و أفسدت الأمر لن يدعونني إلى مؤتمرات أخرى ، إذن فالأمر مركّب عليك أن تجد شركاء مناسبين شبكة مناسبة ، أن تكون جيدًا و تجد الشخص
المناسب، الهيئة المناسبة أو الشركة المناسبة التي سترعاك و تكبران معًا إذن فهي حزمة لا تتعلق فقط بأمر واحد

أحمد القرملي:
أرى أنك تركّز بصورة أكبر على السوق العربي هل هذه هي ميزتك التنافسية حيث أن هذه المنطقة ليست مزدحمة للغاية كالسوق الإنجليزي هل ترى أن هذا تخصصك؟
سامر شدياق:
لا يتعلق الأمر في الواقع بالازدحام و لكن العمل بالإنجليزية ليس الإنجليزي أعني العمل في سوق مختلف ليس هذا السوق يكون تنافسيًا و هناك كثيرة للأشخاص الجيدين و لكن أحد المميزات التي أمتلكها شخصيًا أنني أتحدّث العربية و مثل هؤلاء الأشخاص الذين لديهم خبرة يكونون في المعتاد من الغرب إما من أوروبا أو الولايات المتحدة و عندما يأتي هذا الخبير لا يكون من السهل عليه أن يفهموا ثقافتنا إلا إذا كنت عراقي أو لبناني يعيش في نيويورك ثم يأتي إلى هذه المنطقة للتحدث سيكون من الصعب للغاية لشخص يعيش
في تكساس مثلًا ثم يأتي إلى الجزائر ليعرض كيفية القيام بعمله ، لأنهم أولًاسينظرون إليك و يقولون لكنك لا تفهم ثقافتنا و لا
لا تفهم كيف يقوم العرب بالأمرلا تفهم ديننا و لا تفهم و لا تفهم

أحمد القرملي:
عذرًا على مقاطعتك هنا و لكن ألا تظن أن العقلية العربية ،الحكومة أو الشركات أنها تقدّر الخبراء الأجانب بشكل أكبر
و تفضّلهم على الخبراء العرب؟

سامر شدياق:
العقلية ، نعم بالطبع سيقومون بهذا دائمًا فإذا ذهبت إلى مؤتمر ما و وجدت أحمد يتحدّث و في الغرفة المجاورة مايكل، ستجد الأشخاص يقولون نحن هنا لمشاهدة مايكل لأن أحمد يمكننا مشاهدته دائمًا غير أن الأمر يختلف إذا كنت ذاهبًا فقط للاستماع لشخص يتحدّث فهذا جانب و إذا كنت تريد أن يرس هذا الشخص أو هذا الفريق خطة لشركتك فهذا شيء آخر فأنت تريد أن ترى نتائج فقد جئت بهذا الفريق و دفعت لهم الكثير من المال ثم لم ينتجوا لأنهم لم يفهموا ، في نهاية اليوم التقط بعض الصور بجوارهم، لكنك تريد رؤية نتائج لذا فوجهة نظري في هذا الموضوع أنك تحتاج إلى فريق و ليس فقط شخص واحد إذا كنت تبحث عن شخص فأبحث عن شخص ترتاح في التحدُّث إليه فعندما أدرّب مديرًا إذا لم يكن يتكلّم الإنجليزية مثلًا أو عندما أذهب إلى شمال إفريقيا مثلًا ، يوجد الكثير من الأشخاص يفهمون العربية الفرنسية و لكن لا يفهمون الإنجليزية بسهولة لذا إذا أحضرت لهم أفضل خبير إنتاجي في الولايات ولم يتمكّن من التواصل معهم
سيكون الأمر سيئًا ولكن إذا تحدّثنا عن فريق، أحيانًا فلديّ خبير أمريكي بفريقي و آخر لبناني و آخر مصري و آخرون كل هؤلاء سيضيفون نوعًا من الطابع الخاص، أو على الأقل هكذا أرى الأمر

أحمد القرملي:
كيف ترى الفرق بين سوق التحدُّث العربي و الأجنبي بشكل عام؟

سامر شدياق:
إن سوق التحدُّث بالعربية سوق ضخم فلا يقتصر فقط على الدول التي تتحدّث العربية و لكن يشمل كل هذه المنطقة ، الشرق الأوسط و أفريقيا بشكل عام و في كل مكان في أوروبا و الولايات كل هذه الدول لديها اقتصاد قوي و لكنها كانت تعمل لفترات طويلة للغاية متطوّرة بالفعل أما في منطقتنا خاصة أفريقيا ، إذا نظرت إليها ستجد أن الجميع يحاول أن يأتي إليها فهناك الكثيرمن الموارد غير المكتشفة من
جانب العمل، الإنتاج الصناعات و إلخ .... النفط العديد من الأشياء تحدث في هذه المنطقة لذا هناك سوق كبير و بالطريقة التي أراها
إذا كنت في الوسط بين الغرب و الشرق إذا كنت تفهم ثقافة الغرب و ثقافة الشرق ، الشرق الأوسط ستكون في وضع جيد للغاية حينها

أحمد القرملي:
هل ترى أن العقلية بشركات الشرق الأوسط تتغير فيما يخص التعليم و التدريب فطالما كان الحال أننا نعرف كل شيء دائما و لا نحتاج إلى شخص لنصحنا فليست لدينا ثقافة المستشارين أو الناصحين هل ترى أن هذا يتغيّر من خلال عملك؟

سامر شدياق:
في الواقع أجد الحالتين لأنني عملت كثيرًا في مجال التعليم فهناك الكثير من الأمور اليوم في التعليم لم تكن متوفّرة من قبل و يوجد تطور أيضًا في صناعات أخرى فلا توجد إجابة بنعم أو لا يمكنني أن أقولها لك لا زلنا لا نرى شخص يحمل كتابًا في المترو و لكنك تراهم يحملون الهاتف و أحيانًا يلعبون ، و أحيانًا يقرأون لكنك ترى في فرنسا ترى الناس يسيرون في المترو و القطارات حاملين الكتب لذا فثقافة لا تزال مفقودة هنا و هناك دراسة قرأتها أن متوسط معدّل قراءة الشخص العربي دقائق في العام و في الفيس بوك و مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي تقرأ أكثر قليلًا و لكن هذا لا يزال تصفُّحًا فأنت لا تفتح كتاب و تقرأ إذن فالعقلية لا زالت لا تنمو في الاتجاه الصحيح أما التعليم من جانب آخر فدخلت به المزيد من التكنولوجيا المزيد من الأشياء تحدُّث و لكن الفصل نفسه لم يتغيّرلذا يمكنني القول بأننا لم نتغيّر بعد

أحمد القرملي:
كيف من وجهة نظرك يمكننا تغيير هذا، هل باستهداف العادات، كيف يمكننا تغيير ذلك؟

سامر شدياق:
إنه مزيج من الأشياء ، بالطبع علينا تغيير العادات بالتأكيد و لكن في الوقت نفسه يحاول الأشخاص تقليد أو محاكاة الآخرين فمثلا
لقد قاموا بهذا في فرنسا فلنقم به في قطر لقد قاموا بذلك في سنغافورة فلنقم به في البحرين المحاكاة أو فلنقل نسخ الأشياء لا يعني بالضرورة أنها ستنجح فنحتاج إلى استهداف السبب الأساسي للمشكلة و العمل عليه ثم سيحدث الأمر و أرى الأمر يحدث لأنك تجد من يتحدّثون الإنجليزية الآن مرة أكثر مما كنت تجدهم من قبل على سبيل المثال إذن فالأمر يتغيّر ، فتجد أشخاصًا يستخدّمون الهواتف المحمولة و التكنولوجيا أكثر من ذي قبل ، أشخاص مثل والديك و والدي لم يستخدّمو تلك الأدوات عندما كانوا في عمرنا إذن فهناك تقدُّم و تطور و لكن نحتاج فقط إلى أن نعرف كيف نستغلها للأفضل لقد ألّفت كتابًا بعنوان القواعد العشرة التي لا تنكسر لإدارة الوقت

أحمد القرملي:
بشكل مختصر ما هي القواعد العشرة لإدارة الوقت التي لا يمكن كسرها؟

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا، عندما كنت في مايكروسفت اعتدت على تغطية مناطق كثيرة و دول متعددة فقد كانت الإنتاجية عالية بالنسبة لي فلنقل أنني أردت أكون أكثر إناتجًا و لم أكن أعرف كيف، لذا بدأت البحث في إدارة الوقت و كيف يمكنني أن أصبح أكثر إنتاجا لذا فالعشرة قواعد لإدارة الوقت عبارة عن تلخيص للقواعد التي نجحت و التي لم تنجح من كل أنحاء العالم في عشر قواعد بسيطة و عندما نظرت إلى إدارة الوقت وجدت أنه ليس فقط تقنية ما لكنه مفهوم كبيرفأحيانًا لا يكون الأمر فقط أنك عندما تقوم بشيء بطريقة ما يجعلك هذا أكثر إنتاجًا
فإذا لم تعرف أين تذهب مثلًا حتى و إن كانت لديك أسرع سيارة لن يفيدك هذا ، إذن فلديك الأداة يمكنك الذهاب إلى أي مكان تريده بأقصى سرعة لكن إذا لم تكن تعرف أين تذهب هذا شيء آخر، و إذا لم تكن تعرف قيمتك فلن تقدّر أهمية وقتك لذا فالعشر قواعد في الواقع هي أولًا تحتاج أن تحترم الوقت و ما أعنيه باحترام الوقت هو فهم قيمة الوقت و وقتك و التوقيت و إلخ و كيفية اتخاذ القرار فأحيانًا يكون عدم اتخاذ القرار الصحيح أو عدم اتخاذ قرار على الإطلاق سببًا في مشاكل بالإنتاجية القاعدة الثالثة كانت لا أذكرها الآن بترتيب محدّد القاعدة الثالثة هي إعادة تعريف وقت الفراغ فهناك الكثير من الوقت الضائع الذي قد تستغله للقيام بأشياء أخرى و بشكل أساسي كيف يمكنك القيام بمهمة ما على حساب مهمة أخرى لهذا هو وقت فراغ فعندما تقوم بمهمة ما يتم الدفع لك مقابل وقتك عن
طريق هذه المهمة إذا قمت بمهمة أخرى في نفس الوقت فهذا الوقت فارغ للقيام بشيء آخر فإذا كنت تقود و تستمع إلى
كتاب صوتي في الوقت نفسه فتكون القيادة ما يستغرق الوقت و لكن إذا استمعت إلى شيء آخر لا يُعطّل القيادة فهذا وقت فارغ للقيام بشيء آخر

أحمد القرملي:
حسنًا بحيث نزيد الوقت للقيام بأكثر من مهمة

سامر شدياق:
بالضبط، فوضع أهداف لماذا تريد القيام بهذا كيف تريد القيام بهذا، أين تذهب هذه أحد القواعد ، قاعدة أخرى هي توقّف عن استعمال عقلك و هي قاعدة مشوّقة للغاية فبعد الكثير من الأبحاث فكل منّا يحب الاحتفاظ بأشياء في رأسه فنحن نصارع لنتذكّر أنني مثلًا
أحتاج إلى شراء الشامبوأحتاج إلى مذاكرة هذا و أحتاج إلى الرد على تلك الرسائل ، تحتفظ بكل هذا في عقلك و في لحظة ما يصارع عقلك ليتذكّر كل هذا إذن فتوقّف عن استخدام عقلك يعني استغل حاسوبك أو هاتفك المحمول أو قائمة المهمات الخاصة بك و قم بتفريغ ما في عقلك بها

أحمد القرملي:
إذن فأنت تعني بدلًا من الاحتفاظ بها في عقلي ، استخدّم أداة للحفظ على الحاسوب

سامر شدياق:
نعم لأن هناك نوعان من لن أقول العقل و لكن الذاكرة فهناك ذاكرة طويلة المدى و ذاكرة قصيرة المدى إذن فالذاكرة قصيرة المدى لا تسمح لك بالاحتفاظ بأكثر من ثمانية أشياء في وقت واحد فكلما جاء شيء جديد ستقفز واحدة من الأشياء الثمانية إلى الذاكرة طويلة المدى غير المحدودة غير أنك إذا واصلت الصراع لتذكُّر هذه الأشياء الثمانية أنك تريد شراء الشامبو أو البقالة و تلك اثنين أو ثلاثة ثم العمل
على نفس المهمة ثم شيء آخر فأنت في الواقع ترهق ذهنك إذن فعندما تزيل كل شيء لا تحتاج إلى تذكُّره ضعه في مكان يمكنك الوصول إليه بحيث تتيح لنفسك مساحة أكبر للتفكير

أحمد القرملي:
لكن هذا للمعلومات و لكن كيف يمكنك إيقاف عقلك عن العمل مثلًا بالنسبة لي لدي مشكلة في النوم لأنني لا يمكنني إيقاف عقلي عن التفكير، أستمر بالتفكير

سامر شدياق:
التفكير يختلف عن استخدام عقلك في شيء آخر و لكن في العادة فكّر في عقلك كالضوضاء فكل تلك المعلومات داخل عقلك
ضوضاء و الطريقة الوحيدة لإسكات تلك الضوضاء هي تغيير مكانها من عقلك إلى مكان آخرفلنقل مثلًا أنك فتحت ملحوظة
تقول تذكّر أن تقوم بهذا ثم ذهبت للنوم ، هذا الشيء تحديدًا لأنك كتبته فلن يصارع عقلك ليظل متذكّرًا لذا ستكون خارج
ذهنك و مدوّنة في شيء ما تمامًا كرقم هاتفك فأنت لا تتذكّر تقريبًا أيًا من أرقام هواتف أصدقائك لأنه كلها محفوظة على هاتفك
بالرغم أنك منذ حوالي أو كان عليك أن تتذكر أرقام أصدقائك و رقم هاتفك و إلخ و لكن بعد فترة عندما أصبح لديك جهاز يحفظها
كلها لا تحتاج إلى تذكُّرها بعد الآن فلن تطاردك قبل النوم و ثلاثة قواعد أخرى واحدة منها في الواقع هي استخدام التكنولوجيا كما كنّا نقول منذ قليل ، استخدام التكنولوجيا لصالحك فلدينا الكثير و الكثير من التكنولوجيا و الأجهزة التي يمكننا استخدامها لتحسين حياتنا و لا يقوم الكثير من الأشخاص باستخدامها فهم يستخدمون الكثير من الورق بدلًا من التكنولوجيا ، ويعتمد الأمر عليهما معًا و لكن أحد القواعد في الواقع هي استخدام التكنولوجيا لصالحك واحدة أخرى هي التنظيم تنظيم كل شيء بل حتى تنظيم مقاطعة الأشخاص لك كل هذا و هناك قاعدة تسمى تعامل كم لو كان و هذه قاعدة مشوّقة للغاية فلنقل أن لديك هاتف محمول و هاتفك لا يزال به من %10 إلى20 % فقط من شحن البطارية و ليس لديك أي مصدر طاقة لشحنه لمدة ساعتين تاليتين في هذه الحالة لن تلعب لعبة كاندي كراش و تستهلك الشحن المتبقي فستوفرهذا الشحن للقيام بأهم الأشياء إذن فقاعدة تعامل كما لو أن إذا غيّرت فقط الطريقة التي تنظر به كأن تقول حسنًا الآن حاسوبي بدون شاحن إذن أحتاج إلى إنهاء المهمات اليوم، الآن و خلال الساعة القادمة و إلا ، إذن فقاعدة تعامل كما لو
أن ستغيّر تفكيرك تجاه الأشياء و القاعدة الأخيرة هي نعم يمكنك أن تقول لا إذن يمكنك قول لا للأشياء السلبية و أحيانًا لبعض الأشياء الجيدة أحيانًا تحتاج إلى قول لا لبعض الأشياء الجيدة لأنها ستأخذ جزءًا من وقتك ستقسمك، لن تقسمك ستحوّلك في اتجاه بعيد عن هدفك، فلنقل أنك تتسلق شجرة إذا أردت أن تصل إلى القمة قد تبعدك الثمار عن هدفك بحيث تذهب إليها ثم لن يمكنك الذهاب إلى القمة
مباشرة عليك إعادة التسلّق مرة أخرى ، وهذا ضياع للوقت فأحيانًا تحتاج إلى قول لا للثمار لا للفرص الجيدةلأنها لا تسير في الطريق الذي تريده و هو كتاب مشوّق سأرسل إليك نسخة منه أريد أن أسألك عن استراتيجية تسويق المحتوى لديك فأرى أنك تدخل على مدوّنات مختلفة تستخدّم مدوّنات مختلفة فلا تعتمد على مكان واحد فقط

أحمد القرملي:
أريد فهم استراتيجية المحتوى في هذا أم أنك لا تركّز كثيرًا على الانترنت و تركّز بشكل أكبر على التزكيات فليس لديك استراتيجية محتوى واضحة على الانترنت؟

سامر شدياق:
بالمناسبة فأنا مخطّط منذ وقت طويل، فحياتي تتعلق بالتخطيط فلا تفكّر أبدًا أنني أقوم بأي شيء فقط، فدائمًا لدي شيء لأفعله فهناك رابط هناك في مكان ما قد لا تراه ولكن بالتأكيد هناك شيء ما فعندما قلت لك القصة الأولى عن أهدافي عندما أصل إلى الثلاثين الآن و قد وصلت إلى الأربعين إذن فالجزء الأول من عمري كان يتعلّق ببناء حياتي من الجانب العملي و الشخص و هكذا فقد كنت أركّز على نفسي أما الآن فالعشرة أعوام القادمة ستتعلق بالتأثير في حياة الآخرين فهذه أحد الأشياء التي أهدف إليها أريد أن أؤثر بشكل إيجابي
في حياة الآخرين ، أريد أن أرد هذا للمجتمع كل هذه الأشياء لذا أنشات ال إن إي أوز و أنشأت و حركات لذا فأجزاء من المدوّنات

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي ال إن إي أوز؟

سامر شيدياق:
هي مؤسسات غير حكومية مثل الجمعيات جمعيات غير ربحية ، لذا أنشأت الجمعيات غير الربحية و الحركات وغيرها لمنح المجتمع للتأثير بشكل إيجابي بالطبع في الآخرين على سبيل المثال فأنا أدوّن بشكل أسبوعي على نصيحة الاثنين و نشرة التحفيز من سبع دقائق
هي في الواقع مشروع و هي رائعة للغاية و سأحدّثك عنها بعد ثانية ولكن كل ما أقوم به فيه جزء يتعلق بمشروع معيّن
بجمهور معيّن أو هدف معيّن ليس .. لا أعلم استمر سنصل إلى هذه النقطة فيما بعد

أحمد القرملي:
إذن السفن إم إم سفن إم إم صحيح؟ اسم النشرة ،ما الفكرة وراء الاسم هل تصدر بشكل أسبوعي لأنني لم أرَ نشرة أسبوعية على الانترنت ربما لا أعلم ، ربما لديك عقد مع الراديو أو شخص ما لنشرها هناك أو كيف تقوم بالأمر

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا ، دعني أحكي لك قصة تحفيز السبع دقائق فتحفيز السبع دقائق مشروع مكتمل بالفعل فلم يعد مشروعًا نشطًا و اعتدنا على نشره في كل أسبوع مثلًا في يوم الاثنين إذن بدأ المشروع منذ بضعة أعوام كل أسبوع لسبعة أشهر قمنا بسبعة عشر حلقة فقد كان الأمر مخطط له و بعد انتهائنا من ذلك ألفنا كتابًا عنها و سأخبرك بالقصة وراء كل هذا و سجّلنا حلقات إضافية و تم نشر الحلقة الأخيرة في
التاسع و العشرين ... في الشهر الماضي
في السابع ، نعم

أحمد القرملي:
أين قمت بالنشر، هل قمت بالنشر على آي تيونز ، على الراديو هل لديك عقد، أين اعتدت على نشر هذا؟

سامر شدياق:
أنا أقوم بنشره، فلدي نشر مباشرللنشرة و هي على آي تيونز و لا تزال هناك أما الكتاب فيتم بيعه في كل مكان على أمازون ، بارنز آند نوبل فيزيكال كل منها

أحمد القرملي:
أيًا منها نجح بشكل أكبر ، ليمنحك جمهور أكبر و مصداقية أكبر لبيع الكتاب أو غيره من المنتجات

سامر شدياق:
سأوقفك قليلًا عند هذه النقطة و سأخبرك لماذا مشروع تحفيز السبع دقائق و ستفهم كل شيء عنه إذن كجزء من المسئولية الشخصية
غير الربحية تجاه المجتمع قمت بإنشاء مشروع اسمه وايت كوزيز وايت كوزيز ، و وايت كوزيز في الواقع حيث تنشيء مشروع ما و تجعله ناجحًا أو أي شيء ثم تقوم ببيع هذا المشروع بحيث يحقّق أرباحًا و تذهب هذه الأرباح إلى قضية ما ، قضية نبيلة تشبه بالعربية كلمة صدقة جارية

أحمد القرملي:
نعم، أعمال خيرية
سامر شدياق:
لقد قمت بالعديد من الأنشطة في هذا المجال و لدي الكثير من الشغف تجاه قضية فقد السمعلذا ما قمت به و خاصة عندما قمت
بتحفيز السبع دقائق أنني عندما قمت بها كانت منطوقة فقررت ابتكار منتج كجزء من مبادرةالوايت كوزيز و هذا المنتج أردت أن
أتبرّع به و كل الأرباح تذهب إلى هذه الشريحةو لهذا هي نشرة ثم الكتاب فالنشرة مجانية و هي باللغة العربية لأن الناس يريدون القليل جدًا غير النشرات الدينية أو السياسية فقليل فلا توجد أيًا من هذه النشرات بالعربية إذن سيستمع الناس إليها مجانًا سيشترون الكتاب و الأرباح في الواقع أي شيء يأتي من الكتاب يذهب إلى مبادرة فاقدي السمع فتذهب إلى علاج هؤلاء الأشخاص ، إذن لديّ هذا الكتاب و سيستمر و يستمر و حتى الفعاليات فستأتي منه فهي كتيد سيكون هناك فعاليات من سبع دقائق و كل الأرباح ستذهب إلى تلك المبادرة
و لكننا لم نطلّقها بعد لأنها تحدُّث شيئًا فشيئًا

أحمد القرملي:
ينبغي أن تتعاون مع محمد الوزير إن كنت تعرفه فقد بدأ مشروعًا متعلّق بالصم نوع من الأجهزة التي يستخدمونها في المطارات شيء من هذا القبيل يقوم بابتكار أجهزة معينة خاصة لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة
كيف تكتب بكفاءة ، هل لديك مؤلف ، هل تكتب بنفسك هل تُملي الكتاب ثم تقوم بتدوينه؟

سامر شدياق:
في الأساس و فقط لمعلوماتك لم يستغرق أيًا من كتبي أقل من سنتين أو ثلاثة لكتابته لقد ألّفت بالفعل ستة كتب حتى الآن و هناك ثلاثة آخرين قيد التنفيذ حاليًا و قد بدأت الكتابة منذ حوالي أو عامًا إذن فقد استغرق كل كتاب سنوات لاستكماله

أحمد القرملي:
إذن يعني الأمر أنك تؤلف أكثر من كتاب في وقت واحد؟

سامر شدياق:
و لكنني لا أركّز مع كتاب واحد و حتى أنتهي منه ثم أبدأ في الجديد فكلما خطرت فكرة ما في رأسي ابدأ الكتابة فيها قليلًا ثم أتركها ثم فيما بعد إذا كان لدي شيء أضيفه أو عند القيام بالبحث هناك كتاب سأطلّقه ربما هذا العام أو القادم و قد استغرق أعوام حرفيًا من البحثو يتعلق بسيكلوجيا الإدراك و سيكولوجيا السلوك و تأثير المعلومات على سلوك الناس يطلق عليه الآن و قد عرفت و هو كتاب كبير ، فمثلًا
كتاب الموازنة بين الحياة و العمل استغرق مني ثماني سنوات للانتهاء منه و الموازنة بين الحياة و العمل كتاب ألّفته، إذن فكل كتاب يأخذ الكثير من الوقت و الكتب التي تحتوي على شخصيات مثل الروايات وغيرها تكون معظمها معتمدة على شخصيات واقعيةفلا أقوم بابتكارها

أحمد القرملي:
إذن هل تعتبر نفسك كاتبً واقعيًا أم خياليًا؟ أو تمزج بين كلاهما، أيًا منهما تفضّله؟

سامر شدياق:
على سبيل المثال كتاب الموازن بين الحياة و العمل فهو كتاب واقعي مكتوب بطريقة خيالية مثل كتاب مدير لدقيقة أو من حرّك الجبن الخاص بي؟ قصة خيالية و لكنها في الواقع حقيقية

أحمد القرملي:
إذن كيف تخطّط لكتابك ، ما هي الخطة التي تتبعها؟ هل تكتب ملاحظاتك ثم تبدأ الكتابة أم تملي الملاحظات كيف تكوّن كل كتاب؟

سامر شدياق:
في الواقع لقد ذهب كل كتاب من هذه الكتب في اتجاه مختلف آسف على مقاطعتك هنا و لكن كأنني أؤلف كتاب هنا و أتعلّم من عملية التأليف فقد أغيّر خطتي عند تأليفي للكتاب القادم لأنني تعلّمت الكثير من خلال العملية

أحمد القرملي:
ما الذي تعلّمته من تلك الكتب و ما أهم خطة للكتابة اكتشفتها خلال رحلة الكتابة الخاصة بك؟

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا، شيء واحد بالتأكيد هو أنه ليس هناك طريقة للقيام بالأمر أو ليس هناك طريقة صحيحة للقيام بالأمرأحيانًا كنت أظن أن هذا الكتاب
لأنه استغرق مني سنوات سيكون ناجحًا و يستغرق كتاب آخر ثلاث سنوات فقط و أقول أنه الأسهل من بين كل كتبي و هذا الكتاب بالتحديد لاقى نجاحًا هائلًا فلا يزال الناس مثلًا يقرأون كتاب العشر قواعد لإدارة الوقت فقد كان أفضل كتاب محليًا و لا يزال الناس يتحدّثون عنه و قد كان أقل كتبي من ناحية البحث الخاص يه و غيره فهو كتاب صغير بالرغم من ذلك فالكتب الأخرى التي وقت و مجهود أكثر لم تلاقي رواجًا كذلك الكتاب لذا ليست هناك طريقة واحدة فعلية للقيام بالأمر فقط قم بما ترتاح في القيام به و حرفيًا ما ترتاح في القيام به فعندما قابلت المحررة التي جاءت لتحرير كتاب العشر قواعد لإدارة الوقت قالت لي أسلوبك سهل للغاية فهؤلاء الذين يكتبون كتبًا واقعية يكتبون بطريقة أكثر تعقيدًا و قالت أن هناك خط رفيع فقد لا يحبه الناس أو يرتبطوا به ، فقلت لها حرريه بالطريقة التي كتبته بها بالضبط و كان هذا الكتاب شديد النجاح فقد قمت بمراهنة و كنت مرتاحًا لهذه المراهنة ، و قلت أنني أقوم بالتدريب على إدارة الوقت
و أسوأ سيناريو هو أنني سأوزع الكتاب مجانًا ، ولكنني مرتاح هذا أسلوبي و هكذا حدث الأمر

أحمد القرملي:
هل قمت بنشر أيًا من الكتب أم أنك نشرت معظمها بنفسك؟ أخبرني عن تلك التجربة بين النشر و النشر الذاتي؟

سامر شدياق:
لدي كتب تم نشرها، لدي عقود بعض الكتب فلدي كتب منشورة بالفعل تحت أسماء مستعارة ، ليست كل كتبي فهناك كتب أخرى كتبتها و لكن تحت اسم مختلف لذا ربما تعرفها في المستقبل و لدي كتب كثيرة نشرتها بنفسي كما أنني استكشف منصة جديدة تقوم بتمويل الكتب سأسير أيضًا في هذا الاتجاه لاختباره و قد أختبره هذا العام لذا نعم أجمع بين الطريقتين و الفرق بين النشر بنفسك أو الاستعانة بناشر هو في الواقع يعتمد على مدى معرفتك بتأليف الكتب فمثلًا بالنسبة لي فأنا على علم بالتسويق في الداخل و الخارج لدي مصممين و فريقي و أعلم كيف أبيع كيف أنشر كيف أظهر على الإعلام إذا كنت تعرف كل هذا لأن هذا هو ما سيقدّمه لك الناشر فبالنسبة لمؤلف لن يزيد الأمر عن هذا ، سيقدّم لك محرّر و يصمموا الغلاف و الصور الداخلية سيطبعون الكتاب و يشحنوه و بالطبع لديهم علاقات و هكذا و لكن حتى إذا جئتهم وقد قمت بكل هذا فسقومون بالنشر من أجلك ، إذن فالأمر مماثل إذا كنت تعرف ما تقوم به ، أما إذا لم تكن نعرف ما تقوم به و كنت تستعين بالناشر للمرة الأولى فهذا مقبول لأنك على أية حال ستقوم ب% من الكتاب

أحمد القرملي:
إذا كان لديك خيار الآن بين أن تستعين بناشر لنشر كتابك القادم أو تنشره بنفسك أي طريقة ستستخدّمها ، فأنت على علم بالتسويق و التصميم و كيف تستعين بناشر و إتمام كتاب كامل لكن من خلال معرفتي يتعلّق النشر بالتوزيع و هذا هو الجزء الأصعب في الأمر أكثر من التصميم و التعديل و تلك الأشياء فالتوزيع يجعلك تظهر في محلات الكتب فحاليًا تتغير الصناعة إلى أمازون و إي بوكس و أوديو بوكس و كل هذه الأجهزة التي تسمح لك بقراءة الكتب و لكن لا الناشر هو الطريقة التي تدخلك محلات الكتب و ربما تحقق
مكاسب أقل ، ولكن هذا ما يمنحك المصداقية أي طريقة ستختار إذا كان لديك الخيارين و أنت تعلم التسويق و كيف تقوم بالتعديل ؟

سامر شدياق:
أقول لك هناك فرق بين التوزيع و النشر لأن الناشرين و الموزّعين قد لا يكونوا نفس الأشخاص فلديك كتابك تذهب إلى الموزّع
كهؤلاء الذين يوزّعون على فيرجين و كل محلات الكتب الكبيرة هؤلاء هم الموزّعون ، تذهب فقط هناك و تعطيهم كتابك و هم سيوزّعوه هم قنوات التوزيع ، الفعلية لكن الناشرين أنفسهم ما يقومون به هو أن يمتلكوا الكتاب التوزيع في مقابل كل شيء عن الكتاب
فلديك رأي في التصميم و هذه الأشياء لكنهم يمتلكون كل التفاصيل بالإضافة إلى ذلك فقد يقررون لن نقوم بنشره هذا العام ربما العام القادم و لا يمكنك القيام بأي شيء و لكنهم يمنحونك امتياز فيمنحونك الحق في المكاسب فلنقل أنهم بمجرد وصولهم إلى هذا العدد تكون لك نسبة ربح منه على غير ما هو شائ حيث يظن الناس بأنك تذهب إلى الناشر فيعطيك , دولار إلا إذا كنت ستيفين كينج أو باولو كويلو لا تحصل على هذا فهي أرباح و قد لا يحصل بعض المؤلفون على أرباح مثلًا , دولار فقط فربما لم يحقق كتابك نجاحًا و هكذا ، بالنسبة لي فقط لكي أجيب على سؤالك في هذا الأمر الأساسي يعتمد الأمر على ما تريده من الكتاب إذا أردت فقط أن أنشر الفكرة سأقوم بنشر الكتاب بنفسي أما إذا أردت ربحًا منه أنظر للأمر بشكل خاص فقد ألّفت كتابًا للحصول على المال لذا قد يكون المؤلف أفضل خيار سنتشارك سويًا و نقوم بالأمر و لكن أحيانًا تكون لدي أفكارأريد أن أعرضها

أحمد القرملي:
إذن فمن وجهة نظرك النشر مع ناشر سيجعلك تحصل على أرباح أكبر من النشر بنفسك؟

سامر شدياق:
أحيانًا و لكن لا يعني الأمر انه سيعمل بالضرورة مع النشر الذاتي يمكنك القيام بالتوزيع أيضًا

أحمد القرملي:
ألم تحاول أن تفرض بعض القواعد عند توقيع العقد مع الناشر بأنك مثلًا تمتلك الحقوق أو أن يكون الناشر و الموزّع لعام واحد فقط ثم تحصل على حقوقك مرة أخرى بحيث يمكنك التغيير أم أنهم لن يقبلوا؟

سامر شدياق:
يكون لديك حق التأليف في أي مكان سواء أقمت بالنشر بنفسك أو استعنت بناشر فهناك ال آي إس بي إن و هو موجود على الكتاب هذا الآي إس بي إن و هو و هو في الواقع هوية الكتاب فأي شخص يمتلك هذا الآي إس بي إن يكون في الواقع مالك الكتابفيمكن أن تحصل على كتابك مع الآي إس بي إن الخاص بك عليه و يمكنك توزيعه أينما شئت فمثلًا إذا ذهبت إلى أمازون و حصلت على الآي إس بي إن من خلالهم لا يمكنك التوزيع خارج أمازون حتى و إن قمت بالنشر الذاتي إذن فدائما الشخص الذي يمتلك الآي إس بي إن هو من يمتلك الكتاب

أحمد القرملي:
حسنًا ، إذا قمت بالنشر الذاتي على أمازون و أصبحوا يمتلكون الآي إس بي إن ثم إذا أردت الذهاب إلى بارنز آند نوبلز هل تضع آي بي إس إن جديد للكتاب أم هناك طريقة؟

سامر شدياق:
لا يمكنك ، فعادة تحصل على الآي إس بي إن الخاص بك تشتريه أو تذهب إلى الوزارات و غيرها للحصول عليه ثم تمنحه لأمازون
أو بارنز آند نوبلز لتوزيعه و لكن عادة ما تكون كل هذه مرتبطة ببعضها ، فتحتاج إى آي إس بي إن للكتاب المطبوع و للكتاب الإلكتروني و التوزيع يكون كما هو فشبكة بارنز آند نوبلز مرتبطة بأمازون و هكذا و حتى المكتبات المحلية تشتري من نفس المكان الذي تشتري منه أمازون و لكن بدلًا من حصولك على الكتاب مقابل دولار على أمازون قد تبيعه المكتبة ب دولار لأنه ستكلّف أكثر
لطباعته و نقله وإحضاره هنا و لكنه الأمر نفسه

أحمد القرملي:
إذن ما هي أفضل استراتيجية للتسويق لكتبك عندما تؤلفها كيف تخطط لتسويق هذه الكتب؟
هل تخطّط منذ البداية إذا كنت ستستعين بناشر أم ستنشر بنفسك كيف تطلّق الكتاب أخبرنا المزيد عن هذا

سامر شدياق:
في الواقع يتعلق الأمر أعني هناك البعض يشترون الكتاب للكتاب نفسه و آخرون يشترون الكتاب بسبب الكاتب مثل أن يتجه الناس لباولو كوييلو دان براون و هكذا لأن هذا المؤلف و هم يحبونه و يبدأون في شراء كتبه قبل أن يعرفوا عم تتحدث الكتب و قد يقول آخرون حسنًا
لقد سمعت أن هناك كتاب عن تلك السيدة التي تركت عملها و ذهبت إلى الهند و يسمى إيت براي لوف سيذهبون خلف الكتاب نفسه
لذا يعتمد الأمر على كتابك و محتواك فإذا كنت مثلًا في حالتي يشتري الناس كتبي لأنهم يعرفونني ، يعرفون كيف أفكر و تلك المساحة التي أفكر فيها في الكتاب ، لأنني أشرح فأنا جيد للغاية في الشرح فأحيانًا يقولون آه الاستراتيجية فلنر كيف سيشرح سامر
في كتابه الجديد الذي يسمى إكس واي زي مثلًا و هكذا الاستراتيجية بمجرد أن تصبح مشهورًا سيشتري الناس كتابك أما إذا كنت رائدًا لفكرة ما مثلما أخطط و أريد أن أكون فكلما قرأوا مقالاتي ، استمعوا إليّ في المؤتمرات يسمعون إلى حديثي ثم يذهبون لشراء كتبي
إذا لم يعرفونني إذن يحتاج الكتاب إلى تسويق كبيرلا أعلم إذا كنت أجبت على سؤالك هنا
أحمد القرملي:
أفضل كتابين أو ثلاثة فيما يتعلّق بالنتائج و لماذا؟

سامر شدياق:
التي ألّفتها؟ التي ألّفتها ، أتعني هذا؟من كتبي عشر قواعد لا يمكن كسرها لإدارة الوقت كان ناجحًا للغاية ففي لبنان تم استضافتي في العديد من الأماكن و حقق مبيعات هائلة كان الناس يشترونه بكثرة و لا يزالوا يطلبونه حتى الآن فأتلّقى طلبات من ألمانيا من أماكن لا أعلم كيف يشترونها هناك إذن عشرة قواعد بالتأكيد ثم هناك تحفيز السبع دقائق فتحفيز السبع عادات ينجح بسرعة و الثالث و الأخير يدعى ريفريش و هو لا يزال جديد فقد كنت أنشره خلال الشهر الماضي و هناك موازنة الحياة و العمل و فيلد دكتور و موازنة الحياة و العمل أكثر من فيلد دكتور بالتأكيد إدارة الوقت رقم واحد والثاني التحفيز ، تحفيز السبع دقائق و موازنة الحياة و العمل الثالث

أحمد القرملي:
لماذا تقوم بنشر بعض تحت أسماء مختلفة هل تكتبها لأشخاص آخرين؟

سامر شدياق:
لا ، أقول لك مرة أخرى في الواقع يعتمد الأمر على موضوع الكتاب فبعض الموضوعات قد تكون متصاعدة للغاية في منطقتنا فإذا أردت التحدُّث مثلًا عن السياسة أو شيء أو أن تكون الفكرة أو مسار القصة يكون بعيدًا قليلًا عن ثقافتنا هنا فأحيانًا يكون من الأفضل
كتابتها تحت اسم شخص آخرفلنقل اسم غير عربي إذن يختلف الأمر

أحمد القرملي:
و هل يكون اسم شخص تعرفه أو اسم غير حقيقي؟

سامر شدياق:
أن تبتكر اسم للمؤلف حتى و إن كان شخصية حقيقية عادة يطلقون عليه الاسم المستعار هذا مصطلح في مجال الكتابة حتى و إن كنت تكتب في جريدة فمثلًا اسمك أحمد يمكنك أن تحوّله إلى إيه كيه شيء ما فهذا اسمك المستعار و هناك الكثيرون أسماء تدليل فتكون مختصرة أو أنهم يغيّرون الاسم تمامًا فقد تكتب تحت اسم امرأة و يكون الاسم المستعار معروفًا فحتى إذا خضعت إلى أمازون يمكنك أن تقول أريد أن يكون اسم مؤلف هذا الكتاب مالكوم إكس شدياق يمكنني أن أقول ما أريده

أحمد القرملي:
و هل يعمل الأمر بالنسبة لك بشكل جيد أم أنك تندم أحيانًا و تود تغيير الاسم؟

سامر شدياق:
في الواقع يعتمد الأمر على كيف تريد أن تربطه ، و حيث أنني أكتب أحداث واقعية أحيانًا أريد ان ترتبط النظرية باسمي و لا أريد أن ترتبط بشي آخر أما القصص و الروايات أكون حريصًا على نشرها و الحصول على الجانب المادي منها و لا يهم أن يرتبط اسمي بها
فلن يسأل أحد عن اسمك المستعار إلا إذا كان غريبًا كسامر كوكاكولا مثلًا

أحمد القرملي:
ما أفضل أداة تواصل اجتماعي أو منصة اجتماعية تعمل بالنسبة لك؟

سامر شدياق:
بالتأكيد فيس بوك هو الأول و لينكدين يعتمد الأمر مرة أخرى على الجمهور الذي تريد الوصول إليه لكن لينكدين خاصة للاحترافيين و
لكنه يعمل بالنسبة لي و فيس بوك و تويتر أيضًا فالعديد من الأشخاص يستخدّمون التويتر و فقط على تويترأعتقد أن فيس بوك رقم واحد
تويتر رقم اثنين و لينكدين ثلاثة

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي الخطة الأفضل التي تستخدّمها للحصول على مشاركات تحدُّث أم هل يتعلق الأمر بالتزكيات فقط؟

سامر شدياق:
حتى الآن لم أحتاج إلى هذا فيكلّمني بعض الأشخاص قائلين هناك مؤتمر سيعقد الشهر القادم بعد عام من الآن و في بعض
المشاركات الكبيرة أتلّقى حجوزات قبلها بعام ، فهذا العام مثلًا طلبوني لشهر مارس للتحدُّث في سياتل لمؤتمر تعليمي و في فبراير
لدي مشاركة تحدُّث في مكان ما في الأسبوع التالي سأذهب إلى تونس ، بعد أسبوعين للجزائر و المغرب دائمًا لدي العديد من مشاركات
التحدُّث فلم أحتاج حتى الآن إلى عرض خدماتي حتى الآن

أحمد القرملي:
كم تطلب كمتحدّث أساسي أو العروض التقديمية في الساعة؟

سامر شدياق:
تعتمد على مواصفات الحدث فإذا كان عامًا للغاية أو إذا كان ، أحيانًا أحصل على مشاركات كمتحدّث رئيسي لشركة ما إذن هذا تجاري بشكل كامل لذا أطالب بأجري العادي وعادة أتلقّى أجرى باليوم إذن فالأمر يعتمد على يوم العمل الخاص بي و كم من الوقت أحتاجه للتحضير لهذاحتى إذا ذهبت لنصف ساعة فقط فهم يدفعون لك كل شيء بالطبع المصاريف، تكاليف السفر، مصاريف الفندق عدد الأيام / الساعات التي تستغرقها للقيام بذلك فأنت تتناقش معهم بخصوص هذا أحيانًا أحصل على $ مقابل التحدُّث في مؤتمرلمدة دقيقة وأحيانًا أذهب و أتحدّث مجانًا فإذا كان مؤتمر كبير غير ربحي إما أن أذهب بمفردي أو يتكفّلون بثمن تذكرتي و أذهب للتحدُّث ثم أعود يختلف
الأمر ، أحيانًا هكذا و أحيانًا هكذا

أحمد القرملي:
كم تطلب مقابل محاضرات التدريب المنفرد؟

سامر شدياق:
مرة أخرى يعتمد الأمر على الشخص فإذا كنت أدرّب رجل أعمال كرجل أعمال شاب فلدي مشروع يسمى بنك الساعات ، الساعات و الدقائق فأتبرع ببعض الوقت لتدريب ثماني ساعات في الشهرفإذا جاء شخص ما إلي من رجل أعمال أو شخص غير متربّح ، طالب أو مدرّس طالما أنه لا يتجاوز ثماني ساعات في الشهر يحصل عليها مجانًا إذا كان مدرّبًا أو مديرًا تنفيذيًا ، فقد أقابل مديرين أحيانًا أطالب بأجري العادي حتى و إن كان الأمر لساعة واحدةأحيانًا يكون من إلى $ يختلف الأمر ، مقابل اليوم فنصف اليوم هو يوم أيضًا بالنسبة لي و أحيانًا أقوم بهذا مجانًا

أحمد القرملي:
أخبرنا المزيد عن مشاريعك المستقبلية الأخرى التي لا نعرفها

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا المشاريع المستقبلية التي لا تعرفونها

أحمد القرملي:
كما أريدك أن تخبرني أيضا أنك قلت لي أن وفقًا لخطتك فلمدة سنوات ستحاول أن تعطي الآخرين و ستؤسس لإرثك
ماذا بعد هذا؟ أم أنك لم تفكّر بالأمر؟

سامر شدياق:
أعتقد أن مدة تفكيري هي سنوات فالخمس سنوات تكون إعدادًا فأنا الآن % تجاه ما أريد أن أكونه في سأبدأ شيئًا جديدًا
لكن حتى الآن أتكيّف مع ما يحدث لكنني لم أعتمد بشكل كامل على تسويق الكتب أن كتابي الكبير لم ينتهِ بعد فسيصدر كتابي الكبير إما
هذا العام أو العام القادم ثم سأبدأ في دفع تسويق الكتب و قد طُلِب مني من الولايات و أوروبا للمشاركة في مسابقة المؤلفين لكتابي لذا ربما أفز بشيء منها، بالتأكيد سأستمر في العمل على الكتب لدي الكثير من الكتب أعمل عليها في مجال علم النفس بشكل أساسي لدي موازنة العمل و الحياة و هو في الواقع بمثابة ستة كتب في الطول لذا ربما تنتهي بعد عام من الآن و لكنني بدأت في الكتاب الأول
و سأكتب الثاني و الثالث لدي كتاب عن التخطيط اسمه فلاش سيصدر لكن لا أعلم متى سأنتهي منه لدي كتاب أيضًا يسمى أن تعيش % و هي نصائح حول كيفية إشباع نفسك و أنا أركّز على شخص ما في الواقع و هو أحد مشاهير الإعلام لا يمكنني أن أقول اسمه
و لكن يمكنني ان أذكر اسم الكتاب مختلف بشكل ثابت أحد مشاهير الإعلام بالمنطقة إذن أكتب هذا الكتاب عنه فهو الشخصية الرئيسية
لا أعرف متى سينتهي هذا الكتاب حسبما نتقابل لاننا لا نتقابل كثيرًا هذه الأيام و أريد أن أرى المشاريع التي قمت بها تؤثر ، مثل تحفيز السبع دقائق وايت كوزيز ، هاورز بانك كلها من الآن و حتى سبع سنوات من الآن يجب أن تكون معتمدة على نفسها و تعمل بذاتها مثلما أهدف لهذا ثم عندما أصل إلى عام إذا وصلت إلى ما أردته سأغيّر من العمل إلى شيء آخر

أحمد القرملي:
مثل ماذا؟ عمل روحي أم ماذا؟

سامر شدياق:
لا ، ربما يرتبط بالسياسة أو ما شابه ربما ، سنرى ذلك

أحمد القرملي:
كيف يسير يومك و روتين عملك اليومي؟

سامر شدياق:
في البداية أنا أستيقظ في الصباح الباكر فكل يوم أستيقظ حوالي الساعة الخامسة أو الخامسة والنصف صباحًا كل يوم تقريبًا أستيقظ
و أبدأ بالقراءة و أبدأ في العمل الفعلي حوالي في السابعة و أنام باكرًا في العاشرة أو الحادية عشر و هذا لمدة أيام في الأسبوع إذا
لم يكن لدي أي سفر ولكنني أسافر كثيرًا و هذا يؤثر فيّ بشدة فأحيانًا أستيقظ في الثانية صباحًا للحاق بالطائرة الذهاب إلى مكان ما ثم العودة لذا إن لم أسافر حيث يكون الأمر فوضويًا ففي الأيام العادية أستيقظ في الخامس و النصف و أبدأ العمل في السابعة و أحيانًا
أذهب للعمل في مكان ما كمقهى مثلًا أذهب إلى الاجتماعات ثم أعود إلى المكتب و هكذا يسير الأمر

أحمد القرملي:
هل لديك مكتب في دبي؟ أم تدير الأمور من منزلك؟

سامر شدياق:
لدي مكتب افتراضي لأن عملي لا يتطلّب حضور العملاء إلى مكتبي

أحمد القرملي:
لمَ مكتب افتراضي هل لديك عائلة بحيث لا يمكنك العمل بالمنزل؟

سامر شدياق:
لا، المكتب الافتراضي في الواقع عنوان تحدده كما أنه ليس لدي عائلة حتى الآن لدي تلك الرفاهية حتى الآن لا أعرف كيف ستسير الأمور في المستقبل

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي هواياتك الأخرى؟

سامر شدياق:
لقد عملتك دي جي لعشرين عامًا عندما كنت شابًا و أحتاج للمال كان لدي هذا الشغف بالموسيقى و في الوقت نفسه عملت ك دي
لذا قضيت الكثير من الوقت في تلك الهواية و أحببتها للغاية و في العام الماضي أو هذا العام قررت التخلّي عنها فعشرون عامًا كانوا رائعين بالنسبة لي بالرغم من أن الخمس أو ست أعوام الأخيرة كانت هواية خالصة فكنت قد اعتدت على إطلاق أشياء فلم أكن أذهب و أشغل الموسيقى بالنوادي و لكنني اعتدت القيام بهذا من قبل فهي هواية ممتعة للغاية في الواقع هذه هي الأولى و أي شيء آخر و أحب الأفلام ، بالتأكيد أحب الكتب و لكن الأفلام أحبها ، تقريبًا معظم الصور المتحركة الكبيرة التي رأيتها أو سمعت عنها و التلفاز و كل شيء آخر هو عملي الكتابة و التحدُّث و الانترت هذا عملي و كذلك هوايتي

أحمد القرملي:
من هو مرشدك الأساسي؟

سامر شدياق:
ما الذي تعنيه بمرشد؟ أتعني شخص أرشدني بالفعل أم شخص أحبه

أحمد القرملي:
لا لدي سؤال آخر عن أهم ثلاثة أشخاص يلهمونك و لكن هذا سؤال مختلف أريد ان أعرف من مرشدك
رقم واحد او أي شخص تعلمت منه كثيرًا؟

سامر شدياق:
في الواقع في أجزاء مختلفة من حياتي كان أشخاص ساعدوني كثيرًا الكثير منهم ، ليس الكثير منهم ولكن فكان لديّ القليل منهم في مايكروسوفت و كان منهم أصدقاء ساعدونني ليس لدي شخص واحد فقد أذكر قائمة طويلة و لكن كل منهم كان في فترة
معينة من عمري فعندما كنت في العشرين كنت شخص ما و في الخامسة والعشرين أو السابعة و العشرين شخص آخرإذن ليس لدي شخص محدد بذهني الآن

أحمد القرملي:
أطلعنا على سجّلات جينيس الخاصة بك

سامر شدياق:
كان هذا عامًا رائعًا و كان نفس العام الذي نشرت به كتاب العشر قواعد لإدارة الوقت بالمناسبة في هذا العام تحديدًا قررت أن
هذا سيكون العام الذي سنحصل فيه على فن المستحيل كان هذا طابع ذلك العام بالنسبة لي حسنًا ما الذي يمكن أن يكون ممكنًا كيف يمكنك اللعب بفن الممكن كيف يمكنك تنظيم وقتك و القيام بكل شيء، لذا كان عامًا رائعًا منذ البداية و نحن نعمل مع مؤسسة أرقام جينيس العالمية و قررنا القيام برقم قياسي عالمي و لكن بالنسبة لي فقد كان توقيت هذا الرقم فقد كان خاصًا للغاية لأنه في و يوم ميلادي في التاسع عشر من ديسمبر و اردت أن أعلّم هذا العام كعام خاص بي فما قمنا به هو أننا يدأنا في العمل مع أرقام جينيس و قام صديق لي و
قريب بعيد الصلة و هو أيضًا دي جي عالمي ما قمنا به هو أننا قررنا تأليف أطول مقطع موسيقي في العالمو أطول ماراثون ستيديو دي جي فقررنا أن يقوم صديقي و اسمه دي جي جرين دولارز و اسمه أنطوني شدياق أيضًافأحضرته إلى لبنان و نظّمنا
ناديًا عاديًا متواضع للغاية يديره ثلاثة أشخاص رائعون و في لبنان هناك مشكلة كبيرة بخصوص الكهرباء و هكذا لكننا لم نخبرهم بذلك
فكان الأمر يتعلّق بكيفية القيام بشيء كبير للغاية عن طريق ترتيبات بسيطة و أخبرنا هؤلاء الأشخاص أسبوعين قبل هذا أننا نود القيام بحفل لمدة ثلاثة أيام ووافقوا على القيام بالأمر و أحضروا موّلدات و كل شيء و تحدّثوا إلى أصدقائهم و أتي الجميع إلى ذلك المكان
فبدأنا في السابع عشر مساءًا بدأنا النشاط و لمدة ساعة متواصلة بدون توقُّف كنا نسجّل و نمزج موسيقى الفيديوخمسة و عشرون ساعة فكنا في مساء يوم و في مساء يوم انتهينا في الحاديةعشر مساءًا و بعد ساعة كل كان فجر أو ليس الفجر ، بداية يومالتاسع عشر من ديسمبر يوم ميلادي إذن فقد كسرنا الرقم أو لنقل فقد حققنا الرقم و كان عام رائعو كانت هذه الجائزة العاشرة التي أحصل عليها

أحمد القرملي:
هل تم تسجيل الرقم باسمك و اسم صديقك؟

نعم، جرين دولارز و اسمي اسم أنطوني فأنطوني هو الدي جي و أنا مديرالحدث والمكان فيقولون هذا الدي جي، هذا الموقع ، هذا المدير سأرسلها لك فيما بعد كي تراها شهادة جينيس فكان عامًا رائعًا

أحمد القرملي:
أهم عوامل النجاح فقط في ثلاث كلمات

سامر شدياق:
أهم عامل و النجاح

أحمد القرملي:
عوامل النجاح في ثلاث كلمات

سامر شدياق:
ثق في نفسك

أحمد القرملي:
ما هي التطبيقات الثلاثة التي تستخدّمها على هاتفك فيس بك و ماذا أيضًا؟

سامر شدياق:
سكايب لست شخصًا متنوّعًا للغاية حين يتعلّق الأمر بالتطبيقات و لكن برامج التواصل الاجتماعي هي الأساس و أحيانًا آي إم دي بي لأنني أحب الأفلام

أحمد القرملي:
ينبغي عليك أن تحمّل التطبيق الخاص بي بيست موفي راتينجز لأنه يجمع التقييماتمن الجميع روتين توماتوز، آي إم دي بي، ميتا كريتيكس و ماي رايتينج في مكان واحد
ما هي العادات التي تحاول إتباعها لتحافظ على كفاءتك؟

سامر شدياق:
لن أقول أنني أحاول تطوير عادات جديدة و لكن أحاول الحفاظ على العادات نفسها، فالاستمرار شيء هام فأحيانًاأو في الكثير من الاوقات
مع السفر إلى دول مختلفة أحيانًا تسقط من على الشاحنة فتظن أنك تقوم بنظام معيّن ثم يتغيّر شيء ثم تحتاج العودة مرةأخرى إلى هذا الروتين، إذن فالاستمرارفيما تفعله هي عادة إعادة التطوير و شيء آخر أقوم به ولكنه ليس عادة لكن نشاط أقوم به هو التأمل أحاول أن أتأمل من وقت لآخر لتفريغ الضوضاء من رأسي فأحب أن أظل في اليوم الحالي حتى و إن كان لعشر دقائق في اليوم هذه واحدة أخرى التخطيط هو ما أرشّحه حقًا للأشخاص التخطيط للمستقبل و أنا أقوم بهذا بالفعل أحيانًا أحتاج فقط إلى الإبطاء قليلًا بدلًا من أن أعيش أعوام تالية لذا أحيانًا أحتاج أن أبطئ قليلًا في الواقع هي ليست عادات جديدة فأنا أحاول فقط ضبط الموجودة بالفعل

أحمد القرملي:
أفضل ثلاث كتب لديك

سامر شدياق:
حسنًا لدي كتاب جون كولينز من الجيد إلى الرائع هذا أحد كتبي المفضّلةو أيضًا لكين بلانش مدير لدقيقة واحدة فهي كالحلقات ، أحبها
و حتى كتاب جون كولينز الاختيار الرائع إذن أحب كتب جون كولينزمن حرّك الجبن الخاص بي و مدير لدقيقة كلها متشابهة
و الكثير من الكتب في الواقع و لكن أحيانًا الكتاب نفسه لكن لا أحب الطريقة التي كُتب بها إذًا فالنقطة الحاسمة كتاب رائع

أحمد القرملي:
نعم، لا أحب طريقته كثيرًا

سامر شدياق:
حينما تقرأ كتب تتعلق بعلم النفس مثل مالكوم جادويل كاتب النقطة الحاسمة و بلينك يكتبون بطريقة إذا لم تكن متحدّث أصلي باللغة الإنجليزية قد تجده صعبًا و حتى إذا قرأت لباولو كويللو و يكرر كثيرًا نفس الفكرة مرارًا و تكرارًا هذه مشكلة كتابة أكاديمية إذا تحدّثت إلى أي شخص حاصل على الدكتوراة ستجد يكرر كثيرًا فهكذا يقومون بالأمر فتخيّل إذا قاموا بالكتابة و لذاتجد الكتاب ضخمًا ويمكنه
أن يكون أصغر بكثير

أحمد القرملي:
من هم أكثر ثلاث شخصيات تلهمك؟

سامر شدياق:
بالطبع أنا مهووس بالتكنولوجيا لذا بيل جايتس و ستيف جوبز هذين الاثنين بالتأكيد ضمن أكثر شخصيات تلهمني من أيضًا؟
لدي الكثير من الشخصيات تلهمني لأنني تعلّمت ان أرى الإلهام من كل منهم ربما جيم كولنز أيضًا فأنا أحبه كلما نظرت إليه يتحدّث
في المؤتمرات ، إنه ملهم يمكنني القول ، أشخاص آخرون يلهمونني أيضًا من حديثهم وليس من حياتهم مثل زيج زيجلر و جيم روم
أحب أن استمع إليهم و لكن حياتهم ليست كجيم كولينز فهو مختلف ، أو ستيف جوبز و لكنهم الهمونني أيضًا فكلما أسمع جيم روم
حتى يومنا هذا بالرغم من أنه قد توفّي ، أحاديث رائعة براين ترايسي ، زيج زيجلر أحاديث رائعة و لكن حياتهم كأشخاص قد لا تلهمني كثيرًا

أحمد القرملي:
هل تستمع إلى أي موسيقى لأنك دي جي أثناء العمل؟

سامر شدياق:
نعم، في العادة و يعتمد على الوقت خلال اليوم و تعتمد على الساعة فأحيانًا أريد ساعة لأعمل على شيء و لا أقوم بأي شيء آخر
أبدأ مثلًا بالاستماع إلى الترانس أو الموسيقى الراقصة و لأن لدي مزيجًا خاص بي قد أضع واحدة منها لمدة ساعة و أركّزعلى كتابة شيء ما أو عمل شيء ما و أحيانًا لا تكون صاخبة للغاية تكون أقل ضوضاء كالموسيقى البطيئةإذن أحب الموسيقى ، موسيقى الروك القديمة أحب تلك

أحمد القرملي:
أنت تنام باكرًا ، هل تتبع أي روتين عند النوم؟

سامر شدياق:
ليس بالتحديد ، عادة عندما أصل إلى المرحلة التي أحتاج فيها إلى النوم أنام على الفور لأن اليوم سيكون طويلًا للغاية أقوم بالعديد من الأشياء قبل النوم لكنني لا أستمع إلى الموسيقى أو أتأمل لأنام و لكنني أقرأ أحيانًا قبل النوم خاصة على الآي باد أو جهاز ما لأن الإضاءة بها مباشرة لكن لا يوجد شيء محدد أذهب للنوم عندما أريد أن أنام

أحمد القرملي:
ما الأشياء التي تجعلك سعيدًا حقًا؟

سامر شدياق:
إسعاد الآخرين هذا شيء هام للغاية بالنسبة لي فعندما أرى شخص يستفيد من حديث واحد ، أو كلمة واحدة أو مقال واحدهذا يجعلني سعيدًا للغاية أخصص سنوات من حياتي للتأثير في الأشخاص الآخرين إذن فكل مرة أخطو فيها خطوة تجاه هذا

هذه هي السعادة فأنا أعيش حياتي للآخرين عن طريق القيام بالأشياء التي أحبها أحب الكتابة وأحب التحدُّث لذا إذا كنت أجعل الآخرين سعداء بسبب ما أجيد القيام به هذا يحفّزني للقيام بالمزيد إذن هذا ما يجعلني سعيدًا

أحمد القرملي:
السؤال الأخيركيف يمكن للأشخاص التواصل معك؟

سامر شدياق:
بشكل أساسي يمكنهم البحث عني و سيجدونني فإذا كتبت سامر شدياق في أي محرّك بحث ستجد الكثير و الكثير من الأشياء ثم اذهب إلى و هذا أول خيار سيظهر لك على أي محرّك بحث و هناك رقم الهاتف لكن بشكل أساسي البريد الإلكتروني
هو أفضل طريقة لانني أسافر معظم الوقت فلا أرى أحيانًا من يتصل بي

أحمد القرملي:
تتشارك البريد الإلكتروني الخاص بك على المواقع الإلكترونية هل يمكنك أن تشاركه معنا؟

سامر شدياق:
Sam, نعم ، بالطبع و البريد المشترك
كلاهما أو ابحث عني على فيس بوك أو لينكدين فقط ابحث عني و لن يخيب أملك

أحمد القرملي:
شكرًا على هذا اللقاء يا سامر أقدّر لك ذلك حقًا

سامر شدياق:
شكرًا لك يا أحمد و أتمنى لك و لجمهورك كل ما هو جيد

أحمد القرملي:
شكرًا للجميع ، كن كفوءًا وابق هكذا
ونراكم قريبًا مع خبير رائد آخر

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